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zGetUpKids: be my nasty school teacher. . . . i don't nkow she's nasty yet but she wants to keep me after class. . . and she likes facials;-)XXxFoxPheonixXx: XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: "woa mrs. Klien" he says and stands up "what are you doing?"XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: "this is kinda strange" he moans with pleasure. . . " are you sure this is ok?"XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: "uhhhh. . . I guess not" he says breathing hardXXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: He kisses her back starting to get more relaxedXXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: "not at all. .

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  . am i the only student you've done this too?"XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: "o. . o. . ok"XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: "oh my god"XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: "If my girl friend finds out about this she's gonna be pissed. . . but you're so much better then she is"XXxFoxPheonixXx: XXxFoxPheonixXx: XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: "oh yeah. . . work. . . please work it.

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  . . "XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: he moaned harder and louder at her beautiful workXXxFoxPheonixXx: XXxFoxPheonixXx: XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: "please on your face. . . please. . . so hot"XXxFoxPheonixXx: XXxFoxPheonixXx: XXxFoxPheonixXx: XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: "i eat a lot of fruit" he said jokinglyXXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids: He got up and walked out of the class in a funny akward way. . . smilingShe smiled and buttoned up his pants and shirt. Making him look presentable again. " You best be on your way. .

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  . expect a ver y good grade in this class" Another kiss on the lips and she sent him on his way rubbing the rest into her skin like a natrual lotion " Sweet" she said as she licked her own lips The breath seemed to have been taken from him as he tried to regain himself, she gave him a kiss on the lips when he did, letting him taste his own essence. "mmmmmmm" she moaned in agreement. She was enjoying this as much as he was. He threw his head back he hands digging deep into the chair as his seed releised from their pods and on to her precious face, some landing directly in her mouth. it was too much! She picked up the speed for the finall time, wanting him to go into her mouth erging him to release him self. She wanted to taste him, she wanted his youth in her. This slow pace became imbearable he did not know whether to grip the chair harder, moan louder or what the end was now near, yet she wanted him to last a bit longer. Her pace became slow and his moaning louder. Pleading her begging her to go on. Go on until the very end!!! His words was like the key to starting up a race car. Faster and faster she brought it in and out, rubbing,kissing,licking and sucking. She could feel his dick become inflamed with his juices Slowly she went at first until his body said other wise. telling her that he wanted more and he wanted it now. Yet she kept her peacful pase to the point of excrussicating want.

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   Only then did she pick up the speed She then went back to her "work" and brought his dick deeper in her mouth while rubbing the shaft up and down. The feeling of her plump luscious lips rubbing against him was driving him mad. She said nothing but arched an eyebrow and smiled She brought his dick in her mouth with a suculent suck and repeated flicks of her tongue on his tip. Circling the head in o's She went down on him with more kisses until she reached his member, she licked the sides of the shaft. Lubricating it with her saliva. Electrifying shivers sent goosbumps to his skin as he gripped the sides of the chair. "Shhhhh " she placed a delicate finger on his lips " Its between you and me. . . . remember your my favorite" She pulled his pants and underwear down to a reasonable length as her hands creeped to his hard dick. " You see. . . .

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  its not so bad"once she ondid his his shirt she threw it open, leaving his chest bare. She undid the belt of his pants while forcing a kiss on his lips " heh. . . . . I wouldnt be doing this if it wasnt would i? Besides. . . you need the extra points" She Brushed her hands from his shoulders to the buttons of his shirt. Undoing each one followed by a kiss "Giving you extra credit, now sit down" She says pushing down on your shoulders forcing you to sit back into the chair. " Good Boy" You sit at one of the front desks awaiting for your teacher to enter the classroom in the mean time you wonder why shes holding you back. To your surprise you here her voice whispering in you ear. " You know your my favorite student" She says sweetly before nibbling on the same ear she spoke into, before placing small kisses, levaing a trail of red lipstic marks on your neck lol al right here it goes.

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