The New Neighbors


"Um. . " Said the girl, taking notice of how Chris reacted to her. "My name is Lindsey, me and my family just moved a few houses down, and I am new to the area, I was wondering if you could show me where the post office is?""Uh. . post office?. . " Chris stumbled still amazed at Lindsey. Lindsey smiled at this. "Sure. . you go down a block, turn on your right, go straight three more blocks, hang a left, and its the 2. . ""Ahh. . I'm not very good with directions.

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  . " She said. ". . And I didn't get your name?""It's Chris. " He said, with a small smile. "Would you mind taking me there Chris? It's a nice day for a walk. " The way Lindsey said it was so charming, Chris thought, even a gay guy would go straight. She was to die for, how could he turn her down? "Sure, let me get dressed and we will be on our way. " He said. "Come on in and make yourself at home. "Chris ran upstairs and quickly got dressed, while Lindsey introduced herself to the rest of the family. Chris's dad was at work at the time. "C-ya later mom!" Chris yelled slamming the door. Chris and Lindsey walked at a decent pace, exchanging information, getting aquainted, and becoming friends.

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   Chris learned a lot from talking to her. She was 14, she didn't have a boyfriend, she is an only child, and lives with her mother, who writes books. "Here we are, the post office. " Chris said apon arrival. "Thank you so much. I hope all the people here are as sweet as you. " She said, leaning over and giving him a peck on the cheek. "How can I make it up to you? Would you like to come over to my house?"Chris was amazed at all this. He had gotten little action from girls for most of his life, and in one day he felt like he was the ultimate ladies man. All he did was nod his head yes. Chris walked into a somewhat big house for only two people. It was an old victorian house with a swimming pool in back, wooden floors and big french style doors throughout the house. Chris sat at the table and Lindsey got a drink for each of them. "So Chris, do you have a girlfriend?" She asked. "No.

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  " He said. "Oh. " She said. "Guys only like me for one thing. They get together with me, and they expect sex. Maybe if they wern't such horny jerks I'd be willing to give it to them. " Lindsey said. "What do you expect Lindsey, your beauitful. " Chris said, feeling his cheeks turn red. "Do you really think so?" She asked. "Yep. " Chris took a long hard look, and felt himself get stiff again. Lindsey noticed it too, and gave a smile as Chris started to hide it. "You don't have to hide it. " She said.

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   "Have you ever. . . you know. . . done it?"". . . umm. . no. . " Chris said, embarassed from his answer. "I haven't done it either.

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   But I've thought about it. I just don't want to spread my legs and let some guy take my virginity just for a good round of sex. " She said. "But your not like that Chris. I've been wanting to let a guy see me naked, and even touch me. Do you want to see me in my bra and panties?"Chris got harder, and could only nod yes. Lindsey sat on her knees in the chair across from Chris. She looked into his eyes, then slowly removed her tank top. Her breasts were more in form as Chris studied them in the white bra. Lindsey slowly started to get up off her knees, and unbutton her shorts. She unzipped them, revealing white panties as she went down further. She took off her shorts and layed them aside. Chris took a good look at her from head to toe. She was so attractive in everyway. Chris's emotions ran wild in his cock, and it was standing on end.

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   Suddenly Lindsey stood up from the chair, and sat on Chris's lap. She leaned in and kissed him softly on his lips. Her sweet kisses overwhelmed Chris in everyway. Chris felt it throughout his body, and so was Lindsey. She took one of his hands and placed it on her right breast, then pushed it gently. Chris cupped her breast and felt her hard nipple through the material. She wrapped her arms around Chris and forced their bodies together, then lightly giving Chris kisses on his lips. She took the back of his head, and pushed it in her cleavage. For a second, Chris just kept his head inbetween her breasts, but then instinct took over and he began to kiss them, lips tongue and everything. Lindsey was feeling great pleasure from Chris, and had other feelings for him as well. She had never felt this way about any guy. She was soaking wet between her legs, and she wanted Chris to experince that too. Lindsey was somewhat new at this too, and it was awkward for the both of them. Lindsey sat down on Chris's lap so her back was toward him, so Chris was behind her, and she was in front on his lap. She took her hand and slid it down her panties, motioning for Chris to do the same.

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   Their hands met at the beggining of her pussy, and Chris could feel the warmth and wetness of her cunt. She was soo beautiful for only 14, and Chris thought this must be a dream. They touched hands first, then she placed hers on top of his, and started to rub herself with his hand. They sat together like this for sometime, stimulating her clit together. Lindsey soon began to rock her hips back and forth, and letting out moans. "Would you want to ever make love to me Chris?" She asked in between gasps from the moans. "Yes of course I would. " He replied. He couldn't get over how good it felt to be rubbing her pussy like that. He loved the wetness and how smooth it felt. He took his hand out from her panties and licked his fingers. It tasted and smelled great. Chris was in heaven. Lindsey turned herself around, and put her hands behind her back. She undid the clasp on her bra, and slowly removed it, little at a time.

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   Chris could see her beautiful beasts coming into sight. He thought he would bust a nut at that point then. Her breasts wern't very big, but they were shapely and perky. She had pretty big puffy pink tits. Chris leaned in and stuck one of them in his mouth, and began to suck. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her forward, getting as much tit as he could. "Mmmm. . " Lindsey moaned in pleasure, and Chris began do to the same. He loved having her in his mouth. She pulled back and stood up. With a cute, quick smile, she pulled down her panties revealing a shaven wet pussy. Her clit was swollen and she seemed to be begging for his cock. Seeing that sight drove Chris to the extreme. Even more so when she licked one of her fingers and started to rub herself with it.

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   Chris loved this, and got on his knees. He stopped her hand, and used his tongue. It tasted better than ever. "I want you inside me. " Said Lindsey. Chris obeyed, and removed his clothes. When he pulled down his boxers, his cock sprang to life, being not strained by the waistband of his pants and boxers. He sat down, and Lindsey mounted him. She spread her pussy lips, and guided Chris's cock towards her tight dripping hole. She braced herself and lowered down. It hurt her for a few seconds, but the pleasure was just to overwhelming. Chris never felt anything so wonderful in his life. Lindsey used her legs and moved up and down, up and down, picking up pace. Chris matched the rythm and began to move his hips with Lindseys strokes. As Lindsey went up, her breasts did a little motion up, then when she came down and his pubic hair rubbed agaisnt her bare flesh, her breasts bounced down.

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   She moaned loudly this time, not like when she was masterbating. "Oh Chris, fuck me. Fuck me. " She said over and over in his ear. This only turned Chris on even more and he picked up the pace, and was fucking her for all she was worth. What guy wouldn't to be in his position right now. Suddenly his balls tightened up, and he cummed deep inside her, she too, had an orgasm, and her pussy lips tightened up on his dick. She collapsed onto Chris. Chris laid there with Lindsey on him, his head at the level of her breasts. Lindsey had her eyes closed and was regaining herself. Once in a while chris would lean over and give her breasts a kiss. She kissed Chris on the lips for the longest time, and thanked him for a great experience. "Come. " She said pulling him up. She walked him into the bathroom where she proceeded to get into the shower.


   She turned the water on, and began to shower. She handed Chris the soap, which he used to wash her beasts, thighs, and pussy. Now that her cherry was taken, she took the end of a brush and used it to fuck herself in the shower. Chris liked what he saw, and started to jack himself. Lindsey got out of the shower and had Chris dry her off with a towel, every square inch. She then made him dress her. He took some dark blue silk panties, and put them on her, then took the matching bra, and hooked her into it. He had a little difficulty with the bra, but he managed to get it. She put on a low cut blouse and another pair of short shorts. Chris got himself dressed, and hugged Lindsey. "You arn't Like other guys. " She said. "We should do this more often, now that we got the first time out of the way. You know I can be horny too. .

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  . and every Saturday my mom drives to Denver, that leaves me alone by myself. " She said with a smile. The two walked to Chris's house, and Chris kissed her goodbye. it was the start of a good relationship, and that was the last time Chris would sleep in again. . . He had more important things to do. .