The Girl Next Door


I have straight, brown hair, and grey eyes, which girls just seem to adore. I’m also about 6 feet tall, so a lot of guys are actually scared of me. Anyway, I’m supposed to tell you a story, not about my body. . . It all started on that fateful afternoon. . . “Jeremy!” Mom called from the kitchen. “Do you want pickles with your sandwich?” “Yeah, sure. . . ” I said, not really paying attention. I was sitting on the couch in the livingroom, playing my game boy, at the time. That’s when I heard the beeping of a truck outside the window. I turned my head to see a moving van pull into the driveway next to ours.

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   Obviously, someone was moving in, but it was weird to me, because the house next to ours had a very hard time selling, and once it did the buyers refused to move in until two years after, when the house was clearly empty. I watched the moving van suspiciously, and that’s when I saw a blue Volvo pull in right behind. A few minutes had passed before there was any clear movement in the car. Slowly, a large, hulk-of-a-man got out of the driver’s side of the car. He had greyish white hair, formed into a nice neat trim, and his moustache was the same colour, and was all bushy and thick. “Aw great. . . ” I thought to myself. “Old people are moving in. Just what I need. ” I went to turn back to my game, when the passenger door swung open, and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life rose up out of the car. She had pale skin, and her shiny, blonde hair went down to her lower back. Her tits were about a firm C, and she wore a tight, pink shirt with spaghetti-straps, and hip-hugging denim shorts that seemed to want to ride up her tight, firm ass. Her delicate feet were covered by white socks, and brand new red converse sneakers.


   I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. About three hours had passed and there really wasn’t any physical contact from the house next door. I didn’t see anyone outside, really. . Maybe the dad cutting grass for an hour, but that was it. I was tempted to go over and say hello, but I really wasn’t too sure, you know? I was up in my room, masturbating while thinking of this girl, and how she’d look naked. . . I fantasized about licking her all over, and positioning my cock at her tight, young pussy, and just pushing in until my entire 10 inch meat was buried to the hilt. I fantasized of fucking her slowly, and taking those big orbs of flesh in my hands, and just kneading them in my fingers for my own pleasure. Just as I was about to shoot my thick load of cum all over my tummy the doorbell rang. I sighed, not really wanting to get the door, but I knew I had to. Mom left right after lunch, and told me she was expecting a package in the mail. The doorbell rang once more, and so I grumbled, stuffing my unsatisfied cock into my pants, and rushing downstairs. I opened the door, expecting to see some FedEx guy holding an envelope, but to my surprise, standing in front of me was this girl I was just beating my meat to! She stood there all innocent-like.

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   She looked up at me with a bright, warm smile. “Oh, hey!” I said, smiling right back. “Hey,” the girl said. “I’m new here, and I was just going around, to meet the neighbors. ” she giggled. My smile grew wider. “Come right on in!” I said, stepping aside. “It’s a pleasure meeting you, Miss, uh. . . ” “Aimee. ” “Ah. Aimee. That’s a pretty name. ” I said, leading her into the livingroom.

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   “I’m Jeremy, and I’ll be your host for today. ” Aimee giggled at this. “Would you like something to drink?” I offered, heading into the kitchen. Aimee requested a coke, which I happily brought to her. We just sat around for about two hours, talking and whatnot about our interests, and hobbies, and it turned out we had a LOT in common. I also decided to be the nice host, and I gave Aimee a full tour of my house, starting with the livingroom, and ending with my bedroom. I led her in, and the girl from next door gazed around, noticing all my sports awards, and football stuff that was laying around. “You play football?” she asked. I nodded. “Yeah. I have a scholarship for when I go to university next year. ” That’s when what I’ll never forget happened. I don’t know if it was on purpose, or by accident, but Aimee went to walk forward, and she tripped on my football, which was laying idly on the carpet. The girl flew forward, and knocked into me, putting us both on the floor. I groaned a bit, and went to ask if she was alright, but when I looked up, all I saw was the best looking pair of tits I ever saw, clad in a pink shirt, right in front of my face.

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   I could feel my heart beat, and I realised her warm snatch was right up against my raging hard-on. . . so I did what any self respecting heterosexual guy would do: I reached up, and cupped Aimee’s tits in both my large hands. My God. . . they were so soft and warm! Aimee blushed lightly, not really knowing what to do. I played with this girl’s titties for at least two minutes straight, and I tell you. . . I could play with those puppies all day if I could. I could tell Aimee was getting right into it after a while, because she started rocking her hips against my raging cock and moaning. “Mmm. .

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  . Jeremy. . ” she purred. I love your touch. . please put your cock in me!” I grinned, and reached between us, unzipping my fly, and her fly, nothing else. Aimee surprisingly doesn’t like to wear underwear, I found, and before I knew it, the girl eagerly had my cock out from the piss slit in my briefs, and she was feeding my cock into her open fly! I moaned loudly, and eagerly cupped her perfect ass in my big hands, and ground her against me. Her pussy felt to warm and inviting to my big 10 incher. Aimee was rocking her hips happily, and had her face buried into my neck, moaning and crying out random blurbs, such as “Fucking God, yes!!!” and “Jeremy, you have the biggest cock EVER!”, which made me feel pretty manly. Pretty soon we both got naked, and Aimee bent over to expose her nice ass to me, and she held tightly to the foot-board of my bed. I grinned, and rubbed my big cock against her hot snatch, and I ever so slowly pushed it in, until my balls were the only thing seen. I grabbed her sexy hips, and just began to pound in and out of her pussy like a jack hammer! Aimee moaned happily, and pushed back against me, wanting to feel my entire cock deep inside her. I groaned, and slammed in and out fast and deep as she kept moaning to me “Yess. .

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   Yess. . Harder!! Deeper!!” This was too much. Just thinking about this sexy girl impaled on my large cock made me go over the edge. “God, baby, I’m gonna cum!” I moaned. Aimee panted hard, and tightened her young cunt around my cock, milking me for all its worth. I felt my balls tighten, and I lurched forward, shooting my thick load deep into her hungry snatch. After a while, we both were laying on the bed, cradling each others worn out bodies when the thought occurred to me. “Baby. . I didn’t use a condom. . ” I said worried. Aimee smiled up at me. “No worries.

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  . I’m on the pill. . We can fuck whenever we want to. ” And that we did. I can’t remember correctly, but I think we did it like, 3 or 4 times a week, but unfortunately we had to separate by the time summer ended. . She was still in highschool, and I was moving out of the house to go to college in Toronto. We still keep in touch though by e-mail and you know what? She just rung me up the other day, and we’re planning on getting together this weekend. But that’s another story. .

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