Blading Chapter 2 - the Hot tub


“Its fine, when I got home there was a message from my friends saying that something had come up and since I was slow they left just after arriving at the pub. ” She said in disgust, so I thought of the fun we had had and decided to take you up on your offer for a glass of wine. That is if its still valid?” she said shyly tilting her head to the right seductively. What could I say but “Yes, its still valid. Nice view of the harbour isn’t it?” “Yes, did you say that this room had a Jacuzzi?” she asked“uh-huh its through that door by the closet. ” I replied as I opened the bottle of wine which I had placed in the mini-bar fridge. I watched as she sailed past me, after giving me a mischievous kiss on the cheek and made her way to the bathroom. As I was getting the cork out of the bottle I heard the water starting in the tub and said loudly to be heard over the water “Is everything OK in there Cindy?”“Oh, Yes it is” was here reply. I poured two glasses and walked into the bathroom. There I found paradise. Cindy’s dress was lying on the floor with her white lace bikini briefs crumpled on top of it and she was standing there naked in the Jacuzzi as the water filled up. I nearly dropped the glasses as I studied her gorgeous body. There she was swirling the water with her feet, a large Band-Aid over her left knee. Her legs were muscular and where they met was a shaved pussy, except for a small heart shaped grope of black pussy hair above her pussy lips. Her whole pussy area was milky white compared to the tanned body, the tan lines revealed that she wears an extremely small thong to sunbath. Her stomach was exquisitely toned and her breasts were firm and round, nipples erect and swaying slowly as she moved.

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   Her chest must be about 36” nearly matching the width of her hips. My cock was now screaming to get out and was making its presence known in my jeans. Her breasts were tanned which said that she sunbathed topless as there were no milky white outlines on them, or straps going up to her neck. She smiled a seductive smile at me and reached for her glass of wine. Taking a sip of it letting me enjoy the view a few seconds more she then asked “Wouldn’t you like to join me the water is just right?” Well that’s an invitation only a fool would refuse! I literally tore my shirt and jeans off, set the timer on the Jacuzzi and stepped into the tub. I put down my glass and then took her glass and set it down, moved closer to her and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. My rock hard member was now squished against her tummy and the oozing pre-cum was now splattered on both her tummy and my cock. She pushed forward as her serpent tongue sprung into my mouth. We stood there grinding our bodies sucking the life out of each others mouth for a few minutes. Eventually we relinquished the kiss so we could breath and then settled into the bubbles and jets of the Jacuzzi. Our bodies were beside each other feeling the bubbles from the jets caress our bodies as our tongues explored each others mouths, cheeks, necks lacing them with kisses, tingling the nerves that send pleasure impulses to the brain. Cindy’s hands start drifting from my neck down to my chest where she pinches and rubs my nipples with her slender fingers. Then after toying with both nipples her hand moves slowly and lightly down my stomach towards its goal, my hard cock. In the meantime I and nearly echoing her movements, her breast so soft and yet firm. The nipples responding to the touch and getting larger.


   I play with each one squeezing my thumb and finger prompting them to get harder and evoke slight moans from Cindy. The hand then follows the breast gently using my fingertips move lightly barely touching her skin down to her stomach. My other hand slips behind her and pushes her chest up out of the water so that I can lay butterfly kisses from her neck down to her left breast. When reaching the erect nipple I engulf it with my mouth and then roll my tongue around it while sucking it. Then lightly bit the nipple as I suck which causes more moans from Cindy as her hand strokes my cock from the tip of the head down the vein and then onto my balls. Waves of pleasure are sent screaming to my head and drops of pre-cum make their way into the water. I move my attention to Cindy’s other breast while my hand lightly snakes its way across the heart shaped patch of hair. Cindy’s breath is now starting to quicken, as my heart pounds and she spreads her legs to give me better access. My fingers find the top of her pussy and makes there way down across the folds towards her ass. Stopping short and then retrace my path back up her pussy lips to find the crowning nipple that is the clit. Gently coaxing it out of its protective sheath with my fingers by rubbing it gently. Then as the little bud fills with blood and becomes erect I leave it to venture into the folds and treasure below. Cindy’s body is reacting to the continual kissing and sucking on her tits and to the stimulation of her clit. The legs as spread and her ass is moving up to meet the hand by her pussy. The fingers now slip into the folds of here pussy lips and then a finger enters her cavern as her ass moves up to push it in and a “mmmmm.

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  . ” sound escapes her mouth. Deeper it goes, my thumb now rubs her clit and my mouth comes back to explore hers. I slip a second finger into the darkness and start wiggling them back and forth deep within her. After a few minutes of this I take a break and just start sliding the fingers in and out. First slowly, then increasing the speed as Cindy’s hips start moving with the rhythm and the bath water starts to make waves on top of the bubbles as her movements increase in intensity. Her had has stopped stroking my cock and is not clutching on to it as if it was a stabilizing handle. It didn’t bother me, as my cock spasmed within her hand, it was almost as good as being stroked and I was to busy concentrating on bringing Cindy to her climax. It wasn’t long till her legs tightened around my hand holding the fingers captive deep within her. Now that she was that close I again started wiggling them inside her making sure that they continually hit her g-spot continually one after the other. This was too much for Cindy her whole body tightened and she thrust her hips onto my fingers. Her movement was now creating waves that now reached the lip of the bath tub. I went back to kissing her tits as she cried out “ Oh god I’m cumming, mmmmm, urgh, ah ah ah mmmmm. ” I thought my hand was going to be crushed by the power of he muscle contractions both inside and outside her pussy. Then there was a series of smaller climaxes and then her body started to relax and I could take my fingers out of her pulsating pussy.

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   She leaned over and gave me a long kiss and started to massage my cock again slowly moving up and down. I moved to sit on the edge of the tub, so that I could spread my legs and let Cindy get a better view of my cock and balls. Actually it was so that I could let it get some action and relieve the building pressure. Cindy watched as I settled on the edge of the tub, just the lower parts of my legs being massaged by the water. Spreading my legs was like a beacon for Cindy to come in and dock her mouth on my docking port. She got onto her knees and brought her face towards my member and said “mmm, shaved balls, I love that, so get ready for a treat as suck you dry” and then with one hand gently squeezing and massaging my balls her mouth opened wide with her tongue extended she touched my penis’s crown. My body shuddered at the touch, ‘God, my wife would never do this, but this nymph is going to please me like I’ve never been before’ I thought as her tongue lashed the head from side to side. Licking up the precum and then moving down the hardened muscle flicking her tongue left and right until she reached the base, then she tickled my balls with her tongue. The sack was now wet with her saliva, a hand appeared on the shaft of my cock and started to stroke it in a slow methodical up and down strokes. Cindy’s mouth then sucked in my balls and played with them with her tongue, that and the pumping took me over the edge and my cock erupted like Vesuvius and cum went streaming up and out and arching a good foot away before landing half way down Cindy’s back. ‘Oh my god! Its too much umph!” I cried as the second, third and fourth wave surged out of my cock. Cindy didn’t stop she kept tonguing my balls and then once my eruptions subsided she released my balls to hang and made her way back to my now softening cock. Cindy then took it in her mouth and sucked the remains of the cum off it. Afterwards she rose up and we kissed, I could taste my cum in her mouth as my heart slowly started to slow down. We then sat back in the tub and washed, each other.

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   I said to her “shit that has to be the most sensational cock sucking that I have ever had. ” Cindy replied, “ and we have only started!” With that she got out of the tub and started to dry off, I followed quickly, not wanting to miss out on what else was in store that evening. Cindy then made her way to the bed, with me closely behind…. .

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