The Night He Showed Me Everything


Not untill yesterday did he make his move. I was dressed to kill in my pink mini skirt that barley covered my ass, black heels, and white top that clinged to my every curve. I saw him walking down the hall to his second period class which is right by my best friends class which is a perfect reason to go down and see them. God did he look so hot today. He told me I looked cute and that sent me over the edge. I kept walking and swaying my hips as he feel not to far behind me. "hey amanda wait up" i heard him call as i turned around and looked. "Yea Matt" I awnsered"what are you doin walkin away from me like that?""I dunno,. . . . I just wanted to get through the crowds. ""Oh well come here. " He grabed my hand and pulled me into the faculty storage room. He began kissing me and my heart dropped to my stomach. His kisses were so sweet and his lips so soft.

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   I about died. I kissed him back with lots of tounge and nibbling his bottom lip inbetween gasps for air. " Wait what are we doing? " I asked as I pushed him away. "Kissing" as he tried to kiss me again. "I know that" as I hold him back again. "But you will have to wait" as i played with him lip and gave him a sexy grin. I flicked my skirt and gave him a peek to let him know I was wearing a little red thong. I opened the door and began to walk back to my class just as the bell rang. Later that day he came to get me for our usual ride home. As we reached my house he asked If I wanted to go to see a movie with him this weekend. "yea that would be great""Alright ill pick you up at 7"I had a date and I was gunna make sure that I was on fire when he came to pick me up. The days went by and saturday came around and I knew the exact thing I was going to wear. My cute little white top with my tight low rise jeans with my white thong high on my hips. I was in the shower and washing my hair and the mere thought of him made me so hot I couldnt help but rub my clit. I then remembered I had to shave my pussy.

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   I have a tight shaved pussy with a little patch shaved into the shape of a heart. "MMM that will do it""wait till Matt sees this, he'll flip" I turn off the water and step out to dry myself. I walk into my room and gently comb my hair and pull my thong on. "MMM I love how it feels up my ass"I finish getting dressed. I do my hair and makeup and right as I am fixing my tits the doorbell rings. "Ill get it. " my mom awnsers. "oh hey matt, how are you""hi mrs m, good and you""great thanks""mandy, matts here" My mom calls up the stairs. "Alright, ill be right there. " I come down the stairs and I meet his eyes with mine and I smile. "you ready?" he asks as he holds his hand out. "you bet" I hold his hand and wink at my mom. "ill be home by 12 mom""alright love you""love you too" We walk to his car and he opens the door for me. "You look amazing""thank you"He gets in and we leave. "so where you want to go first?" "chill movie, or movie chill?""well I would like to go walking on the beach""so lets chill and then movie,""Alright the beach it is"As we drove and laughed, he held my hand and groped my leg.

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  "Amanda you are so beautiful""thank you you are so sweet"I squeezed his hand harder. We puled into the beach parking lot and he got out, came around and opened my door. He held out his hand and as I put mine in his it seemed to fit perfectly. We walked and held hands stopping every now and then to have a quick makeout session. His hands were like velvet and touched my legs and back and arms so softly it tickled sometimes. God how I wanted to just pounce on him right then and there. Every time he would kiss me more of my hot juices would spit out onto my damp white thong. I've wanted him for so long and I knew he wanted me because his raging cock was throbbing as my legs were pressed up against him. After I felt that I couldnt stand it anymore. I then walked ahead of him and went and sat down on the dry sand looking up at him as i patted the ground for him to sit with me. He sat and played with the side of my thong. "Did you wear this for me?""Maybe" I replied as I gave him a sexy look. I knew that my gorgeous locks and tan bronzed skin would glow in the summer moonlight. "I want you so bad" as he rubbed my cheek and kissed me softly on my plump pink lips. He moved down to my neck and began kissing it softly.

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   I whispered in his ear. " Then have me" I leaned back as he rolled ontop of me kissing my chest and clevage. "You are just so unbelieveable. and sexy and you make me wild". He leaned down again and kissed as he rubbed up my shirt and felt my big plump tits with hard succulant nipples dieing to be played with. "MMM let me look at these" He said in an incredibly sexy voice as he lifted my shirt up. "Ohh God I wanna suck em" He leaned down and begain sucking away at my round button nipples. When he did this I became fully aroused and knew right then I wanted to play with his dick and would do anything to get it out of his pants. " MMM. . . Yea baby suck on my tits. "" You like them" I cooed as I rubbed his hair a little at the base of his neck. "Oh fuck yea" He said so sexily as he squeezed them harder and pressed his thumb hard over my nipple and started flicking it back and forth. He kept sucking and running his velvet hands up and down my stomach and sides feeling every amazing curve of my body.

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   It sent me into shivers. "yea baby you like your nipples sucked" he asked as he reached his hand down and began undoing my pants. "Oh yea baby suck my tits" I replied naughtily. " You want to tit fuck me Matt?" I asked as i lifted my ass up so he could pull my pants off. " Oh Hell yea, Ill slide my dick right up there" He ran his finger up the crease of my breasts and back down. " I like things naughty and rough matt""Yea I know you do, I read your diary that you left in my car the other day""Yea?" I replied in a sexy voice"Oh yea, I know you like your pussy spanked and you love getting it up your tight little ass""you have one fine ass" He turned me over and rubbed it right before he spanked me. "MMM Oh yea!" I bellowed out it a sweet and sexy innocent moan"Ya and I know about your spanking fetish" he turned me back over and began kissing me ass over sucking my nipples, my neck and my lips alternating back and forth and he rubbed my pussy over my cute white thong. I open my legs wider as he rubs harder. " MMMM your such a good girl" He spanks my pussy hard. " MMM FUCK YEA i moan out. spank my little shaved pussy""MMM your shaved let me see" He pulls down my thong and begins to rub the middle part of his index finger over my little heart patch. " MMMMM thats soo nice baby, you want me to fuck that pussy?" he asks as he rubs my clit so hard. " MMM ahhuh,. . .

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  . . yea baby, mmm you like my little cunt""Oh yea" He shoves two fingers in me and i scream. "OHHH yea finger fuck my little pussy Matt""Yea thats a good girl moan for me" He rams his fingers harder and harder every thrust. He stops and spanks it and rams them in again. He begins to shove them in and out and in and out squishing my juices all over his fingers. " Ohhh fuck yea, yea. . . . yea. . . . .

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   yea. mmm yea, fuck my little cunt with your fingers" I clutch onto his arms and begin to fuck his hand as i orgasm so loud you would think that the people in the hotels would hear. "Ohh Matt Yea mmmm fuckk yes!!!!" I screamed as he watched in amazement at what he thought this little innocent girl could do. He would alternate watching his fingers dissapear and then back at me and watch my eyes as he would kiss me every two or three secs. I hope you enjoyed this. Please give me feed back so I know if I should continue and what to add. ThanksAmanda.