fone fun part 2


The next day everything was different i my mum was walking around the house with her tits out and never even bothered knocking when i was in my room either wanking or changinggiving me a wink or a friendly pat on my arse giving me a hard on all the time.
It turns out my mum was staying at my friends house that night,  shiela the woman who set me up yesterday and at 7pm she gives me a hug and goes to her house and i go to the lounge and watch some porn.  I flick on the t.v and turn on the porn i like older women and younger boys nowadays and i just start to wank slowly.  After about half an hour i want more and look over to the phone,  i had fone on my cheap ish number last night so i thought id see what was about tonight.
I was on for about 2 minutes when once again i hear shielas sexy voice explaining that there were 2 older women looking for some fun with younger lads,  My cock twiched askin me to wank it faster so i pump my hand up and down furiously until im about to cum and then i stop.  I send sheila a message asking to cum and talk to me and wait for a reply,  takes a while i imagine they have loads of other men to reply tobut eventually i get one, 
"hi son,  this is your mummy online me and shiela are so horny can we wank with you son?"
"mmmmm mum yes please id love to hear you play with yourself while i cum" i reply
"Hi Lee its sheila do u like to wank with me and your mum,  would you like to do it while we watch?"
"yes please shiela id love to but you live so far away and i cant drive there,  and i dont think id last that long sorry"
"well son you gonna have to sit back and slow down for a while if thats ok"
"yeah sure but i really wanna cum will u let me do it over u on phone?"
"better yet son you can do it over us in person we stood watching on mobile from garden open the door naked son"
my heart starts to beat faster and i have to stop otherwise i would of cum there and then and i go to the door to open it and sheila walks in grabs my hard on and leads me to the front room

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