Two and a Half Girls part five


Topic: Sunday Sorry for not posting earlier, but if any of you have ever had an MUN that lasts for two and a half weeks…
So I was sitting there, with Roberta next to me, as I heard the shower running in the guest room. I tensed, wondering if it was Camilla, or Sophie. Just then the inquisitor in the game killed my Spartan. Roberta chuckled and got up. As she did I reached up and grabbed her waist, pulling her back.
“Morning beautiful” I murmured in her ear.
“Mmm, morning to you too” And with that she kissed me. Then I let her get up.
She walked out towards the kitchen and I heard her opening the fridge. Then I heard a pan clattering onto the stove. I turned the Xbox off and headed down to my room. I wanted to bathe, and soon. It didn’t feel great to do all that and then not bathe. I walked into my room to find Sophie getting off the bed and heading towards my bathroom. I paused and realized that the person in the guest room was Camilla.
Sophie hadn’t noticed me, and she didn’t seem to notice the mess on the bed.

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   I turned straight around and walked out, then leant against the wall, waiting for her to start bathing. When she did, I headed in, stripped the bed, and then pulled off the plastic covering. I seriously didn’t know why my mom had set it there instead of the cloth one I preferred, but it shure saved my life. It meant that the mattress would be safe. I quickly went and put it all in the wash, making sure to add more soap and set it to “extra rinse”.
Then I went over to my shower and joined Sophie there. “Hey Chris. By the way, what ever you did to me this morning was incredible. ” She commented. I glanced at her. “I don’t know. All it was was me fucking your ass. ” I wasn’t used to using there types of words, but it was growing on me.
We soaped each other up and scrubbed each other. Then I commented, “You know, you kicked my balls when you orgasmed.

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  ” I felt a bit offended when Sophie fought a smile.
I simply got out of the shower before she could answer and I grabbed a towel. Then I pulled on some shorts and a rugby shirt. I walked up to the kitchen, following the scent of eggs and bacon. I walked in to find Roberta dressed and talking to Camilla, who seemed to be ok, other than she was keeping her legs apart. I hoped Roberta didn’t ask.
Over breakfast, we talked about things, or should I say, they talked about things, and I merely listened. I was feeling tired, and drinking a lot of water. Haha, I thought Charlie was joking when he told Alan that dehydration was the enemy in Two And A Half Men. Roberta was sitting next to me, her hand almost always on my leg. After breakfast, I washed the dishes and then walked out to the living room. They were sitting there, Sophie chatting with Camilla and Roberta had her eyes closed.
“So what do you girls want to do today?”
They glanced at each other, then Roberta said, “What do you want to do?”
“Well, The Cherry Bomb I ordered arrived yesterday. It’s a snare drum made by the Canadian company UDrum. Ive got to go pick it up.

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   Maybe you people want to come?”
They all nodded. I then asked who could ride a bike.
A while later, I was headed to the Casa Veerkamp, a really good music store, on my pair of roller skates and Roberta on my bike, and Sophie on her own set of skates. Camilla had gone to get her own bike at her house. When we arrived at the store, I walked in and said hello, then asked about the drum. Sure, said the salesman, and he went into a backroom. He came out holding a largish box, which he set on the counter. I thanked him, tipped him and left. I couldn’t wait to get home. When I did, I tore the box open and pulled out the beautiful cherry red snare. You can look it up by going to Udrum. com. Its on the front page.
Roberta then begged me to play, and Sophie agreed. Camilla just went a long with it.

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   She didn’t seem too comfortable, and I felt guilty. I gave them some ear plugs and played a few songs. Nothing too complex. Later we went out to the movies. Camilla wanted to see Inkheart, and since I had read the book in seventh, I backed her up.
It turned out to be a good movie, but it didn’t follow the book. Half way through Camilla said she needed to go to the bathroom. Roberta got up to go with her, but I told her I would go.
I followed Camilla to the bathroom and watched her go in. A few minutes later she hadn’t come out, and there was no one around, so I went in to see what was up. I walked in, and the fact that there were more stalls than in a men’s bathroom disoriented me. Camilla peered out of the third stall and I went towards her.
“What’s wrong? I was wondering when you would finish. ”
“Yeah, well what took you so long?” She shot back. Then I understood.

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“But are you ok? Aren’t you hurt?”
She shook her head, and I glanced around. Ok then, I thought. Then I walked in and she stripped her clothes off. I found the whole idea of being caught exciting. I eased up against her, and slowly slid in with difficulty. She winced, but did nothing else. I went in a little way, and then pulled out. I went in and out slowly, barely going in father than two inches. She shuddered beneath me as I started going in further slowly.
After about ten minutes I finally pushed her completely open. I had hit the far end of her vagina, where her womb started, but I wasn’t completely in. I began to push harder, pushed harder, forcing my way in further. I stopped then pulled out when Camilla complained. I started working faster, knowing that one of the girls might turn up. We were working up to climax when I heard Roberta calling, “CAMILLA! Are you in here?”

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