When My Cousin Comes Over 1


And while my cousin, Mary, is not absolutely gorgeous, she's not that bad looking either. She's only a year younger than me, about 5'4", with pretty blonde hair. She is slightly chubby, but in a cute way. Plus there's her 38C breasts, which look much bigger on her small frame.
The first time anything really happened was when I was 14 and she was 13. She came to spend a couple of weeks over at our house with her sister, Katy, who was 7 at the time. We didn't really think much about sex or anything like it, so I didn't notice what a pretty body Mary had back then. She was slender, but not too skinny, and was starting to get some curves, her breasts just starting to build.
For the first week, we just went to the places around our little town. It was winter, so we went to the new indoor swimming pool, the movies, bowling, and the parks around our house.
Then one day, it snowed. . . hard. Especially for us, since we live in the south. So when we get 5 inches, it's a pretty big deal.

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   So we went outside and played all day. We built snow forts, had a war, built a small snowman, and had a grand time.
It finally got to be time to come inside and start gettin ready for bed. The girls shared my room while I shared my brother's room. We all got ready for bed, changing into our pajamas. I had left mine in my room, though. So without even thinking about it, I waltzed right in, and saw my first naked girl.
Mary had her back to me, and I just stared at her pretty body. She turned around, and got a surprised look on her face. Then she just smiled and pulled on some panties and a t-shirt. I got some shorts and another t-shirt and went into the "boy's" room.
As my brother, Adam, and I started getting his bunkbed ready, we decided to play a game of monopoly, because we had just recently discovered the wonder of staying up late on the holiday's. So we got the girls over in our room and set up the game on the bottom bunk, which was a fouton couch/bed.
We played for a little while, but pretty soon it got to be boring, as all Monopoly games seem to be. So we decided to play cards.

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   It started out with Go-Fish, then Crazy 8's, then War, and then Poker.
We played for a little while, and even though it wasnt that fun, we still kept playing, if only because we knew it was a "grown up" game. Then Adam said it gets more fun when you have stuff to bet.
So we went and got some toys, gave them all some sort of exaggerated value (superman was $1,000,000,000,000. . . Batman was only $1,000,000,000), and started the game. But we soon forgot the values of the toys, and gave up on that. So Mary pipes up, "Let's play strip-poker!"
We all knew more or less how to play, after talking about it in 6th grade, so we all agreed. But since we didn't know very many of the hands of poker, or really any of the rules at all, we started to make up stuff. And Adam, being the oldest, was the "Judge" for any confusing hands. Surprisingly enough, he won most of the time.
Katy had on the most clothes, with a nightrobe, a shirt, pajama pants, socks, and i'm guessing something under it all. Then adam, with shorts, a t-shirt, sleep socks, and underwear. Then me, the same as adam without the socks.

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   But Mary had the least on, as I knew, with just panties and a t-shirt.
With the first hand, I lost, so off with the shirt. Then Mary lost, so she took her shirt off, too. I just stared at her, in nothing but some pink panties, with her small boobs, and the sight gave me a huge hard-on. Adam lost, so he took off his socks. Then it was Katy's turn to lose, but she refused to take off any clothes. After a few minutes of pleading from both sides, we decided it was a lost cause, and we should just change the game.
So we started playing Truth or Dare. It was my turn first, so of course, I dared Katy to take off her shirt, too. This time, she refused and went into their room and went to sleep. So it was just Adam, Mary, and me on the fouton bed, with Mary half naked. It was Adam's turn, so he dared Mary to take off her panties (the little perv, haha).
So she slid them off and showed us her pretty little hairless pussy. But then she did something completely unexpected. She stood up on the side of the bed, grabbed the top-bunk bedframe, and started to dance, spreading her legs wide so we could see the details of her nubile pussy.

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By that time I had a raging boner, but I had no idea what to do with it. But it was Mary's turn, and she dared me to get naked, too. So as I started stripping down, I had the thought that there would be very little "truth" in this game of Truth or Dare.
I pulled off my underwear, and my little 14-year-old 5 1/2 inch prick popped out. Mary knelt down and stared at it, licking her lips.
But now it was my turn, so I dared Mary to let me touch her "place". She didn't want to look like a chicken, so she sat with her back against the wall and spread her legs wide for me.
I got on my knees and crawled closer and closer, until my nose was only two inches away from her throbbing lips. I slowly extended a finger and just barely touched it, going all the way from the bare patch of skin above it all the way to the bottom of her hole. But she was so wet that on my way back up, my finger slipped into her little pussy.
She gave a sudden gasp and smiled wide. I started to pull my finger out of her, and watched as her chest rose and fell heavily. Right as I was about to pop my finger out, she breathed, "Go. . .

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  back. . . . in. . . . " So I slid my finger in and out of her hole, the whole time staring at her chest. Finally I couldn't help myself anymore. I reached up and rubbed her chest, hard. I worked my way from one breast to the other. When I felt her nipple harden, I circled it akwardly with my finger. She reached with one of her hands and started to massage her other boob. Then with her left hand, she reached down to her crotch and said, "Let me show you what I learned how to do.

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  " She began to rub around the top of her pussy, and started moaning. I had no idea why, but earlier that month, she had found her clit, and was putting her new knowledge to work.
Then I felt her shudder, and her pussy walls clamped down on my finger. She gave a loud moan of pleasure, then just sat there like a limp noodle. I slowly pulled my finger out and watched her pussy leak a clear fluid onto the bed. I thought she had peed, but it didnt smell like pee. Instead, it had this wonderful, intoxicating musky scent. It smelled so good, I put my nose right to it. I got so close that I ended up getting some on my lips. I quickly wiped it off, but then, curious, I licked the top lip tentatively. It tasted even better than it smelled!
I quickly went back down to her pussy and began to lick, carefully, trying to get as much of the sweet juice as I could.  She started to moan, and begged me to stop. So with one last lick, I pulled myself away.
Now it was Adam's turn again. He dared Mary to strip him down and give him a blowjob.

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   She had no idea what it was, so Adam had to explain it to her.  He said it was when a girl puts her mouth on a guy's dick and it felt good. I sat there in disbelief. I knew that wasn't really how blowjobs were done.
But she did it anyway, not knowing any better. She pulled off all of his clothes, bent over, and put her mouth around his prick. But that was it! She didn't move around or anything, just sat there holding his dick in her mouth. Adam acted like it was the best thing in the world, though. He was breathing heavy, and every now and then would say, "Yeah, that's good. "
Finally, she let go, and he sat there grinning at me, as if to say, "That's right. What now?" I just sat there and grinned back, thinking, "You're an idiot, you know?"
But it was Mary's turn now. Adam got all set and ready for any dare that she could throw at him, but she dared me to let her touch me like I had touched her. Adam looked slightly crestfallen as she climbed over to me and took my piece in her hand.
"It's very pretty.  Could I pet it?" She asked, smiling.

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"Well. . . okay. But be careful. " I said, trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about.
She stroked me, gently at first. But when I felt how good it was, I told her to go faster.  She willingly obeyed. Then out of nowhere, she bent down and kissed it on the tip. It felt wonderful. So I told her to do the same thing with her mouth, moving it up and down.
She slipped her mouth around it and bobbed her head. I felt great, first because I was getting my first blowjob, and also because I knew more about it than my 16 year old brother!
She turned around to get a better grip on my little dick, and ended up with her pussy right in my face. I lay there, staring at her swollen lips, thinking about how great her juice tasted.

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I lifted my head up and slowly licked her from front to back, savoring the delicious juice dripping from my mouth. I went back through and stopped at the little hole that my finger had been in only a few minutes before. Carefully, I probed in with my tongue. She jumped, then pumped my prick even harder. I licked all around in there, then came back out and started at the top again, where she had been rubbing. As I searched, I came across this little nub. When I licked it, I saw her tense up, and figured that this must be what made her feel so good.
I licked and sucked it, until she started to buck her hips up and down. I reached up and grabbed her by her ass and held her to my face. Then the strangest feeling came over me.  A wierd warmth started in my stomach, and felt great.
It moved down, then reached my balls. It was heavenly. Then all of a sudden, it seemed to explode, and it felt like I'd peed in her mouth, only much nicer. She pulled herself off, and I saw it wasn't pee.

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   It was much thicker than should be. I had just came, and my clear, prepubescent cum was dripping all over her lips. She went through the same process that I did, carefully licking her lips, discovering how much (I assume) she liked it, and then going back down on me, sucking me dry.
I felt like I had to finish what I had started, so I continued to lick her out and sucking on her clit. She suddenly bucked hard and almost screamed.
My face was sprayed with the sweet, musky liquid, and it was amazing. I licked all over my lips, wiped off my face with my fingers, and licked them clean, and went back up to her snatch and carefully licked up some more.
She turned around and looked at me face to face. Then she bent her head down and kissed me, lightly. I brought my hands up to her chest and played with her boobs a little more, and she giggled. Then she just jumped off and ran across the hall to my room, and jumped in bed with her sister, closing the door behind her.
I sat there in a daze, soaked with sweat and juice, feeling absolutely great. I went to sleep

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