Forever Halloween


Forever Halloween

 It had been years since Rhea had been trick or treating.   Her girlfriend had talked her into it.   They weren’t actually going for candy but thought that it would be fun to dress up and walk the streets on Halloween.   They were just a couple of country girls so they were going to go for the gothic look and freak their friends out.    

 They had gone shopping the Friday before and bought the clothes they would need.   Rhea had bought a short blue plaid skirt with black suspenders over a black top with skull and crossbones across her ample D cup breast.   Her normally soft curly reddish brown hair was straight and dyed black for the night.   Her makeup was dark and heavy.   Thick eyeliner with a dark grey eye shadow surrounded her green hazel eyes.   Her lips were covered in a black lipstick.

 She was checking herself out in the mirror laughing at her appearance.   So different from her normal jeans and tee shirt.   Hell the skirt was enough to make it Halloween all on its own.   There was a knock on her door and she went to let her friend in.   Rhea laughed at her friends bright blue pig tails and huge baggy pants.
        “This is going to be a fun night.

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    Can’t believe you talked me into this,” Rhea said as she shut the door behind her friend.

        Avery smiled at her and laughed.   Teasingly she slapped Rhea on the ass. “You look hot sis. ”

 “Thanks but I’m not done yet. ” Walking over to the couch she opened a boot box and took out a pair of knee length boots and slipped her feet in them.   The look completed she checked in the mirror pleased with what she saw.

 “Shall we go shock some people?” Rhea asked and grabbed her car keys.

 Everyone was gathering downtown to meet up and party.   They parked and were whistled at as soon as they stepped out of the car.   The girls laughed and made their way over to a group of friends.   Comments flew left and right about how they were dressed.   It seemed like everyone was giving the reaction they expected.

 It wasn’t long before the alcohol started flowing at the party.   People started drifting apart.

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    Everywhere you looked couples were making out.   Rhea sighed and sipped her drink.   Alone as usual was not fun at a time like this.   One of her friends was teasing her about being alone so she walked off towards a darker corner of the party.   Thinking about leaving she sat her drink down and started looking for her car keys.

 “You’re a vampires dream,” a masculine voice suddenly in front of her.

 Rhea jumped and laughed when she looked up and saw a young man standing in front of her.   Smiling she wondered how easy he thought she was.   But she’d humor him a few minutes before she left. “Oh really?  And how am I a vampires dream?”

 “I am one and you look like a dream to me,” he laughed and stepped closer to her.

 “Nice to meet you Dracula.   My names Rhea what’s yours?”

 He was a little too close to her for comfort and she took a step back from him.   He smiled and she could see small fangs shining in the lamp light.   Either he’d had them filed or those were some realistic caps. “Names Damian.

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    It’s nice to meet you too. ”

 “Sweet dental work.   Those caps or did you have them professionally filed?”

 “Au natural my dear.   I did say I was a vampire,” Damian’s smile was brilliant.

 “Yeah and I’m a bunny rabbit,” she laughed and started to walk away.   It was cute when he first said it but now it was just sad.   She had gone about fifty feet when he called out to her.   She stopped and sighed.   When she started to turn around she found herself back where she had been standing a moment before.

 “You’re not a rabbit.   You’re a vixen.   I want you. ”  He was pressed against her whispering in her ear.

 Angry and nervous she pushed him back away from her, “Look Damian you’re a great looking guy but I’m not interested in a one night stand with a crazy man that thinks he’s a real life vampire. ”

 She couldn’t explain how she had gotten back to the same spot.

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    It had to be the alcohol.   He stepped back towards her.   Turning away from him, he grabbed her face and made her look at him.   Breathe catching in her throat she looked into eyes that were now glowing red. Rhea’s body started to shake.   This couldn’t be real.

 Damian’s black hair started to move in a wind that she couldn’t feel.   The power oozing from him was suffocating.   He smiled, his fangs growing as she watched.   Body shaking she tried to pry his fingers from her face but it was like trying to move iron.

 “Don’t fight me Rhea.   I want you and I get what I want,” he whispered as his other hand snaked its way down her body to the edge of her skirt.

 “Please stop.   I don’t want this.   Please,” her voice shook with terror.

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 “What you want is of little matter my little vixen.   I’ve watched you all night.   Your beauty is unbelievable.   I can smell your blood and it smells so sweet.   Come let us away from here.   I want you to be comfortable. ” His gaze into her eyes changed from lustful to one of power.

 Rhea’s body moved of its own accord.   Trying to keep her feet from moving was impossible.   One of her friends called cat calls as she walked by with Damian.   Trying to call for help wasn’t happening.   Her face smiled and she waved as they walked by.   Heart pounding and fear coursed through her veins as they walked.   She was a prisoner in her own body.

 The vampire walked her up the hill to a beautiful black mustang.

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    The paint gleamed brilliantly bright under the street lamp.   He opened the door and helped her sit down.   Shutting the door he jumped in the other side and started the engine.   It roared to life and he squalled the tires leaving the parking area.

 Shaking with fear Rhea clinched her fist as the city rushed by.   Soon it turned to countryside.   They had been driving for what seemed forever when he pulled in a huge mansion.

  This wasn’t what she had expected.   This was the Garner Manor.   This family had been huge in this town for centuries but no one saw much of them.   Now she knew why.  

 The car rolled to a stop outside the main doors of the house.   A servant came and opened her door.   When she didn’t move Damian spoke her name softly.   Her body started moving on its own again.

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    Whimpering in frustration she walked around the car to his out stretched hand.

 “I promise you it will be pleasurable,” he whispered as he walked her into the house.

 “How can it be pleasurable if I don’t want it?  Please let me go. I swear I won’t tell anyone what you are,” she pleaded as he pulled her up the stairs.

 “No you won’t.   If I let you go then you’ll never remember what happened.   I’m not sure of your final destination yet. If you please me I might keep you with me and use you as I see fit.   Even eventually make you one of us if you please me well enough.   We shall see after the night is through. ”

 Rhea’s heart sank and he opened the door to a plush bedroom.   He pushed her into the middle of the room as he went to sit down on the bed.   Still her body was not her own. Looking at him made her shiver with fear.   The thought of how easily he could kill her made her heart pound in fear.



 “Strip,” the only word he uttered.

 Body moving despite her minds protest; she started by dropping the suspenders on her skirt. As they fell she lifted the bottom of her shirt, slowly lifting it over her head. Looking back to where Damian set she could see a smiled on his face. Reaching back she unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall in a puddle on the floor. Just as she reached for the bra he said, “Stop. ”

 Standing trembling in the middle of the bedroom floor he inspected her soft curves with his hands.   He started by standing behind her smelling of her neck.   Placing his hands on her shoulders he ran them down her arms.   He lifted her right arm up and wrapped it around his neck so he could caress her sides and waist.

 “You’re beautiful,” he whispered to her as he caressed her breast through her bra. Her body was starting to respond to his touch. “I’ll let you do this on your own but if you try to leave or disobey me I’ll take control again. Do you understand?”

 Deciding she’d like to have some control over the situation she nodded.   The vampire really was handsome.

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    His brown hair was silky.   His eyes seemed to change colors as she watched.   If they had met, talked and know each other and he had approached her she would have jumped at the chance.   But not like this.   He stepped away from her and smiled.   The feeling returned to her body and she could move again. Letting out a breath she waited on him to tell her what to do next.

 “Bra and thongs now,” he instructed waiting to see if she obeyed.

 Shaking she did as she was bid.   Slowly the other two items were added to the pile already in the floor.   Damian stood admiring her body.   He slowly ran his hands over her firm breast smiling.   Taking one nipple in his mouth he sucked on it softly.   The vein that ran across it he licked softly with his tongue.

 Her body shook as he suckled on her breast.

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    She could feel the edges of his fangs trail along her skin. The sensations in her body were not what she wanted to feel.   Her breathing was getting ragged.   This had to stop.   She stepped away from him.   Looking up angrily he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him.

 “If you fight it will only be worse.   Take the boots off.   NOW!”  Slinging her roughly on the bed he stood with arms crossed waiting on her to obey him.

 Shaking from the force of his anger she stumbled to take the boots off.   Tossing them with the other clothes she sat on the bed trying to cover herself.   The heat of her blush ran from her head to her toes.   Staring intently at her Damian began to smile.

 “Move your hands so I can see all your beauty. ”

 To terrified not to obey she moved her hands to her side.


     She felt cheap as he looked over her body his tongue sliding over his fangs.   Slowly he stepped to the bed and push her back leaning forward he began to touch and kiss her body.   Lifting and pushing her up in the bed he straddled her and ran one long nail down her right breast.   Where the nail went a bloody line appeared. The pain was sharp but brief. Bending down to her he began to suck and lick at the small line of blood that appeared.   Gasping at the pressure from his mouth she began to tremble.

 “Your fear smells so sweet Rhea. ” Slowly he added another line on her left breast this one deeper.   The other wound was gone.   No sign of it ever existing.   She began to realize what he could do to her with this kind of power.

 Without willing it her body started to respond to the kissing and attention on her breast.   Trying to clear her head she watched in terror as he slashed his way down her body.   Licking up line after line of blood.

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    When he came to her pussy he took a deep breath and smiled at her.

 “I think you like this.   Certainly smells like it. ” His blood cover lips smiled at her as his nail drug along her delicate pink flesh.

 Whimpering in pain she lay there shaking as he sucked to blood from the cuts.   Her mind was screaming no but her body cried out yes to his touch.   Rising up he smiled at her and crawled up her body.   He looked in her eyes with those strange eyes of his own.   It was like he was looking into her soul.   Blood covered his lips and he kissed her softly before moving down to her neck.   Her entire body shook with fear.   He took a deep breath and inhaled her scent.   Running his long pointed tongue down her neck he almost purred with delight.

 Damian’s eyes were glowing when he looked up at her again.   Standing while he looked down over her body hungrily he slipped his clothes in the floor.

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    He was rock hard and huge.   Rhea gasped at the sight of him.   He was almost 10 inches long and extremely thick. She’d never been with anyone that big before.   Laying back down on her he began to kiss and lick her body.  

 Rhea could feel the head of him at her pussy. Her whole body shook he was so big this was going to hurt. The pressure of him sliding in made her moan in pain.   Taking it as an encouraging sign he pressed harder.

 “Please no,” she whimpered and tried to push him away.

 “I want you to feel this.

  Don’t make me take over your body again,” his voice purred in her ear.

 There was no stopping him.   Trying to close her legs made him angry and he thrust hard into her.   It felt like he was ripping her open and she screamed.

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    It seemed to spur him on.   He found a rhythm and her body began to respond. Her mind screamed for her to stop.   That she shouldn’t be enjoying this but when he looked into her eyes with those now shockingly blue eyes her body melted.

 Her mind knew that he was playing mind tricks on her but she couldn’t stop herself as she met his thrust with her own.   Closing her eyes she began to moan.   The pleasurable moan turned in to a scream as his teeth sank in her throat just as she orgasmed.   The combination of pain and pleasure was insane.   It made her orgasm all the harder.   Her muscles contracted and began to milk his huge penis.   Letting go of her throat he began to moan himself.

 “I knew you would be amazing,” he whispered and began to orgasm deep inside her.  

 As he finished he rose up and kissed her softly. She was shaking with exertion.   He pulled out and lay next to her brushing her hair out of her face.

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   Wondering what he was going to do with her she lay shaking.

 “I like you Rhea.   I think I’ll keep you around a while,” Picking her up he slung her over his shoulder.   He took her down the hall and opened a door.   The room was richly decorated with a huge round bed in the middle.   He tossed her in the bed and reached under to pull out a set of chains.   He locked a manacle around each ankle and wrist.

 “Can’t collar that lovely neck.   Your blood is too sweet.   Rest I shall return. ”

 Lying exhausted on the bed she wondered what he was going to do with her.   She felt so bad for enjoying what had happened.   Closing her eyes she drifted off in to an exhausted sleep.   Her dreams were full of visions of Damian.   He was never going to let her go.

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    In her visions it seemed that she had been a prisoner for years.   The world went on outside of the manor but she would never see it again.   In her dreams her captivity had been long enough that her now shoulder length hair hung down to her ass.   Her hair and her chains were all she was allowed to wear.   Damian constantly used her as he needed.   Feeding all of his needs off her.

 Waking from the dreams she opened her eyes to find Damian starring down at her with eyes that now seemed gray.   Her breath caught and she shifted away from him.   He reached out and pulled her back to him.

 “Fear not my little vixen.   You will always enjoy my touch. ” He ran his fingers through her hair.   Looking at his hand he saw the black dye.   He started to laugh.   “My little vixen is not what she seems.

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 Reaching down he unchained her and lifted her up.   Carrying her to the shower he sat her on the edge of the tub and started a warm shower.   Helping her stand he got in the shower with her and ran his hands down her body as the water poured over her.   Softly kissing her shoulder he reached for the soap and began to wash her.   Damian kissed different spots as he washed her.   This gentleness amazed her and she accepted his soft kiss easily.   He rinsed her body and smiled at her.

 “Let’s see what my vixen really looks like,” gently he began to wash the dye out of her hair.   The black ran out of it leaving her soft curly auburn hair in its place.   He washed the two day old makeup of her face.

 “Beautiful.   Why were you hiding under all that?” He whispered softly into her ear and finished rinsing her off.

 Damian’s soft touch was much more welcome then the harshness he used the night before.   Kissing his way down her body she shivered at his touch.   Once he was kneeling he spread her legs and ran that long tongue down her slit.

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    A moan escaped her lips and it made him slip in deeper.   He worked that long pointed tongue deep inside her as she leaned against the wall.   Before long her legs were shaking.   His fingers slipped to her clit and twisted and pulled.   It didn’t take long for him to bring her to orgasm.

 Pulling her close after he stood up he kissed her softly. Returning his kiss she felt his leg part hers. His lips moved to her neck and he began to kiss softly.   It was only moments before she felt his huge member slide deep inside her.   Lifting her leg with his hand he began to thrust hard into her.   His tenderness was so unexpected.   Perhaps her dreams weren’t what she had made them out to be after all.

 Damian kissed her softly tempting her tongue out of her mouth with his.   Once out he sucked it deep into her mouth making her groan.   Leaning down he took one hard nipple into his mouth.


    Moaning she ran her fingers into his hair.   He smiled at her his fangs showing.   The sensation of him biting her hadn’t been totally bad and the orgasm had been good.   Reaching out she moved his mouth to her throat.

 “Take me,” with a breath she knew what she wanted despite what her mind screamed, “Completely. ”

 Damian rose up and looked at her surprised. “Are you sure?  If I take you completely there will be no going back.   You’ll be well cared for and want for nothing.   I’ve never meet anyone as beautiful as you.   I have to admit you amaze me like no other.   You’re eyes call to me. ”

 “I’m sure.   I’ve never felt this beautiful before.   Last night I was scared.   I didn’t know it could be this wonderful.

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    I didn’t know you could be so gentle. ”

 “It could always be this wonderful. ”

 “Take me then,” Rhea breathed.   Her mind was screaming at her to stop.   Was it her choice or was it his magic working on her?  It was too late to change her mind. She put his mouth at her throat and braced herself for the brief pain.

 The pain lasted only a moment as she succumbed to his touch.   He made love to her while he drained the life from her.   Their matched orgasms hit just as the dimmed in her eyes.   Her heart was barely beating when he opened his wrist and let her drink from him. The feeling of his vampire blood burned through her veins and the world began to fade.

 “I’ll be here when you awake my vixen. ”

 Her eyes flew open and she sat up with a gasp. Damian looked at her with a smile.

 “Good morn my vixen.

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    How do you feel?”

 She stretched and felt of her neck.   There was no wound and no evidence of what had happened.   There was no heartbeat in her chest and she knew there was no going back.

 “I feel dead,” laughing she smiled at him, “but wonderful all the same. ”

 “I am glad my Vixen.   Would you like to take that as your new name along with your new life?”

 “As long as I’ll always be your vixen then yes,” she curled into his side where he lay and kissed him softly. “This was the best Halloween ever. ”

 “Yes the night was wonderful.   I think our life shall be grand.   I shall teach you all you need to know.   For now rest.   You need to take it easy, your  life will be easy from now on. ”

 Smiling she closed her eyes and relaxed into her new life.


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