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It was a saturday night and our mom's were going out for the night and had called a girl (Taylor) to stay with us. Ricky's mom knew Taylor's mom and set it up so she would spend the night at Ricky's house to watch us.   Taylor was 15, and we didn't know her, but were we surprised when she showed up. She was very hot, shorts and a short t shirt, she was blonde, kinda short, but really hot.   When our mom's left we ordered pizza. Taylor asked for a tour of the house since so we showed her around.   When she saw the tanning bed down in the bathroom with the whirlpoo tub, she asked if she could tan later.   Ricky told her everyone use's it, so she was welcome too. We couldn't wait because being little perverts we knew where to look when she used the bathroom, Ricky had found it once when his mom was in there. He said he didn't watch his mom anymore but I'll bet he did. Once the pizza arrived we sat in front of the tv and watched some movie Taylor had found. We sat around the pizza box until it was gone. After the movie we reminded her about the tanning bed, hoping she still wanted to use it. Lucky for us she did. We took her down so Ricky could show her where the oils were and the controls. We told her we were going out black to play, as soon as she closed the door we pretended to go out by opening and closing the sliding door.

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   We ran in to the laundry area, thats where the hole was, we heard the bed come on. We got up on the dryer so we could look through the hole in the ceiling panel. There she wastaking off her shirt and then her shorts. We were both breathing hard, then, she reached back and released her bra, and there they were, the first tit's I'd ever seen that didn't belong to my mom, they were small, round, and had pink little nipples. Then she pulled down her panties, and we both gasped with surprise, the only bad thing was Ricky slipped and fell and made a lot of noise, and before we could get out of there, Taylor had us, she was wrapped in a towel and mad as hell. she yanked us to Ricky's room, and told us not to move, she'd be right back.   When she returned in her shorts and shirt, she closed the door and stood in front of us, "What were you guys doin in there?"  "When I see your mom's you guy's are gonna get it. " " I oughta beat your ass's".   We were scared to death, we did't know what to do. "Please, Taylor don't tell our mom's, we'll get in alot of trouble, Please, Taylor, we'll do anything, but don't tell on us, PLEEEEZE!!!!!!, Ricky begged Taylor.   With a twinkle in her eye's I got scared, but I had know idea what was going to happen. She sat on the bed and told us to stand in the middle of the room, then she said since we saw her naked it was only fair that she got to see us naked. "No Way", we both shouted. "Ok, I'll just call your mom's now and tell them what happed, it's up to you guys. ", Taylor came back with.

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   We begged her not to, but the only way was for us to get naked. It wasn't easy, after all we were only 11 so we didn't have much and neither of us had hair yet, so it was embarrassing.   Taylor realized this and said she would get naked after we did. I coaxed Ricky to do it or we would be grounded forever. So finally we got naked, but Taylor wasn't done, she made us lay on the bed face down. Then with out warning, SMACK, she began to spank us. HARD. When she finished the spanking, she wasn't done. "Now, sit up", "Now since you guys seem so curious about sex and stuff, I'm gonna give you a lesson, but you better do as I say or I'll tell your mom about the bathroom". We agreed, but that was only because we didn't know what she was going to do to us. "Now I want you to kiss". she ordered. When we hesitated she threatened us with telling our mom's again. So we gave in and kissed.   Next it was, "Play with each other",  we didn't know it was gonna be like this but we were both getting hard.

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   I reached out and touched his dick and balls, I thought he would jump off the bed. Then he finally touched me, it was great. We sat and played with each other for awhile, we got into it so much we hadn't notice Taylor was wearing only her panties now, and was rubbing her crotch. When she saw us looking at her, she came and sat at the end of the bed by the wall, leaning back watching us play with our dick's.   "Ok, now Ricky lay down on your back, and Cody you get over him, pointing the other way".   We did as she instructed, I was facing Taylor and Ricky's head was the other way. "Now, Cody lean down and lick his dick and balls". Being to excited and scared I did what she said, she then told Ricky to lick mine. It was great. We were both licking each other like crazy, when Taylor told us to lick each others butt holes. At this point we would have done anything. And she intended for us to do it all. Next we had to suck each other. And suck we did, but when I looked up Taylor was rubbing herself like crazy, so she was really enjoying the show. And we enjoyed giving it to her.

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   We did as she said till 2am. She even let us watch her play with herself, completely naked. It was great. And best of all she didn't rat us out to out mom's. We plan on asking for Taylor to watch us again and hope to have half as much fun. .

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