The Dream


It all starts out at a parking lot of a Meijer supermarket. Brian, a student from AHHS is on chase after his girlfriend left him down the street. Stephanie, also a student has to stop for oncoming traffic. Stephanie, 36-42-36 5' 10" Size C breasts stops at the intersection because one of her doors is ajar. She turns and spies Brian. "Brian what the hell are you doing?" "Stephanie, please, I love you, dont let it be this way", Brian says. He leans into the passanger door and stops her car. "Brian, I cant do that anymore, we need some time alone" Two unsuspecting girls show up and ask what is the problem. Stephanie and Brian tell them their story and the girls suggest that they put it all aside and make out in the car. So Brian and Stephanie did. As soon as Brian started to make out, the girls suggest that they take them to this house, a house of fun, so that they could have that alone time that they wanted. So Brian starts to drive Stephanie over to that house. The House of FUn. "Brian, you sure you want to go in?" Stephanie says. "well we will be alone for a while, lets do it" Brian starts to make out while walking through the door, heads into a room and locks all the doors. Stephanie starts taking off her shirt and pants and so does Brian.

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   The two ladies offer him a variety of condoms, brian chooses one, puts it on and starts heading over to the bed where stephanie is spread out. he slowly pulls down her panties, revealing a braided pussy. "damn girl whens the last time you shaved" he says. Stephanie giggles. He takes the panties off and starts to slowly kiss the inner sides of her legs, causing her to twitch ever so slightly. Stephanie, in a deep pleasurable state, starts to move his head to her beautiful mound. He backs away and starts to kiss closer, teasing her pussy with delight.

Part 2 coming soon

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