bullies and the female rapist


Chapter 1 Max

“I figure you got a choice” the big kid said, lifting the little kid off the floor by the front of his shirt. “You show up behind K-Mart tonight at 8 and take your beating, or I beat you up every time I see you – you little shit head. ”

He shoved the child back into the locker. His head snapped back against the locker and his glasses slipped sideways on his face as the little dark haired boy slid down to the floor only half conscious. The big kid kicked him in the ribs one last time for good measure and turned to the other kids in the hallway.

“Anybody else want be a wise guy?” the big kid glared at the other children. “I run this school – you do as you’re told, or you pay. When I tell someone to do my homework, I better get an A. ”

The big kid, flanked by two other supporters pushed through the crowd as someone tried to help the little boy up. It had been this way as long as anyone could remember. Before Max, it had been his older brother, Bic. Bic and Max, after having been kept back twice was at least two years older than any of the other kids, and three years older than most. Their parents believed in keeping them out of school until they were a year older. The intent had been to give them a development advantage. What it had done was to make it easier for them to bully the other kids in the playground. Bic had been taken from public school to another state institution over a year ago and his younger brother Max took over his position.

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At just before 8 the little boy with dark hair and glasses turned the corner and looked down the dark alley behind the big block building. K-Mart was well lit in front, but the back was at the edge of the small town and opened onto an open field. Only a narrow dirtroad that allowed access for the garbage trucks separated the block building from fence and the cattle pasture.

“Hello” his voice was almost a whisper. He was scared; scared of the dark and even more scared of being killed. The other kids at school had told him it was best to come here and get it over with. Bic had killed a kid that had not shown up when he was told to. Everybody did what they were told.

“Go home” the voice came out of the dark and the little boy jumped. His eyes were wide open, trying to look in all directions at once with no ability to tell where the voice had come from. In his fear he would had sworn it came from inside his own head.

“Go home; he will not bother you anymore. ”It was a woman’s voice, but not timid like his mom. It was definitely a woman, but other than the pitch, it sounded like man. Not just any man; confident, but more, hard, like she feared nothing and no one.

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  The voice had not been threatening, but he knew not to argue. The little boy turned and ran.

“I really want to do a number on this kid” Max said. “I want him in the hospital for weeks and then he leaves in a cast. ”They all laughed. “This will get me respect. Bic says you got to make an example of one ‘em. ”

The dart hit him in the butt and he screamed. “Run if you want to live” the voice commanded. Max pulled the tranquilizer dart out of his butt cheek.

“I’m going to kill you bitch” he screamed, but no one could really tell where the voice came from. They were all looking in all directions but saw nothing. One of the attendant boys pulled out a knife. There was a flash and the alley lit up, everyone was blinded, then in an instant, it was pitch dark again. One of them screamed, but no one was shure who it was.

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  One of the boys tried to run, but stumbled and fell. Max slumped to his knees, the drug was getting to him. “Help me he cried. ”

The two cronies tried to help Max up, but gave up quickly and dropped his body face down on the dirt behind the store and ran. Their eyes took time to adjust to the darkness so they stumble and one of them ran into the side of the building, bloodying his nose.

The entire exchange had taken less than a minute. She was dressed in a black body suit that covered every inch of her except her eyes which were covered by glasses that darkened or cleared with the prevailing light level. She backed the black van up to the body and stopped less six inches away. Max was completely out. She was a small woman barely five foot two and solid muscle. She lifted the young man by the back of his shit, and belt and tossed him into the back of the van and slammed the door. The van backed slowly in a perfectly straight line.

She pulled around the building into the well light parking lot and crawled into the back of the van. The drug should keep the kid out for hours, but she was not given to taking unnecessary chances. Tie wraps secured his hands and feet to rings in the floor of the van.

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  The rings were well worn. Duct tape over his mouth and a blanket covered the body. She had never been stopped by the police, but if they did, it would require a search warrant to find the passenger in the back. She took off the hood, shook out her hair and put on a jacket. She pulled off the pants revealing leotards and a T back. If she were stopped, she would look like she was going to an aerobics workout.

Max woke up strapped to a hard metal table. He was naked – a strap around his chest; his arms were straight out from the shoulders and secured at he wrists. His feet were secured in stirrups positioned to hold his ankles directly over his hands. She stood over him, again completely covered in black.

“What a cute little penis” she said, reaching down and grabbing his scrotum. “I’ll bet you could fuck, and the woman wouldn’t even feel it. ”She gave his balls a little squeeze and moved her gloved hand up to his belly. He was a chubby boy with a belly, love handles and even the beginnings of breasts. At school he wore leather towered over the smaller children.

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  Naked, alone and strapped to the table he looked far less impressive.

“Or maybe you don’t like girls?” she teased.

“I’m going to kill you bitch” he screamed, but his voice broke and his words turned to sobs. Tears rolled down his cheeks. She brought the battery operated cattle prod against his belly and keyed it. He screamed and began to urinate.

“If I want you to say something, I will ask you a question. ” She smiled and touched his cheek with her gloved hand. “We will not have any of that kind of talk. ”She waved his finger at him like she was scolding an infant.

“Have you ever fucked anything?” she asked. “I just love little virgins. I’ll bet you would love know what it feels like wouldn’t you. ”She opened the drawer under the table and took out a rubber dildo. She waved it in his face and touched it to his lips.

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  He cringed and tried to turn his head away.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. “Not used to touching cocks?”She laid the dong on the table and turned on the television. A woman was moaning as the man on the screen pumped her. The camera showed a close up of the girl’s labia with the man fucking her vagina. The boy turned his head to look at the screen. His mouth opened and he stared. In the video, the man pulled out and turned the woman over. She got up on her knees and wiggled her ass. The man spread her cheeks and pushed his cock into her asshole.

The boy was panting, staring hard at the screen when she shoved the rubber penis up his ass. The boy’s mouth dropped open to scream and the beginnings of an erection that he was getting faded instantly. She stuffed a wad of cloth in his mouth and clapped her hand over it.

“You’re the bitch now” she said “and I like my bitches to be quiet when I’m fuck’n ‘em. ”She gripped the dildo in the boy’s ass and began pumping him.

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  She forced his head to the side so he could see the screen and the man sodomizing the woman in the video. Max strained to open his knees to reduce the pain of being butt fucked.

Finally the man on the TV pulled out of the woman and ejaculated on the woman’s back and she pulled the dong out of the boy. “Have you ever seen a real pussy?” she asked. Max shook his head. “Open your mouth” she commanded and pulled the cloth out. He was sobbing.

”Please let me go” he begged. “I promise I won’t tell anyone. ”

She wrapped a strap around his forehead to hold his head in place. She took out small funnel and pressed the tip between his lips; it hit against his front teeth.

“Open you’re mouth” she ordered.

“Mmm…. . Mmmm” was all he could get out as he tried to object without spreading his teeth.

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  He tried to shake his head and clamped his teeth shut. The strap on his forehead limited his movement to a few centimeters.

“I suppose I could break out your front teeth if you would rather” she said taping on the top of the funnel hard enough to cause a small amount pain.

Reluctantly he opened his teeth and allowed her to push the tip of the funnel into his mouth. She crawled up on the table and knelt over his face.

“Take a good look” she said. “This will probably be the only pussy you will ever see. ”She pulled her pants and panties down and squatted over the funnel. She took a deep breath and tried to relax. She pinched his nose and began to pee.

He thrashed on the table, but it was a simple matter of swallow or drowned. He was struggling against his restraints, coughing and gagging. “Ahh…” she moaned as she finished.

She pulled a role of saran wrap out of the drawer. “Safe sex is really important” she said.


  â€œBesides, you’re sort of disgusting. ”

She pealed off a square and laid it over his penis and balls, then crawled back and pushed her ass between his legs pressing her hips against his genitals. Placing all of her weight against him she finished removing her pants. He tried to hold his thighs together to keep her weight off his balls, but his feet, tied in the stirrups, were spread to far apart. She pulled off one glove and began rubbing her pussy. Her breathing deepened.

“Ahh” she moaned and began fingering herself. As she did she leaned back and crushed his testis glands into her ass crack. She began bouncing up and down on him, squeezing his genitals between her cheeks. His lower lip was quivering and he was crying. With her free hand she reached into the drawer pulled out a center fold picture from Playgirl magazine and laid it over his chest. She stared intently at it and began moving her hips back and forth on what was left of his scrotum and then she came. She screamed wild animal sounds and thrashed violently on him; finally gripping his face with her free hand and collapsing onto his terrified young body.

“Was it good for you?” she asked. “Its probably the only time you’re going to see a woman orgasm.

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  With that little bitty penis, you probably aren’t going to get much response from pussies. ”She crawled off him, picked up her pants and left turning out the light as she left. She heard him sobbing as she left the room.

At three in the morning she returned. He had just fallen asleep. He had bawled for and hour or so then screamed for help until he was hoarse, then finally fallen asleep.

“Wake up honey,” she said shaking him gently. “I want to fuck again. ”He had barely opened his eyes when she shoved the dong into his rectum and begun pumping vigorously. He screamed and she shoved the cloth into his mouth, never missing a stroke.

“I told you I like my bitches quiet when I fuck ‘em. ” She said it softly almost sweetly. With the cloth in his mouth he could barely move his tongue and could not close his mouth. His cries came out as whimpers. The room was dark and he could barely see her which further terrified him.



She pushed the dildo deep into him and secured it with a short piece of duct tape. She stepped around to the head of the table pressing her bush against the top of his head. She lifted herself using a ring in the ceiling and took his head between her thighs. She rubbed the smooth flesh of his cheeks and lowered her lips to his. She rocked back and forth using the tip of his nose to massage to her clit.

“I know you love this as much as I do” she said. She leaned forward taking his penis and what was left of his scrotum in both hands to use as a handle to steady herself. “Kiss me” she moaned as she lowered her pussy to his mouth and increased the pressure slightly with her hands.

After what she had done to his balls the previous evening, the slightest pressure brought immense pain and attempts at compliance. He had a difficult time getting his mouth around the gag, but tried to purse his lips to kiss her pussy.

“Ahh. . ” she moaned. “You are so good. ”Then she lowered her hips onto him moving her labia across his lips and face and nose.

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  She moved wildly masturbating against the smooth skin of his face. She rubbed her clit against his eyebrows and down the bridge of his nose, finally bringing it back to his lips. She leaned back forcing her vagina down over his nose stopping all of his breathing completely. She gripped his head in her thighs as she came.

Desperate for air, he thrashed wildly against the table. He twisted his head in every way he could, desperate to clear an airway, but to no avail. He lifted his hips and slammed his ass back down against the table tearing the tissues that held his penis to his hips probably ending forever his ability to achieve an erection. The pain was intense, but the need for air outweighed all other concerns. She held on riding him like a wild horse.

Just before he lost consciousness she jumped off him and pulled the gag from his mouth. He gasped and coughed, desperate to fill his lungs. His face and hair were drenched in her juice.

“I just love oxygen deprived sex” she said cheerily. “Don’t you?I am so glad you are not intimidated by a strong woman – so many men are you know. ” She turned and left.

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Three days later Max was found naked on the front lawn of the junior high school by the first group of children getting off the yellow school bus. He was unconscious and they thought he was dead. His left hand had been stuck up his rectum and a Kotex Maxi pad was taped over his mouth. Despite efforts to keep the children from seeing the body the busses kept arriving. Several of the teachers wanted to cover the body, but Mr. Wicks who taught history and social studies said it was a crime scene and admonished against disturbing it. By the time the police arrived and covered the boy, every student, the teachers, and staff in the school had an eye full of Max the hated bully.

Jenny Tompkins of the school news paper and president of the journalism club began taking photos of the boy, the crowd, the shocked expression on the teachers’ faces. The principal, Mr. Hipkins, busily trying to herd the students into the school, demanded that she stop. Jenny had cried “freedom of the press” and continued snapping away, which confused everyone. Hipkins, torn between his fear of the parents screaming about the indecent exposure and fear of being sued by the school news paper for censorship only succeeded in losing control of the students he had been attempting to shoo away from scene.

By the time the ambulance and police arrived, Max was coming around. He opened his eyes to a sea of faces that were gawking and pointing, apparently astonished and in some cases disappointed that he was not dead. Jenny was trying to tell him to spread his legs and turn more on his back so she could get a better shot of his penis and scrotum which were a deep purple in color and his left hand stuck in his rectum.

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  Two other children, also from the school news paper were stuffing microphones attached to portable tape recorders in his face. One was asking him if masturbating on the front lawn of the school was a political statement and the other wanted to know if he thought he would be expelled for skipping school the past three days.

The news helicopter appeared over the scene as the police and paramedics were pushing through the crowd. The local TV station offered one hundred dollars for tips on local news worthy events; one fifty if the story was picked up by any of the national wire services. Several students with cell phones had thought to cash in on this situation.

Max was out of school for another week. By the time he returned much had happened. The paper had printed a press release from the police saying they were looking for a woman between the ages of sixteen and fifty four dressed entirely in black with a strong sex drive. His father had over heard his coworkers joking about his son and had gotten into brawl. When interviewed he had said that his son had been raped and was the victim. The next morning the headlines read “Local Boy Raped by Woman. ”Max’s right testis had to be surgically removed as it was not healing. The penile erectile tissue was probably not going to heal and the paper ran a variety of stories about suggested prosthetics. His hand had to be removed from his anus under anesthetic. The six o’clock news ran an interview with a local psychologist who discussed the link between childhood sexual trauma and homosexuality.

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At school Max got into a fight with one of his former associates screaming that they had abandoned him behind the store and that all this was their fault. Someone from the crowd had yelled “kick him in the ball” and the laughter thundered through the halls. Max reddened and screamed that it was not funny, demanding to know who had said it. He ran into the boy’s toilet where he found two boys reading a magazine and laughing hysterically. Neither had noticed him coming in. One of them reread the punch line from the joke in the magazine. “Was it good for you?” while the other held his stomach and bent over with laughter. Max fell back against the door and felt the urine running down his leg.
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