The Girl Down The Hall


I never thought I would act on it but I did. But as weird as it sounds I will never regret it. To describe myself, my name is Tom and I am a 25 year old male. I have brown hair and eyes and am about 190lbs. The girl lived down the hall from me. I never found out her age but she could not be older than 13. From the moment I saw her I wanted her. There was just something about her. I will never forget the first day I saw her in those skin tight black pants wrapped around her precious little ass and tight pussy. I went home and jerked off about her that night but I knew trying to get with her would be wrong. That is until yesterday.
            I was sitting on my couch looking outside the window and I saw her run by my window in a flower mini-skirt which as she ran I caught a glimpse of her panties. I could not help but pull my dick out right there and jerk off. Little did I know the window was open. After I came I looked up and there she was staring at my cock. I asked her if she liked the show she said yes.

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   I invited her inside and told her she could see more inside. I can't believe what I had done but I knew at this point I was going to take this little girl's virginity. As soon as she came inside I closed the blinds, as I did not want anybody to see this show besides me. She sat on my couch and looked up at me she saw my hard-on was back and trying to sneak out of my boxer shorts. "Wow, it is so big. " she said. She started to play with it's mushroom tip with her fingers. I told her to put her mouth on it. Although she seemed a little nervous she did what I asked and started licking my dick. I told her to move her mouth back and forth nice and fast, she did it this right away and it felt so good. I kept pushing her mouth deeper on my dick and told her to look up. I could not believe it. A 12 year old was sucking my dick and it was the best blowjob I ever recieved. AFter several minutes of this I blew my load in her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could. She told me it tasted good but kind of salty.

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         At this point I told her I wanted to return the favor. I slid my fingers under her panties and started to rub her clit. She started moving around and humping my finger but I pulled my fingers out and ripped her panties off. I had to maul on her pussy. It was hairless and precious. I started licking her folds and slowly made my way in her pussy. She started to moan "OH MY GOD, OH YES, EAT MY PUSSY, EAT MY PUSSY. " I never heard a little girl talk like this and it was so turning me on. I found her clit with my tongue and just start nibbling and licking like there is no tommorow. I loved the taste and smell of her. She was cumming all over my face after several minutes. Of all the years married to my wife I never had a girl cum as much as a guy, she was great. I decided that now I was going to take her. I licked away all the cum on her pussy and got up.
                I picked up her legs and put my cock against her labia.

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   I was ready to plow her. She looked up at me nervous. "Is it going to hurt?" she asked. I told her that maybe a little but it will feel great afterwards. Then I slammed my dick in her showing no mercy. I was pumping her pussy fast and hard and I noticed she was crying and screaming to stop but I didn't care. I thought she would appreciate it later. I managed to get my whole 9 inch cock in her and held it there and looked down at her pretty face. I asked her if she was okay she said yes. So I decided to continue pumping her she started to get extremely kinky screaming for me to "Fuck her Pussy, Fuck it hard" and that is what I did. When I was about to cum she looked at me and said to cum in her. She still hadn't had her first period and that is the ultimate birth control. She wanted me to plant my seed in her and plant is what I did. Afterwards we laid down together until it got dark and then she went home. But we had a long romantic kiss goodbye.

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   That was the point I knew this may have been the first time but not the last.