The School Dungeon


The dungeon was a place in the school that people went to have sex. Well, I’d never heard of anyone besides myself using it for a sex spot. I had yet to see this “orgy “that was happening down there while school was going on. I’d never seen anyone down there besides Marcus and me. In class I watched the clock and waited impatiently for fourth hour to be over. I glanced at the teacher and rolled my eyes, thinking what would the average rainfall in Africa have to do with me getting some dick? When the bell finally rang I was the first one out the door to my locker. Throwing my books inside I glanced in the mirror that was on the door of the locker. I put pink lip gloss on my full lips and tossed my long, dark brown hair in a bun. I made sure that my green eyes had eyeliner on them before touching them up a bit. I made sure that my shirt was buttoned so that it covered the 38c cleavage I had. My skin was a lighter brown and my butt was big as it complimented my tight jeans I wore. Glancing nervously around I pushed the double doors open that lead to the bottom part of the school. Making my way through countless stairwells I finally made it the “dungeon”. Marcus was standing in front of the two sets of stairs that would lead us to an entryway for a door that lead god knows where. The band could be heard practicing for the upcoming football game that day. “Hey you.

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   Anyone notice you coming?” He looked behind me to make sure. “No silly, who would follow me?” I rolled my eyes at him. “I don’t know, maybe some horny janitor looking to get himself some of that good ass pussy you got. “He grinned at me, pulling me into his arms. I raised my head up and kissed Marcus on his full lips. I thought he was so sexy. His skin was darker than mine, a coffee sort of color with larger lips that a mustache sat on top of. His body was thinner and you could tell that he worked out to keep himself toned. He stopped kissing and pulled me down the stairs to the doorway. He sat on the hard tile floor, motioning me to follow him. Sitting on the ground next to him I curled my legs under me, sitting Indian style. Marcus kissed me again, slipping his tongue into my mouth. I closed my eyes, savoring his full lips. He grabbed my hand, putting it onto his erection that was beginning to form in his jeans. I rubbed it slowly, my tongue still dancing in his mouth, “Ssssssss.

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  . Damn…. ” he hissed as I pulled his dick out of his jeans. It sprang to life like a monster, his full 8 and half inches looking dead at me. “You like that Marcus?” I rubbed my hand up and down it slowly. “Yes, you know I do, you know I do girl. ” he kissed my neck as I bendt down and took him into my mouth. He moaned loudly again, closing his eyes as my mouth licked the top. I contracted my cheeks and sucked on the head slowly, tossing my head from side to side. I bobbed my head down, letting the head of his dick hit the back of my throat again. “Suck that dick girl, Ssssss, yeah, that’s it girl. ” he moaned soflty, putting his hand on the back of my neck. “You want some pussy Marcus? Beg me for some pussy baby. ” I whispered as my mouth found his dick again, sucking it harder and faster. “Damn, come and give me some pussy, quite playin.

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  ” Standing up I pulled my jeans down, putting them onto one leg. They rested on my shoe as Marcus pulled his pants down just far enough so that I could sit without feeling jeans. I eased my pussy onto his dick, my walls contracting and hugging it close. I was so wet that he slipped right in. I rose up a bit and moved back down as I rode his dick slowly. My knees were on that cold tile floor but I did’nt care if my knees got some tile dirt on them. “You got some good ass pussy girl. You sure do. “He pulled my shirt up along with my bra, kissing my dark brown nipples. I watched his pink tongue snake around them, suckling them softly as I rode him faster. “You like that? Tell me you like it. ” I insisted. “This is your dick, this is your dick. ” he repeated over and over again. I was grinning like a fool as I stopped and looked around the corner.

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   I thought that I heard some adult voices coming. I slowed down and stopped all together and glanced around the corner again. Coming down the hallway was the security guard checking for students. “Shit, Marcus. It’s Mr. Meyers. ” I whispered softly. “Don’t stop, he’ll go away. Just be quite. ” he whispered back. I kept on riding him as I looked into his eyes. This was such a fucking turn-on to almost be caught at school. My pussy was so wet that it was making our legs moist. I heard Mr. Meyers footsteps walk away a moment later as he whistled along with the band practicing.

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   I let out a breath and stood up, not even realizing that I was holding it. “Hit it from the back. ” He stood behind me, slapping my ass one good time. The sound echoed through the hallways as he parted my butt cheeks with his hands. My face was pushed against the wall as he eased his dick inside of my pussy again. He moved in and out, his dick teasing me so bad that I reached back and pulled him fully inside of me. My pussy contracted as he pushed harder and harder. My body flushed and my legs shook as I felt a wave of pure pleasure from my head to my toes. “I’m cumming baby. I’m cumming all over your big dick. ” I said as I bite my lip to keep from crying out. “That’s it, cum on my dick girl. Damn I love this pussy. I’m gonna cum baby. ” He pulled back quickly and jacked himself of onto the wall behind us so that he did’nt cum inside of me.

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   I did’nt exactly want kids while I was in high school. “That was so good. ” I giggled while pulling my pants up. “Yes, it was, tomorrow? Same time?” he asked me. “Of course. ”.