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It was so romantic. Clay carried me across the threshold, into a cabin by a lake that his brother owned. Once inside, we were all over each other. Finally I asked Clay to let me get out of my wedding dress and into something a bit more appropriate for the moment. My aunt had helped me pick out my nightgown for my wedding night, and it beautiful. It hid everything, but was so sexy that I it should have been outlawed by the state. When I came out of the bathroom, Clay was standing there, looking out the window at the lake. He was beautiful. Strong, muscular, wearing his tee shirt and briefs. When he heard me, he turned and there were tears in his eyes. I pulled him close and he cried like a baby. He said that I was so beautiful that he didn't want to leave me to go to war, but he had to. I promised him then that I'd love him no matter what. I also asked him to give me a baby that night so I would always have a part of him if the worst happened. He took me in his arms and carried me to the bed. At first, we just held each other as we cried and kissed.

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   Both of us knowing that he might not come back alive from Iraq. After a bit I felt Clay's hand moving up my body to my breasts. I stood up and slid the straps of my nightgown down and it fell to the floor. I was standing totally naked before my Marine, and I wanted him. Clay pulled me close and gently kissed every inch of my body. I opened myself to him, determined to send my man off to war knowing what he was fighting for. My own hands were busy as well, and when I found his manhood, I couldn't believe how big or hard it was. I tugged at Clay's tee shirt and underpants to remove them, and when they were off, I returned his kisses and explored every inch of his beautiful body. Clay rolled me to my back and moved between my thighs. I was so wet that I wanted him immediately, and when I felt the head of his manhood press against my virgin opening, I gasped with anticipation. Clay gently spread me while guiding himself into my folds, and when the head was firmly against my opening he pulled me close and kissed me deeply. As the kiss continued Clay began a steady push into my body. I moaned as the head popped into my virgin channel and he soon came to rest against my hymen. He stopped and told me he had been dreaming of this moment since our first date, and that he loved me and wanted to give me a baby that night. I spread my legs as wide as I could, hugged him and begged him to make me a mommy.

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   I felt the pressure against my virgin membrane and in a split second, I was a whole woman. I cried out a bit as he pressed through the barrier, but it didn't matter. I wanted him fully inside of my body. I clutched him to me as he spread my virgin channel and in a few seconds, I could feel the head of his manhood resting at the deepest point inside of my body. I could feel his heat and his hardness filling me until I thought I'd explode, and when he started to pull out of me, I felt empty inside. I clutched him and begged him to never take that wonderful piece of flesh out of me. Slowly, so slowly Clay started moving in and out of me. It hurt some, but I didn't care because the pain was being caused by someone I loved, and would hopefully plant the seed of life deep inside of my body. As Clay picked up speed, my body started reacting. My breath came faster and faster and I cried out with every thrust as the head of his manhood pressed against the opening of my womb. Faster he moved, and the feeling was incredible. One instant I was so full that I felt like I would explode, and the next I was empty, wanting him deeper inside of me. I still remember that my feet were up in the air, and shaking with each thrust of Clay's body into mine. Faster Clay pumped, my body opening up to him, begging for his seed. Suddenly Clay stiffened and cried out.

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   Then I felt the flood of his seed fill me full. It's heat searing my insides with his love. Spurt after spurt I could feel his body emptying itself into my waiting womb. He tried to roll off of me, but I clamped my legs around his butt and held him firm. I didn't want to waste one drop of that baby making fluid. Holding him close to me, we fell asleep in each others arms. Some time later, I woke with Clay still in my arms. I pushed to roll him over and he moved onto his back without waking. I went down on him and took his soft manhood in my mouth. The taste was salty and I assumed I was tasting both of us. Gently I sucked his member. He moaned and in a few minutes I could feel it hardning in my mouth. Soon it was rock hard again, and I gently stradled him, managing to do it without waking him from his deep sleep. I guided his stiff cock to my sopping hole, and when the head was on its mark, I slowly put my weight down to push it in. I was sopping wet, but it still hurt some.

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   Slowly I slid down that mighty shaft until the head was firmly against my womb. I sat there a while simply clutching the steel hard shaft with my internal muscles. I felt Clay's shaft twitch inside of me, and about then his hands moved to my tiny breasts. He was fully awake and starting to move inside of me. I rolled my hips and the head of his cock moved inside of me creating the most amazing sensations. As I rolled my hips, I started humping up and down on his shaft, never quite able to take the full lengths in my body. I was in heaven and from Clay's moans; I knew he was there with me. I rode him for a long time, my body reacting to the massive intruder. When he went to deep into me I whimpered and he would pull out a bit. Slowly we made love, becoming one in our joining. Clay lay there, letting me move on him, humping his mighty shaft. He let out a groan and I felt his cock shudder inside of me and again I felt warm liquid being pumped into my body. I lay on top of him, crying and kissing him. I was exhausted and fell asleep with his manhood deep in my body. I awoke with a start.

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   It was dark outside now, and I felt something strange at my cunt. I moved my hands down and found Clay's shaven head. He was licking my inner thighs, and I felt him caress my cunt lips. Then he pulled me wide open, spreading my cunt lips until I cried out in pain. His tongue moved inside the folds of my sore pussy. When his tongue hit my clit, I cried out, grabbed his head and pushed his face into my gaping gash. His lips took my clit and started sucking it rapidly. I had never felt anything like this. My body reacted and I could feel my orgasm building inside of my belly. My head thrashed back and forth, my breathing was a guttural rasp and my moans were like an animals cry. Suddenly my guts exploded, I humped my hips high as I climaxed. Clay pulled away and I cried for him to come to me. I felt the head of his cock at my opening and he pushed it deep into my body. I screamed as the rubbery head crashed into my the opening of my womb. He pulled out and pushed into me again and again.

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   My guts were twisted into knots and my orgasm continued. Suddenly Clay pulled out of me and I cried, begging him to put it back into me. Grabbing my hips he rolled me over and pulled my butt into the air. I was on all fours like a dog and I was afraid he was going to stick it into my butt hole. But he didn't I felt the head at my quivering vagina and he pushed deep into me. I screamed into the pillow because he had gone so deep into me. The pain spread throughout my body and I loved it. The pain was pleasure and I was beyond caring. Faster he pumped in and out of me. My face was buried in the pillow and I was moaning, crying and screaming. My guts were on fire and I didn't want it to stop. With a last shove, Clay pushed as deep into me as my body would allow, and holding me there he shot his seed deep into my womb. We collapsed and both slept. I don't remember much else that night. I do know that we woke each other 3 more times before the night was over.

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   Six times we made love that wonderful night. Clay had to get back to town and head to the airport so he could go back to his unit. We showered together and I tried to help him shave, but he'd have none of that. I was sore all over. When I walked, I could only shuffle my feet. My entire pelvic and pubic area was sore and I hurt inside, but I didn't care. I just prayed that we had made a baby together. Back home, I didn't want to go to the airport to see my Marine off, and he understood why. We kissed and cried and my dad took him to the airport so he could return to his unit. I went to my room and cried and cried. My mother came in comfort and check on me. We talked about the night before and we cried together. Clay is in Iraq now. I have only been able to talk to him once since the war started, but I was able to tell him that he was going to be a daddy. I tried not to cry while talking to him, because my warrior had enough to worry about.

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   The news is good and they tell me that he will be coming home some. I hope so, because I want to relive our wedding night before my belly swells to big. I can't wait to see him to tell him that I have another Marine inside of me, and he is due to be born in October. .

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