Was it love or just sex?


This is a true story.
I was 13 years old my mothere had just died and I moved in with my dad. I was going to a new school and everything. Nothing was going right. I was at this new school and everyone just seemed to damn happy. Until I met Jonathan. Jonathan was everything I wanted, he was 5'7, built just right, size 12 feet, and in one grade higher than me. . . it was truly perfect. After school one Jonathan walked up to me and asked me for my name. I told him Vanetra but everyone calls me Angel, he said "well Angel can I call u some time? "I said "sure. "
Jonathan called me that night. He played hard to get for about 6 months then finally took me out and asked me to be his girl. Jonathan and I fell in love. Jonathan was a virgin.

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  . . I wasn't I was a freak. . . I mean what do u exspect from a scorpio? Yep I was a young, sexy, freaky scorpio and I was ready to fuck that boy everynight.
One day my dad had a BBQ of course Jonathan was my man so he came. I told my dad we were going to play basketball. . . yeah right. Jonathan and I walked around and then found a private spot in the park. We sat on the bench and kissed. . .

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   I really mean kissed. Jonathan started touching me and making me hot. . . this virgin was ready to give me his dick.
I let him feel on my 42 DDs while I felt his hard dick in my mouth. I sucked his dick until he cummed all over my face. Then he laid me down and ate my already dripping wet pussy. I moaned and shook all over his face until I couldn't take it any more and cummed all in his mouth. Them I got up stripped totallly naked and rode his big hard cock in and out of my ass. Even though he was fucking my ass like crazy I cummed all over his stomach. Then he bent me over and took off his condom and fucked my pussy until he came on my ass. We then left the park and headed to the pool for a swim.
About 2 or three weeks later Jonathan came over and we fucked we did that about every two weeks. Then one day Jonathan and I went to my friends house for her birthday party.

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   She owns a huge house with a pool house and pool of course. Everyone at the party was in a couple, 3 way, even 4 way. Jonathan and I were in the pool until I had to go to the restroom. So I left went to the bathroom. I was handling my buisness, then walks in Jonathan and my homegirl. Jonathan grabs me and strips my bathing suit off. I begin to suck his dick as my friend watches and plays with her pussy. Jonathan stops me and begans to eat my pussy with me against the wall. Through my moans I tell my friend to come over and I began to kiss her and rub her wet pussy. Then Jonathan gets up and picks my up on the wall and strokes my pussy deeply I moan and my friend sucks Jonathan's ball and he moans and I began to cum but he doesn't let me down he just fucks me while I drip in my friend's mouth. Jonathan let's me down and I put my leg on his shoulder and he bets my pussy up till he cums and my friend swallows it all. I the kiss her deeply and she gets on her knees and eats my pussy till I cum. I do the same to her. Jonathan is rubbing his cock while we finger and cum on each other he is loving it. Then all of a sudden.

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  . . he boyfriend walks in. . . what to u think happens?
Email me and I might let u know
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