You Won't Tell; I Won't Tell


Copyright 2006 http://www. DramaSex. com All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2006 http://www. DramaSex. com All Rights Reserved
Violet had a feeling it was going to be a dull day. She was starting her second year of college. It was usually sunny in the beginning of the year, but it was really cloudy today and it looked like it was going to rain.
She was half asleep because she stayed up all night writing a research paper. She only cheered up a little because she bumped into an Asian student coming out of the office of a very interesting teacher as she was entering the third floor hallway.
Violet said, “Oh, hi, Honey. ”
“Hi,” she replied.
“What are you up to?”
Honey said, “I just came out of Mr. Master’s office. ”
Violet smiled at her and said, “Did he give you a lesson?”
“Yeah, how do you know?”
Violet smiled brightly and said, “Well, he gave me the same lesson. ”
Honey giggled and said, “I see. ”
Yes, it had been in her first year of school nearing the end of the semester.

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   Mr. Masters had caught her smoking a cigarette on school grounds. All the girls thought the teacher was hot, so when he offered to exchange his silence for sex, she quickly agreed and fucked him on his office desk.
But it was a little embarrassing admitting it to Honey. Honey seemed slightly embarrassed too. Neither could hold eye contact very long and they couldn’t think of anything else to talk about.
For some odd reason, Violet got the urge for a cigarette even though she knew it wasn’t allowed and that was the reason she was fucking Mr. Masters in the first place.
She said, “Do you know of anywhere to smoke around here?”
Honey said, “Why don’t you try that employee’s bathroom? There’s never anybody there. ”
“Okay, thanks. ”
They said goodbye and Violet turned around to leave. As expected, the bathroom was empty.
Violet sat down to pee as she removed a cigarette from a fresh pack and lit it up. The smoke felt good filling her lungs, but she was still trying to figure out why she had done it. She wanted one, but it wasn’t like she was having a nicotine fit.

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   She could have waited until break time.
She started thinking about the way Mr. Masters had caught her not more than four months ago and propositioned her for sex not knowing that she and half the female population would have gladly fucked him for nothing. It was funny, but it made her not want to get caught again so she quickly got up, tossed it down the toilet, and flushed.
She pulled up her skirt and panties and washed her hands. She was about to leave, but for some reason that she didn’t understand, she wanted to keep smoking, so she went back in the stall and lit up another one.
Meanwhile, probably the one and only teacher in the building who ever used that bathroom just happened to get lightheaded earlier that morning. Most often he got lightheaded when he hadn’t had enough fluids, so he just happened to spend a good portion of the morning drinking water. Water just happened to make him pee five times as often as his usual beverages, so he just happened to be making his fourth trip back to the bathroom that day.
It had been less than an hour since he’d been there and he knew he hadn’t smelled cigarettes before. As he walked down the hall, the stench got stronger. It led him right to where he was going.
“Hello,” he called as he entered the restroom. “Anybody in here?”
Violet didn’t say shit. She climbed on top of the toilet seat so he wouldn’t be able to see her legs if he looked under the stall.

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Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Mr. Harris followed his nose to the stalls and started pushing them open until he got to hers.
“Ah-hah,” he said when he saw the young lady in a skirt kneeling on the toilet seat holding the evidence. “I caught you smoking in the…you’re not even supposed to be in here. This is an employee’s restroom. What are you doing, young lady? What’s your name?”
He took out a pen and pad to write it down. He knew students were known to lie about the names so he asked for her college I. D.
“I don’t have it with me,” Violet lied.
That only made it worse because it was also a rule that students have their I. D. at all times when on school grounds. “Well, I’m definitely going to have to report you. What’s your name?”
“You can’t report me,” Violet pleaded.

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“Yes, I certainly can. I know what you look like. All I have to do is go to the office and look at all the computer photos and…can you please put that out? This is an employee’s bathroom. You’re in serious trouble. This could effect your graduation, young lady. ”
Violet had taken another puff of her cigarette. She wasn’t trying to provoke him, but the anxiety of the situation had gotten to her and now she really needed a hit.
But then she started to relax. She’d come up with an idea. As she stepped off the toilet, she said, “This can’t effect my graduation. ”
“Yes, I’m definitely going to have to report this. This is a fire hazard. There’s no smoking in this bathroom at all. ”
He continued to ramble about how much trouble she was in, but Violet stopped listening. She put the cigarette in the toilet and flushed it.

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The evidence was gone.
She looked him square in the eye, and with the look of utter victory on her face, she said, “I can just say that you’re molesting me. ”
Mr. Harris was about to say something, but Violet started yelling like she was getting raped. Mr. Harris begged for her to shut up. It was a bullshit claim and he knew it wouldn’t stick but accusations went a long way. He didn’t want to be bothered with that for the rest of his life.
“I suppose we could let it go this one time, but don’t let me catch you in here again. ”
Violet was smiling for three reasons. One, she was off the hook. Two, she was having fond memories from when Mr. Masters had caught her smoking and then ended up giving her the best fuck of her life. The third reason was that she was in control.
“Actually,” she said, “I could probably get you to do whatever I wanted.


She wanted him to hop on one leg. He refused and she started screaming again so he did it.
That’s when everything started making sense. She’d gotten the urge to smoke because of the conversation with Honey. She went back to smoke some more because, subconsciously, she was hoping to get caught. She wanted to fuck another teacher at school. It was so naughty and exciting the first time that she wanted to relive it.
She said, “I think you should do something else too. I think you should lick my nipple. ”
She pulled the upper part of her shirt down, revealing her A-cup tits. Violet was a thin woman with a thin build. Not what Mr. Harris would normally go for, but seeing her tit and erect nipple put his little head in control.
He tried to resist though. He knew it was wrong.

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   She was a student, and even though she was over eighteen, she was far younger than him. But Violet started screaming again, so he immediately started sucking her tit.
Violet started moaning. Her tits were small, which made them ultra sensitive.
When he stopped, she said, “Now you can do something else for me. ”
She raised her skirt and started lowering her panties. She stared him in the eye. She loved the anxiety on his face. She could tell he was at war with himself. He wanted her—that much was obvious—but he was afraid of getting caught. It was amusing and stimulating simultaneously.
“We could get caught in here,” he said.
“I know, but I want it and I’m gonna get it. ” She wriggled completely out of her panties and dropped them on the floor.
“Okay, but just don’t make any noise.

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“Okay,” she whispered sexily.
She climbed onto the toilet seat. She leaned back and spread her legs. Her pussy hair was tapered into a triangle pointing to her clit, which is exactly where she wanted Mr. Harris’ mouth.
He went down on her. Her legs tensed up. She had to fight off a scream of passion; it came out sounding more like a guttural moan.
Mr. Harris was a damn-good pussy eater. As time went past, he was making it harder to keep quiet. He was finger-fucking her and swirling his tongue in circles around her clit as he sucked and slurped on it.
She had a really good orgasm. That didn’t help with keeping her quiet either.
He stopped after she’d cum in his mouth.

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   He stood up and said, “Is that good enough?”
“Actually, I was after something else. ” She got up and started taking his belt loose.
“We shouldn’t do this. This is most unusual. We could get caught—”
“No it’s okay,” she said, and continued trying to get to his cock.
When she did, she quickly found out that there was at least a few inches of him that didn’t have a problem with sex in school. His cock was hard as a brick and pulsing in her hand as she pulled it out.
She dropped to her knees. She put her lips around the head, gave it a powerful suck, and started bobbing up and down on it.
“Ohhh,” moaned Mr. Harris trying to keep quiet. “You’re sure you won’t tell anybody about this?” he whispered.
“As long as you don’t tell anybody about me smoking. ”
Fair enough, he thought as he pushed his pants all the way down. He lifted his shirt to give Violet better access to his cock and also so he could watch her sucking him off.

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“Oh, that does feel good,” he said.
How many times had she done this? To be so young, Violet seemed to know a lot about sucking dick. She was sucking him hard but he never felt a single tooth. She was masturbating the part that couldn’t fit in her mouth, and even twisting her head on his member as she took it in and out of her wet hole. She must have started when she was really young to be so good at it already, he thought.
“You never even told me your name,” Mr. Harris stated.
“Violet,” she said, and then she stuffed his cock back in her mouth and kept sucking for all she was worth.
“You know, smoking really isn’t good for you, Violet. ”
Referring to the cock in her mouth, she said, “This can’t be either. ” She chuckled and went back to work.
Mr. Harris took his shirt and tie off. Violet wanted to be in control so he let her. He leaned against the wall and let her suck his cock until she was ready to fuck.


When she was, she shut the door first and locked it. She got totally naked and so did he.
For a thin woman, Violet had a great figure. She was shapely and had some sexy abs. She looked a lot better naked than with clothes on. She actually looked womanly and very fuckable.
Mr. Harris sat on the stall. Violet came in, turned around, and sat on his dick. It went straight up her pussy.
They both started moaning like crazy. It felt so good. His cock was big and rock-hard. Her pussy was soaking wet and tight like the rest of her body. It was the perfect combination for a good fuck.

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“That feels good,” said Mr. Harris.
“You feel good…for a teacher. ”
“Actually, I’m the administrator. ”
“That’s even better. ”
She closed her eyes. She bounced on his cock for a long time. She was moaning and relishing the feel of it penetrating her hole and stretching out her slippery pussy walls.
But her legs got tired in that position. She said, “We’re gonna have to move. ”
He followed her out of the stall. She went to the sink and propped one of her legs on it, putting her in a great position to get fucked from behind.
Violet loved doggy style. It was so erotic. It made her feel the most like a slut during sex and feeling like a slut was what made sex best to her.

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Mr. Harris licked his fingers and spread saliva on his dick and along her pussy. He put it inside.
“Ohh, mmm, ohhh,” said Violet. She was crying out and whimpering like a baby.
Somewhere along the line, they managed to make their way to the floor. Violet was riding him. She was taking him in long strides so she could feel his cock penetrating her deeply.
They were going all out. It got to the point that Mr. Harris had lost all of his inhibitions. He was still trying to keep quiet, but he wasn’t telling Violet to quiet down anymore.
He was fucking her in a lot of positions, just tossing her light-weight body around like she was a rag doll. He fucked her standing up for a long time.
It felt really good, but it seemed tiresome.

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   Violet asked, “How long can you do this for?”
“Until you learn not to smoke in here. Are you gonna smoke in here anymore?”
“Of course I am if it means meeting you here. ”
“Okay, every Thursday at ten o’clock,” he joked.
But she was right. He was getting tired so he dropped to the floor and continued pummeling her cunt without missing a beat.
She begged for it doggy style. He bent her over on the floor and started thrusting into her. She was moaning loudly and looking over her shoulder trying to watch him fucking her.
Both of them fed from each other’s lust, their passion growing by the second. Violet yelled louder as an intense orgasm ripped through her. Her pussy began to spasm.
Mr. Harris could feel it contracting and gushing on his cock. It was enough to send him over the edge.
He pulled his dick out.

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   Violet had a tattoo of a butterfly on the small of her back. He aimed for it.
Cum sprang free. Her ass and lower back were splattered with cum.
Violet gave him time to get his composure back. Then she said, “So you won’t tell; I won’t tell?”
“Deal,” said Mr. Harris. He thought about it, then added, “And no more smoking in here. ”

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