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 One of the men to stand up in our wedding was my husband’s ex-roommate Mark. As the years passed we grew closer. He and his wife Sue were Godparents to our firstborn. We often visited in each other’s homes throughout the years. We would adjourn to the living room and they to the den to discuss our jobs, relationships and life in general.
 During one particular visit, as we were gabbing, I mentioned I had told my husband I thought sex would be better if he lost weight (he was five feet ten inches tall and about two hundred sixty pounds). Sue thought on this a bit and said she really couldn’t say. She went on to explain she didn’t find sex fun. She found it not only uncomfortable but painful as well. She engaged in sex because as a dutiful wife it was expected. She would lie on the bed, hands clenched firmly at her sides, as he screwed her trying to block out the pain. She didn’t make a sound, except to winch occasionally. They had no children and probably never would. Now it was my turn to reflect.
 That night as my husband and I lay in bed I related Mark’s dilemma to him. He was sympathetic to his plight but didn’t think it was his place to bring it up with Mark and I agreed.

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   Lord knows Sue and I had never gotten along well, this would be a capper. Some weeks passed and Mark’s problem weighed heavy on my mind. Sue had been his first great love and the only girl he had ever been with. He loved her dearly and she was frigid. To top it off Mark believed he was at fault for having such carnal desires.
 One evening after my husband and I engaged in intercourse I brought up the weight issue again. It occurred to me that Mark’s problem and mine might be mutually resolvable. If Mark (who was five feet eight inches tall and approximately one hundred and forty pounds) engaged in sex with me, I might realize weight was not such an important issue and Mark would learn he wasn’t a sexual deviant. This appeared to be the perfect solution, if both my husband and he agreed to it. I presented my case to my husband and after some thought he agreed to be a participant, if Mark would. On our next visit to their place he presented my idea to Mark and they spoke, at great length, about the pros and cons of this proposed course of action. Mark after some thought agreed but Sue must never know. They began to work on a cover story to explain his need to be, a) away from home for the entire night and b) without Sue. Mark explained to Sue that he and my husband would be doing “astrological observations” the majority of the night at a tented campground in the northern tip of the state, where light pollution was greatly reduced. Being late in the fall of the year it would be a “brisk” (temperature wise) at best.

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   Sue told him she thought it best she stay home, so he could have “a boy’s night out”. The stage was set, now all we had to do was wait for the weather to cooperate (a clear night). Several weeks later it did.
 He called me that Saturday at work to inform me conditions were ideal for our venture. I explained to him I was working and wouldn’t be home until eleven-thirty in the evening. He said he would arrive about eleven. I called my husband, at work, to let him know Mark would be there when he arrived home. Mark told me he would stop by the liquor store on the way there and pick up a bottle of Asti Spumonte (my favorite) to ease a probably uncomfortable situation. Mark arrived at eleven and had the house all to himself. He proceeded to the master bedroom where he could put his things, took a shower donned his favorite terrycloth robe before emerging from the bedroom ready for action. Mark went into the living room closed the drapes, lit the fireplace, dimmed the lights and put on some appropriate mood music. He seated himself on the coach to await my arrival.
 My first thoughts as I walked in the door were; “Does he really want to do this, with me?” I assured myself he did. I went to the bedroom and changed out of my nurse’s uniform and into a green negligee I had purchased for this occasion. I dabbed the perfume under my breasts and on my inner thighs.

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   I stood before the mirror modeling my ensample and thought it might work better without the panties. As I slid them down my legs I glanced at my shaved and trimmed pubic region, which now formed the shape of a small heart. I rubbed my moist vagina and shuddered, I was ready. I put on my light blue bathrobe and walked to the living room where Mark waited. I could see Mark was visibly uncomfortable as I walked in the room. Could he think something was amiss? I untied my bathrobe allowing it to slip from my shoulders unveiling my near naked beauty to him. Mark’s eyes widened as his face lit up with a smile. I walked to the couch and sat next to him.   He popped the cork on the chilled Asti and filled our glasses (nearly spilling it as his eyes never left my breasts) than handed me one. I tipped my head to him and asked him if he liked the view with a broad smile.
 Mark and I made small talk for a while sipping the bubbly, exchanging glances. I noticed his eyes kept drifting down to my breasts (Sue is ½ A-cup while I filled C-cup). I glanced down at his crotch and noticed something stirring under his robe and I knew he was becoming aroused by just the sight of me (which I found quite flattering, actually). I took his glass and set it on the tray and turned toward him grasping his hands, placing them on my breasts. He eagerly explored their fullness and wondered at my nipples as they rose to meet his caresses.

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   I placed my hand on his knee and ran it between the folds of his robe and up to grasp his cock. It began to swell in my embrace and soon surpassed my husband’s in size and still it continued to grow. Mark, made eager by his arousal, was trying to remove my top so that he might touch my naked form. I arose from the couch and led him to the area in of front of the fireplace. I slowly removed my negligee; my skin lit only by the dim light from the flickering fire and was pleased to see the fire in his eyes, as I stood naked before him. I reached for the knotted sash on the front of his robe untying it and running my hands under its folds and up to his shoulders, stepping forward to peel it over his shoulders and down his arms to fall in a heap on the floor behind him. We embraced our naked bodies meshing against each other. I felt something brush along my leg, as we did so, and stop just above my kneecap. As our embrace ended and I stepped back to admire his form my eyes drank in his physique. Broad shoulders, a flat chiseled chest and stomach and to my astonishment one of the largest cocks I had ever seen. This monster had to be at least twelve inches long and six inches in diameter. My husband had never mentioned this.
No wonder his wife had issues. I looked back at Mark’s face to see his head down turned,
In shame? I reached out one hand to grasp his cock and pull him toward me while my other lifted his head, that I might kiss him again. As our kiss ended I squeezed his cock while whispering in his ear; “I love it!” This time when our eyes met I saw them sparkle with lustful joy.

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 I motioned for him to take a seat on the floor and went to retrieve our glasses and returned handing him his drink. As his hand reached out to take it I marveled how like some ancient Greek statue he appeared in the firelight. I sank to the floor next to him as we sipped from our glasses. We again made small talk while our eyes explored each other’s naked form. We finished our drinks and our hands began to retrace the paths our eyes had taken. His touch was firm but gentle as he ran his hands from my neck, down my shoulders along my arms and than my legs, only to return along the inner side of my legs and thighs lightly brushing across my vagina and bush, my stomach and abdomen to finally grasp my breasts. His head bent forward, to lightly use his tongue to trace the outline of my areolas before his lips sank around my nipple. I gasped; the heat in my belly was becoming unbearable. I could feel the moisture that had formed deep within me oozing out my cervix and along the crack of my ass. I raised his face to mine and kissed him, deeply. Than ran a trail of kisses down his neck and chest. I grasped his cock and licked it; a huge shudder ran through his body. I placed my mouth around this monster and sucked it as deep in my throat as I could and heard him gasp and groan in ecstatic pleasure.
I began to slowly bob my head so that my lips could travel up and down his heavily veined shaft and was rewarded by an even louder groan escaping his lips. I soon felt his hands on either side of my head, not to pull my head further on, but to push it off.

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   I could see he was breathing hard as he pulled my face to his and kissed me. As the kiss ended and our heads parted and I could see his face was red and he had an embarrassed look in his eyes, his head turned downward and he stammered; “No one has ever done that to me, I almost…” Right at that moment I could not have wanted him more, I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him so hard we fell over. We both laughed. He rolled me on my back and I spread my legs to welcome him. He positioned his body over mine and kissed me again. He than positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to my cervix. He rubbed his cock along the length of my vulva from just below my rectum over my cervix to circle my now distended clitoris, I shuddered and groaned. He did this several times before seating the tip of his cock in my love canal. Ever so slowly, he pushed his rock hard cock further into me. Its girth stretched me beyond almost anything I had previously known. Being careful to hide my discomfort I placed my arms around his neck and pulled my face up to his kissing him hungrily. He stopped when he had about four inches in me and began to withdraw it, only to plunge it back in but only to the point it was before. He repeated this over and over. I looked up at him to see his face intensely concentrating on what he was doing. I puzzled for a moment and than it hit me, my husband had said Mark told him Sue would complain about how he hurt her when he fucked her.

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   He must have learned to restrain himself from using his entire tool.
 I grabbed his face and turned it till his eyes met mine, he stopped and began to get off murmuring an apology. I put a serious look on my face, smiled and stated quite firmly “Fuck Me!” He looked startled; I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him toward me with all my might. He responded with a stronger thrust, again I moaned as felt
six inches drive into me (farther than my husband ever had). He withdrew and I begged; “More!” His hips surged forward again driving his cock in further than before and he withdrew again to lunge forward driving further. I pleaded with him; “I want it all!” I looked up to see his face twisted in lustful passion as he drove his cock harder and deeper into my now passion inflamed pussy. Just as I felt the head of his dick press against the back of my uterus I felt pubic hairs mesh against my vulva. I loved every inch of this pussy splitting tool. He paused again and I smiled broadly at him and kissed him deeply. “Now, Fuck Me Hard!” I breathlessly ordered. He began to pump his cock in and out of me as hard as he could and to his surprise I bent my legs at the knee and planted my feet flat on the floor and began pushing my pelvis up to meet his. He gasped and worked all that much harder to meet my body’s urgent demands. I felt the muscles in my cervix milking his cock with every stroke; the knot in the pit of my stomach became a fist. A new feeling began to take form deep inside me. We were both gasping for air and sweating like pigs, driven by a passion that neither of us had previously experienced.

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   I noticed that with each successive stroke his ball sac seemed to be shrinking as less and less of it slapped my ass with each piston stroke. I could feel the head of his cock swelling deep inside my body. Just as I thought my over-taught muscles could take no more, he paused, groaned and exploded inside me triggering an orgasm more powerful than I had known for a long time. My entire body writhed in one orgasmic spasm after another, lights exploded behind my eyes and the world floated away. The next thing I remember his arms were around me and we were on our sides, his now shrinking manhood still buried deep within me. He was brushing the hair back from my sweat-drenched face kissing it with tender passion and saying; “Thank you!” over and over again.
 For a time we laid there locked in each other’s arms, savoring our fading passions afterglow. Finally, we separated and arose to adjourn to the bedroom. Mark collapsed on the bed and fell into a deep sleep. I thought I should check up on my husband before joining Mark. I found my husband sitting on the closed toilet seat in the hallway bathroom, his head buried in his hands. I asked if he was feeling all right and could sense he was in some distress. His arms reached out to me and I stepped forward to his embrace. He wrapped his arms around my hips and drew me forward to rest his head against my stomach. He lightly kissed my abdomen and asked; “How was it?” “Wonderful!” I blurted out.

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   I felt a hand leave my backside and run along the inner side of my leg. I stepped back to see him staring at a glob of semen that covered the fingertips of his hand. “Very well, I see” he replied. I turned and left him there to ponder its implications. I returned to the bedroom and laid my body next to Mark’s slumbering form. As I drifted off to sleep I realized not only had something been gained but something had been lost as well and drifted off to sleep.
 I don’t know how long I rested before I awoke to the touch of Mark’s hand gently stroking my clitoris. My breathing was already raspy and my newly awakened sex drive was leaping at the opportunity to perform with him again. He climbed aboard, this time assured he would get as good as he gave. This time it lasted over an hour changing up positions every ten minutes or so. I found he loved doing it “doggy-style”, ramming his cock into with such force that I found it difficult to remain upright and had to grab the headboard to steady myself. Before each inward plunge he would slap my ass and grunt: “Oh, yeah!” We ended this session on our side’s; arms wrapped about each other his cock making small piston strokes, which rubbed my clitoris with every move. We came together and fell asleep in each others arms exhausted from our efforts.
 I was next awakened by the dawn’s light shining in my face as it peaked through the window frame. We were still locked in each other’s arms.

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   My inner legs and thighs felt sticky with the previous nights now dried juices. That is when I noticed something odd; the shriveled head of his cock was still lodged in the entrance to my womanhood. I thought of the Kegeling lessons I taught to pregnant women at the OB. clinic and decided to try to flex those muscles. Concentrating I squeezed my vaginal muscles and was rewarded by a responding thump from his cock. Gingerly at first, I flexed my new found muscles attempting to arise his sleeping giant. I could feel it swell and grow inside me. With practice I found I could ripple my cervical muscles along the length of his ever-growing cock. I was careful not to move the rest of my body lest I wake him. As his cock grew and spread to fill me I felt my heart racing so hard in my chest I thought it might wake him. I opened my mouth to take shallow gasps of much needed air. My lower back ached as I fought the desire to swivel my hips. Ever so slowly, gently I milked his now blood engorged cock with the muscles lining my cervical canal, manipulating them so that I might feel him empty his load into me one more time. It took almost ninety minutes before he came, blasting his life essence into my yearning womanhood. His eyes fluttered open as he did.


   He smiled at me and I grinned madly back at him. We kissed, a long, deep, moist exchange of tongues and saliva.
 Mark got up and went into the bathroom. I heard the water run in the tub and knew he was about to shower. I joined him in the shower and asked him to allow me to wash him. He nodded his approval and I took the soap and lathered the washcloth. I began the slow lovingly laborious task of washing ever-square inch of his body. As I finished he took me his arms and we kissed again. I could feel his throbbing cock against my body and as I reached to grasp it he stepped away shaking his head no and got out of the shower to dry himself and dress to leave. I emerged several minutes later to dry myself and stepped in the hallway to see his back receding down it toward the door. Naked I ran after him, catching up and turning him to face me. I embraced him tightly and whispered; “Please don’t let it end here?” I looked at his face and he kissed me again. “I won’t”, he replied and left.
 I went to bed and lay naked on the still warm, damp, cum stained sheets pulling the covers over me and reveling in his body odor drifting slowly back to sleep.

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Η Ελλάδα, είναι μια από τις πιο πολυάσχολες χώρες σε ολόκληρη την Ευρώπη. Διαθέτει μια ενδιαφέρουσα ιστορία 4,000 χρόνων, είναι η χώρα της δημοκρατίας, του πολιτισμού, του φιλότιμου, με φιλόξενους ανθρώπους, και εντυπωσιακές φυσικές τοποθεσίες. Στην πραγματικότητα, εάν θέλετε μπορείτε να εξερευνήσετε μερικά από τα πιο πανέμορφα νησιά στον κόσμο μόνο για να συνειδητοποιήσετε ότι θα ζήσετε μια ανεπανάληπτη εμπειρία ζωής.
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