Teacher's Pet


Britney was a 16 year old junior in high school. I was a 37 year old Biology teacher and Britney was my student.  I must admit I would fantasize about some of the pretty girls in my classes, but Britney was the girl I fantasized most about. She was very pretty with long silky dark brown hair with beautiful green eyes. She was thin with such big firm tits for such a young girl and her nice curved hips and tight ass drove me crazy!
What made me fantasize about her more was she had an obvious crush on me and would frequently flirt with me. Nothing overtly sexual, but she'd make it a point to give me the opportunity to look down her shirt or check out her great ass. She was also very touchy, again nothing too sexual, but it turned me on any time she touched me.
One day after class Britney took her time packing up her books and approached my desk asking me questions about the class.  Britney did this quite often and she was a smart girl, so it was always very transparent to me that this was just an excuse to talk to me by myself. Most times our conversations were purely innocent, but I always enjoyed when she flirted with me. This day Britney crossed the line and went further than ever before.
Once the classroom was empty and I had answered her question she grabbed my tie and said, "I love your tie! Who gave it to you, your wife or your girlfriend?"
I laughed and replied, "I don't have a girlfriend. One woman is all I can handle. "
Britney shot back, "I'm sure you can handle more! Maybe you need a young girl who will obey your every command and you can train to do whatever you want. "
I was speechless. That's when Britney lifted her skirt with one hand and lowered her black stockings and panties with the other hand exposing her thick hairy bush.

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   I just froze, so Britney grabbed my hand and directed it to her pussy. I should have resisted, but I allowed her to place my hand on her wet pussy. She let out a soft moan as I slide my finger between her pussy lips.
She said in a sexy voice, "I want you so bad! Please teach me how to be a woman. "
I'd like to say I tried to resist my teenage temptress and talk some sense into her, but I never entertained that thought. I had an opportunity to fuck this hot young girl and I was determined to cease the moment. I quickly got up and locked the classroom door. I had a free period and planned to fuck Britney. I took her into a back room off the classroom which we used to store lab equipment among other things. We would have the privacy we needed. I wasn't even thinking about the risk I was taking fucking an under-age student in school, I just wanted her so bad. Luckily, everything was in place to make this work, probably just as Britney planned.
I had Britney naked so fast. Even though she was a willing participant she was surprise how quick I had her undressed. Commenting, "Damn you waste no time!"
I told her, "You are so beautiful and have the most amazing body! You're perfect!" as I fondled her big tits.

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I then started sucking on her puffy pink nipples. I moved one hand down her flat belly back to her wet pussy. I was dying to finger her, but decided to tease her and rub her clit and separate her pussy lips with my fingers. I drove her wild! She opened my pants and pulled out my hard cock.
She remarked, "Wow your cock is so big!" as she stroked it, “Mmmm it’s huge!”
I asked her, “Have you ever fucked a bigger cock than mine?”
She answered, “Oh no…you got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen by far!”
I have an eight inch cock that is fairly thick, so though I wouldn’t call myself huge I am proud of its size. I loved hearing Britney say that and liked I had the biggest cock that was about to fuck her little pussy. As she slowly slid her hand up and down the length of my shaft I finally slide two fingers into her juicy pussy. Damn was her little cunt tight! Britney began to moan as I fingered her pussy and sucked on her firm tits. She started jerking me off faster and I told her I wanted her to suck my cock. Without a word she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Britney wasn’t that good at giving a blowjob, but she was willing and eager. Considering it was over five years since I’ve received a blowjob I was in heaven. Looking down on this naked little angel with my big cock in her mouth was incredibly hot! After a few minutes I decided as much as I wanted to cum in her mouth I shouldn’t waste this opportunity getting a blowjob. I could get her to suck my cock to completion another time, right now I wanted to get into her tight cunt.
I lifted her to her feet and then lifted her onto a lab table.

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   Her bare ass was on the cold marble top and I spread her legs wide. We were both so horny with anticipation knowing we were only moments away from fucking. I moved in closer to her and guided my hard cock to the entrance of her sweet pussy. I struggled as I tried to squeeze my big cock into her tight pussy.
After a few moments Britney said, "Hold on. " and she jumped off the table and ran to her purse pulling out a small tube of baby oil.
I asked her, “Do you have a condom in there?”
She answered, “No”.
I asked her, “Are you on birth control?”
With a grin on her face she replied, “Yes. ”
I said, “That’s even better! Get back over here. ”
With a big smile on her face ran back over and assumed her position on the table. She was very generous pouring the baby oil over my cock. I commented how smart she was to have carried that with her and she seemed very proud of herself as she lubed me up. I took the baby oil from her and applied a good amount to her pussy. Then I poured half of the small tube onto her tits and legs. By time I was done with her she had a thick coat of baby oil over her entire body.

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   Her shiny body looked so amazing! The smell of the baby oil filled the room.
Now I was ready to fuck her. I was able to push my cock into her cunt much easier now. I didn't stop until I buried my entire length inside her.  Damn her pussy was tight! Britney bit her lower lip and moaned low as she clearly had trouble handling my big cock. I gave her a moment to adjust to my size as I marveled at how tight her pussy was and how good it felt to be inside her.
Then I started slowly sliding my cock in and out of her cunt. I was fondling her lubed tits and I began to kiss her. We kissed passionately as I fucked her. Britney was clearly overwhelmed with emotions. She stopped kissing me to tell me she loved me. I knew I had to straighten her out right then, I didn't need a 16 year old girl in love with me after I fucked her!
I asked Britney, "You want me to teach you to be a woman, right?"
She replied, "Oh yes!"
I told her, "Okay, then you’ll have to learn the difference between making love and fucking. Today I'm going to fuck you! Okay?"
She said, "Yes fuck me! Fuck me. . .

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  fuck me good!"
That turned me on. I picked up the pace and started fucking her faster and harder. Britney couldn't speak she just moaned as it took all of her effort to withstand the punishment I was inflecting on her poor pussy. Watching her big oily tits bounce as I fucked her was awesome. Her pussy was so tight I felt like I was going to cum quicker than I wanted to, so I slowed down my pace much to Britney's relief. Once my urge to cum subsided I fucked her hard once again. I was driving Britney crazy she clearly had never been fucked like this before.
When I felt the urge to cum again building I removed my cock from Britney’s little cunt. I pulled her off the table and turned her around and bent her over. Her firm little ass looked so good! I couldn’t resist spanking her. I started off slapping one cheek then the other. Her white ass instantly began to turn red.
She whimpered and moaned with each slap, “SMACK Oooh! SMACK Oooh! SMACK Ahhh! SMACK Arrrr!”
After about ten to twelve intense slaps her ass was bright red and I decided that was enough of a spanking for this little slut. It was time to finish fucking her, so I squeezed my big hard cock back into her wet cunt. I place my hands on her hips as I fucked her.

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Fucking her from behind I was able to penetrate her deeper, which Britney made sure to tell me, “Oh your so deep!”
After fucking her hard for about five minutes I was building towards such a huge orgasm, but I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted to fuck Britney’s tight pussy for as long as I could, so I stop with my cock buried completely still inside her.
Britney in a frustrated voice demand, “Don’t stop! I think I’m going to cum. ”
That made me hot! I immediately began pumping her pussy full throttle. In a matter of moments I felt the inside of her cunt begin to spasm. Her pussy tightened around my cock like a vice grip. I couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer! I began to cum in her pussy seemed to milk me. Britney could feel my cock pulsated inside her and she began to moan louder as I filled her pussy with loads cum. I can’t remember ejaculating that much in a very long time. Realizing Britney was moaning very loud, I pulled her up and back towards me. I put my left arm around her midsection lifting her tits up and I placed my right hand over her mouth. I had finished cuming, but my cock was still rock hard. I continued to fuck her from behind as hard as I could. With her now basically standing erect and with our height difference, I was 6’2” she was about 5’5”, she was on her tippie toes as I fucked her. She must have been in pain from the uncomfortable position and the fact I had been pounding her pussy for close to a half hour, but her moans were being muffled by my hand.

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   Amazingly I felt myself about to cum again. I squeezed her tight as I bite her neck and shoulder from behind. As I shot a second load of cum in her cunt I was driving my cock up into her with such force I was lifting her off her feet with each thrust. I can’t remember fucking a girl this hard!
When I had pumped my last drop of semen in her we both collapsed onto the table in front of us. I caught my breath and noticed we only had a few minutes before the period would end, the halls would be filled and students would attempt to enter my classroom for the next period. Britney was worn out, her legs were wobbly as she tried to stand and she had a dazed and exhausted looked on her face. She was completely naked, covered in baby oil and had my cum leaking from her pussy running down her legs. I grabbed a roll of paper towels and began to whip the cum off her legs. I didn’t do a very good job and ordered her to get dressed quickly. When she complained she needed to clean up better I sternly ordered her to dress and clean up in the girl’s room. She did as she was told and I made her swear to keep this a secret. I felt guilty as I rushed a messy and de-shoveled  Britney out so quickly, but was absolutely thrilled I just got away with fucking her.
The next day Britney walked into my classroom very gingerly and I couldn't help but crack a smile. Later she complained to me how sore her pussy was, but told me that was the most incredible sex she has ever had. For the next two months I had Britney give me a blowjob every Monday in the back room during our free period.

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   I taught her how to suck cock and even gave her homework and would make her practice sucking cock on some lucky boy every weekend. Britney was eager to please me and being a great student it didn't take long before she sucked cock like a pro. I also fucked her once a week. Sometimes we would fuck at school and other times at a motel, where I could take my time fucking her without the risk of getting caught. One day after Britney finished sucking my cock in what we now called our sex room she had some news to break to me.
While still on her knees she looked up at me while whipping the cum from her mouth and said, “I have something to tell you. ” She paused “I think you’re gonna be made at me. ”
The first thing that I thought of was that she told someone about us. I had heard the whispers around the school that people knew that Britney has a crush on me, but so far no one was accusing of us of having sex.
I asked Britney, “What is it?”
She shocked me when she blurted out, “I’m pregnant…” I was speechless as Britney babbled on.
The first words out of my mouth were, “Are you sure it’s mine?”
She looked surprised by that question and responded, “YES! You’re the only one I have been fucking!”
I said, “What about all the guys you gave blowjobs to, you didn’t let any of them fuck you?” I continued, “Be honest with me Britney!” before she could answer I quickly added “I thought you were on the pill?”
Her eyes tear up as she responded, “I lied about being on the pill because I didn’t think you would fuck me our first time together when you asked me about the condoms…”
I cut her off and yelled, “That was so fucking stupid Britney!”
She started to cry and said, “But I swear to you that you’ll the only one I let fuck me. I knew you would be mad at me!”
At this point I knew damage control was needed. I had to calm Britney down before next period and make sure she let me call the shots on this. First I confirmed that no one else knew about us or that she was pregnant, which luckily was the case. Second I made Britney get an abortion.

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   This wasn’t that easy since she was in love with me, as much as a sixteen year old girl can be in love, and the idea of having my baby was very appealing to her. I didn’t take no for an answer though and within a month I made her get an abortion. A few weeks later with the rumors of Britney and I growing I ended it with her. I knew there was a risk Britney would tell on me, but I felt with her pregnancy, her feelings for me growing and the rumors about us that continuing to fuck her was a bigger risk.
Britney was devastated! I told her she could ruin me if she wanted but I hoped that if she did truly love me she will understand I have no choice and never tell anyone of us. Britney promised me she would keep our affair a secret. Luckily the end of the school year was only a few weeks away.
The next year, Britney’s senior year, we barely spoke. Britney had developed a reputation of being the class slut. She was very popular with the boys and fucked many of them. I couldn’t help but think I was responsible for this sweet girl’s transformation into dirty slut. The Monday after Britney graduated high school she showed up to school and found me in my classroom packing up for the summer. She was dressed in a pink bikini top with a tight white tank top on and a skin-tight pair of navy blue bike shorts on. She looked so hot!
She threw a motel key on my desk and said, “I’m eighteen and I’m not a student any more. Don’t make me wait long!”
She walked out of my classroom and I followed her ten minutes later.

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   We fucked to rest of the day and into the night. I fucked her mouth, pussy and asshole. I missed fucking her so much! She will always be the best fuck I've ever had. I fucked her once a week during the summer, but after she went away to college I never fucked her again. I do fantasize about her all the time.