Turning 17 was an event which most young girls looked forward and older women fondly reminisced; but not Alex. Today she sat in her room, alone, finally allowing her disappointed tears to escape. Once again her father had canceled their plans. After all this time, she really shouldn’t have been surprised, he had canceled so many times before, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. . . "Hey sweets", Alexs’ stepfather Shane, leaned casually against the frame of her door. "Your a little young to be brooding on your birthday aren’t you?" Alex jumped, shocked out of her thoughts by her step-fathers voice. She quickly turned away not wanting him to see her tears.
"What are you doing here?", she snapped irritated that he had caught her crying. "I thought you’d gone to work" she quickly wiped her eyes.
"I umm - I heard that your father - umm, couldn’t make it", He sat down next to her on the bed, placing a comforting hand on hers. "There was no way I could work knowing you were all alone on your birthday" She snuck him a sidewoods glance still a little peeved at being caught crying.
"Mom didn’t seem to have a problem with it"
"Yeah well . . .

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  " He sighed, desperately wanting to call Joyce and order her back here "This is a busy time for her. You know her priorities go out the window when she’s stressed. " Alex smiled, Shane never spoke down to her, he was always straight out. Something she had noticed, that he didn’t always do with her mother.
"You really ditched work for me?" She asked, feeling a little better. He always seemed to have that effect on her.
"You bet little bit", affectionately stroking a stray blond lock of hair behind her ear.
The conversation flowed easily between them as they drove down to the supermarket. Shane had suggested loading up with ice-cream and renting a video. To which Alex had wholeheartedly agreed. She placed two cigarettes to her lips, lighting both and passing one to her stepfather. A habit they had fallen into soon after he’d started, officially, dating her mother. Shane had been driving when he started feeling around his coat, frustrated at not finding what he wanted he’d taken his eyes of the road to take a closer look. Noticing this, Alex, alarmed, had screeched at him to watch what he was doing as he sped through a stop sign.
"Here", she’d said, guessing what he had been looking for, and pulled a packet of Holidays out of her bag, lighting two and passing one to him.

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   He’d taken it lifting one eyebrow,
"Your mother know you smoke?"
"Does she know that your not even attempting to quit - Like she asked you to", she returned.
"It seems we have reached an impasse. Can you keep a secret from her?"
"Are you kidding? I’m a 16 year old girl. Keeping stuff from mom is what I do best" They’d smiled fondly at each other in agreement and the bond had been forged.

Shane winked affectionately at her as he took the cigarette, admiring her blond shoulder length hair as it swayed to the cars movements. He had been impressed by the pretty young teenager when he had first met her about a year and a half ago, but over the last year she had really blossomed. She’d become a beautiful young woman, and she was only going to become more so as she matured. Oh yeah she was going to make some man very happy one day. Strangely he found that he didn’t like that idea much. He shook his head running a hand through his short cropped hair. Was he getting possessive of her? Not that it was that surprising, he had been living with her for a year now, and he was married to her mother. There’s nothing wrong with a stepfather becoming possessive of his stepdaughter!, he thought to himself. They arrived at the video store, having agreed to pick a video first so that the ice-cream wouldn’t melt while they were looking around. But as fate would have it, they took nearly no time to choose. Both immediately agreed on one of their joint favorites.

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   The young man at the counter, name tag said "Greg", grinned as they approached. His eyes glued to Alex, running over her body, taking every detail.
"Err. . . Greg you’ll wanna pull your eyes back before you loose them. " Shane spoke tersely. The boy smiled sheepishly at them both.
"Sorry Ripper, we don’t get many pretty ladies in here during the day. " Alex smiled blushing at the complement. The boy seemed to be not much older then herself, and she had to admit he was kind of cute, and did he just call her stepfather ripper?. Both grinning proudly as they lugged the ice cream they’d brought into the house they set up a couple of bowls and began scooping large balls of the cold dessert. Looking slyly at him she had to ask.
"Did that guy call you Ripper?"
"What’s that pet" he looked up, moving his attention away from the chocolate and cherry mountain he was creating.

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  . . That guy umm, Greg, called you Ripper"
"oh yeah, I know his father. Ripper was kind of a nick name. But your mom hated it, so I dropped it. Almost all my friends used to call me that, so much that it kind of became my name. It was a little weird being called Shane again"
"Ripper" She said the name slowly letting it roll of her tongue, "I like it", She said licking a stray drop of ice cream from her finger. "Would you mind If I called you Ripper?" He looked up surprised and touched that she wanted to address him as his other friends did.
"Sure thing but not in front of Joyce OK, she really hates it". She drew closed an imaginary zipper across her lips, deftly locking it and throwing the key over her shoulder. Shane couldn’t help but laugh. She could be so cute. Alex carried their bowls into the lounge while Shane set up the video, and for the next hour and forty minutes they sat transfixed before a shared favourite film. Mel Gibson sat at the table with his two children and brother frustrated at his inability to protect his family. "Well if your not going to eat, I’ll try some of everything!" jerkily scooping food from each of the plates.

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   Shoveling it into his mouth, tears running down his face. Alex felt her lip tremble as she watches the boy, playing Mels’ son, run to his side. She tears on her cheek as Mel sobs and takes his son into his arms. Suddenly her attention is disturbed as she hears a muffled sniff from beside her. Looking over she sees that Shane has tears in his eyes as well. Sharing a watery smile, Shane wound his arm around her. Later they were cleaning up the mess they had made in the kitchen, he was washing up, she was drying, and occasionally flicking him with the towel. Shane pulled the plug, running the water to wash away the extra suds and turned to help Alex only to find that she had finished as well.
"Thanks", she spoke, smiling up at him, "you know, for today, I had a good time. "
"Me too pet" He grinned back an expression of curiosity crossing his hansom features as she suddenly looked nervous, biting her lip.
"You know I really like this - us I mean. You never tried to play daddy with me. You just treat me like a person"
"How else would I treat you?" he smiled jokingly, "but I know what you mean, I like this too" The smiled into each others eyes enjoying the moment. Before he realised what he was doing, Shanes’ mouth lowered and covered hers. His strong hands gripping her slim arms as he deepened the kiss inflamed by her response as she moaned, grabbing his loose white shirt and pulling him harder against her.

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   He allowed his tongue to explore her soft mouth, feeling all the blood in his body rushing to one area as she expertly curled her tongue around his, sucking periodically. There was no time for shock, as she watched his mouth lower to hers. She had always liked him but until this moment she had never thought of him as more then her mothers’ husband and her friend. But that all changed the second his lips touched hers. The heat from his body scorched her, blazing a fiery trail from her lips down into her soft centre. She felt his hardness pushed roughly against her abdomen, her own softness has beginning to soak her panties. She ran her hands over his hard stomach delighted by the feeling of his muscles tightening and rippling beneath her hands. Buttons flew all over as Alex ripped open his loose white shirt, revealing Shanes’ hard muscular chest. Moaning rapturously as his mouth captured hers again. The hard muscles of his stomach and chest tightened as she ran her hands over him, delighted at his strong reactions to her touch. This was for her, all for her. His body was responding to her, hardening, rising for her. Suddenly his lips left hers to move down her face, down her neck, over her shoulders, gently nipping the junction of her neck and shoulder. Sending thrills through her.
“Bloody-hell Alex.

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   You feel so good - Taste so good”, Just to demonstrate his point, he nipped her again. His hands sliding down her soft body to grip her firm butt. Pulling her hard against his already hard passion. She moaned as he rubbed himself against her, pulling her harder against him.
“Shane”, was the only word she could utter, her heart beating so hard, she couldn’t seem to get enough air.
“God sweets, I want you - all of you - NOW. Oh god please now. ” Gripping her arms firmly he pushed her hard against the wall. Her head swam as he assaulted her with his wicked mouth, Shocked by her response to him. Heat blazing through her body as his hands were suddenly under her thigh length skirt. Her head tipped back, nails digging into Shanes’ muscular arms, she moaned and squealed as he pleasured her with his strong hands. Then he was moving down her soft body, his hot mouth tasting every inch as he made his way down to where she wanted him. Now on his knees before her, he lifted one of her long smooth legs and placing it over his shoulder, giving him easy access to her waiting pussy. Her arms above her head, she desperately searched for something to grip onto as he caressed her with his rough tongue. A deep womanly moan of delight escaped her full lips as he pushed his long tongue inside her.

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   His mouth moved back up her body, stopping to curl his tongue around one of her hardened nipples, before continuing it’s hot trail up her neck to her ear.
“You know”, he spoke into her ear, “I don’t think you’ve ever called me Daddy - don’t you think it’s time that you started?”. Alex gasped at the thrill his words brought to her body. She knew she should have been shocked, even a little offended, but it seemed to have only aroused her more. Bringing another deep moan to her lips as she nodded. Gripping her firm butt Shane lifted her with ease. Alex obediently wrapped her slim thighs around his waist. Her mouth never leaving his, she reached down and opened his tight black jeans, gasping delightedly as she felt his large cock spring into her hands, smiling at his moan of relief at being freed. He was whispering to her again between kisses and nips. “Alex, oh baby girl please I can’t wait any more. Let me - Please - Tell me - god this is going to be so good - Please Alex - Please honey - Tell me you want this to - want me to . . . ” Before he could say any more she lifted herself just enough, positioning herself for his entry, then slowly lowered herself onto him. Her breath catching as she felt him fill her completely.

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   Stretching her more then she thought possible. She opened her eyes to see him looking back at her. The passion and joy she was feeling at having this huge, wonderful, gorgeous man filling her, mirrored on his hansom face. Slowly she raised herself till only the tip of him remained then lowered herself again, periodically tightening her muscles, enjoying the little flashes of pleasure the tightening sent through her. Rejoicing in the gasps he gave at each contraction of her inner muscles, looking deeply into his pleasure filled eyes as they enjoyed this shared sacred ritual together. “My delicious little daughter”, he grinned up at her, gripping her hips firmly. He pulled back and thrust into her with all the power he possessed, sending a jolt of pleasure and excitement through her. This was what she wanted. She wanted this strong animal of a man ravishing her soft body. A squeal of delight leaving her lips as he rampaged her with a barrage of hard and fast thrusts each seeming to go deeper then the last. All the while she moaned the words into his ear. “Daddy! Oh daddy! That’s what I want. I’ve been a bad girl daddy, punish me with your cock. Fuck me daddy, fuck me like the whore daughter I am. .

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  . ” Words halted, head flying back, as his hard cock was suddenly ramming harder, deeper, faster. The sounds he was making driving her insane. Growling like some kind of wild dog, moaning. The knowledge that it was her body, her words that were bringing him to this, took her over the edge. The heat in her pussy tightened, tightened before she was overcome with the most intense torrents of release. “Daddy!”, the single word escaping in her ecstatic scream.
They were brought back to earth by the sound of the front door closing.
“Shit! That’s mom!”, Alex looked at Shane, fear filling her eyes, but he was already stepping back and steadying her on her feet.
“I hope this doesn’t sound too fatherly, but go to your room”, he spoke quietly pushing her towards the hallway and in the opposite direction of her mother. Alex smiled wickedly, trying hard to hold back the giggle rising in her throat.
“Yes – Daddy”

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