The School Girl and the Manager


He explained that this was the area where all the food is prepared and all the salads and desserts are assembled. She asked if she could see the desserts, because she was secretly hungry for sweets. He took her into the walk-in cooler where they keep the pies. In the refrigerated air, her school uniform of a short plaid skirt and white blouse offered no warmth, so she unconsciously moved closer to him. He felt her move closer and gently put his arm around her. She didn't move away. He asked her if she wanted some dessert. Since that is exactly what she had wanted, she hastily agreed. He took a pie from the cooler and led her back to the kitchen prep area. The manager sat the pie box on the stainless steel table and opened the top of the box. She greedily stuck her finger in the whipped topping. Then she shyly looked up at the manager to see if he was angry. But he wasn't angry, he seemed to enjoy watching her and so he smiled down at her. His broad smile emboldened her and she placed her whipped topping covered finger in his mouth. As he tenderly sucked and licked the topping from her finger, she felt an unfamiliar stirring deep within her. He, of course, began to feel the same stirrings and the evidence of those feelings became obvious.

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   He became torn between his unexpected arousal and his feelings of propriety. Unsure of what to do next, the manager searches the girl's eyes for an answer to his unspoken question. The girl begins to notice the swelling bulge in his dress pants with curiosity and naively reaches out for him. As she softly caresses him, a soft moan of pleasure escapes from his lips. Satisfied with her reaction and further incited by her touch, he firmly circled her waist with his strong hands and lifts her onto the table top. The contrast of the cold stainless steel on her bare back side with the heat burning within her brought her to a state of arousal she had never experienced before. Unable to control her actions she reached out to unfasten his belt. With his fears abated, he helped her as she fumbled with his belt and zipper. Once released, his cock fascinated her as she naively stroked its length. Eagerly but tenderly he unbuttoned her blouse to expose her breasts. He took some of the pie topping and coated her young breasts and dipped his head to lick and bite his dessert from her tender flesh. Each became unable to delay the inevitable actions they seem destined to commit. He lifted her skirt and reached behind her to pull her closer to him. He moved closer to her with his straining member almost touching her young lips. Overwhelmed by the new sensations, she grabbed his back and pulled him nearer to her.

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   He could now feel her womanhood dripping with desire and could hold back no longer. As he forcefully pushed into her welcoming body, she knew she was experiencing a level of ecstasy previously unknown to her. As her inhibitions faded with her growing desire, her body demanded his emphatic thrusting. He sensed her need and cupped her hips in his large hands. As he used her supple body as his sheath he became momentarily lost in his need for gratification to exclusion of all around him. Her cries of pleasure brought him back to the moment and as her nails raked down his back, they felt their bodies begin to reach the apex of fulfillment. Together they moaned in simultaneous pleasure of their explosion of emotions, that left them clinging to one another in their mutual summit. As they held each, damp in one another's arms and sated with pleasure. The school girl began to nuzzle and nip at his neck. She could feel his cock began to rise with desire again. He cradled her face in his hands and energetically captured her mouth with his. As their tongues engaged in a battle of passion, the rest of their bodies could only follow this lead. When once again they neared the zenith, she slid from his grasp to her knees. Words were not necessary as he understood her unspoken wish. She began to lick his cock tenderly at first.

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   As a loud moan escaped him, she stopped in surprise. In her innocence she felt she might have hurt him. He gently encouraged her with his hand pressed against her neck. She took him in her mouth and ran her tongue along the head of his cock. She tasted a salty drop escape from him and it only whetted her appetite for more. Guided by his hand on her slender neck she moved rhythmically along his shaft with her mouth. She sucked and licked its entire length until she felt his body stiffen. She felt sure that his release was near, but she was suddenly surprised by the intensity of the moment. He pulled her by her neck, forcing her to take his cock deeper into her mouth. Unable to control his lust any further, he shot deep into her young mouth. She gasped in shock with the force of the hot liquid streaming down her throat. She choked only a little, but he quickly withdrew from her. She greedily licked a stray drop from her bottom lip. She savored the taste of salt against the sweetness of the whipped topping. Long after that chance encounter in the back of a restaurant, that school girl remembered the juxtaposition of the salt against the sweet, the experience against the naiveté, the boldness against the shyness.

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