The Interview(An Introduction To Dallas)


         Beautiful, glorious morning greeted Dallas as he awakened from sleep. He took immense pleasure in stretching his arms and legs, and then smiled, knowing the greater pleasure that was soon to follow.      Dallas looked down to find, of course, the familiar 8-inch monolith that rose from his sheets. He whispered a quick thanks to a power greater-than he that his brother had since left for college, and vacated the bedroom. Dallas’ newfound privacy afforded him many innovative ways to find enjoyment for himself-whether by himself or with the aid of others. He started to slowly stroke himself, moaning a bit.       “Come on, Dallas, get up!”      Fuck, what a downer. “I am up, Mom!” he yelled. Dallas smiled at his horribly cheesy double entendre. He jumped from his bed, put on a pair of boxer shorts, and grabbed a creased photograph from beneath his mattress. He walked into his bathroom, promptly dropped his boxers, and unfolded the photo.       It contained the likeness of his sister and her two friends, Ashley and Eva. Ashley was the epitome of the American Blonde; large, full breasts, and a wonderfully plump ass. Eva, or Evita, a Mexican beauty, was similar to Ashley in drop-dead gorgeousness, possessing a full C-cup chest and an ass to die for.       In the photograph(which Dallas had “obtained” from his sister), the three were posing in a school hallway during a dance. Most fortunately for Dallas, his sister was on the far left, and she could be removed from sight with a fold.

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   Ashley and Eva stuck out their chests and asses, both with mischievous looks on their faces. Since Dallas had studied the picture so many times, and his cock was so hard that he could come with a blow of the wind, he didn’t really need it; but, none the less, photo in hand, Dallas came with a few pumps of his shaft.       “Oooh, yeah, put it between your tits…Fuck…. Yeah, suck me…”      Dallas bounded down the stairs, decent, to the front door. His mother was waiting.       “Don’t forget, honey, that the reporter from the Press is coming to interview you today at practice. ”      “Right, thanks Mom,” Dallas said as struggled to make his why to the door, but his mother grabbed him around the neck.       “Aw, my basketball star. ”      “Sure, Mom…---      This was his zone. The squelch of sneakers on the court, balls hitting off the backboard and being landed into the net; Call me gay, but I love the testosterone in this gym. Dallas turned around as someone tapped on his shoulder.       “Reporter’s here. ” Said Dallas’ coach. “In the locker room. Go on over; it’s not like practice is gonna help you.

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  ” Dallas smiled. First in the state, South High’s basketball team owed more than a little to him. He had caught many eyes, and the Asbury Park Press wanted an interview.       “Thanks, coach. ” Dallas took a swig from his water bottle and jogged off to the locker room.       He found the interviewer, sitting on a bench near his locker. To Dallas’ surprise and delight, she was a female: a young female: a hot one. She wore a suit and relatively short skirt. She had a large chest, and quite visible cleavage. Dallas licked his lips, giving her a few glances. She cleared her throat and stood.       “Hello, I’m Sarah Kirk, of the Press. ” She extended her hand.       “Hi, Ms. Kirk.

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   Good place for an interview. ” Dallas said as he shook her hand. She sat down.       “Well, I’m afraid I could find no other rooms. ” Sarah took a pencil and pad out of her bag. She looked at Dallas, who was still standing. “Now, at what age did you-“      “Sorry, Ms. Kirk. ” Dallas took off his jersey and tossed into a basket. Bare-chested, he sat down on the bench. “You mind? I’m just so hot. ” Sarah gulped. You’ve got that right…she thought. What a terrible thing to think! Yet still…      “Ah, what age did I start?” Dallas asked. The reporter nodded.

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   “Well, let’s see…” His legs were now widely-spread. A noticeable bulge had grown in his shorts. Dallas took his time in answering the question. “That’d be four. Yeah, I was four. ” As Sarah jotted on her notepad, Dallas shifted closer to her, now nearly touching her. She wants it…Now or never.       He placed his right hand on her leg. She looked up at the adolescent, model of a perfect body.       “Nobody’s around, you know. ” Dallas said. Sarah looked into his eyes, which contained a devilish charm.       “Oh, dear…” She murmured.  Dallas seized the moment; he leaned forward and thrust his tongue into her mouth, his hands on her head and back. She resisted for a moment, but soon paid Dallas in kind.


   They twisted tongues for awhile. Dallas’ hands moved downward, squeezing her ass.       Sarah stopped for a moment. “Dallas, I-I don’t know…” He shushed her and continued. He began to unbutton her blouse. Her breasts fell forward, in a red bra. Licking his lips, he expertly unlaced it, and flicked his tongue over her right nipple.       “Mmmm…ohhh…” Sarah moaned.       Dallas continued sucking, licking, and gently twisting her tits. “You like it?”      Sarah let out a few words from her sonances of pleasure; “Oh, God, yes!”
      Dallas stopped and sat straight on the bench. “Then how’s about repaying me?” He slid off his shorts, liberating his stiff cock.       “Dallas…” She hesitated.       “Come on, Ms. Kirk, repayment…”  Dallas had again that mischievous glint in his blue eyes. Sarah couldn’t resist; she took Dallas’ head into her mouth.

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         “Ugggh…” She started to fondle his shaft, and then took his entire eight-inches into her mouth, as he murmured obscenities of pleasure.       “Fuck, baby, yeah…Goddamn, yeah…” Dallas realized he didn’t need to tell Ms. Kirk he was about to come…      …Which he did. “Ahhh…” To his surprise, she swallowed it and licked the rest of the cum off his head. She started to stand, thinking they were done.       “Dallas, I-”      “Hey, Ms. Kirk, I got some more…Lemme see that pretty pussy. ” Sarah gulped, then quickly complied, removing her skirt and thoroughly-wet panties. Dallas sat her on the bench, and was about to penetrate her.       “Dallas, we can’t…not without…You know. ”      Dallas chuckled and murmured, “Yeah, I’m pretty potent…” He leaned over and opened his locker. He rummaged through its contents-water bottles, T-shirts, issues of Playboy, Penthouse, and the like, lubricant- and grabbed what he was searching for, a condom. “Fits like a glove. ”      With that, Dallas held Sarah and slowly started pounding into her, increasing in intensity. They both began moaning and soon screaming, until they both orgasmed, with a hearty “Fuck!” moaned by Dallas at the apex.

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        They both stood and began to dress, Dallas with a lethargic grin on his face.       “So, how about that interview?” Dallas joked.       Sarah was hastily putting away her things, as the doors to the gym were heard being opened. “Oh…I’ll bull shit something…Well, uh, good day, Dallas. ” The entering basketball team was briefly treated to a view of the interviewer, disheveled hair, crumpled clothes, and all.       “Hey, man. ” Dallas and his friend Joe high-fived. Dallas still had on his smile. Joe looked around, and then at Dallas. “Wait…no, you didn’t…” Dallas winked
     "Shit, man!”      “How’d the interview go, Dallas?” asked another teammate with a coy smile.       “Pretty good. ”