The Seven, Chapter 1 - Amanda


Amanda was perhaps the most desirable of the seven for one reason over all the rest. Her breasts were unusually large for her age. She wore one size smaller than crossing over to double D cup. It wasn’t only this that made her special. Her personality was nearly flawless. She was never cruel to anyone and she always treated everyone with respect as people. Most guys saw that trait protruding more than her breasts. There was one thing that no one, not even any of her six close friends, knew about her. Every morning and every night, Amanda found time to pleasure herself. Guys would compare their masturbation habits to hers and find them almost the same. Amanda didn’t know why, but ever since her first, almost accidental discovery of masturbation, she has felt this invincible urge to do it often. And it’s not as if she keeps to a schedule, at least not a conscious schedule. It’s almost natural to reach down across her thin belly, over her patch of dark hair that matches the brunette head of hair, and into her vaginal area. She mastered an ability to reach her left hand behind her under her rear and into her hole as her right hand worked her clitoris. To herself, she called it, “The Maneuver. ” Once she discovered The Maneuver, she never went back to plain old masturbation, except for preparation for The Maneuver.

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   The first few times she used this, she involuntarily moaned. While there were other people in her house, she had to bite her tongue, but on nights like Thursday, she let loose. Amanda thought to herself about a little fantasy she had had since the football season. Her friends had brought her to the football game at their high school and as she watched, she noticed a sophomore named Sean Thomas, her friend Shayla’s older brother. She’d met him before but not in his football pants. Eyes in Amanda’s mind and head were glued to his ass. On to her fantasy, these were the words she spoke to herself in her mind, telling the story. “Sean is hurt. He sprained his ankle and courageously walked off the field, waving to his fans. He is the half-back after all, whatever that means. I’m worried about him. I casually walk by the door to the locker room, which is under the stadium. Just to check on him, I sneak in. No one else is in here. .

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  . bet he thinks these footsteps echoing through the room belong to a teammate or a coach. ‘Sean?’ I say. ‘Amanda! What are you doing in here?’ I innocently tell him that I was worried about him and I wanted to be sure he’s okay. He’s in his jeans. . . must be changing back into his street clothes to go back out and root our team on. Not so fast. ” At this point, Amanda was fully naked in bed. She usually slept in boxers and a t-shirt, or pajamas, depending on what’s on top of what in her drawers. When she pleasured herself, she liked to be fully nude, just to get the feel. “So I need to stall him. ‘Nice plays out there!’ What a stupid thing to say. ‘Thanks,’ he says.

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   ‘Wanna sit with me in the stadium?’ Time to get a little naughty here. . . ‘I want to do much more than that with you. ’ I hope he liked that. Doesn’t matter because I lean in and kiss him and he put his hands around my waist. His bare back is so warm. . . gentle. When I grab his ass, he figures that touching me is okay so he grabs my breasts. Why not? All the other guys look at them. Sean couldn’t be a sleaze. Not him in a thousand years. Oh.

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  . . we start to get naked together. . . ” Amanda began to do plain masturbation. “Our hands are everywhere on each other. I can smell myself as he rubs me. . . now I want him in my mouth. He’s not resisting. . . he tastes so good.

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   Wait, why the hell would a guy resist a blowjob?” Amanda then began to pant and moan softly. “I need him! ‘Oh God, Sean! Fuck me!’ As he slides into me, the crowd cheers as our team wins the game. ” The Maneuver brings Amanda to orgasm almost as she comes to that part of her fantasy. She can almost hear the cheers and the announcer screaming, “Touchdown Panthers!” That night after her Maneuvering, she began to recall her first time masturbating. Guilt all of a sudden showed it’s red face in hers as she began toying with her clit again. Her older sister Meredith was still living with the parents back then. Since she’s been off at college, Amanda has missed her more than ever. The parents were out of town again and Meredith had some friends over, drinking as usual but since most of them were legal adults (though not at the drinking age) Amanda didn’t see it as all that bad. The noise had kept Amanda up, sitting in bed wishing the noise would go down. After people started to leave, Meredith and her boyfriend Zack were the only ones left in the house. Amanda heard them coming up the stairs and go into Meredith’s room, which was on the opposite side of the master bedroom from her own room. Soon, she began to hear voices. “You gonna be okay, Meredith?” she heard Zack ask. Zack was a nice boy with a heart of gold. He was a musician and played guitar at all of the school functions and was the attention of many screaming girls in the high school age-group, many of which were willing to have mad, mad sex with him but he stayed loyal to Meredith.


   Nowadays, Meredith phones home about rumors of him proposing. He was caring and morally fit and all he cared about was Meredith and her well-being. “I’ll be fine, Zack. . . you. . . you go home,” Meredith said in a sweet tone, but tired. “I’ll stay if you want me to stay,” and those were all the words Amanda heard of them. From then on, all she heard was the bedframe shifting slightly and soft noises coming from Meredith’s mouth which was covered by Zack’s. Amanda quietly rose from her bed and crept quietly down the hall, making sure each step made not a noise. The lights in Meredith’s room were on and Amanda had to hug the wall in order to not be seen. She was twelve years old, already with B-cup breasts and growing, wearing boxers and a T-shirt. Amanda then began to hear whispers: “I won’t if you don’t want it,” came a male voice.


   “I need it, Zack. I need it. ” Meredith was a whole new person to Amanda at that point. Amanda’s boxers became wet and she could feel her nipples pressing against the fabric of her shirt. What was it that Meredith needed so bad? Amanda thought, This I gotta see. She crept around the corner of the doorframe and saw the two of them naked, Zack between Meredith’s legs holding her ankles up and out. Meredith naturally had large breasts too and the only difference between hers and Amanda’s were that her nipples were as big as the circumference of a tennis ball. Meredith had dark black hair while Amanda’s was only brown. Zack had his back to the doorframe and Meredith had her eyes closed. Amanda then watched as Zack and her sister had sex for their first time. Meredith grabbed the bedframes and shook them each time Zack entered her. Amanda quietly ran as quick as she could back to her room. She felt so jealous, having seen her sister in such ecstacy. Having heard about masturbation but never thinking to do it, Amanda ripped her boxers and shirt off and leapt into bed and lay there confused for a moment. What was she supposed to do? After a while of trying different things, her sister walked in and Amanda, having been lying over her covers, fully exposed, frantically got under the covers.

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   Her sister stumbled in. “I suppose you heard us,” Meredith said, slurring her words. “Um. . . ” Amanda had said. “Why else would you be lying here naked trying to masturbate?” Amanda hummed again. “Unless you saw us. . . ” Meredith looked at her sternly then smiled her drunken smile. “Wow, huh?” Amanda could almost feel the question mark abover her head, like the ones in the cartoon shows. “What an amazing fuck. ” Meredith admired her sister slightly in her different state of mind. She sat down on the bed and slowly removed her white fluffy robe she’d been wearing.

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   Amanda didn’t know what to think. “Here we are,” said Meredith. “Two girls on their own, stripped down to nothing. ” “Meredith. . . ” Amanda stumbled in shock. “I know, I know. Sisters aren’t supposed to lust after each other. Older sisters are supposed to teach, right? Let this just be a lesson number one. ” Amanda’s mouth dropped. “Ask me questions and I’ll answer them,” spoke Meredith softly, beginning to lean over Amanda, her large-nippled breasts hanging low. She leaned closer and closer until Amanda’s lips had to rear to keep away from Meredith’s. Meredith then kissed her sister softly on the cheek. “Ask me.

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  ” Amanda tried to think of how to speak again. “H-how d-d-d. . . ” “Don’t be shy. ” “How. . . do you. . . mas. . . mas.


  . . ” “Masturbate?” Amanda nodded nervously, relieved Meredith finished the question. Meredith was now smiling devilishly. The two sisters were now both naked on the bed and Meredith pulled the covers off her younger sister, revealing Amanda’s soft and slender body. She softly spread Amanda’s trembling legs apart. “There are two ways you could do it,” Meredith spoke softly. “One way is to massage your clitoris. ” To Amanda’s surprise, Meredith demonstrated. She poked Amanda’s vagina until she found her younger sisters clitoris. She rubbed it up and down and side to side. “Either direction works the same way. The other way is this. ” Meredith moved her finger down and Amanda began to breathe harder. She watched her sister’s finger disappear into her hole.

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   Her eyes rolled back in her head and she began to moan. Again, to her surprise, Meredith began to go faster and faster until Amanda had her very first orgasm. “And if you’re lucky,” Meredith said in a deep and sensual voice, “a guy will do this. ” Amanda began to think, “If what just happened wasn’t lucky enough, then I’m going to enjoy this. ” Before Meredith commenced, she glanced up at her sister’s breasts which were quite large for her age. “Jesus,” she said. “You’re starting to grow. ” Meredith, her finger still deep in Amanda’s vagina, lowered her head and began to lick Amanda’s clit while pumping her index finger in and out of her hole. Amanda closed her eyes and her eyelids flickered. She arched her back and grabbed on to the bars of her bedframe. Her breaths were becoming rapid and her legs were twitching and before she could even think, Meredith stopped for a second and resumed with a very pleasant surprise: she reinserted her index finger but along with it was her middle finger. They stretched Amanda’s hole and all she could do was scream in pleasure. Amanda’s memories dispersed in a fluff of clouds as she finally orgasmed. The climax was so powerful that she arched her back and shook in spasms for nearly five minutes. Her juices wetted a spot on her sheets, her body was sweaty, and her breath finally began to slow down.

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   Moonlight shone through her tilted blinds and made black and white stripes across her pale beautiful skin, including her large breasts that glided back and forth fluidly with her breath, their tiny pink nipples at their summits. Pretty was her face as she turned it to the side, lifted her arm up and ran her fingers through her beautiful hair. She was the bastion of beauty in its truest form. To be continued. . . .