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Ok So I a new at this. But there is a 1st time for everything. The girl next door. She was hot. She had a 34c cup. She was about 5’8. She had a really nice ass. So when day when my mom and dad and her mom and dad had left to go to work and we didn’t have school. I had asked her to come over. She came over and we were sitting there and talking and watching TV. I never look at her in any way until this day. She was in a short skirt and tank top. She had tanned body. She was hot. I looked over to here and was checking her out. I would see that she would look over at me every now and then.

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   I would turn my head. I did not know that she would have seen me. Well as time went on I reach over to ask her for the remote to the TV. I don’t think I want to watch sex in the city. She told me that I would have to get from her the hard way. Now the way this girl thinks she of sex all the time. I get up and walk over to her and said come on let me get the remote. She said come get it or are you scared. I go to get it and she ups it up her skirt. I then stop when I saw that happen said let me get it. She kept saying get it. So then I go to reach for the remote and I hit her pussy. I noticed that she didn’t have her thong on this time. I moved my hand really fast. I didn’t know what to do.

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   So I sit back down and she comes over to me and sits on my lap. And she said what you to scared to miss with me. I said no. The next thing that I know is that she has my hand and is rubbing it up and down her leg. I really didn’t care about that. I was getting into it. Then I stop her from doing it. I ran my hand up her leg and go all the way to the pussy. I run my hand up and down her pussy. She is moaning. I spread her lips and play with clit. She is moaning so loud. Then I stop because she pulled my hand out and said I want to fuck. Just as I get ready to take her to my room my mom comes home. I was like shit.

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   So we run back to the living room. On the next day she came over. She said I want to fuck you now. I told her that we cant. I can’t be your 1st. She said I want you to be my 1st. So as we go to my room she takes her cloths off. I am getting hard on. She then lays down on my bed and said come on. I walk over to her. I get on the bed and lay down next to her. She gets up and lowers her body down to my pussy. It was all shaved. I am really hard. I have an 11-inch cock.

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   She lowers her self and she pops her cherry. Then she goes up and down faster and faster. I told her to get that I was going to cum. She said cum in her. So kept going. We went on for about 2 and half hours. I was cum in her about 4 times. I was not about to stop after the 1st time. Well when we were done we lay down and went to sleep. When we got up she wanted to do it again. Only this time is was a quick one. I had to get my room and sheets clean. She had 3 orgasms. After the quick one I ran to clean my room and to get the sex smell out of there. Then the next day we had school.

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   After school she came over. She told her mom and dad that she was helping me with homework. She wanted to fuck again. I told her that this couldn’t be an every day thing. We went to my room and she pushed me down on the bed and she loved it. She didn’t wont to stop. So when she was don’t she got up and there was a bit wet spot of her cum. I cum in her about 3 times this fuck. Then we didn’t do after that cause mom and dads were home. We would make out every now and then when our moms and dads were not looking. Then a week went by and she was pregnant. I knew that would have happen. But I would not have thought anything of it. We live together now in my house. And we are living happy with a boy named john.

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