The Summer of My 15th Year, Part II


A short while after the magnificient fucking Bill gave me he rose up on his arms and looked at me. "You are a wonderful, wonderful surprise!" he said.  
I placed my hands on his shoulders and said, "You, too. I never, ever felt so good. . . "  
He looked down, as did I, to where his semi-rigid cock was still held within my pussy. I clinched my cunt around his warm shaft, and I felt him flex his penis back.   What I could see of his cock protruding from my body was still slick with my sex juices and reflected the light from the lamp on his desk.  
Slowly, he pulled his hips back, withdrawing his shaft from within my slippery folds. I frowned, wanting to keep him in me, with me.   When he reached the position where just the still swollen head with just within me, I could see our mixed cum coating his cock in a thin veneer.   My sparse reddish cunt hair barely covered my bruised labia.
I reached down with one hand and with my index finger wiped some of our juices from around  his shaft and the top of my slit.   I carried the cum to my lips, and sucked my finger slowly into my mouth, while looking up at him with hooded, contented eyes.  
"You are astonishing," he said, "But, I've got to go open up the store.

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I must have frowned, because he stroked my cheek with one hand while he pulled his penis the rest of the way out. "Don't worry, little one, we can have more fun later. " 
He rose up, and stood before me, his large circumcised penis hanging in a semi-hard crescent out from his body, his soft public hair matted with his sperm and my lubricant, his balls just lovely hanging between his strong thighs.  
"I've got to clean up now. I hate to rush this, but I have to open. "  
I sat up, my thigh sliding on the pool of our love making on the cushion, and quickly leaned forward and gripped his cum-covered tool saying, "Here, let me clean you first. "  I sucked in the head of his cock. It was large and spongy and tasted of sea and us.  
I sucked him in as far as I could, laving his shaft with my tongue to suck up our juices. I loved the taste of me on him.     His cock began to swell in my mouth as I licked and sucked.   I felt his hands on my head as I let his cock slip from my lips and I licked on either side of this shaft, held it up and licked his balls as clean as I could. As I did, his cock hardened to its previous rigid state, and he said, looking down at me commanded, "Suck me. "  
"But, you have to open," I said, smiling and patting his erection gently and sat back.  
"They'll wait," he said, his voice horse and somewhat choked.

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    He pushed his groin toward me, his very large and very red slab of meat bobbing in front of me.   He reached down and cupped his large ball sack with one hand, and stroked his shaft with the other.   I spread my legs wide and reached down with one hand and began to frigg my clit, and to massage my breasts with the other, squeezing one tit with my hand--pinching my nipple and tugging on it, while rubbing the other with my forearm.   He looked so sexy standing in front of me, hunched over slightly in the middle as he began to stroke his cock in earnest.  
His eyes watched me as I rubbed my clip and massaged my tits.   As he pumped himself, his balls swung back and forth. I had never seen a guy masturbate before, and I was fascinated and really, really turned on. I couldn't believe how rough he was with his cock, but, also, how gentle he was with his balls. He cupped them gently, and seemed to move them up and down in some counterpoint in his being that made pleasurable sense to him.
My mouth began to dry out as my breath came faster and faster, as the glow between my legs began to grow and grow.   I moaned as my climax began to take hold of me, my legs were trembling as they rose up, my knees near my chest, and my fingers stroking me like crazy. I could feel sweat breaking out on my forehead and upper lip just as the first serious waves of pleasure rocketed through me and I jerked and jerked with such pain/pleasure.  
"I'm gonna cum," I heard him say in a strangled voice, and overcoming my rigidity, I pushed myself forward and opened my mouth wide near the end of his mighty prick, sticking my tongue out to receive his nectar. I could hear his hand slapping against his belly as he stroked himself faster and faster. Then.

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   Then, he stroked himself once very hard from tip to root. And again. And, one more time, again, each time grabbing his cock tightly.   The skin on the crown of his cock was drawn taunt, and the pee hole stared at my open mouth. Bill groaned and suddenly, a ropy jet of white-hot sperm leaped from the end and onto my face, covering my nose and part of my forehead. I felt the head of his penis on my tongue just as another jet spurted into my mouth with enough force to cause me to choke slightly. Then another, this time missing my mouth slightly and covering part of my cheek with his slick spunk. One last short shot landed on top of one breasts, hot on my skin like candle wax.  
I grabbed his cock and sucked the head into my mouth, milking the last of his cum from his hot, hard penis.   Bill bent over in reaction to the intense feelings in his cock from my sucking, his stomach against the top of my head, his hands heavy on my shoulders. "Jeeze!" I heard him whisper.  
After another couple of spasms, Bill took a deep breath and stepped back, his cock slipping from my suctioning lips with an audible "pop!"  We both looked at each other for a beat, and then laughed.  
"That was crazy," I said, "I've never had a guy masturbate and cum on me like this before. " I scooped his sperm from my face and chest, licking it from my fingers, smiling at the wonderful male taste of him.
He shook his head in admiration, and said, while bending over to pick up his shorts, his cock still semi-erect, "Well, truth is, it's a kind of first for me too!" He continued saying,, "Elaine, just where in hell did you come from?" pulling his shorts on over his hips.

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"Bergen County," I said, smiling, watching him as he slipped his feet into his flip-flops and bent again to pick up his shirt. I still sat of his couch, my legs now apart, one hand scratching my clit gently and the other rubbing the inside of one smooth thigh. This mutual masturbation thing made me feel "older" and more "clued in" somehow. I was beginning to build on my sexual knowledge and experience from what I had learned the previous summer.  
"I hate to do this, honey, but I just gotta open up," he said, buttoning his shirt and smiling at me. He had a very lovely smile, his blue eyes were shining. He stood on his toes and stretched his arms over his head looking all the world like a male lion, the upward motion pulling his shirt up some and showing me his lower belly. I could see the dark, thin line of hair that rose from his crotch and reached his belly button and then disappearing under his shirt to spread lightly across his chest. He dropped back onto his feet and seemed to explode with energy.  
"You gonna be okay?" he asked, smiling at me. "You can use the bathroom to clean up. "  
"Yeah, I'm great, and I'll stay great," I said, smiling broadly at him. "You go on. I'll catch up to you. "  
"Okay," he said, but maybe you might want to go out the back door and come around through the front," he said, with a cute look of inquiry on his face.

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"Sure," I said, standing up, pushing my tits out, hands on my hips, "I understand. . , you're embarrassed by me," I continued, teasing.  
But, Bill looked serious, and said, "No, Elaine, I'm not embarrassed. Just thinking of your reputation is all. . . "  
I smiled, "I know you are, silly. Go ahead and I'll see you later. "  
Smiling, he bent down and kissed me a wonderful, warm lip-to-lip kind of kiss, no tongue, that just sort of made my knees go weak. Then, he turned and went out the door, closing it behind him with a soft "click. ”  
I rubbed my hands over my belly, hips and ass.  I rubbed my pubis, feeling my cunt hair crinkle from the drying juices and thought that I had better wash up.  Bending, I reached for my bikini bottoms. My breasts, hanging down felt fuller than they had this morning, and were definitely more tender and “alive.

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  ”  I scooped up my top, slipped my feet into my flip-flops, grabbed my beach bag from where I had dropped it in the middle of the floor, and naked, peeked out of Bill's office door.  
The store room looked empty, and I could hear the low murmur of conversation through the curtain leading to the store. I quickly stepped from the office and slipped into the bathroom, loving feeling my breasts sway and just being naked in Bill's store. I pulled the door closed, snapped the deadbolt and clicked on the light.  
The room was surprisingly clean. For some reasons, I thought the bathroom in a store owned by a guy would be messy, foul, even, but this one was neat as a pin. So much for preconcieved notions.
Draping my bikini over closed seat of the toilet, I drew some warm water into the basin, and cupping some, rubbed it into my tender crotch. I felt good, and I smiled at the feelings of wear and tear on my cunt from Bill's fucking. I loved his cock. It was wonderfully fat and long. I loved watching him pleasure himself with me as the object of his passion. I was great knowing that he had brought himself off while watching me masturbate.   I reflected on the speed of this whole encounter, and marvel at Bill’s self-confidence.   I was beginning to learn that I liked a alpha male.

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   I sort of liked being dominated by the force of a man’s strength against me, of the force of his penis in me and of the fire of his sperm as it splashed in my cunt and filled me with his seed. And, I thought, I liked the idea of being covered in his sperm, of being the object of a guy’s lust. In short, I loved sex, and I loved doing what men wanted me to do for them.
 While thinking these weighty thoughts, I rinsed my pussy well, and dried myself using some towels from the paper dispenser.     I stepped into my bottoms, spreading my legs and pulling them gently up against my sore pussy, and stretched the bottom seams to cup my nice little ass. I pulled my bikini top around me, cups to the rear and tied the back, then, scooting the cups back to front, I gently nestled my tender tipped breasts into each cup.   They felt as if they filled the fabric covering more than they had earlier, and I supposed they were as swollen as my vulva was.   In any case, my breasts were still growing, and a B-cup was getting tight on me.   I washed my face, adjusted my ponytail, almost ready to leave. I quickly lined on some "regulation" (read mom-approved, age appropriate) pink lipstick, and prepared to exit.  
Glancing down, I noticed that my inner thighs and lower stomach were rubbed a darker pinkish red than the rest of me.   Sighing, but with pleasure, I pulled my beach towel from my bag, and, wrapping it around my waist to cover the obvious until I could get some sun on them to cover the redness, turned the latch and snapped off the light.    
I went out the backdoor of the store, and into the late-morning glare. The heat smacked me hard, and I slipped on my sunglasses while walking around the side of the store and back by the front.  
I paused and thought for a minute before going in.

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    I felt sort of languid after my sexing by Bill, and hungry, too. So, saying to myself, "Let him wonder," I turned the other way and strolled--contented--to the boardwalk where I hooked up.

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Several independent companies provide escorting services across the Czech Republic, which has a long history of escorting. From Prague to Brno, you may discover ladies willing to amuse and meet their customers' desires.
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Several independent companies provide escorting services across the Czech Republic, which has a long history of escorting. From Prague to Brno, you may discover ladies willing to amuse and meet their customers' desires.
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