Two and a half girls! part four


Topic: Friday night Part three
So guess what? I found Camilla to tight to take my cock. The head barely fit.
She looked up at me and said, "Oh, come on! Why doesn't it fit?" 
I shared her disappointment; I had being looking forward to fucking such a tight girl. I suddenly got an idea. If I played and finger fucked her, I might eventually loosen her up enough to fit into her. I softly brushed my lips against her throat, tickling the little hollow at the base of her neck. Meanwhile she purred and I brushed the bottom of her breasts lightly, before taking my fingers down to her pussy. There I groaned inwardly to find that only my pinky fit. That meant it would take me a lot longer to stretch her out. I slowly moved it around inside her, and then I slipped my finger out and slipped my index finger. Ok, well, good news is that that one fit at least. Then I got down to business.  
A while later, don’t know how much time later (I had lost all sense of time with Roberta) I had y thumb in her. She had gone through a couple of orgasms, and any cold we had felt before was replaced by the heat and perspiration. She had also wrapped her hand around my cock and was giving me a joke of a hand job. Still, I didn’t mind, as I kissed her passionately, again and again.

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   Ok, lets try my cock now, I thought to myself. I eased her legs up around my neck and started running my dick up and down her tight slit. Then I leaned over her, kissing her as I forced my way into her pussy. I groaned out load, letting go of her mouth as her scream came out low and long. Good thing my room was far away from Sophie and Roberta. I figured Roberta would be crashed out after the intensity of her first load of passion. I wasn't sure about Sophie. . .
Just then I felt my dick pushing against her hymen. I stopped, not wanting to her more, and pulled out. I fucked her with shallow thrusts, stopping at the hymen, careful not to break it. All the time she breathed heavily and grunted, looking into my eyes.  
"Chris, I love you" She said, sincerity in her eyes.
I tried not to smile as I leant against her, kissing her.

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   Just then some sweat on her thigh made me slip. . . and I rammed into her, full length, tearing her apart.
I froze, my lips pressing her head into the pillow, my mouth taking her scream. It was so loud I heard it pounding in my ears. Soon she stopped screaming, and went limp. I slowly, parted my kiss and looked down at her. She was out cold, and I didn’t blame her. I slowly pulled out of her, and ran to the bathroom. There I got a towel and wet it with tepid water. I returned and lay there, dabbing at the blood that seeped out. I felt so guilty, wondering if her sisters would notice tomorrow. About half an hour later Camilla woke up, and started crying.  
"It hurts! It hurts so much!" She cried out in agony, and I promised myself I would never have sex with someone who was to small to fit me easily.

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I dressed her again, and slowly she calmed down enough to tell me where it hurt. She told me it was more less at the entrance, where her hymen had been. She allowed me to put her underwear on, and I carried her to her room. I lay her down in her bed and tucked her in. I glanced over at Sophie. She hadn’t stirred a bit. I turned to the bathroom, where I washed my dick off.  
I returned to the guest room, where I saw Sophie sneaking out to my parent’s room. I caught her elbow and she jumped with a squeak. I nodded to my room, where I undressed her, slowly, sexily. I was naked already, so I lay her down on the bed. I was counting on her bleeding a bit so I could say in the morning that it was all hers.  
I rolled onto her, and looked into her eyes with love, finding her to be the prettiest of the group, with dark eyes and pale skin. I leaned down and kissed her slowly, sensually, and I followed her hair down to her shoulders, where I bit lightly, remembering my research about erotic place on girls. She shivered, arching her back and pushing her hips against me.

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   I remembered my plan to deal with the way she had teased me. I leant back and started pushing my cock against her slit, but drawing back the moment her lips parted. She suddenly realized that I was teasing her, and playfully slapped my shoulder. I decided to screw the plan of teasing her to death and I jumped in. I pushed against her hymen slowly, tearing it lightly. She bit her lip, a tear forming by her eye and she moaned a bit. When I finally got through, I rolled her over so that she was on top of me. Then I let her take the lead.
She rocked back and forth, and to side to side, slowly massaging my cock. Then she leaned down and pressed her tits against me, slowly pulling me out, then sliding back over me. Every time she lifted her hips, I felt a vacuum pulling at my cock, making it all the more unbearable. Then I turned her onto her knees and hands, fucking her doggy style. I couldn’t help glancing down at her ass, and catching sight of her butt hole, wondering about fucking her there. Later I stood her up, turned her around to me and hugged her tight with one hand as I lifted her right leg to gain easier access to her pussy. All the time she was moaning and breathing really hard.

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   IT felt so good. She may not have been that tight, but she learned how to make me feel good quickly. A while later I found I wasn’t cuming yet, so I decided to try a new position.  
I lay her down, on her stomach, and she did as she was told. I put a pillow under her hips and then rammed her pussy hard. I hit the rough spot I had earlier associated with the g spot. Sophie bucked and squirmed, and suddenly her pussy clamped tight on me. Well, lets observe her first orgasm ever!
She started screaming, and her hands grabbed the edge of the bed, tightening and one of her legs swung up. The next moment I felt a pain coming from my balls as I came and as at the same time her leg connected to my balls. I saw stars for a second, and I yelled, then I completely collapsed onto her, pushing her into the bed. Sophie ran out of breath, but she still kept the vice on my penis. I tried to get up, and slipped, driving my dick further up her pussy, meeting with the tight little circle. I wondered if when she relaxed, I would go further in. A few minutes later I lay recovering from the pain and she relaxed. The little circle of muscle didn’t open, much to my surprise.

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   I collapsed onto her and fell asleep, finally feeling my cock free.
Next thing I knew, it was daylight and I still lay on top of Sophie. I glanced at my clock, which marked 7:45. I found my cock still in her pussy, and Sophie was fast asleep. I lifted my self up on my arms, my balls reminding me about last night. I pulled out of her, and my dick went rock hard again. I looked at her butt hole, and got up to go to the kitchen. I returned to the room with a cup of olive oil, which I poured over her but hole. Then I lathered some on my dick and slid into her ass. God, it was so tight! 
Sophie flinched in her sleep, but a smile tugged at her lips.  Then I noticed the bed was drenched in blood. Oh shit, I was in deep trouble if they linked Camilla limping to the blood.  
I put that out of my mind as I pushed in and out of her ass. Then I hit was felt like a little bump, and Sophie screamed, jolting awake, and cum streamed out of her pussy. She turned around and looked at me, with a startled look on her face, but then tiredness got the better of her.

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   I slid out of her and she fell asleep, just like that.
I chuckled to myself as I headed to the kitchen to get some water. I was parched! I returned to my parent’s room to see Roberta sleeping like an angel. I felt a rush of love for her and I got into bed with her. She shifted in her sleep and I pulled her leg over me. I thrust up into her and, made slow love to her, while she slept. This time the little circle was open, and I would drive in all the way. Then, just as I climaxed and had my orgasm, I felt sleep tugging at my eyes and I closed them. I slept in Roberta's arms till 11 in the morning. Then I got up, and found that no one was awake yet.  
I walked to the living room, still naked, and sat playing Xbox. I heard Roberta stirring and I saw her turn the corner, naked, beautiful, and come over to me, where she sat next to me, watching me play halo.  
This is not the end. Remember there is still Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!
Comment, rate and give me your thoughts. This is a true story, and its me there, so don’t treat the story like a fake written from third person! :)

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