The Manager: Part Two


"Hi, Brian," Mrs. Givens said as he entered the smalluy cubby hole of and office and sat down in front of her desk, "and how are you today!?!" "Uh, pretty good," he replied softly while wondering what she wanted with him now, "I can't stay to long, I've got a class in about twenty minutes or so!!!" "I know," she replied, "but this is very important,okay, Allison, come on in, please!!!" Brian wondered what the heck was happening, when much to his utter surprise, Allison appeared in the office doorway, naked as a jay bird, except that is for the ace bandage wrapped around her sprained ankle!!! "Come on in, dear," Vivian Givens said softly, "and give Brian a look at you pretty young body, isn't she just precious, and what beautiful breasts, so full and yet so firm!!!" Brian actually gulped when he saw her incredible body, and with a great deal of effort he finally croaked, "W-what are you doing here, Allison, and all uh naked, too!?!" "Well," she said in a husky voice, "Mrs. Givens told me that you achieved quite the hard on just from holding my hurt ankle, and she didn't think it was fair for her to have all the fun when it was me that gave it to you in the first place!!!" Brian just sat there dumbfounded while moving his eyes from the naked girl's breasts to her hairy pussy and back again to her breasts, and when Allison asked if he had a hard on right now, all he could do was nod yes and continue staring!!!"You see, Brain," Mrs. Givens said while walking over to Allison and cupping her two large breasts in her hands, "Allison has been my lover for over three months now and like good lovers should we share and share alike, isn't that true, darling!?!" "Mmmmm, yes,"Allison sighed while her coach gently twisted her pink puffy nipples, "and from what Vivian says, you have a lot to share with me!!!" Brian's face turned a dark shade of red, but the huge bulge growing inside his pants was a dead giveaway that what Vivian Givens had said was exactly the case, and so when Allison asked softly for him to stand up and take off his clothes, he obediently did as he was told, exposing his gigantic member to the two women's hungry gaze!!! "Oh my god," Allison breathed in a raspy voice, "h-he's absolutely incredible, how long is it, anyway!?!" "I didn't measure it," Vivian replied softly, "but it's at least ten inches, and what's really great is his thickness, it's as big around as your wrist!!!" Allison's legs were quickly gaining the consistency of spaghetti, so with Vivian's help, she hobbled over to the chair, sat down in front of Brian, and then just as calmly as you please, gently took him into her mouth an commenced sucking him off!!!"How does that feel," Vivian asked Brian while Allison sucked the head of his big penis, "she has a very talented mouth doesn't she, and believe me, she doesn't care if it's a cock or a pussy, she's just naturally orally inclined!!!" Brian just groaned, indicating his agreement with Vivian Givens' assessment of the situation, but when Allison took his nut bag in her free hand, and gently squeezed it just short of pain, his pecker spasmed hard, and then with and incredible convulsion, sent a torrrent of hot love juice into the throat of the cocksucker basketball star!!! "Sweet jesus in heaven," he gasped while grabbing the edge of the desk to maintain his balance, "that was unbelievable, and all I can say is WOW!!!" Allison giggled while wiping a little river of cum running down her chin, but to whit she answered, "Well, I know one other thing you can say, besides wow that is!!!" "What's that," he asked weakly!?! "If you were any kind of a gentleman you'd ask me if I'd please like to have your big pecker shoved into my tight little pussy," she replied sweetly, "so, Brian, are you gonna ask me or not!?!"Brian looked down at his again rapidly expanding member, and in a soft, almost whispered voice, replied, "D-do you want me to fuck you, Allison!?!" "I didn't hear you," she replied quickly, "you'll have to speak up, please!?!" After clearing his throat, and again looking at his now fully erect dick, he offered loudly, "Would you like me to fuck you with my big cock, Allison!?!" "I thought you'd never ask," she replied while pushing him to the floor flat on his back and mounting his brutally thick erection, "it's not nice to keep a girl waiting, is it!?!" While she was acting like Miss Cool and he the class dunce, as soon as his meat penetrated her sex, immeditately he sensed that he was in control and that no matter what she said, it was his cock that was running the show and that her pussy would do his bidding and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it!!!" "Oh my fucking god," she gasped as her cunt bottomed out with ten inches of thick young dick jammed deep up inside of her, "I-I think I'm about to have an orgasm, ohhhhhh myyyyyy!!!"From the other side of the tiny office, Vivian Givens offered encouragement to the eighteen year old fucksters, and with her hand down the front of her gym shorts, she furiously fingered her pussy while watching Allison's pussy being stretched beyond its limits by the porn star length monster hanging between the spindly legs of the skinny wonderkind!!! "Jesus, Allison," Vivian panted, "y-you should see your pussy, it looks like it's being ripped apart, but it looks so fucking good, he's so big and your cunt's so small, ohhhhhhh fuck does that look nice!!!" Allison was now hanging on for dear life as Brian's upward thrusts were nearly tearing her helpless cunt to shreds, but even though the pain at times was intense, the overwhelming pleasure flooding her vagina was more than enough to make her wish that this monster pecker could stay inside of her pussy forever!!!It began with just a trickle, almost like an avalanche, but by the time it was ontop of them, the two youngsters were caught up in a vicious orgasmic vortex that whip sawed their organs together in one incredible final explosion, leaving both of them shaking and quivering like two leaves in a wind storm!!! Allsion collapsed on Brian's chest, her huge breasts heaving like crazy as she tried catching the breath she had lost during the brutal fucking, and Brian, like Allison was gasping for air, as all of it had whistled out of him along with a gusher of hot cum that filled Allison's cunt past its brim!!!It was Brian who noticed the clock on the wall as he yelped, "My god, we're gonna be late for fifth period!!!!" Vivan Givens just laughed her husky laugh and said smoothly, "Now don't you worry about your fifth period classes, either of you, I'm gonna give you both a pass to get back into class, but first, I wanna see Allison suck it one more time, all right!?!" With a slight chuckle, Allison hopped of his lap, and with a wink of her eye, lowered her head and look him into her mouth while saying, "Well, after all, she is the teacher!!!THE END is the best online escort service in Belgium!

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