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"No can do. We got busted for selling beer to minors last month. They're watching us right now. " I point to the security camera over my shoulder. "If you walk out of here with that case of beer, they'll shut us down and I'm out of a job. "She thinks for a moment. "What if you buy the beer and just leave it in the parking lot and I'll pick it up out back?"I'm thinking, what the hell. I was underage, once. It's a good idea she's got, and I won't lose my job over it. Even better, I figure I can get twenty bucks out of the deal. I say, "What's in it for me?" She says, "How about a blowjob?"Even better! I say, "You're on!"She leaves the store, and I make a show of putting the beer away. A few minutes later, out of camera range, I go into the cooler, get a case of beer, and take it out the back door. She's waiting for me there, leaning against a sporty red Chevy Cavalier. There are no preliminaries, no further negotiations, no aimless small talk. I put the beer on the hood of the car and she drops to her knees. Slowly, she unbuttons the fly of my jeans and pulls my pants down.

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  The air feels cool on my already-hard cock, and it stiffens even more. Softly, she caresses it with one hand and then, she opens her mouth and my thick dick slides past her bright red lips. She's good at this. Really good. Her head bobs back and forth along the length of my rod, taking me deeply into her mouth, all the way up to my balls. Then, when she moves her head back, exposing my cock to the cool air, she strokes it with her hand. My cock is slick with her saliva and there's a fire in my balls. Slowly, I thrust my hips but she doesn't gag when more of my cock goes into her mouth; she's an expert deep-throater and I've never had my cock sucked so well. The fire in my balls is so hot I'm getting ready to blow my load, but with al the effort I can muster, I hold it off. She stops sucking me, asking "What's wrong?""I want to fuck you!""I thought you'd never ask!" She stands up and undoes her jeans, dropping them to her ankles. She's not wearing panties. In the light of the streetlamp, I can see a tiny little triangle of pubic hair. "Where do you want to do it?""Right here. " I grab her and spin her around so she's leaning against the car with her gorgeous, firm little ass facing me. I spread her legs and guide my cock into her sopping wet pussy, and I start to fuck her.

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   Hard. I thrust into her body with such force her torso slams up against the side of her car, and I'm afraid I'm hurting her until she urges me on. "Harder," she says. "Fuck me harder! Yes!"I'm only too glad to oblige. I grab her hips and pound into her pussy, and I claw at her ass cheeks with my fingers and then she cries out and she screams, and then I feel her body tense up and she shudders and lets out a long moan and then I blow my load, pumping into her as hard and as fast as I can, literally until long after my orgasm's faded and my exhausted prick has gone limp. We spend a few minutes catching our breath. She thanks me for the beer and she kisses me, and I can actually smell myself on her breath. I can feel my cock getting hard again and it's a good thing she leaves right then; otherwise, I'd be fucking her all over again. I see her in the newspaper a couple of weeks later; she's the prom queen; all smiles and innocence and clean-cut all-American girl. But that doesn't stop her from craving beer, and that doesn't stop her from coming by her favorite convenience store at least once a weekend to get some. And that doesn't stop me from giving her as much as she wants. And giving her beer, too. .

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