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I'd started back at University after my holiday job that had left me with a stretched anus and an aching cock. Paul had fixed me up in a flat so I could "entertain" visitors for him. This paid the rent and earned me some spare cash but from time to time he still fixed up "special" dates for me with particular friends of his. The taxi dropped me off at this large country house and the door was opened by a massive black guy who I took to be a security guard. He showed me into a lounge where I was greeted by an older grey haired man who Paul had described to me. He was reclining in a leather arm chair wearing a silk dressing gown and he told me to turn round in front of him while he eyed me up and down. I know the form well so I started to undress and he nodded affirmatively saying when I was naked that I had a nice body and Paul had assured him that I was both clean and well experienced which I confirmed.

He motioned me to kneel between his thighs and I set to fondling and kissing his wrinkled limp cock working it gradually to a semi hard state. As it grew I thought that in his day it must have been pretty big although now it was no longer what it was. I sucked him hard to make it swell a little more in my mouth while I massaged his large balls which dangled in a large wrinkled hairy scrotum. He told meto stand up and lean over the wide leather arm of the chair and then to resume sucking from the side while he reached over to fondle my butt. He murmured appreciation when he found I was already lubricated (Paul had made sure to tell me that before I went I should enema twice with soapy water and then baby oil) and he slipped one finger in my bottom immediately. His cock grew a little more in my mouth and I sucked harder pumping my head thinking he would never get hard enough to fuck my ass which, stretched though it was, was still tight enough to need penetrating. I felt him slip a second finger in and a little later a third which made me gasp a little and caused him to chuckle that I was still tight enough to make it enjoyable. I really wondered how long it was going to take for him to cum in my mouth which I was sure was all he would manage when he said it was time for me to be exercised. I didn't know what he meant but he reached for a bell push on the table beside him and smiled as he pressed it.

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  Almost immediately the door to the room opened and I turned to see who was coming in.

Through the door came the huge guy who had answered the door to me and another even bigger black guy. Thy were both naked except for tiny white posing briefs. Their muscular bodies were obviously oiled so they gleamed and they both stepped forward to stand in front of us each flexing their muscles like they were in a body building competition. The old guy laughed, "aren't my boys splendid, and their private parts are just as impressive, wouldn't you like to see what they have for you?"

I was speechless and more than a little scared but he told them to stand in front of me then told me to slip down their briefs so I could decide which one I wanted first. As I did so the first guys dong sprang out, it must have been 10 inches long and almost hit me in the face. My heart started to thump. I turned to the second and discovered he was even bigger, it must have been 12 inches long nd thick as my wrist. The old guy chortled with glee, "I think you should suck them first don't you, if you are really nice to them they may be gentle when they fuck that tight little bottom of yours. "I took turns, moving my head from one to the other and I confess I really loved the feel of those huge pieces of black meat in my mouth. My mouth was salivating at the thought of their creamy juices flooding it and I could taste their salty pre cum oozing out as I licked their slits. They were each circumcised so I loved the feel of their huge knobs, almost the size of small apples, filling my mouth so full that I had to really strain to open wide enough to get them in. I was lost in ecstasy pumping my head as they swayed their hips to fuck my thirsty mouth.

The old guy clapped his hands, "enough, I don't want you to cum in his mouth yet, time he was fucked!" and they led me across to an antique looking polished wooden table, bending me over it and tying my ankles apart to the legs with ropes they had obviously left for the purpose. My wrists were secured in a similar fashion the other side so my head just hung over the side and I was helpless to resist.

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  I felt my bottom being lubricated with some gel and I clenched my fist to bear what was coming. The old guy whispered in my ear, "we'll let Gary go first I think, he's slightly smaller, we don't want to break you to fast and spoil the fun do we?"I nodded and felt the huge knob press slowly into my anus, stretching it slowly and making me gasp in pain. He pulled back slightly then pushed in again until I gasped once more. It must have taken him six or seven attempts before he'd stretched me enough to get his huge cock right in and each time I yelped a little louder. The old guy clapped his hands in glee, "right, now fuck him properly!"I groaned as the huge shaft slid slowly right the way in till his hips pressed on my straining buttocks. My belly ached likeit wanted to burst, I sighed with relief as he slowly pulled out of me till my straining little sphincter was sucking on his knob, then I let out a long slow groan as he slowly slid in again filling my belly with that wonderful throbbing ache. The other black guy pressed his huge cock to my lips and I started to suck him eagerly wanting to please him but also secretly wanting to taste what a black guy's cum was like.

After what seemed like hours but was probably only 10 minutes or so their pumping grew faster and I knew they were getting close. I could see out of the corner of my eye the old guy had his cock out and was playing with it slowly. The pumping in my ass was reaching a climax now and I was almost choking on the huge tool in my mouth. As he pulled it out I could see the veins on it standing out like they were about to burst, then he shoved it in again until I thought it was going to split my throat. I heard a strangled scream from behind me and felt the hot flood deep in my guts. Then the guy in front of me grabbed my hair and held my head as he pulled out till i was just sucking his knob. I felt a hot gushing torrent flood my mouth and I spluttered spilling some of it and letting some run down my chin. It was all I had hoped for, hot, creamy, a little bit salty and as it started to dry a little sticky too.

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  I needed no orders to make me lick up every drop once they had untied me and I loved being allowed to lick both their cocks clean noting the slight vanilla taste of the baby oil from the cock that had been in my ass.

They turned me over and laid me on the table face up. The guy who'd fucked my as last time pulledmy head down so he could shove his cock in my mouth. I loved it even more this way as I could see between his legs his great hairy balls swinging as he face fucked my and this way round my tongue was rubbing on the sensitive top of his know making him groan in pleasure as I lapped him hungrily. The other two were busy putting ropes round my ankles to pull my legs up beside my ears. I tried to tell them they didn't need to, I wanted to be fucked, but they carried on saying the other guy was bigger and I would not be able to stop myselfkicking when he penetrated me for the first time. When they had finished I felt his huge cock pressing against my sore little ass. my god he was big, even compared to the first guy who had taken the precaution of taking his cock out of my mouth in case I involuntarily bit him. Good job he did because as his mate slid that huge meat into me I screamed and bit my lip in pain. That did it for the old guy whose cock was as hard as it was likely to get. He shoved it in my mouth and I just had time to suck him a couple of times before I felt him cum, not a huge amount but I swallowed it gratefully, glad I could do that for him.

Then the two black guys started to fuck me with a vengeance. My belly felt like I guess it must be whena girl is pregnant. Each time he rammed it in I felt like i was going to explode, then when he pulled it out it was like my insides were being sucked from me. The guy in my mouth wasn't shoving it so hard down my throat he was just enjoying me sucking the sensitive parts at the end.

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  I was enjoying teasing him and, since my hands were free this time, I was playing with his balls and fondling his ass as he slowly fucked my face. They kept it going a long time but finally I knew they both couldn't hang on any more. The old guy had started to play with my cock and I was close to cumming too. The guy in my ass was enjoying lowering his hips a bit so as he pulled it out and pushed slowly back in his sensitive knob was rubbing against my prostate and made me feel like I needed to wee. They all started to fuck me harder, tyhe old guy wanking my cock till I thought my balls were going to explode. We all came together, even the old guy who had obviously been wanking himself too and shot his meagre load all across my chest. I felt again the wonderful aching throbbing and the hot surge inside me. I tasted that creamy sticky goo in my mouth and dribbling down my face and even up my nose and in my eyes.

They undid me and watched me as I licked up every precious drop, wiping their juices from my skin and licking my fingers. I begged to be allowed to clean them up and of course they enjoyed it. I even thought the old guy might cum again but he didn't. I left in a daze after telling them they knew my number if ever they wanted some more fun.

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