The best win


My name is Bart but everyone calls me B.   I was a 16 year old junior in high school when we won the biggest football game of the year.   After the game I was sitting down at the field talking with some friends about the game and the after party.   Our group slowly thinned out till it was just Alex and I.   She was a 15 year old sophomore cheerleader, and the girl I’d loved since sixth grade.    
“You played great tonight” Alex said as we started walking off the field.   “Thanks” I replied.   As soon as I spoke I felt Alex’s hand in mine.   This was incredible I had to be dreaming.   As soon as we were by the bleachers Alex grabbed me and pulled me under the back of the bleachers.   Alex wrapped her ands around my shoulders running her fingers through my short hair and started kissing me as I placed my hands around her waist.   Alex moved her arms from around my neck to my pants; she undid my belt buckle to relieve some of the tension on the semi she was giving me.   She slowly rubbed her right hand in circles over my crotch.   I moved my hands from her waist to under her cheerleading skirt and grabbed her ass.   “Oww kinda frisky aren’t we?”  Alex loved this as we continued to feel around on each other.   I mover my right hand up Alex's slender body cupping her right breast.


    Alex broke the kiss “let’s go some where a little more… privet…”
        Alex led me up from underneath the bleachers up the hill to the field house.   Almost as soon as we got into the building Alex and I started going at it again.   Alex giggled slightly as I placed my hand back on her breast.   We sat there in the weight room and continued to mak on each other as I rubbed my hands up and down Alex's thighs. Alex removed her spankies and shifted around so she was sitting on my lap facing me and started kissing me again.   I smiled and kissed the nape of her neck thinking “man I can’t believe I’m doing this” as I ran farther up Alex's inner thigh.   I paused a moment pulling my pants down enough that my cock was at full salute, rubbing against Alex's ass as she grinded on my legs.  
Alex let out a slight “uhh…” as my cock rubbed her ass.   I decided to be a little more endeavors and began to rub my hand in circles over Alex's crotch.   Alex gasped as she rubbed her hips against me more.   I reached up behind Alex's back and slowly un-zipped her top.   Alex quickly removed it revealing her red mid-drift long sleeve top.   Noticing that Alex's nipples were slightly hard I began to go to work on them.   As I started to lick her right breast and she moved her hand down to my crotch and started to slowly jerk me off.   “Hey I wanna show you something” Alex said winking her left eye as she got off my lap and sat me down on a bench press bench.

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    She went into the office and put on Cherry Pie she returned and started dancing to the music.   She stood there and began to rub her hands up and down her body, starting at her breast, squeezing her right nipple.  
From there she moved the other hand down her skirt and started to finger her cunt.   I pulled my pants down more and started getting myself off as well.   Alex stopped fingering herself pulling her fingers out of her cunt and put them in her month.   Alex walked up to me wrapping her legs around my waist, my dick pressing against her ass.   She moaned in response to this new feeling and threw her arms around my shoulders and started kissing me again.   Alex stopped kissing me and started to un-snap my shirt lowering her self down as she did so.   I couldn’t believe this Alex gave me a beautiful smirk and knelt down on her knees.   I watched in complete surprise as Alex went down on me, and began to suck on my balls causing me to become extremely hard.   “That will make it more fun for you” she said “now lets get this party started” she said as she began to lick my cock.  
My cock grew even harder as she licked up and down my shaft.   This was a complete, I never knew Alex was this kinda girl, good Catholic girl my ass. She fondled my balls while she wrapped her lips around my cock head licking my cock head inside her mouth.   My head began to swim with anticipation.

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    When she took my dick out of her mouth saying “I’ll swallow if you want me to” and with out warning she deep throated my cock pumping it in and out of her mouth gagging on it periodically.   She played with my balls and stroked the bottom of my cock with the other.   I moaned her name in delight “oww… Alex… suck harder” complying with my moans Alex sucked even harder.   I began running my hands over her head grapping her French braids and pulling her closer so that her nose was pushing against my crotch and Alex took my entire cock into her mouth.  
She grabbed a hold of my ass checks, and continued to suck me off.   Alex pumped my cock even harder; she was pumping so hard I could feel my cock hitting the back of her throat.   I placed a single hand on the back of Alex's head as I drew towards an inevitable climax.   I finally stopped holding back as cum rocketed out of my cock. Alex moaned as my cum filled her mouth pouring out the side of her mouth and running down her cheek, some landing on my balls.   Alex took my cock out of her mouth, keeping her word Alex swallowed my cum in one big gulp.   Alex lapped up the cum that had dripped out of her mouth onto my balls.   I moaned at the touch of her tongue on my balls.   A thin stream of cum ran down the side of Alex's check, which she wiped off with her finger, and inserted into her mouth.   Alex rubbed her tongue over her lips getting the last remnants of my cum.  

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  . . that was better than last time” Alex said.   “My turn” Alex said standing up and unzipping her skirt.   Turning around and letting it slowly fall off her hips.   Alex and I switched places on the bench.   Alex scooted to the edge of the bench and spread her legs.
          Alex laid there on her butt as I pulled down her spankies and panties revealing her shaved pussy.   My jaw went slack with amazement.   “Hey! Quit gawking and finger me” I ran my fingers over her shaved pussy.   Alex shuddered at this new sensation.   I ran a finger down and found her vagina.   I started to play with her clitoris, instantly causing her to release a combination of a moan and a scream.   I began to rub lightly her clit as Alex closed her eyes and began to moan.   With my other hand I inserted two fingers into her cunt as far as I could.

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    Alex moaned loudly as I continued to finger fuck her.   I stopped playing with her clit inserted a third finger in to her pussy.   “Oww. . . God… you can do it so much better than I can B” Alex moaned starting to play with her nipples.   Alex let out a loud moan as she experienced her first orgasm.   I removed my fingers from Alex's now wet I looked at Alex's exposed pussy and thought since Alex did it for me I should do it for her” I rushed forward and buried my face deep into Alex's crotch.   I wrapped my hands around Alex's tight ass; Alex gave a surprised gasp as she grabbed a hold of the rack on the bench.   I moved around finding her clit again with my tongue.   Alex's eyes went wide as she experienced more pleasure than ever before.   Alex brought her hands down and ran them through my hair moaning “Ahhh…! Deeper… Deeper… Ah…!” I stopped licking her clitoris and moved down further.   I thrusted my tongue deep within Alex's wet twat and stuck two fingers up Alex's ass causing her even more joy.  
Alex's pussy became even wetter as I continued eating her out.   Alex moaned in delight as my tongue moved in and out of her cunt, quickly finding her G-spot.

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    I concentrated on the area that got such a huge reaction out of Alex.   “Ahhh!  Haarrderr!” Alex screamed as I inserted a third finger into Alex's ass.   I continued my pussy meal, caressing the inside of her tender young pussy.   Alex was now moaning louder than ever.   I felt her soft thighs rubbing against the sides of my head as I continued finger fucking her ass.   Alex let out a whimper as she climaxed again.   More juices flowed from her, a surprising amount for such a young girl.   I licked even harder as Alex groaned her voice echoing thought the field house.   When Alex's moaning had subsided, I pulled my face from her dripping cunt, my face wet with saliva and pussy juices.   I leaned back catching my breath.   “…if your tongue can that… I can’t wait to see what your cock will do. ” Alex said trying to catch her Alex stood up, unzipped her red mid-drift top pulling it off over the head.   She turned around reached back and un-hook her bra.   Giving me a great view of her tight ass.   She turned around letting her bra fall to the floor and her breast into view they were much bigger than when I last saw them on the train two years ago the two of us standing there completely naked.

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          Alex laid down on the wrestling mats followed by me I kissed the nape of her neck as I rubbed her right breast.   I rubbed my cock up Alex's inner thigh sending a wave of pleasure thought Alex.   “Please don’t hold back and maybe ill give you something extra?” Alex said as she guided me in.   She arched her back as my ridged cock slowly penetrated her 15 year old pussy.   “Owwww…”   Alex cried in joy as I buried my self up to the balls in her pussy. I was humping as fast as I could but Alex still encouraged me desperate to get herself off again.   “Wait wait” Alex said as she pulled off on my and rolled over showing off her sweet ass in my face.   “Doggie style please” Alex moaned again as entered her a second time, bucking her hips as I did so.   Sweet dripped from my brow and fell onto Alex's back and ran down her ass crack.   Alex began to work in the motion with me feeling another orgasm coming on.  
“Ahh yes yes…fuck me harder” Alex cam first soaking both of us in her cum, as her sweaty body bucked with each of my powerful thrusts.   I kept humping her with all my force wanting this to last forever.   Finally when Alex thought she was going to burst.   I filled her with as much of my cock as I could releasing my load deep inside her.   Coating the inside of her vagina, I humped her slowly a few more times, shooting a few last spurts inside her twat.

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    Alex gave a disappointed gasp as I pulled out of her and let my dick rest on top of her ass.
“You are wonderful B” Alex wisped in my ear.   “I want you to put your cock in my ass” Alex smiled “ok” I replied ecstatically “I’ll be back” Alex said
        Alex smiled and walked off.   She returned a few minutes later with a tub of KY jelly.   I lathered up while Alex leaned against the wall and spread her legs apart giving me a clear view of her ass.   I ran my cock up and down Alex's ass teasing her with it Alex looked back at me “quite teasing me and fuck my ass before I change my mind. ”  I placed my cock in front of her ass hole and slowly pressed it in to her ass.   Alex released a slight “uhh…” as I grabbed her hips and plunged forward into her back door.   My cock had a harder time pushing past her tight sphincter muscle, inching my way up her ass till I was all the way in.   Alex groaned take the entire length of my cock into her ass.   Alex felt a slight pain as this was very unnatural but didn’t mind as it increased her starting pleasure.   She moved around feeling me inside her spreading her legs even wider. “Ok. . .

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   You can start” Alex said.  
The pain was gone replaced the feeling of a warm cock in her ass.   I started to hump Alex as she moaned getting use to my ten inches in her ass.   She screamed in delight as I attacked her asshole.   It seemed to grab my cock not letting it escape.   I grabbed Alex's breast and thrusted harder throwing Alex off balance falling to her hands and knees and pulling off of me.   She felt a certain emptiness as my cock came out of her, but it didn’t last  as I plunged back into her a second time.   Alex screamed in delight as she got off again.   I pulled out and put my cock into her cunt getting it nice and wet.   Alex was about to tell me to put it back in her ass when I beat her to it.   Going in harder due to the lubrication from her pussy.  
Alex eyes rolled back in her head and her arms buckled and she fell so only her ass was in the air, this gave me a better angle as I forced my self inside her.   Alex was biting her fingers and spazzing as I humped harder than ever.   “I'm… cumming!” Alex screamed, pussy juice running down her legs.   I groaned and thrusted into her ass harder as I released my load into her ass.

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    Alex moaned as I pulled out of her ass and lay on the ground next to her.   “you still wanna go to the party?” Alex asked me after another deep kiss.   “Sure’ I said “maybe we can try this again later to night” I said hopefully.   “maybe” Alex replied with a smile.

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