All for an Orgasm


I wrapped my arms around his neck giving him the biggest hug I have given in years. “Its so good to see you ! Its been how long, 5 years now?”
As I pull out of the hug I give him a good once over noticing not much had changed. He was still tall and lanky just like when we were growing up. His face was still the same with the big puppy dog eyes and the crooked smile that had melted my heart all those years ago.
We met when we were children I was always some bodies kid sister so no one paid me much never mind, well at least until I turned 16 but by that time he was in his 20’s and knew that getting involved with me would cause trouble. We went our separate ways with him never leading on about how he truly felt about me, while I had made it perfectly clear that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him.
“You are so pretty you have grown up quite a bit. I cant believe that it has been so long. ” He said eying me.
I’m about 5’6” so not too short but dwarfed by him and I have long chestnut brown hair and big hazel eyes. I had dressed the in the cutest thing I owned which happened to be a pair of Capri pants that hugged me in all the right places. I had on a low cut shirt that flowed gently down from the ribbon under my breast covering all of the things I consider flaws.
Looking him over and finally meeting his eyes I lean forward enough to brush my lips across his. Hinting at just how happy I was to see him I pulled him back into another hug this time being sure to press my full chest and figure up tight to him. I felt something around my belly button press gently towards me and knew just how happy he was to see me.
“Are you sure you want to do this I know we’ve been talking about it for months now but it’s a big step?” He said releasing me from his embrace.

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I had spent many long days thinking about this day and all of the repercussions of what we were about to do. But I had set my mind and I was not backing out now. I knew my husband would leave me if he ever found out and his wife would be devastated but I had to continue, I had to know what I had been missing all these years.
I walked towards him and kissed him a little more forcefully to get my point across that yes this is what I want. He slowly parted his lips and I slipped just the tip of my tongue into his mouthtrying to bring his mind back to more important matters…. Me.
When we had finished kissing each other thoroughly for what seemed like an eternity I knew I had to get his clothes off and feel every inch of his body pressed against mine.
I took his hand and led him towards the bed. I had arrived at the hotel a couple hours early to prepare a few things like stripping the bed and putting clean sheets on. I tried to push him down onto it but he turned me around and laid me down running his hands on my sides from the bottom of my tits to the top of my jeans knowing that I loved nothing more than just being touched.
I moaned into his mouth as he kissed me again not wanting to be patient but knowing that we could not rush this, every touch had to be precious. He began lifting my shirt slightly just enough to snake one of his hands under it and cup my full breast sending my mind off to blank space. I put both of my hands on his shoulders feeling how strong and built he was. I started inching his shirt upwards so that I could pull it off over his head. Once off, I ran my hands over every inch of flesh I could touch trying to get my mouth to his neck and ears but he held me back while he tried to take my shirt off.

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   I assisted just to move the process alongand threw my shirt somewhere across the room.
“Oh my god your perfect you are so much better then the pictures, I don’t know how any man could not want you”
“Mmmm” I moaned “less talking more kissing”
Taking that comment at face value he immediately locked his mouth around my breast running his tongue in small circles across my nipple while pinching and tugging the other. This was almost enough to make me cum. I brought both of my hands up above my head to allow him to lavish me without distraction. He took his time allowing me to get the maximum pleasure from his work on my tits. Making me moan and arch my back trying to get him to take more. After what seemed an forever he broke away from my chest and started to kiss up my neck licking and sucking gently the hole way until he had reached my lips again.
“Your awesome I cant believe this but your amazing” I told him so sincerely. Knowing how close I was to my first orgasm I had to take over. I attempted to push him off and roll out from under him but that just didn’t seem to be working. He wanted the control, he wanted to hold me there and know that I had no choice but to allow him the pleasure of pleasuring me.
He looked at me and I knew what he was thinking he wanted to get my pants off to allow him easier access to the goods I raised my hips off the bed which also allowed me to press fully into his rock hard penis.
“Please, I want it” I begged into his ear.
He smiled down at me that cute crooked smile and simply said” No”.
I gave him a look that was fit to burn him but he wasn’t fazed just continued pulling my pants down leaving my panties in place.

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   I had purposely worn a pair of boy shorts knowing that my ass would look amazing in them once he had stripped my pants off he spread my legs allowing him to put his in between. He went down slowly kissing gently on both of my thighs and the soft spot above my slit. By the time he reached my slit one quick flick over my clit sent me over the edge allowing me to cum for him.
When he realized what was happening he locked his mouth around my cunt and sucked trying to get all of my juices. I finally started to come down from my orgasm and looked down to see his two beautiful brown eyes staring back at me. I rubbed his head gently and gave him a smile that was worth a thousand “that-a-boy” ‘s.
He broke free from my pussy and looked me fully in the eyes and asked “is it ok if I lick you a bit more? You came so quick I didn’t have a chance to savor the moment. ”
Instead of replying I thrust my hips straight towards his mouth knowing that was all the reply he would truly need. He began slowly by spreading my lips open with his fingers and sliding his tongue up and down carefully avoiding my hard clit. I was trying so hard to lay still but that was nearly impossible because the one thing he was great at was licking my tight pussy. He ran his tongue around my clit flicking it and sucking it in occasionally and he felt me nearly vibrating under him with the pleasure of his mouth. He took his free hand and ran one finger up and down until sliding just the tip into my very ready hole.
“Oh god” I screamed “I’m so close please fuck me I want to cum again” Hearing this he pulled his finger from my pussy and used his tongue to fuck my sloppy wet hole making my hole body spasm out of control as I rode another orgasm.
As I shakily stopped Cuming he pulled his wet face out of my crotch and moved backup the bed allowing me to taste myselfon his tongue. I sucked it gently in and savor the taste of a fresh pussy juice all over him.

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   Now I knew it was my turn to return the favor and make him cum. This time he didn’t object as I pushed him off and rolled away he just laid back on the bed resting his head against the fluffy pillows. I ran both hands down his chest making him shiver in delight until I ended at his belt. I pulled it free from his pants and began unbuttoning his jeans. I had just the button undone and the tip of his hard cock was showing above his boxersleaking a drop of pre cum. Not wanting to lose that first taste I leaned down and flicked my tongue across the head of his cock. He shuttered and you could hear a barely audible sigh escape his lips.
I continuedto pull his jeans off until all that was left was flesh and a very nice piece of flesh it was. He wasn’t huge but he had girth and I knew that I had to wrap my mouth around him to feel just how badly he wanted me. I started slow first at the head just sucking it into my mouth and swirling my tongue around the tip getting him nice and wet. I began to slowly suck more and more of him into my mouth until it was pressed against his body the hole time continuing to rub my tongue ring back and forth across the back of his cock.
Once at the base I allowed him to savor the feeling of being all the way in my mouth before coming up for air and breaking off at the tip. I licked him quickly on every side from base to tip before giving him control by putting his hand in my hair and lettinghim guide my mouth up and down his shaft.
“Oh god I’m getting close, do you want to feel me cum, I’m gunna cum down your throat take it all. ” He said just moments before slamming me all the way down his now rock hard shaft.

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   I felt the first spurt of cum miss my throat completely and travel down into my stomach the next spurt hit my mouth and allowed me to savor the taste and roll it around in my mouth. By the time he had finished Cumming I had slurped my way through what felt like a gallon of cum. I moved my body so I was laying next to him my hand resting gently on his now semi hard dick. Staring into his eyes.
“Do you think its worth it?” he asked.
I contemplated this question for a second before deciding “Yes” I said “What’s wrong with an orgasm? Every body wants them and if you cant get them from a person you love, they should love you enough to let you get it from some one who can”
He contemplated this statement for a moment as his hand slowly traveled down my thigh pressing my legs open to get back to my dripping pussy that was caused by his cum filling my mouth.
“I want to lick you, I want to taste what my cock did to you. ” he flipped me over so my ass was in the air and both holes were visible and ready for his mouth. He brought his face to my pussy and began licking and suckingon my now sloppy wet cunt.
“Oh god I’m so close, I want to cum, I want to feel your cock inside me, yea I’m gunna cum!” I screamed to him as I said this he pulled off and rocked back onto his knees pulling his cock trying to get it ready again. Seeing the issue I turned around and with my ass in the air sucked his soft cock into my mouth. I pulled on his cock and gently fondled his balls working him closer to his full size once more. When he was ready again I slid my mouth off him and turned back around giving him the view of my pussy and ass and begging him to fuck me to make me scream for him.
He leaned for ward pulling his dick and aiming it so the head was pressed against my wet hole. I leaned back enough to pop just the head of his cock in and he see sawed just the first few inches in and out of my pussy.

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“Oh my god I’m Cumming” I screamed again and as I started to ride my orgasm he shoved the hole length of his cock into me. I screamed and bucked my hips not used to something so thick being inside of me . “Oh yes, oh yes” I cried as he fucked my tight cunt. He started to pound my pussy pulling his cock all the way out slowly and ramming his cock back in to the hilt. He felt my tight pussy convulsing around his dick and knew he had to stop before he came.
“Oh god we have to stop I cant take anymore or I’m gunna cum. ” He pulled out and flopped down on his back his cock standing to full attention so hard and ready to fill me back up. I couldn’t deny such a beautiful object what it wanted so I climbed on top of him and slid it back into my pussy. I felt him sink in and knew that it was going to be harder to ride him then I was used to. I started by rocking my hips and feeling him slid around inside me hitting all the right spots. I kept this up until I was close to coming again I stopped so I could turn around without his cock falling out he had a view of my ass and my pussy and his cock filling me as I started to bounce up and down sliding his cock in and out of my dripping cunt.
Oh yea I’m close. I want to cum, I need you to make me cum, please, oh yea fuck meeee, please” I begged as I rode his cock knowing what I wanted he licked his fingerand started to rub it gently around my anus. He didn’t dare try to push it in not knowing how accustomed to this I was . After I felt his finger touchingmy ass I stopped and climbed off his cock pausing long enough to suck him into my mouth and taste both of our juices on it.

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“Do you want to fuck my ass?” I asked bluntly.
He gave a sly smile and nodded his head I turned around so again my ass was in the air and had him climb up behind me.
“Stick your fingers in my pussy and get them really wet then touch just the tip of one to my…” I broke off as I felt his tongue flick back and forth over my puckered opening. He pushed the tip of his tongue into my ass andproceeded to lavish the same amount of attention to it as he did my pussy. By the time he was done my hips were bucking and my both my holes were soaked.
“Are you ready yet or do I need to do more?” he inquired as he was pulling on his cock.
“Just put the tip of your finger in my ass” I told him “you have to stretch it a bit before your cock will fit. ” he did as I requested and I felt just the tip of one of his fingers press inside the oh so tight opening. I rocked my body backwards pushing my ass onto his finger and enjoying the feeling of it sinking in. I let it rest as I got it all the way in before rocking back and forth fucking his finger with my ass. When the first finger was sliding easily in and out I pulled his hand and showed him that I wanted another one not knowing how to speak at the time. He did as I wanted and I felt the second finger slid in and fucked both of them slowly loving the feeling of being full. Getting the idea he added a third finger and began fucking me with his fingers.
“Fuck my ass, want to feel your cock in my ass, oh yea fuck my ass,” he didn’t need to hear anything more and he pulled his fingers out of my ass leaving me with an empty feeling. I heard him spit and turned around to watch him rub it in all over his cock and he spit again on my ass and rubbed it around with his cock head.

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   He then pushed forward until the head of his cock had broken through my tight opening and I rocked my hips back to meet him this continued until he was buried the full length up my ass. I sighed and relaxed enjoying the feeling of him in me. He started slow and began to fuck my ass in and out.
“Oh my god” I kept screaming “Oh yea” I knew he wouldn’t be able to last very long so I decided to stop him because there was one more thing I wanted to be done .
I pulled him out of me and got up and walked across the room. I bent over and knew he was going to have a great view of my stretched ass. I reached down into my bag and pulled out the little black shopping bag I had purchased before coming here. I walked back over to the bed and sat down to open it. He was very curious peering over my shoulder while kissing me slightly. I reached in and pulled out an 8” vibrator. I laid back down on the bed and turned it on low massaging my clit and outer pussy lips gently with it. He came up between my legs to watch the show and I lifted my legs up in the air so I could wrap them around his arms as he leaned forward ready to push back into my ass. I pulled him forward with my legs and felt his hole length slid back up my ass. I moaned softly and rocked my hips forward pushing the vibrator back against my clit. He was very slowly fucking me enjoying the show.

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I stopped him and tilted my pelvis as far away from him as I could while his cock was still lodged inside of me. I slipped the whole length of the vibrator into my pussy in one quick movement. My eyes rolled back and I started moaning There is nothing like the feeling of being so full. He leaned forward again reacquainting himself with his now tighter confines enjoying the vibration. I reached down and turned the vibrator up so it would feel like the vibration pulsed between my pussy and my ass.
We kept this up until I was close again but he didn’t want me to cum instead he said “Can you get on top I want to control both dicks fucking you. “
So I climbed on top of him inserting both the vibrator and his cock at the same time I held my self two or three inches of from his body and put his hand on the vibrator allowing him to have complete control. He started to thrust his hips up and his cock would pound into my ass at the same time the vibrator would pound into my pussy causing such an intense feeling I could wait any longer.
“Oh god I’m Cumming, I love your cock in my ass, yes I’m Cumming all over this vibrator. ” As I rode my orgasm down I noticed that he was getting close I wanted to make sure his last orgasm of the day was as intense as his first. I got off his cock much to his dismay and pulled the vibrator from my well fucked cunt.
I got back in the position with my ass in the air and had him come up behind me. He leaned down and stuck his tongue into my well stretched ass feel as far as he could reach and lavished much attention on my hole. He then stuck his huge cock back into my ass and started to pound me as hard as he could. I was screaming partly from pleasure but mostly from pain but I wouldn’t tell him to stop.

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   I needed to feel his cum inside of me. He pounded me until at least I felt him start to shake and spill all of his cum into my ass.
When he finally pulled out I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. Returning from the bathroom I looked at the clock and realized I had to pick up my son and get home before my husband got out of work which was in 5 minutes. I quickly started grabbing my clothes and throwing them on knowing that I smelt like sex I could do nothing more then sprits myself with a touch of perfume.
“I’m so sorry I’m so late, this was such a great day, god I wish we could continue. ”He just looked at me and smiled watching me get dressed as I found my panties I tossed them to him as a ‘memento’ of the day I walked back to him kissed him one more time and proceeded to the door. I walked out into the bright summer light of late august and hurried to get to my car.