Wonder Woman - "Dick or Treat Contest"


He smiled and shrugged. "I'll make it quick for you, then. " With that, he threw one hard right into my gut, let me fall and walked away laughing. How come there was no help of any kind when I was in trouble? I struggled back to my feet, holding onto the wall. I breathed hard and fought back tears. It really wasn't very hard to make me cry. I sighed and slowly walked back to the bathroom and splashed my face with water. The door swung open, and my friend Mark walked in. He looked me up and down. "John get you again?" I nodded and leaned against a stall, still catching my breath. He shook his head and walked by me, and into a stall. I heard a zip and the piss hit to toilet water. "You coming out with Matt and I tonight, man?" Mark called from inside the stall. I sighed. "No. I have no desire to go walk around on Halloween night.

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   Do you have any idea how much trouble will be stirring around?" "That's all in the fun. " Mark zipped back up and walked by me again and started washing his hands. Some how, he managed to talk me into going with him. --------------- At nine I told the usual byes to my parents and headed out the door. The cool October air was a very refreshing and much needed feeling on my skin. I was dressed in a really bad Zorro costume. The mask is what I liked the most, because I purposely picked a bigger one, so no one could really tell it was me. The black clothes suited my lanky body. I stood at near six feet, but I had almost no strength to me. I weight maybe 150. I had short brown hair and brown eyes. My face was cleanly shaven. I started the short walk to Mark's house. When I knocked on the door, Mark jumped out, wearing a very, very stupid costume of Batman. "Wait, you got to be fucking me! You're going to a senior costume party, dressed as fucking Batman?" I laughed and looked him up and down.

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   He even had the yellow belt. He straightened his gloves and looked at me. "Ok there Zorro. Go make a Z out of someone. " I shook my head and we started the walk to Matt's. On the way we made small chat about how at the party, we would try our best to ignore all the popular jocks. I was wondering how anyone was going to ignore a very gay Batman, even at a costume party. After we picked up Matt, who didn't have on a costume, because he was actually rather popular and didn't need to hide under a costume at a senior party, we headed to the party. A block away we could hear the screams and cries of teens. And of course, the music. Finally we got there, we got in no problem. A very attractive girl in a Wonder Woman outfit let us in. We were offered beer, but only Matt accepted. Mark and I quickly went into a crowd as we saw John and his friends enter the house. They were of course not dressed up either.

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   The music quickly got the best of me and I was dancing out on the floor. I wondered how bad it looked to see Zorro dance. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see the Wonder Woman chick smiling to me. She started dancing with me, in a very sexy way. She turned her body, pressing her very nice small ass against my crotch and teased the living hell out of me. Just as it was getting really hot, John took her by the arm and dragged her away. I sighed. So close. I watched as John and her danced. He was really forcing himself onto her, but this was one battle Zorro couldn't save her from. Not from that steriod, pumped up freak. About an hour later the music stopped as we heard the police roll into the drive way. Everyone made a bee line to the back door and I followed. I lost Batman somewheres in the mix, though. As I followed the crowd running through back yards, I forced myself to keep up.

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   My cape was making it hard not to trip and land on my face. I heard screams of "Man, I got too much weed to get arrested!" and "If my parents find out, I'm so dead. " I would be too. I broke away from the group and started to head home. I tried to jump a face, but on the way down I felt a hand grab my foot. I kicked away and fell on my face. I looked up as Wonder Woman jumped over and landed by my feet. I just saw Wonder Woman jump a fence! She held out her hand and I put my hand into it. She helped me to my feet and I dusted off my black clothing. She really couldn't tell she was looking at a loser who she never would give a second look to at school. All she could see on my face was my eyes and my mouth. She wrapped her arms around my neck and turned me around. Wonder Woman pushed me against the fence and began to kiss me. A flash went off and we looked over to see someone with a camera wave and run away. She turned back and started to kiss down my neck.

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   My mask only covered to my chin and my neck was exposed, before my black sweat shirt came into play. My black outfit was nothing more then black sweat shirt, black sweats and a home made cape. My arms dropped to her lower back. "Who are you?" I said quietly. "It doesn't matter, does it?" She replied. Wonder Woman then sucked on my neck and stopped again. "All you have to know is that I'm Wonder Woman. " She smiled and sucked again. I moaned quietly and tried to take all this in. Here's me, a senior in high school, who never had a girlfriend in his life, now being necked by Wonder Woman. A very hot one at that. Her rented costume (I assumed because it was so much like the real costume) was tight against her chest. I would guess her breasts were somewheres near the 38 c mark. Her long red hair reached half way down her back, and her green eyes intrigued me. Never saw a green eyed, red haired person before.

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   Might be contacts. She started to get onto her knees as she was kissing away down my stomache, ontop of my shirt. She reached to my pants line and slowly started to pull them down. My penis was very hard at this point, because it was my first time with a girl. It reached to about seven inches. She could see this through the boxers and started to rub it over the materail. I moaned a little louder, pushing my head back against the fence. I closed my eyes and finally opened them again when she let go of my cock. I looked down and she was smiling to me. She never took her eyes from mine as she tugged down my boxers, and my cock was exposed to the cool air. She pushed her mouth over the top of my cock and sucked on it greedily. Her mouth soon took in half my cock, moving her mouth off and on, sucking hard. I moaned loudly as she took me all in, now going very fast. My heart skipped a beat when head lights blinded my vision. The driver honked his/her horn several times.

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   I'm pretty sure they saw me. But I didn't care. This, her excellent mouth and feeling this for the first time, I didn't last long. I let out a long breath as I came. I almost dropped to my knees as I shot the cum into her mouth. She never stopped sucking until my dick went limp. She took her mouth off my deflating cock and looked up to me. Wonder Woman smiled, wiped her mouth and got to her feet. "That was so. . . " She smiled. "I know. . .

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  but now you have to return the favour. " Wonder Woman pulled down her tight tights and exposed a very nice pussy. A small patch of red hair was above her slit, and I was pretty sure I could smell her. She took my hand and moved it to the top of her pussy hair. Even that was wet. "I don't know how. . . " I said, nervously. "Let me show you how I like it. " Wonder Woman gripped my finger and pushed it into herself. She moaned as she glided my finger in and out. In and out. She started pulling it in and out faster and faster as her moans and heavy breathing were increasing. She took my thumb and pressed it hard against her clit and I started to massage it as she kept fucking herself, with the help of me.

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   My free hand was now griopping her firm tits. She let out a little whimper and stopped. I felt a flow of juices of my hands. I smiled and licked them from my hands, tasting her salty inner self. She put her head on my shoulder and started to breath slower. I smiled but it broke as I heard screams. "Veronica! Where are you baby? Come here! Now!" Veronica? That voice sounded so famillar, where'd I hear it before? Wonder Woman quickly pulled up her tights and kissed me one last time. Her tongue pushed her way into mine and quickly gave my tongue a couple licks and she broke the kiss. "Thanks, Zorro. You're my hero. I never got off in such a long time with another guy. My boyfriend is a dick, and that's him calling now. I'll see you next year. " She gave me one last smile and turned. I couldn't speak.

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   I was too confused. I watched her jump the fence. When I thought it was safe, I hoisted myself up to look over the fence. A man wearing a football jacket with "S" on the back (for Shadyside) had his arm around Wonder Woman. By the size and the jacket, and the car they were headed to, it was no doubt John. I smile and let myself fall. Revenge was completed, lust was completed and my night was perfect. I walked home, smiling all the way. ------------ At the breakfast table my dad came in from outside. "So, you had quite the night last night, Freddy?" I shrugged. "Alright, I guess. " Dad dropped the morning news paper infront of me. On the front page was "Zorro has a way with the women", under this was a picture of Wonder Woman and Zorro kissing. I smiled and shrugged, thinking of next year already. ------------ Hope you all enjoyed it!.


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