The Girlfriends Sister part 1


As I walk toward the back of my girlfriends house, to take a swim by myself, I am surprised to see her sister's head split the water. As she walks up the steps, the water dripping off her glistening young body, my cock starts to harden. Fast. I'm reacting the same way as when I see her walking out of the shower or changing in her room. Her dark brown hair shining in the sunlight, the water dripping between her 34C cup breast, and her bikini bottom hugging her perfectly heart shaped ass. I notice , as I walk to the diving board, that she is staring at me with a very naughty look in her eyes. Just before i go to dive  in, she calls my name.
    "Help me with something in the house. " She yells out.
    "OK. " I yell back.
She waits for me to reach her before walking next to me to the house. As we walk, she trips and pulls me down on top of her. One hand ends up gripping her ass and the other has pulled her top down. She doesn't even try to cover up as I get caught up staring at her heaving tits. she looks up at me and says.

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      "I think my ankle is twisted. "
    "Oh, do you need me to carry you into the house?" I ask.
    "Please, Its starting to hurt more. " She admits.
I pick her up in my arms and carry her inside, still noticing her uncovered tits, swaying in motion with my long strides. When we get inside she tells me that she is really ok, she just wanted to feel my hard cock rub against her body.
There standing close together, I reach for her and wrap my arms around her small delicate waist and draw her close to me. I kiss her like i have never kissed my girlfriend. We spend time kissing and exploring each others bodies. When I ask where everyone else is, she tells me that her sister and brother went to visit relatives with their grandfather for a few days and her father was going to be out for just as long. "So that gives us all weekend to ourselves for lots of fun!"
We fall back on the couch, with her straddling me. Her top has some how gotten completely off, and is now hanging on the door handle to the back door, and her beautiful tanned and full tits are bouncing and swaying as she grinds her bikini clad pussy against my covered cock. I pull her head toward me and kiss her passionately. My hands roam her body from her covered ass to her uncovered tits. I pull at her nipples and twist the ever so gently .

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   I lean forward and suck on her left nipple, switching to the right one and bringing low moans from her lips. Suddenly she is trembling against me. Realizing the massive orgasm she is having, I grab her ass and start to forcefully grind her pussy against my straining cock. She falls against me, breathing hard.
    "Wow. " She gasps.
    "I know. "