The Parochial Schoolgirl


Kaya was always getting into trouble. She was a mischievous girl with an overdeveloped body for someone her age. She had an unusual amount of curves on her 5-foot frame for a Hawaiian girl who had only just turned 18 a week ago. Kaya’s tits were huge. Mr. Daniels wasn’t an expert on breast size, but he knew they were at least a C-cup, maybe a D. He wasn’t sure. Sometimes she wore her top tied in a knot to show off her flat belly and huge chest. Sometimes she sat with her legs wide open, which was already inappropriate, but she really went too far when she did it without panties on. That girl was the most popular girl in school for all the wrong reasons. Mr. Daniels was the unlucky soul who got stuck with tutoring her. Kaya had fallen behind in her studies. Her mother, the wealthy wife of a realtor who was totally unaware of her daughter’s wanton behavior, paid extra for her to be tutored out of fear that she would have to repeat the 11th grade again. Kaya was a smart girl. The only reason she failed last year was because she never went to class.

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   The only reason her grades were bad this year was because…well…she never went to class. Every day of their tutoring sessions, Mr. Daniels would walk in his classroom and find little Kaya in some kind of sexual position. Last time she was on top of his desk bent over with her plaid schoolgirl skirt hiked way up over her ass. The time before that, he found her with her chair turned backwards, sitting in it with her legs wide open and no panties. She always had a seductive smirk on her face when she did these things. It was like she enjoyed torturing him. The sight of his face turning red with embarrassment excited her in a way. She liked taking control from him. She knew he was sexually attracted to her. He entered the classroom. By now, he had forgotten about Kaya’s need to pose for him. He was shocked to see her bent over his desk with her skirt all of the way up pretending to be reading a book. Her panties were white and so thin that he could see the majority of her ass cheeks and dark pussy lips sticking out from the sides of them. “Oh, my goodness!” he screamed.

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   His books fell from his hands. His cock started getting hard in his boxers. As he kneeled to pick up his books, he said, “Dammit, Kaya. Get yourself together!”Kaya turned around. Pretending not to have heard him enter the room, she said, “Oh, hi, Mr. Daniels. I didn’t know you were here. ” She stood and straightened her skirt. A rye smile surfaced when she saw how red Mr. Daniels’ face was. When he stood, he was pitching the hugest tent in his pants that Kaya had ever seen. She said, “Is that a protractor in your pants or are you just happy to see me?” She started laughing. Mr. Daniels felt like a schoolboy again as he used his books to cover his crotch. He sat hastily and told Kaya to do the same.

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   She sat with her head down, eyes wide looking up at him, and her usual seductive smirk. He said, “Kaya, this has got to stop. Your behavior has been totally unacceptable. Now if you’re done playing games, I’d like to get started on this algebra. ” He told her to open her book to page 134. She did as he asked. “I want you to do the first problem on the page. I’ll check it when you’re done. ”Kaya stared at him. She took out an orange tootsie pop and started sucking on it by sliding it deep into her mouth and pulling out slowly. She said, “Have you ever sucked a tootsie pop all the way down to core, Mr. Daniels? Not many people can, but I do it all the time. ” She circled the sucker with her tongue, let it get good and wet with saliva and sucked it hardShe never looked in the book once she opened it. Mr. Daniels said, “Kaya, I asked you to do the first problem.

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  ”“And I asked you a question. Have you ever sucked a tootsie pop all the way to the core?”Exasperated, Mr. Daniels took his glasses off and closed the book. He said, “Instead of tutoring you this session, I’d like to counsel you. Tell me why you do the things you do?”“What do you mean?” said Kaya as she swirled the sucker around her tongue. Getting angry, Mr. Daniels said, “You know perfectly well what I mean!”Kaya ignored his hostility, said, “Do you ever have fantasies, Mr. Daniels?”His demeanor changed immediately. He didn’t answer the question, but she could tell by the way he blushed and looked away from her eyes that he had. She smiled at him and asked, “Have you ever had the fantasy about the schoolgirl with pigtails?” She started sliding the sucker all over her tongue and lips. Mr. Daniels said, “Kaya, this conversation is totally inappropriate. ” He crossed his legs to cover up his hardening cock. “I know you have. I’ll bet you fantasize about your students all the time, don’t you?” Before he could answer, she untucked her shirt and tied it in a knot in such a way that it resembled a bikini bra with a knot it in the front.

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   She said, “It’s so hot in here,” and started fanning herself with her hand as she took deep breaths of air, her huge tits heaving in and out. Mr. Daniels couldn’t pry his eyes away from Kaya’s tits. His face was turning red from embarrassment. “See something you like?”Mr. Daniels finally turned his head. He felt horny and frustrated and angry all at the same time. He whipped his head back around and barked, “Damn it, Kaya! I’m trying to avoid calling your parents but you keep fucking with and I’m getting tired of it! Why do you do this to me?”Kaya was stunned by his aggressiveness and was silent for a few moments. Then she smirked and gave him the most honest answer anyone could ever hope for. She said, “Because you let me. ”Mr. Daniels had had enough. His eyes narrowed as rage raced through body. He jumped out of his seat. Kaya flinched thinking he was going to hit her, but instead he slammed his books on the floor and walked towards the door.

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  “Because I let you, huh? Well, Ms. Kaya, I’m through letting. I’m calling your parents right now. ”Kaya’s mouth dropped in surprise. She never thought he would ever do it. Mr. Daniels had always been the little pushover that she seduced just for the fun of it. She jumped out of her seat and rushed towards Mr. Daniels. She grabbed his arm and tried to spin him around, but he was too big so she only managed to twist him half way. She said, “Please don’t call my mom. ”“I’m tired of this shit, Kaya. ” He turned to leave again. Kaya ran around him, slammed the door shut and blocked it. She said, “No, please don’t do that.

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   I’ll do better. I promise. ”“Wait a minute. I thought you didn’t care if I called your mother. Isn’t that what you always say?”“Yes, but it just…”Mr. Daniels started chuckling. “You’re full of shit, aren’t you? You do care if I call home. You’ve been faking it all along, haven’t you? Well, I got news for you, dearie. I’m calling her right now. Get out of the way. ”He advanced. Kaya opened her arms wide and grasped the edges of the door. “No!” she shouted. “Get out of the way, Kaya,” said Mr. Daniels as he tried to pry Kaya’s tiny body away from the door without hurting her.

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   She had a death grip on that door. Mr. Daniels backed away. He opened his mouth to say something, but there was something in Kaya’s face that made him forget what he was about to say. She looked so desperate…so innocent…so helpless…so…sooooo fucking sexy. Her chest was heaving hard from the struggle and she’d begun to sweat. It made her massive tits shine. Her vulnerable state of mind at that moment brought out the natural instinct in a man to want to protect a woman in need. Kaya noticed the transformation in his facial expression and followed his gaze down to her tits. She released the door and covered them with her arms. Confused at first, Mr. Daniels smiled when he realized what was going on. Kaya only chased him because he ran from her. She liked having the upper hand, but as soon as he showed her any kind of sincere interest, she shied away. His cock started growing.


   He was pitching a huge tent. Kaya couldn’t help but notice it when he approached her and caressed her face. She was staring at the floor unable to make eye contact with him. He picked up Kaya’s latest test scores off the floor. He said, “You’ve gone too far. I have to tell this time. ”“No, Mr. Daniels, please don’t. I learned my lesson. ”“I’m afraid it’s not that easy. I won’t call your parents and I can let you take the test over again. But I can’t let you off easy. You have to be held responsible for your actions. ”“I’ll do anything. You name it—detention after school? What?”“Oh no,” said Mr.


   Daniels with a sly smirk that resembled the one Kaya was always giving him. “I had something else in mind. ” He opened the door and looked out. The halls were empty. The faculty had gone home for the day. He shut the door and locked it. He sat in a chair and told Kaya to come here. He grabbed her when she was within arm’s reach and held her close to him. He looked her sexy body up and down, slowly undressing her with his eyes. He forcefully bent her over the desk and started rubbing her ass. “Mr. Daniels?”“Quiet!” He slid her panties down. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Kaya’s juicy pussy and ass smiling at him. He started massaging his prick as he opened her pussy with one hand and started fucking her with his finger. Kaya opened her legs further to give him better access.


   She arched her back and started rocking back on his long fingers. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the passion. Mr. Daniels had her juicing more than any other boy in the whole school. He said, “When disrespect is given, respect must be taught. ”“Oh, yes, teach me, Mr. Daniels,” moaned Kaya. He smacked her ass with his massive hands. “Yes, spank me, daddy. ”He continued to play with her clit until she was slick with cunt juice. Her eyes were closed and her face showing more intense passion as he gyrated her teen pussy. Her leg started to quiver. Mr. Daniels waited until she was on the brink of an orgasm and pulled his finger out. He said, “Get on your knees.

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   You act like a grown up. I want to see if you can handle a grown up cock in your mouth. ”Kaya dropped to her knees as he licked her sweet pussy juice off his fingers. She unzipped his pants and reached inside. His cock was huge and very hot, yet somewhat soft. He wasn’t fully hard and his cock felt pretty big already. She struggled to get it out of his tight pants, but when she did, it popped out at her and waved in her face like a snake ready to strike. Her eyes lit up when she saw it. “Mr. Daniels!” she said. She started slowly by licking the tip and swirling her tongue around it like the tootsie pop from earlier. Mr. Daniels gasped when he felt Kaya’s soft lips on his cock, and he had to struggle to keep from cumming when he looked down and saw her doing it. Once the tip was good and wet, Kaya took his cock a little deeper. It was strange because his cock was growing to its full length as she sucked it.

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   It seemed like every time she swallowed an inch, it grew another inch. It was a new experience for her and she loved the feel of his cock head sliding across the roof of her mouth. Mr. Daniels made her stand, open her shirt and take off her bra. He hastily removed his pants when Kaya’s big tits jumped out. They were so big and firm. He sat. His cock was at full salute and jumping. He made Kaya sit backwards on his lap. He reached around and grabbed a handful of tit. They were so soft. He twisted her nipples as she groped his cock. He opened her pussy and almost lost his mind when she put the head between her pussy lips and cunt juice spilled out all over his cock. He rammed it in her hard. “Ouch!” screamed Kaya.

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   “It’s too big. It hurts. ”“Take it all!”Mr. Daniels mercilessly shoved every inch of his cock inside her young body until it was reamed out enough to fit his cock. He grabbed her hips and hard fucked her hot cunt. Then he helped her up and told her bend over. This time his cock slid in easily. Kaya’s greasy hole was well-adjusted to accommodate him. He started banging her hard from behind. “Cum inside me,” screamed Kaya with her head bucking from the force of Mr. Daniels thrusts. He was on the verge of an orgasm. He was buried waist deep in Kaya’s horny cunt sweating up a storm. The thought of cumming in her pussy sounded good. He fucked her harder.

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  “I want that fucking cum inside of me!” shouted Kaya. He pounded her pussy hard until…OOHHHHHH! He paused, then pulled out just as a burst of cum shot out and landed all over Kaya’s tender ass. She felt the heated cock juice land on her ass and drip to her cunt. Mr. Daniels spread it all around with his cock. Then he stood and they both got dressed. Kaya said, “For a second, I thought you were really going to cum inside my pussy, Mr. Daniels. ”“For a second, I was. But then the thought of your rich mother filing a lawsuit against me made me reconsider. ” They laughed and went home for the day. Kaya never did have to retake that test. He changed her grade to an A—for ass. .
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