A Jungle Girl Surprise


Jungle Girl SurpriseBy: SXCamaroAnother cold night recedes through the jungle as the sun’s warmth and light roll over the horizon. The morning is upon the Amazon jungle and, the creatures of the forest begin to stir. Jaguars, sloths, monkeys, birds, trees, humans, and of course carnivorous plants all are ready for a new day; however, this is no ordinary day for one plant. The plant positions itself quietly outside a small fishing village and awaits to see what exactly it will be dealing with. The smell is intoxicating and makes the plant eager to find its first new “friend”. The plant creeps into its final location and slowly crawls into the ground rooting itself in. The massive plant as tall as the trees slowly vanishes into the foliage appearing to be nothing more than a small gathering of vines and a snow white orchid. The orchid release fine mist into the air and continued until a suitable sized cloud was present. The orchid turned skyward and the plant couldn’t help but feel excited over the thought of what was coming…Tija awoke suddenly feeling uneasy and scared. She looked around quickly gasping for air. She poked her head outside her small wood shack and breathlessly scanned the surroundings. She calmed down as she saw no one around but, felt so strange. Tija pushed the thought out of her mind and got up and began her morning work. She glanced across the village and saw her sister Sera had already awoken. “Up a little early today Sera? It’s about time you got up before I made you!” Tija said with a smile on her face. “Yeah, I figured I would get up early and get the morning work done before everyone else so we could spend sometime together.

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  ” Sera replied. As Tija walked over so felt a strange sense of déjà vu coming over her. Images flashed through her head and she stopped moving. She remember her husband and Sera’s heading off to go sell their fish in town. “It will be fine you two. We need to bring in some money and get supplies so we have to go. Take care of each other and the rest of the village. We’ll see you when you get back tomorrow. Goodbye…. ” She heard her husbands voice in her memory. Her husband had left with a group of men from their village to sell fish in town. Town was only about a day long trip upstream but, it was a very hard river to navigate. They had made it to town and gathered a boat load of supplies and were returning home. They traveled at night trying to return early and wrecked their ship into rocks and were swept up by the river. When they didn’t return the next day, a few people went upstream to search and found the wreckage.

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   The supplies were scattered about and the bodies were nowhere to be found. It was a sad day for the village. They lost nine of their best men and left a village in desperate need of supplies. Tija was shaking and crying. She was so overcome with emotion she did not notice her sister get up and hug her. She looked and saw Sera hugging her and kissing her and trying to comfort her. “Its alright Tija, I miss them too. I’ve missed them everyday for the last year. ” Sera said. “Sera its not just that, I’ve had this uneasy feeling all morning and it feels like something’s out there and I just had this déjà vu experience. It was so real it felt like I was reliving that day all over again. ” Tija said. “This has been an unusual day Tija, I have felt the same way and it is creepy. I didn’t want to say anything to you that might have scared you. ” Sera stated.


  “I’m sorry I just have so much…I’m just…” She stammered. “Shhhh. Let me take care of you sis. I’ll make you feel better and we can get out minds off this day. ” She stated with a caring voice. She bent forward and passionately kissed her sister. The two stood there momentarily kissing then walked back to Sera’s shack to help each other forget. In Tija and Sera’s village a woman promises herself to a man and must never break her promise to him. They give each other a sacred vow to be the only lover of the other. However, if one of the couple dies the remaining spouse must take on a lover of the same sex. Sera and Tija took each other on due to their strong relationship and loss of their husbands at the same time. This was a customary tradition and was a natural step in the healing process for mourning villagers. The girls were lying naked next to each other. Both exhausted and breathless. They had pleased each other and were feeling good.

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   Tija hugged Sera holding her close to her bosom and kissed her swirling her tongue around her sisters. “I love you Sera. You give me strength to be myself and to go on. ” Tija said. “Tija…I do not know what I would do without you. You are the reason I wake up and the only thing I have left. Let us go forward now and finish our work so we can admire the rest of the day. ” Sera suggested. The two emerged from the shack as some elderly women watched, smiling to themselves at the young love. The two sisters were indeed young and full of life. Tija was about 27 and Sera only 24. They both had much energy and ability. The elderly women went back to their work of making food for the dinner and others went back to sewing. Tija and Sera both finished preparing the fishing equipment for their village and helping the other women prepare the village for another day of life. The sun had gone from the far eastern horizon to the western mountains way above the treetops.

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   The warmth of the day was still present but slowly fading away. Tija and Sera finished their dinner preparations and served the men who were back from the days fishing. It had been a good day. The men had caught plenty of food and the women had done all their needed work. Tija and Sera ate quietly and listened to the elders tell stories. The two began to grow tired of this and whispered to each other to sneak off into the forest. They got up and both walked toward the tree line. The held hands and ventured off together not knowing of what lie ahead. “ It was a good day Sera, everybody got their work done and we all worked hard. ” Tija said proudly. “Yes, but if I had to listen to those old wind bags and their exaggerated stories one more time I would have gone crazy. ” Sera said giggling. They both giggled at Sera’s joke and walked further into the woods. The sun was still present as an amber light began to soak the jungle. “I have an idea Tija! Lets play the discovery game like we used to when we were younger.

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   We will both look for something amazing and try to find the most amazing object possible. ” Sera stated excited over the prospect of playing a game they hadn’t in years. “Alright Sera if you want, but you’ll never top that rock I found that looked like a jaguar!” Tija said playfully. They both set off in opposite directions scanning the ground for something. Tija decided to head towards the river and began looking at all the rocks and sticks on the river bank. She began rooting through them knowing something perfect must be in there. Sera had decided to go into the woods towards the mountains. She looked into the trees looking for something anything. She had never been terribly good at this game. She always picked up something that looked kind of like something but, she was never finding things like Tija. She looked around nothing but dumb sticks and leaves here and there. She anxiously looked around and suddenly tripped. She fell face first over a large root. “Oww. Stupid root! Just like me too busy looking up into the trees to pay attention.

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   Well this is so st…” She stopped mid sentence seeing something so beautiful and perfect twenty feet or so in front of her. A white orchid was gracefully standing above the foliage and appearing to just float. She felt overwhelmed with joy! She would surely win now and beat Tija once and for all. She stood up brushed herself off and walked over to it. She stood a inches from the flower and bent down towards it. She smelt the flower. It smelled wonderful almost intoxicating. She leaned her head back and began to have a flashback. She remembered the day a year ago her husband and the men disappeared. She jumped as she thought she felt something brush against her leg. She looked down to see  herself standing in a pile of vines. She got up and backed away. She turned to walk away and remembered the flower. As she turned around she saw a large green vine had risen and was standing straight up. She moved closer to see and suddenly it sprang to life and wrapped around her legs.

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   She felt needles protrude from the vine and pierce her skin injecting something. The vine released her and she screamed. She turned and tried to run but fell. She soon was unable to do anything but think. Her muscles were unable to respond even though she tried to move her body. The vine wrapped around her and pulled off her dress, exposing her body. The vine the curled from her ankles up to her knees and pulled her towards it. “I found it!” Tija exclaimed. Looking at a stick that had the shape of a snake. Now I’ll be able to win! As she got up she heard the scream of her sister. “Oh my god Sera I’m coming!” She said running full force towards the mountains. As she approached she saw her sisters body being pulled down through a hole in the weeds. Her stomach was half engulfed and her breasts were being pulled past the edge of the hole. She ran over and pulled on Sera’s arm. Sera’s head was tilted back and her eyes darted to Tija.


   “Quick you have to get out of here! This thing is going to kill you!” She shouted. Sera looked at her sister tears welling up in her eyes and mouthed something to her sister. Tija looked at her and immediately understood what she had said…Run. She turned and took off but felt something wrap around her waist. She looked down to see a green vine wrapped around her and the felt a searing pain as some sharp needles pierced her skin and injected something into her body. The vine released and she tried to run but felt sluggish. She continued on and the plant sensing resistance sent out three vines and wrapped her body from knee to neck in vines and injected her with more fluid. She promptly fell over and was slowly drug towards the plant. She looked over in time to see her sisters hand pulled below the surface her finger tips wiggling ever so slightly trying to escape. Tija was pulled to a hole near the one her sister had been pulled into. Her body naked was sliding effortlessly into the warm smooth pink fleshy opening below her feet. She watched as the hole opened itself and the vines released her. The hole grabbed hold of her knees which were well inside it and began to suck her in. She was a small, skinny, and very naked girl which made her slide down in seconds. She felt her hips pop through the opening and then her breasts.

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   She felt a little turned on by all this. Was it her mind or the toxin she was injected with that was turning her on but her pussy was burning hot and ached to be rubbed. She took on last look at Sera hole and missed her sister, her lover desperately. The opening consumed her head and closed. As she was pulled down the tube her feet touched a small ring. She was slowly forced through this hole and into a sack that was pink and filled with a thick goo. She was suddenly assaulted with vines again and they wrapped around her. One slid down her throat and pumped something into her stomach that made her gag and through up. She puked the contents of her stomach and was able to move again. She looked around still confined and then the tentacles again attacked. This time two forced their ways into her ears, another into her throat,  two latched onto her breasts, and the others held her legs still. She looked around and felt confused. “What the hell is going on she thought!?”“You are in the process of becoming my servant. ” Said a mysterious voice in her head. “What! Who are you! Let me go!”“No, I do not think that will be happening.


   Anyway, I am a traveler of the jungle. I eat delicious little women like yourself and your sister and spread my young all over the jungle. ” Said the plant. “Wait where’s Sera I want her now! Let me go!!” Tija said. “Well now your sister Sera is long gone. I saw her delicious little body and couldn’t help myself. Her sweet little body is now in my stomach being digested. She’s on the other side of this sac rubbing her burning hot little pussy. I decided I wanted to eat her and save you for other purposes. She’s just about gone thought, the acid in my stomach has almost worn her away and soon she’ll become part of me. ” Said the plant laughing. “No! Not Sera please!” She wept. She then thought of her sister and what the plant was said and her pussy began burning again with desire to have Sera in between her legs once again,“Oh what’s this? Somebody wants to have some sexual fun with her sister? Well that is no longer possible, but I will offer you something better. ” The plant said as it began to massage her swollen pussy. Tija moaned as the plant continued.

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  “Today I will be creating a group of seeds from your sisters body. My species has died out due to disease and decreases in the jungle. I need somebody to help me repopulate the jungle and start my species up again. I will need you to hold my fertilized eggs in your womb and carry them till they are ready to be planted. What do you say you help me out?” The plant said coolly. “No. I can’t you took Sera from me. She was my only thing left. Mmmm. ” She said feeling her pussy wanting more of the plant and the touching. “Well, Tija is it? You see the only way for you to ever be with Sera again is to except my seedlings and help me or else I’ll be forced to digest you as well. ” The plant stated. “No I won’t do it you AWH!” Tija screamed. “I can’t let you turn me down. ” The plant said as it buried its tentacle deep inside Tija and began savagely fucking her.

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   As plant ravaged her she felt unbelievably turned on. She felt amazing. Her body tingled all over and she began to convulse as she orgasmed. Tija couldn’t believe how amazing it felt and wanted more. “Alright, I’ll take your offer as long as you can make me feel that good all the time. ” Tija said. “I can do that all you want I just have to make some minor alterations to your womb. ” The plant said and it went about its work. Tija felt the tentacle retract and several smaller ones enter. She felt scrapping inside her and the pain was horrible. The tentacles then began spraying her with some type of liquid inside and it burned. “Don’t worry”, the pant said “ This is just a preparation so you can hold Sera inside you. ” The tentacles finished and Tija felt relief. The plant then guided a large green tube toward her and told her to brace herself since this would hurt. The green tube was slowly forced into her pussy and stretched as far as it could possibly go.


   Once inside Tija could barely take the pain but at the same time felt like she was going to orgasm uncontrollably. The mixture of senses was amazing. She looked down and saw something squeezing through the tube. The seed was coming towards her and she felt it press against her vagina and she orgasmed nonstop. It popped through her has she shook and was guided into her womb. She felt the seed take root in her and the tube with drew as she her orgasms subsided. “Now you must go and wait a week with this inside you. You must eat plenty and drink water to keep the seed healthy. After a week walk far into the jungle and dig a small hole. Once you finished digging squat over the hole and spread your vagina and push the seed out. After this is done bury the seed and return to me with a new person. We will continue this process until we have populated this area. The other plants will take 100 years to develop but, they will need plenty of food so lead people to them and give your children snacks. ” The plant said. The plant removed all tentacles from her and she was forced through another tight ring at the bottom of the sac.

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   She slid down this tube and was forced head first through a ring on the other side of the plant. As she slide out and onto the ground, she saw her clothes there and put them on. She got up and walked back towards the village feeling happy and content. She rested her hand on her stomach feeling her baby taking root inside its mother already growing. Her stomach had begun to swell and she smiled to herself and said, “Sera I know you will always be apart of me now and I’ll make sure and bring you the best snacks from our village. I know you will always love me and now I can always love you too. ” She entered her shack and laid down on the ground feeling warm and happy. She couldn’t wait for the week to end and fell asleep thinking thoughts of her beautiful Sera. .