The Reunion- The Beginning - Ryanne's First


Ryanne was only a freshman, young, but very developed for her age. Not really tall, an average five foot six, but the rest of her was well above average. Coppery streaks ran through her auburn hair, and her deep sea blue eyes were soul piercing. Her young, perky breasts were already a C cup, firm and supple. Her body was muscular from being active in several sports, but at 115, she had curves in all the right places. Jake was a Junior that year, a seventeen year old football jock, with a girlfriend and a smile that could melt your heart. He knew that he was messing with fire when he started flirting with Ryanne, but for some reason when he looked at her, all common sense disappeared. She was so damn hot, and he was, after all, a teenage boy with energy to burn. What he hadn't planned on though was the fact that the more he got to know her, the more he wanted to know. Soon it wasn't just a matter of getting into those well filled out pants of hers, she was getting into his head and heart too. It started slowly, meeting in the halls at school, smiles and winks when his girlfriend wasn't looking, teasing and flirting when she wasn't around. Soon he was hanging around after football practice to see if she needed a ride home from soccer practice. It was those rides home that started it all, she supposed. Jake could literally charm the pants off of any girl, and it was Ryanne he chose to work his magic on. Ryanne wasn't a virgin, she'd had a couple of boyfriends that she had gone all the way with. But she had never had an orgasm, she hadn't ever felt the way all those romance novels she read said she should feel.

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   No explosions, no losing herself to the intensity of the moment. She liked sex, but didn't really crave it. If she did- she did, if she didn't- that was okay too. Jake was different though. When he smiled at her, her knees got weak. When he touched her, she could feel the electricity between them. There was a fire burning in the pit of her stomach that she'd never felt before. As they drove out of the school parking lot after practice one day, Jake turned right, instead of the left they usually take. Ryanne smiled to herself, knowing something more was going to happen between them. She felt her heart pounding in her chest as she snuggled a little closer to him, and sighed deeply when he placed his hand on her thigh. The heat of Jake's palm through the thin material of her shorts was driving her crazy. She could feel herself getting wet, beginning to soak her panties. She couldn't stifle the moan that came from the back of her throat when he began running his pinky finger up and down the crease between her thighs. When he found her clit through her silky shorts, he just kept circling the hard little nub with his finger, faster and faster. Ryanne threw her head against the back of the seat, closed her eyes, and let herself melt into the moment.

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   Her whole body was on fire. The feeling of his hand through the smoothness of her shorts was amazing. Every bump in the road caused his finger to push harder for a second, sending an electric shock through her body. This is what those novels were talking about, she thought to herself. This is what I've been missing. As Jake increased the pressure of his finger on her clit, rubbing harder and faster, she could feel the eruption building up inside her. A deep, animalistic cry came from her throat as her legs gripped down on his hand and the explosion ripped through her body. As Jake drove down the road, past the houses and fields, keeping one hand on the wheel and his eyes on the road, Ryanne experienced her first orgasm. When her quivering body calmed down, she opened her eyes and looked at him. There was a smile on his face as he took his eyes off the blacktop and winked at her. "You had no idea it could feel like that, did you?" Jake asked her, his hand still between her thighs, wet with her hot juices. Ryanne couldn't speak, she just shook her head as she stared at him, a shy smile creeping across her face. "Well, it can, and more. I have a lot to teach you little girl. Are you willing to learn?"Ryanne didn't answer him, she just placed her hand on his thigh, gripping the rock hard bulge through his jeans and smiled.

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   (to be continued. . . soon).

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