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   it isnt easy livin life after midnight when your wakeup call is at 2:00 a. m. Everybodys happy hour is well after i fall asleep, and seeing people at last call isnt normally isnt a turn on.   needless to say, i dont meet very many women.
   i work at a donut shop / diner through breakfast.   the first hours of the day are spent in complete solitude, while the next few are spent over a grill.   in those hours of the day most of the freaky chics are not out in force.   i meet busness owners, tourists , and people on their way to court.
   one friday not too long ago, as i passed a order through the dining room window, i noticed a short athletic woman sitting at a booth alone.   she was a very attractive, wearing a blue summer dress and dainty sandles.   she appeared to be in her 40's  about 5'2" 120 lbs with dark blond hair and a very nice tan.   i cooked like mad to get to that little window as often as possible, sneaking every glimpse i could.   after a few mor glimpses, i noticed her c cup breasts (with her headlights on bright) with a tatoo barely peeking out on one of her breasts.   as she was walking to the register i could see her outline through the dress as she passed in front of the windows.   she had a big heart shaped ass that melted down to a pair of healthy muscular leggs.
  after her depature (few seconds) i filled my last order, so with spare time on my hands i took out the trash.

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    on my way accross the back parking lot i noticed her getting in her car, a nice very expensive bmw.   after emptying the can, i stopped for a cigarette outside the back door.   she got out and started walking towards me.   she said "are you the cook here".
"yes ma'am" i replied
"were you running the kitchen by yourself?" she asked with curiosity
again i said "yes ma'am
she looked at me with suprise as she responded with "i see the waitresses stuffing lots of tips in there pockets, but not you. how about this. "
she took me by the arm and led me toward her car while still talking.   "that was the best meal i have had in a long time, and you look like you work too hard"  she opened her purse, "here she said" 
"no ma'am, i couldnt possibly" i replied thinking she was going for money
"dont refuse till you see it" she spoke with a flirty voice
  she handed me a key on a nice keychain. the keychain had a gold tag about the size of a credit card.   ingraved on one side it said "tenth floor"  on the other side "28 C".
"what's this for" i asked acting a little dumbstruck
"this is a key to my houseboat, and i am offering it to you for the night. the engine isnt running but a night there is very relaxing. when you leave leave the key" 
  i pondered for a sec, im 25 single with nothing to do on a friday night.   "okay. why not" as i took the key she said  "enjoy the tip, you'll have a blast there"
   after work i made record time home for a change of cloathes and my sack of weed, and to the marina.

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    its about a hour ride on my bike, out in the sticks.   i arrived at almost 2:00, and started down to the dock. i had a hard time with the slip number, and after getting lost a couple of times arrives at my final destination for the evening
  it was five times bigger than my appartment, 2 stories, patio on the roof, plus its own waterslide.   i used the key, and slid the door open. it was like the hilton. i walked through a living area and kitchen on my way to the bar wich was fully stocked.   i poured a drink and went to the recliner drink and bottle in my hands.
after half a bottle of hennessee i was out cold, thinking of the absent lucious host.
  i woke as the sun was rising the mext morning, starving.   i walked to the porch for some air.   when i stepped out i was shocked.   where is the other boats?  where is the dock? where the fuck am i?  i said to my self  "how did i get lost on the lake when i didn't go anywhere. "
  "I thought one nights rest was'nt enough, so how about two. "
wasting no time i replied "cool, i was thinking about calling in today anyways. "
   she was wearing a thin tan robe over her baithing suit that all i could see was a neckstrap that almost perfectly mached her tan.

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    she took me around the lake untill almost dark, when we were several miles away from anywhere, and far enough from shore we couldnt hardly see it. when asked about the engine, she smiled and changed the storyto herself and the boat.   she told about her workaholic husband who is cheating on her. how he owns a office building that has nine floors, so he does other meetings on the tenth floor (the boat).
just after dark she made a really nice dinner.   a large steak, with baked tater, and a cold beer in a large frosty mug.   she was spoiling the shit out of me. as i feasted on rare meat and beer, she went upstairs for a moment and returned soon there after. she promtly asked  "do you want desert?"  i replied "i dont think i have room" eating the last bites from the plate.
  "i think you can handle it"  as i turnet to see she was gone, her robe laying on the floor slightly drug towards the stairs.   i finished my bite wipeing my face as i started up the spiral staircase.    when i arrived on the second floor the back door was slid open a little. i stepped out to the dimly lit patio.   no one there, but hanging on the ladder to the sundeck was her baithing suit, so up i went.   finally, with no higher to go, here she is wearing only a smile.

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    she was layng on her belly. with a popsicle that she was teasing with her full wet lips.   my cock stood up so fast it almost knocked me over, taking the leg of my swim trunks with it.   the last 5 or 6 inches was sticking out going higher than my waste band to my navel.   she smiled when she seen it then licking her lips when she noticed i was'nt trying to cover it up.
  "arent you a little hot in those shorts, loose them and feel the night air. "  wasting no time, and almost ready to spew a load i tore my way out of them as i got tangled in the net lining.   she giggled and purred like a cat.   her eyes got wide as she saw me in the full moonlight.   all 10 inches standing for inspection for her pleasure. she sighed in a sultry tone and said "this nice young man has sneaken a monster on board.   i have only seen cocks like that on black men on tv. "  
   she stood and took my hand leading me to a large footon on the front side of the deck.   she sat me down gently pushing me on my back.   her hands were rubbing slowly and lightly across my chest as her tight breasts occasionaly grazing my cock.

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    when she worked her way down, keeping eye contact, she whispered "it has been over a year since my husband has touched me, and i cant remember the last time i let him go without a condom. he does them sluts without protection.   i want it like that but not from him"   just then she embraaced the head of my cock and started stroking softly.   i couldnt hold back. berore warning i squirted a huge shot that splattered between her silky tits and splattering on her jaw. she pointed my cock at her chest straddling one of my legs. on the third shot, she moaned loud as i felt her pussy squirt on my legg like she just pissed on me.   
    she rubbed my jizz over her titsas she strolled over to the edge.   "cum this way" as she dove in the water, with me close behind.   she swam to the ladder climbed up, and said (i'll meet you in the master bedroom, then ran inside.
   as i went through i grabbed two large brandi nightcaps.   in a moment, i was sitting on a large sofa in the bedroom in front of a fireplace.   from the bathroom i heard her say,  "turn off the fire and the lights. "   when i did it was pitch black.   i heard her footsteps on the carpet as she entered the room.

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    suddenly four blacklights, one in each corner, light up and her skin was glowing.   she was wearing neon pink fishnet stockings, garter belt, and thong panties undernieth a nearly transparent skin thght nightie.   she whispered "i want you to fuck me like a trashy little cum slut. anything you want, use me like a piece of meat. "
    she stood on the sofa straddling me. she pushed her crotch to my nose grinding her hips. i reached up stroking her thigh, her sweet juices dribbling down her leggs.   she slid down my chest straddling my lap.   her breathing was heavy and she was quivering so hard she was her own vibrator.   she started grinding her hips on my throbbing cock.   she started moaning as her lips reached around the shaft of my cock. i was stroking her breasts, and she began to buck furiously as she came in a flood.   i felt a hot wave of her nectar splash in my lap running down and pooling under my ass.   she whispered "it feels like humping a wine bottle" 
   "so this is how you treat a piece of meat"  she asked.   with that i grabbed her hair, pulling her head back while chewing on her neck.

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    with one motion i grabbed her ankle and flipped her onto the floor.   she landed hard, with a giggle she replied "oh yes hurt me daddy".   i jumped on her like a savage. i couldnt stand it any more.   we kissed slopily slobbing all over one another.  
  i picked her up very forcefully, and slammed her down on the coffee table. then rolled her on her stomace, holding her arms behind her back.   i positioned my dick (now swolen as big as the big end of a ball bat) in her face  "open your fucking mouth bitch"  sheparted her lips and i forced my cock in her throat, and began brutally fucking her mouth.   i rolled her over on her back and continued fucking her mouth as i pulled her thick tight leggs back pinning her leggs while holding her wrists.   she gagged and choked, but i never slowed down.   she passed out and her throat relaxed.   with one last violent thrust i ramed my pole balls deep as i came like a river while sucking her pussy. when i came she woke and squirted buckets, while choking on my cock.
when i pulled out my boner was still raging, round 2 was on.   i lifted and threw her on the bed.

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   i ripped off all her slut wear  except stockings and garter.   she struggled against me as i rolled her to her stomoch forcing a large pillow under her hips.   "are you ready to become a cum dripping trailer slut"  "be gentle your so big"  she cried as i slid the tip in her pussyhaving to force it in. she was sloppy wet but nothing nearly this big ever went there before.   i forced the tip in as she cried in pain and pleasure at the same time.   after the head i violently rammed all the rest in til it bottomed out in her womb with almost half left to go.   she screamed like it was her first time as she gushed her juice out around my cock.   i started fucking her slowly ramming her harder and harder goimg deeper and deeper with every violent thrust untill i was all in. she started to relax and enjoy the feeling of my monster cock destroying her deprived pussy.   i started hammering harder and faster with long deep strokes. she reached back and pulled her cheeks wide and pushed her hips out to open herself to me.   "yes ohh ohh fuck me destroy my cunt.   tear it apart.   i want my husband to think a horse has been in here. make it loose for his little dick fuck it its you cunt fuck me daddy"  she was thrashing violently bucking like a horse being raped.

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  i fucked raped and demolished her pussy for three hours before suprising her.   i was pulling all the way out and stabbing back in when i pulled back and stabbed my cock balls deep in her unsuspecting virgin asshole.   she screamed like she was shot and passed out. she was out for about four minutes.   while she was unconcious i brutally fucked that tight ass and slid the neck of a wine bottle in her ass with my cock untill i felt it tear. i removed the bottle, and kept fucking her destructed ass. when she woke with a scream i asked, "your asshole  is as loose as a dirty trailer whores giant pussy. "  "ohh god your tearing me in half.   i love it!  do that to my cunt. my husband thinks it is his but make it fit you. "   i pulled out and rolled her over to her back she stretched her leggs apart and put her feet behind her head.   "stab me with that horse cock fuck me like you are raping a whore"  i fucked her with all i had for what seemed like forever tied like a prezel and not getting any looser.   at almost daylight she was so weak she couldnt move. and i was ready to blow.   "where do you want me to cum?"  "cum inside me make all of it go deep.

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   i have never felt cum inside me  make it leak out of my eyes"
  with all the striength i had left i ramrodded her like a dirty fucktube wile she screamed  "fill me cum cum cum ohhhh make my sore cunt a jizz bag OHHHHHHHHHH"  and boy did i.   with one last stab i bottomed out in her still tight pussy, and let my seed fly.   "FIRE IT FUCKING BURNS" i pumped her full with enough to drown her. i gently pulled out and a stream flowed out of her beaten cunt.   i laid on the bed and fell asleep.  
   when i woke a few hourslater she had gone downstairs.   she was using a pair of crutches and wearing a towell like a diaper.   she looked like holy hell.   her titties were solid bruses with bite marks all over her body.   her pussy and thighs were purple while her asshole was tore so bad she couldnt completely stop the bleeding.   despite the hard ride, she was glowing with fulfillment.  
she greeted me with "what do you say to the married woman"
"i duno. what"
"happy annaversary"
  when we returned to shore she said "this really is your pussy. ill come by for breakfast really soon"  then we can do it it all up
  let me know how i did

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