The Afterparty


Topic: The AfterpartyMy party had just ended people where starting to leave some people stayed behind because the weather was getting bad and they didn't want to drive in it. After a few hours it was the only ones left where Me, Lauren, Marisa, and Sarah They're parents had called and said that they didn't want them driving in all the mess and to wait till morning this was fine because my parents where in Maryland visiting my brother anyway and would not be back for three days anyway. Now let me break these girls down for you Lauren was 16 about 5' 8", B maybe C cup breasts,  about 160 pounds now that may seem alittle heavy but she made up for it she had sexy short blonde hair, long legs, and gorgeous blue eyes. Marisa was 15 about 5' 2", with C cup breasts, and maybe 110 pounds, long wavy brunette hair, a hot ass, and brown eyes. Sarah was 16, with D breasts, about 5' 9", maybe 130 pounds, long brunette hair, long legs, green eyes, and a smile and a laugh like no other. So as we sat there talking eventually we all got board and Marisa came up with and Idea to play twister, It sounded like fun so we all agreed to play, after searching around in my game closet for about 30 minutes I came up with two twister mats and figured we could play three at one time. I walked out to the living room where they all where and they where laughing about something when I asked them what them where laughing about Sarah said "Oh well we just came up with and idea. . . . " she started laughing, so Lauren finished her sentence "Why don't we play where when you fall you have to take off a piece of clothing" I replied "I don't know that might not be a good idea" then Marisa said "Oh come on James it'll be fun" so I eventualy agreed and we started. Now since we needed one person to spin I said I'd spin first I was interested to see how this was going to work I spun it and it said right foot red then left foot green then right hand yellow then left hand blue then it happened right foot yellow Marisa lost her balance and knocked into Lauren and Sarah they all fell down since we had all taken are socks off earlier Lauren took of her Bob Marley hoodie to reveal a blue shirt, Sarah just went straight to the pants and took them off revealing a pink polka dotted thong, and Marisa took off her first shirt of the three she had on. Since they had all gone they decided it should be just me who goes next after a few spins I was tangled I didn't know what would happen on the next spin and sure enough it was right hand red I'd have to spin my whole body over to get it I wasn't that good I tried then fell, now I figured I'd have to find a way to take of less clothes than the girls because girls like to layer everything and all I had was a hoodie a shirt boxers and jeans not alot but I'd have to figure something out. So I took off my hoodie because it was keeping me from moving anyway. So then it was me Lauren, and Marisa I wasn't going to go down easy Sarah spun first left hand green eventually Marisa fell I was in the middle and I didn't move so then she took off another shirt she only had one left then Sarah motioned her back on the twister mat so Marisa did after a few more spins Lauren went down and took off her shirt revealing her red bra and Lauren had Sarah go on the mat and started again and we went until we where all twisted up pretty bad. Then It happened again I fell so I took of my pants revealing my boxers and semi-erect dick lets face it three girls taking off there clothes is pretty excited, Marisa then said "Wow James getting alittle ahead of your self there aren't you" so I replied "Ahead of myself where does your dirty mind think this is going" and then Lauren said "Well we are taking our clothes of there isn't a whole lot of places this can go besides well.

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  . . we'll see" so with that we almost started again. But then I pointed out the Lauren should go back in because its not fair that since I don't wear as many layers I should be subject to so much time on the mat so with that Lauren went back on the mat and I spun the dial after a few spins Lauren fell again and said "Damn I'm just not that flexible" while she took of her pants revealing her blue and white striped thong and she put me on the mat and spun the dial. And finally after a few spins Sarah fell again and took off her shirt revealing her pink and black bra. The Lauren spun again and eventually Marisa fell and took off her jeans revealing her Victoria secret panties with the big PINK logo on the back her ass filled them out nicely I couldn't help but stare, after I shook it off we started again and the sure enough I fell again since I sure as hell wasn't gunna take off my boxers I took off my T-shirt and so there it was one layer and I was completely naked I had to get competitive. So with determination I started the next round after only a few spins Marisa went down flat on her back and took off her shirt and there it was all the girls with only bra's and thongs or panties on and me with only my boxers which might of been why Marisa was so quick to point out she hadn't been out in a few turns and it was only fair that she spun the dial for the next two turns and we kinda had to agree with her so Lauren stepped on and we started. After maybe twenty spins all three of us where about at our breaking point just hoping the one went before the other and on the next spin sure enough Lauren was the one to go "Fuck" she said under her breath so she slowly took off her bra and out popped her two beautiful breasts for all of us to see and her nipples where erect to so she was a little embarrassed I was until that point pretty settled with the whole thing so my dick a gone back down but after that sure enough It got semi hard again. Sarah laughed alittle but since she knew she was probably going to be the next to fall she stopped after not very long. So we started again I was trying not to get distracted by Lauren boobs but it was getting hard as she moved they shook and that for some reason was just a turn on to me. After a few spins and alot of controll by me Sarah fell instead of me she saying nothing took off her bra then smiled they where big and stunning It was hard to believe they where real she had slightly puffy nipples which I like so they really caught my attention. So then the next round was about to start but I said "Wait no Marisa it's been two rounds it's your turn" we fought about it alittle bit but eventually I won and she stepped on the mat and after a few rounds fell when Sarah's right boob swung and hit her in the face while they where close to eachother "That's not fair!" Marisa said "Her boob smacked me in the face and I lost my balance" of course none of us agreed so she eventually said fine screw it and took off her panties revealing her shaved pussy all except for one spot right above it, we all could see the area around her pussy was alittle damp we all knew she was turned on by this so Lauren the tagged me back in. The next round didn't take that long considering I could clearly see two girls boobs and anothers pussy I was just overwhelmed so I took my boxers of and there it was my fully hardend dick it's nothing special maybe about 8 inches long not what someone would call a monster cock but still the girls looked at it like it was so there was no more hiding it I was turned on and they where turned on so I said "Alright I get it I'm naked lets start the next round" Lauren then made the suggestion "Hey lets take away one of the mats and make it a one on one fight" we all agreed. So then the next round started me and Sarah After a few spins we where turned around and we where in a sixty-nine of some sort my dick infront of her face and her pink polka dotted thong infront of mine, and then she just stroked me dick with her tongue and BAM! I was on the floor it was such a powerful sensation it just knocked me on the ground. And Lauren right there said "That's not fair Sarah and you know it your getting penalized that pink polka dotted thong now take it off" after Sarah finished laughing she said fine and took it off leaving her naked showing all of us her newly shaven pussy.

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   With that I was very turned on barely under control and wanting to be satisfied. So Lauren and Marisa took the mat and started after maybe 15 spins Lauren fell and took off her blue and white thong and shown her pussy too us her pussy had probably been shaved right before she came to my house because there was no hair anywhere at all. So with that Marisa said "Well there is no point to me playing any longer I'll just take my bra off" and with that she took her bra off and the C cup beauty's fell out and I was in heaven three naked girls and a long night ahead of me I was sure to be in for alot of fun. then Lauren said "Wow James that smile on your face needs to be wiped off why don't you go suck on Sarah's puffy tits we all know you like them" so like a dog being ordered by it's master I gently caressed Sarah's boob and took it to my mouth and sucked "ohhh that feels so good, dont stop" said Sarah. But Marisa wouldn't have it "She said that's not fair it's my turn" so I went to her and started sucking her tits as I crept my fingers towards her pussy she said "What are you waiting for go for it" With that I plunged my fingers into her pussy she screamed then continued to moan as I kept rhythm. While this was happening I noticed Lauren starting to rub her clit she was really excited Feeling bad about neglecting her I took my mouth off of Marisa's tit and said "Sarah go help Lauren" with that I put my mouth back on Marisa's tit and Sarah walked to Lauren got down and started licking Lauren's clit Lauren let out a loud moan and rolled her eyes back into her head after about ten minutes Lauren pushed Sarah's head away from her pussy and whispered something in her ear than they both walked over to me and Marisa. By then Marisa was laying ontop of me making out with me while I was still finger fucking her pussy and by then my hand had her juices all over it. Once Sarah and Lauren got to me and Marisa, then Sarah took Marisa off of me when and then whispered in her ear then Sarah laid down on the ground and Marisa knelt down and pressed her mouth up to Sarah's pussy and started sucking and licking which made Sarah squirm, scream, and moan. Lauren then sat me down on the couch and started to give me a blow job I let out alittle bit of a moan and told her to go at it like the slut she was. After about ten more minutes I couldn't take it anymore I was going to blow my load and I knew it the pleasure was building up in me this tingly sensation was all over my body her mouth was so warm and god it was just perfect so I blew my load right into her mouth her eyes went wide she pulled her mouth away from my dick and Swallowed my cum then she said "Damn that was the best cum I've ever tasted holy shit" I said "Haha thanks I guess" By then Sarah was gripping the floor her mouth was wide open Marisa was giving her so much pleasure she couldn't speak or scream or moan Marisa was finger fucking her cunt while licking her clit and Sarah was loving it Then Sarah violently shuddered she was having an orgasm but unlike most female orgasms she also ejaculated loads of her pussy juices splashed onto Marisa. After Sarah gained her composure and stood up rather shakily Marisa, Lauren, and Sarah said all at once almost as if magic "I want cock" and stared at me, I had barely recovered from Laurens incredible blowjob I didn't know if I had fully recovered yet but I was about to find out. So almost jokingly I said "Who's first" and with that Marisa jumped at me and said "That'd be me. " So with that I lay down on the floor she hoped ontop of me I with her help place my dick in her cunt and started off slow as I gained stride Marisa started to moan in aprovement, Lauren decided she wasn't about to just watch She positioned her pussy over my mouth and with that I started licking her pussy and clit she must have liked it because she lowered herself even closer to me her pussy was practically in my mouth I had no choice but to pleasure her Sarah was content watching on couch while she was fucking herself. I was so caught up in the moment I had barely remembered I was fucking Marisa by then I was pounding her and she was screaming it felt so good she just said "Fuck me oh god yes fuck me" over and over by then I guess Sarah was done fucking herself and ready for her turn so she lifted Marisa off me and mounted herself on my cock her cunt felt different don't get me wrong Marisa's pussy was great but Sarah's wasn't comparable so I started fucking her I didn't waste anytime with her I just went right up to speed. And she loved it that way I could tell even tho Lauren's pussy was still pressed up against my face I could tell it was Sarah because when I went to feel her boobs there where big and fantastic I couldn't help but cup them in my hands and play with them.

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   after a few minutes or so Lauren got of me and went over to Marisa and they started to finger fuck eachother they didn't talk they just moaned and screamed as they pleasured eachother. Laurens juices tasted like heaven but it was good to have her off me because now I could move Sarah to a different position so I took her up sat her on the couch and I stood infront of her then I stuck my cock into her and pulled her right up close to me and started fucking her hard she screamed "Oh god yeah!" as I pounded her perfect pussy I could tell it felt good for her because she was squirming and jerking after about ten or 15 minutes of this pounding she did it again she shook and bam I was coated in layer after layer of her juices. She was orgasming hard I could feel it as her pussy gripped my cock but It didn't stop me I kept pounding away at her eventually she started shaking up and down she was having multiple orgasms I could tell she was try to speak but I couldn't hear anything It felt so good she couldn't speak. So I pulled out and she tried to relax but her body still spasmed. Lauren and Marisa had come over to watch and Marisa was wanting more from me and since I hadn't blew my load yet I was fine with it so I placed her down on the couch where Sarah had been before Lauren helped her up and moved her over to the corner. So I then did the same thing I did to Marisa as I did to Sarah I pulled her close and started in it felt good maybe because her pussy was tight I could tell tonight. . . . . . . . Was possibly the 3rd of 4th time she has ever had sex besides masturbating of course, By the time I had finished thinking about It I was pounding away at her small body making her scream She just wanted more and more but I was getting close to cumming and she was to and since I wasn't wearing a condom I had to pull out so I made up my mind that I would not go till she had orgasmed It didn't take long maybe five minutes then her pussy tensed and spasmed on my dick and she screamed real loud and pushed me away she had just orgasmed and was ready to help me finish off. So she placed her mouth over my dick and started sucking me off she was obviously no stranger to the blowjob she knew all the tricks more than Lauren she must have given her first blowjob when she was 12 or at least that's what I had to think eventually I couldn't take it anymore I pulled my cock out of her mouth and sprayed her face and tits with my load she was quick to finger it all up into her mouth and swallow it she made a sound of satisfaction and smiled she then walked upstairs probably to take a shower who knows.

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   But then I walked over to Lauren and Sarah, Sarah had already been face fucking Lauren for quite awhile and Lauren was about ready to go sure enough about two minutes later she pushed away Sarah I could see her pussy shaking she was orgasming after she had finished I asked her I she wanted a ride but she said no and that she was alittle tired so I suggested we all take showers (separately to keep more from happening) then get some blankets and go to sleep after Marisa came downstairs from her shower we filled her in she agreed with us then after our showers. I blew up our king sized air mattress and we all (Naked) layed down to get some sleep Sarah was behind me Lauren was in front of my and infront of her was Marisa we all where in full spoon Sarah's big boobs where pressed up against my back Lauren's ass against my dick I didn't think I'd get much sleep that night especially If Sarah didn't stop reaching her for my dick which she played with for a while I just fained sleep and enjoyed it eventually she stopped and just hugged her body close to mine then I fell asleep. . . . . But that didn't last for long because Lauren eventually woke me up she wasn't on the bed anymore she was kneeling on the floor next to it she whispered in my ear "It's my turn" now this was a problem because Sarah had only tightened her grip on my she was having a good dream I called tell because she was moaning so I came up with an idea, I just brushed her clit with my hand and she let go and giggled. I was free so I got out of the bed and took Lauren up the stairs to my room. Now since I didn't want to have to stop to pull out I grabbed a condom out of my dresser and put it on "Ready yet" she said "Yes I'm ready" I replied. So I took her to my bed laid her down and hopped ontop of her She guided my dick into her cunt and I started slow and steady at first then I started to build "Oh that's good don't stop please" she said I laughed "Oh me stopping isn't what you should worry about getting me to stop is" (Now you see Lauren Is on of those girls I had, had fantasy's about often and she was actually under me ready and willing for anything) As I got up to speed she tried hard not to scream only letting out moans instead I was In heat I couldn't think I was just going and going until I couldn't go anymore After about thirty minutes of my pounding of her she started spasming with orgasms but I kept going unable to stop the only way to keep her for scream was to kiss her which I did many more minutes has passed her juices where all around us they smelt so good I was fired up my hormones out of control thirty more minutes had passed I had probably already ejaculated 2 or 3 times by now but I wasn't about to stop Lauren was shaking grasping the bed trying to keep from falling of but I was no use we where to powerful we shook of the bed and onto the floor where Lauren ended up ontop of me but I continued pushing my cock as far into her cunt as I could. After both of us had a few more orgasms She shook and I grunted as her pussy gripped my cock hard from her orgasming I also orgasmed it felt like forever the pleasure was all over my body I couldn't think I could just feel all the pleasure We finally stopped she collapsed on me and with my cock still in her cunt her juices all over us we fell asleep together on the floor. When I woke up in the morning Lauren was still asleep ontop of me my dick still in her pussy as I lifted her of me and laid her on the bed more of her juices spilled out of her cunt I was quick to lick up the juices (They tasted so good) then I kissed her tummy and went to the bathroom where I took my condom that was filled with maybe six ejaculations worth of cum off and threw it away then I stepped into the shower after about two minutes. Marisa showed up and the door (Naked of course) and said "Hey Sarah left while I was asleep and she left this" it was her thong it had a smiley face drawn on it with lipstick I smiled then Marisa said "Mind if I join you" and I replied "No not at all come in" so she stepped in and started showering with me after washing most her body she asked "Hey can you help me wash me cunt?" I of course said yes and started rubbing it she returned the favor by grabbing my dick and starting to give me a hand job. After a few minutes I was squeezing her boobs and sucking her tits while rubbing her clit she was moaning softly well fondling my balls and jerking off my dick eventually I took her up mounted her on my cock and started fucking her she screamed "GOD YES! I love your cock" and after is few minutes she shook and her tight cunt gripped my cock as she orgasmed, after she finished I lifted her of me and she right then started giving me a blowjob and eventually I pulled my cock away from her mouth and gave her a facial. Then we finished our shower and walked out into the hall where Lauren was smiling she then kissed me as I grabbed her ass and crotch and then once we where finished she walked into the bathroom to take a shower "What was that all about" Marisa said I told her "Oh well while you and Sarah where asleep we went upstairs and fucked alittle bit" she said oh okay then we continued downstairs and got dressed.

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   Since Lauren was her ride we just talked for alittle bit then once Lauren was finished she came downstairs then got dressed and told Marisa It was time to go They both kissed me and left. I was still very tired so I went back to my room to go to sleep the room was a mess there was Laurens juices everywhere on my bed and floor and fuck even my walls so I found a big enough dry spot and just went to sleep thinking. . . . . . . . If there is a next time I can't wait. . . . . .

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