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By: Sammy ParsonsI guess I should be a bit ashamed of myself for several reasons but I am not at all. My Aunt Ruth was one of two old maid sisters who hardly ever left the house let alone socialize. They spent years caring for their elderly parents until their deaths; by the time they died the sisters were well into their 50's. Connie was the oldest sister, and trust me she was a real piece of work. She was the dominate person of the two and after their parents died the sisters lived in the same house until Connie died at age 72. After Connie died Ruth needed a lot of assistance around the house and most of the other relatives had years ago forgotten about her but I had not. I remembered when Ruth used to keep me after school so my parents could work. I remembered the times she would send me to the store in my early teens and would always slip me some extra money for the effort and I remembered her offering to pay me to mow the grass when I started to drive and date to make sure I had cash to spend. I asked her once just before I graduated from school why she had always been so generous to me, heaven only knows I would have done most of the things I did for free and she simply said it was because I was her favorite. That thought stuck with me for years and so when I heard she needed help I was there for her. For the first week I cleaned out Connie's room since Ruth could not stand to do it herself. On the afternoon that I loaded the last box onto the moving truck I went into the Kitchen and sat down at the table. We had a cup of coffee and talked for a while. Sometime in the middle of the conversation the tone of the talk changed and she began to talk about things she had done and most importantly things she had wanted to do but had not ever done. Somewhere after never traveling to Europe she shocked me, I felt a twinge of surprise when she almost coldly stated "I guess I never will have sex either!"Almost flustered by her statement I said, "why not?" and we both snickered a bit. "I missed my chances years ago, after all who in the hell wants a 70 year old woman?" she asked me.

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  "I don't know but you are a good looking 70 year old, I am sure someone would be interested in you. ""And what if they were, most men my age cannot keep it up anymore, what fun would that be, my first time with a limp noodle. "I told her, "Find a younger man then. "For a moment I did not realize what the look she was giving me really meant but as she slipped her hand across the table and placed it on my hand, "how about you?"My eyes grew as big as saucers when I realized that she might really be serious. I had never thought of her that way, to me she was always that Grandmotherly figure to me. "Aunt Ruth, what are you saying?" I stammered "we can't do a thing like that, we are related. "With a sly little grin on her face she quipped "don't worry, you won't get me pregnant!"It was a good tension breaker for both of us, then with a dead serious look into my eyes she repeated, "Please screw me. "I sat back in the chair, took a deep breath and then said "okay, I will if you want me to. "Without another word we walked from the Kitchen and down the hall to her room, on the way there I was not sure what I was going to do, this whole situation was more than I could process. My mind raced to many things as I followed her to her room. She was 40 years older than me, she had no real sexual appeal to me and we were related. As she entered the room my inspiration hit me, she was a virgin, an honest to God virgin. I had never had a virgin before. So I put out of my mind the negative things about the situation and set my sights on her cherry. We were both too uncomfortable to undress each other so she sat on the bed and began to disrobe while I sat on a chair by the bed and watched her undress while I took my clothes off.

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   I almost chuckled; this was like a cartoon to me. Her bra was one of those old contraptions that covered most of her torso and her panties covered most of the rest. It took her several minutes to get it all off but soon she lay back against the head of the bed and I stood up naked and walked to the end of the bed and stood there looking at her. I guess I was naive but except for the obvious lines and sags on her body and face she still was a woman, she had tits that sagged now but obviously were quite impressive at one time, the nipples were small and still tight. As my eyes slid down the rest of the way down her stomach I noticed that she had two puffy rolls of fat hanging over her cunt like a skin awning. The hair on her pussy was light brownish and thinning, she had several dark spots in the hair especially at the top of her slit above where her clit was located. As I slipped onto the bed from the foot and moved her way she was only looking at one thing, she was checking out my dick. I saw her smile so I knew she seemed a lot less nervous than I was. I for a moment thought about simply mounting her, popping her cherry and giving her a quickie then I thought better of it and was determined to make it an experience for her. I have always been known for my talented tongue in bed, it was what had helped me get many of the women I had been with. As I slipped towards her cunt to dig into her snatch she seemed shocked, she squirmed a bit at first but as soon as I zeroed in on her clit she got with the program like a pro. I did some of my best work on her that day. She did not talk much at all but she moaned loudly several times as I worked my tongue up her slit from the bottom of her lips to the tip or her clit. I took her to the verge of what I could only assume was her first orgasm and then plowed my tongue between the lips of her slit and rocked my heed back and forth cupping the clit with my tongue until she screamed in ecstasy and continued to moan as I continued to tongue fuck her for several seconds to take advantage of the sensitivity of the clit after an orgasm. She moaned and bucked her hips against my tongue until she could not stand the raw sensation of overworked clit any longer and then began to push me away from her cunt.

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   I next slipped up into a good position between her legs. As I rested my weight on my arms and shoulders and guided my dick to the opening of her pussy lips. Not knowing whether at her age she would still have a hymen or not I slowly began to enter her uncharted territory. She let out a quick, tense breath as I parted her ancient pussy lips with my much younger cock. As I slipped into her I felt the warm, slick walls of her cunt brush against my intruding manhood. It was not a tight pussy but it was not like throwing a hotdog down the hallway either. About halfway into her love canal I felt the head of my dick pressing against what I assumed was her cherry, I slipped easily past it as it simply tore away and I continued to press on slowly until the base of by dick was resting against the crown of her pussy. As I came to rest for a moment with the base of my cock buried as far as it would go in her I took a deep breath and then did something that even surprised me. I lowered my upper body enough to rest my younger chest against hers and planted a kiss on her lips. I was not sure if the hesitation she had when I did this was due to the fact that I was a close relative or the fact that I still had my face drenched with her pussy juices but the hesitation did not last long. We were soon locked in an embrace as I began to hump her. As I tried to remove my mouth from hers she would not let it happen, she was not French kissing me but we were lip locked as I continued to thrust into her pussy over and over. It was not until she began to moan with her approaching orgasm that she let my lips part from hers. As we continued to fuck we were looking straight into each others eyes, I saw the sweat beading up on her face and the look of a woman in heat in her eyes. It was like I was releasing the weight of the world off of her.

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  I drove into her continuously until I began to feel the swelling pressure in my balls and knew that it was time to finish it. I was glad that she beat me to the finish line that day; After all I wanted her to have the experience of her life. She was still wiggling under my hips from her own orgasm when I exploded my warm load into her in several intense spurts. As I pulled out of her I was still reeling from the spasms and shot a small load onto the top of her slit. We were speechless for a moment then I got up and went to the shower to collect my senses. A minute after I climbed into the shower I heard the door open and by the time I turned she had pulled back the shower curtains and stood there smiling at me. "Thank you for that" she said to me as I stood in the shower looking at the woman I had just fucked, the woman with the sagging body and the woman with my cum still dripping from her snatch and running down her leg. "It was a pleasure" was all I could say at the time, which was not a lie. For months we continued to screw, she was like a kid with a new toy. She wanted to try it all and we did try most of it. My family kidded me about all the time I spent doing chores for Aunt Ruth but they never saw the bigger picture. After that we would screw occasionally but not as often as at the first, I guess it was sort of like a marriage in that respect. 5 years later at the reading of her will you could have heard a pin drop as the Attorney read her Will to the family. Aunt Ruth left it all to me, the house and the bank account. On the way out of the building my brother asked me why she had left me everything, I simply smiled and told him "because I took care of her special needs, after all remember bro I was her favorite.

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