The Bunny Ranch


The first thing she saw was a bar, surrounded by men, and scantly-clad women talking to them. "May I help you?" asked a woman with curly blonde hair, and too much blue eyeshadow on. "Um, yeah. Youre hiring?" Angel told her, scaning the large room. "Yes dear, we need new Bunnies, are you interested?" "Yes, whats a bunny?" "A bunny is what we call the girls that work here. The deal is, they pay-you play". The woman led Angel to a room in the back. "This is my office" she said. "So, this is like a sex place, they pay you to fuck and suck?" "Bingo, now if youre gonna want a job here, youll have to talk to Marty. But first Ill need some info. " Angel nodded in agreement. "How old are you?" She was hesitant before answering. "Eighteen""Have you done this before?""Ive been a stripper""Okay, are you aware of any STDs you might have?""None?"The questions went on for a few more minutes, then Lula left to get Marty, the owner of the Bunny Ranch. Marty was a beefy man with a mustache, but he didnt intimidate Angel. "Hello Angel, I see you would like to become a Bunny" he said, sitting down across from her. "Yes sir".

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   "You may have the job, but first you need to show me how talented you are" Angel knew instaintly what he meant, when he unzipped his jeans, letting his huge cock escape from his pants. She also knew if she wanted a job, shed better be assertive, and impress the boss. Angel dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth. He moaned and ran his fingers through her long red hair. She sucked lightly on it at first, then harder as he pulled her hair. Her mouth traveled down to the base, then up to the head, swirling her tongue around it. She could taste the precum when she licked the area around his piss hole. Marty moaned some more, letting her know she was doing a good job. "Yesss baby" he hissed. A few more minutes of sucking him off, and Marty came in buckets. The first load shot straight down her throat. Soon, the second followed, but Angel couldnt swallow as fast as he could cum, causing some to run down her chin. After he had calmed down Marty said, "Very good, you have skill. Now lets see how good you can fuck. " Angel nodded, feeling herself become wet.

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   'I need a fuck' she thought to herself. "Undress please" Marty told her, as he begain to take off his shirt. She slowly pulled her shirt over her head, and set it down on the floor. The came her shorts, She unzipped the fly and slid them down over her hips. His eyes burned into her, but she wasnt embarrased. She unclasped the hook of her bra, exposing her large tits and erect nipples. "I see somebody needs to cum" Marty chuckled. Angel gave a small smile and began to remove her soaked panties. She was really wet now, in anticipation of the fuck she was about to get. She was now completely naked, standing in front of Marty, who she could see had another hard on. "You have a very nice pussy" Marty commented on her hairless cunt, "And lovely tits too". He layed down on the floor, cock sticking straight up. Angel took this as her cue, getting down on her knees and straddling him. She slowly lowered herself down onto his waiting cock. The tip was at her opening.

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   Now he was inches inside of her. She couldnt wait any longer and plunged herself down in one final thrust. She quickly started pumping up and down on him. It felt great. She kept a steady pace for a while, but when he looked close to cumming, she sped up. She was close to release also, and needed it. Marty reached up and rubbed her clit as she fucked him. Soon he lt out a yelp and shot his load into her cunt, causing her to explode, cunt contracting. When they had both calmed down, cleaned up, and were dressed, Marty saw her out the door. "Thanks, youve got the job. Next time, use a rubber. ".