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As normal i went to work and knew it would be one of those d!ys. The only decent thing about today is that i would get to see kim. Now kim is about 6ft tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure and 32dd and she is only 23. Myself im 6ft e black hair brown eyes muscular and slim. Today kim is weaeing a short black skirt and a slit t-shirt revealiing hertits. My eyes were fixed on her and i could feel myself getting horney and my cock began to twitch. Kim looked at me and threw me a cheeky smile, i smiled back and went to the staff room to have a seat before starting work. While thinking about how hot kim looked i looked around and made sure no one was around i decided to have a wank abo7t her. Soon i was lost in my own world thinking of kim and her tight ass. I opened my eyes for a seond and saw kim standing there looking embarresed i shoved my cock down and pulled up my jeans going red in the face i then heard kim say. "looks like you could use a hand"? I sat there gobsmacked unsure of what i had just heard. I fave her a half smile before she moved towards me and sat on my legs qnd kissed me. I ran my hands through her hair and kissed her passionetley. Kims hands were all over me until i felt her soft hand rub against my cock. It jumped with her touch i lifted her up and placed her in the seat. I smiled at her and said "i want to taste you"she smiled and opened her legs.

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   I looked down and saw she was qearing no pants i saw her shaved pussy and got down on my knees and began licking up and down her slit. In seconds i had her moaning and her juices were flowing freely only to make sure i got every drop. She came hard and said. "your turn" i stood up kim got to her knees and removed my jeans. and boxers before grabbing hold of my throbbing cock. she ran her tounge up an# down my shaft bwfore licking my balls she then opened her mouth and took my length in her mouth. She sucked me fast. While fondling with my balls i felt myself getting close to cumming . I then told her i wanted to fuck her hole i turned her over and leaned. Her against the chair and then slid my cock deep into her pussy. I could feel it clasp hold of my cock as i began to fuck her hard and fast making her moan with pleasure her pussy juice coveering my cock and balls. She thentold me she ws close to cumming before she did i pulled her head back. and kissed her and fucked her harder. I was close to exploding and we boh came at the same time kim turned round and sucked me dry while tasting herself. We then both cleanef up and got on with the rest of our day.

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First story ive wrote all comments welcome.

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