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going hunting with dad. . . . April 2007 Story of the MonthJennywas totally upset with her father, this was his weekend to have her andshe as being dragged along on a hunting trip. There were 5 men andJenny. The only thing Jenny could even look at as positive was the factthat during the 2 days she would be left alone in the trailer and shecould play with herself till she was sore.

Her father owned a nice 29 ft trailer and it was just for she and herdad- the other 4 men were split between two other trailers being towedbehind pick-ups they all seemed to have.

Jenny was 15 and had found her pussy the year before. She loved thefeeling of cumming and masturbated as much as she could, however hermother always seemed to be around and that made it a little difficultas her mom worked from home. There was another difficulty and Jennychecked on the internet and with a friend and realized she was what wasknown as a “squirter” and that made it hard to conceal as she eitherhad to have a towel or do it in the shower or over the toilet.

After two hours of driving; the team got to where they were heading andmade camp. The guys couldn’t wait to go hunting and soon after settingup, were off to the woods- and headed south to where they felt deerwould be.

After two hours in the car Jenny needed some air as well and went for awalk with her camera. She headed north, to not wind up getting shotfrom some hunter.

Jenny hadn’t been walking through the woods for more then 10 minuteswhen she saw a clearing up ahead.

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   She thought she spotted a big deer,but wasn’t sure. As she got closer she realized that she was actuallyapproaching two deer, a big buck and a doe and she almost laughed whenshe realize what she had stumbled upon. The buck was trying to mountthe doe and it appeared that she wanted no part of it. Still Jennycould see that the buck had a hard dick that must have been like 18”long swinging below his body. He would jump on the doe’s back and tryto hit the spot, but the doe would take off at just the right to makehim miss. Jenny started snapping off pictures, especially of the dickhanging below the buck.

Watching this was like watching porn and Jenny soon felt herselfgetting turned on. She around and found a big tree. She leaned upagainst, reached down to her pants, undid them and let them fall to theground. She now had access to her pussy and a view of the two deer.

Jenny watched as the deer played at mating and was disappointed whenthe doe finally just ran off into the woods. The buck didn’t follow, hestood in the sunny clearing and started eating some grass, his dick wasstill long bit losing some hardness.

Jenny on the other hand was nearing a orgasm and her fingers weregetting wet with her woman goo, She watched as the buck suddenly pickedup as his head as if heard something. . Jenny looked around, She hadn’thead anything, and she weas thinking of pulling up her pants as thebuck started to head toward her.

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   The way he was moving his head itlooked like her was following a smell as kept lifting his head.

Jenny started to wonder if he smelled her, and more importantly thesmell of her pussy. She was fantasizing about the long dick inside her,even though a virgin she knew that long dick would have to feel good. She knew he would get scared off if she was standing and dressed, soshe quickly got undressed and got down on all fours. He neared hercautiously, but he was much bigger then her and that gave himconfidence.

He came over to Jenny and started to sniff at her and moved all aroundher. When he got between her legs he stopped and brought his noiseclose to her pussy and Jenny was getting even move excited. The deerhad a feeling this might be the place for mating, but he could tell thesmell was not of his breed. He continued his walk around her and Jennywas disappointed that he didn’t try to lick or mount her.

The buck was back to being in front of Jenny and he just stood there. She could see that his dick had grown again and that maybe he gotturned on when he smelled her pussy. Jenny slowly walked toward thebuck, on all fours. He just stood there as she approached and then shewent to his side. Jenny could see his dick and was trying to figure outwhat to do, when to her own surprise she moved forward and licked thebuck’s long shaft.

The buck moved away, but moments later moved back, Jenny licked againand realized that it didn’t taste half bad.

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  . She moved her head andtook the funny shaped dick into her mouth. The buck stood there butafter a few sucks nature took over and he started humping her mouth. Jenny wasn’t expecting this and before she knew it she had about 4”inches of him in her mouth. She tried to hold him in her mouth but thetrusts were to forceful and she backed her head away from him.

The buck had been refused one lay a few minutes ago and wasn’t going tolet that happen again. She sniffed at Jenny and moved around her tillhe found the spot he had smelled before. He didn’t have to jump onJenny’s back as she was short enough not too, so he positioned himselfbehind her and moved forward.

Jenny felt the deer’s dick hit her butt check. She suddenly realizedthat what she was thinking about a few minutes earlier was about tohappen and she was excited. She moved her butt to the side and suddenlyfound the dick slide between her now swollen labia. It sent a pleasantshutter through her and the deer felt the wetness as well. The nextthrust fount its mark and a couple of inches of his pointy tip wereinside her.

It felt great in Jenny and she held back a moan, as she was scared thata human voice would scare off the big buck. But that thought wasmeaningless on the next thrust.

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   The big buck rammed his next thrustdeep inside her. Jenny felt the pain of her hymen being torn away andscreamed in pain. The buck paid no attention to the scream and kepthumping his strange looking doe and shoving more and more of his longhard dick inside his mate.

It took a few more thrusts for the pleasure inside Jenny to outweighthe pain, but once it did she was moaning and quickly heading for aorgasm. Jenny felt like she must have almost nine or ten inches insideher virgin pussy and long hard thrusts were something she had neverfelt before. A few more strokes and Jenny was over the top, she felther pussy explode and heard the rush of cum squirt out of her and ontothe leaves below her, she felt the spatter of the cum off the groundand back up onto her thighs and her belly, she knew that she hadsquirted a lot more than normal and she just kept cuming.

She heard the buck make some kind of noise and then felt her pussy fillwith warmth. She knew she was getting her first shot of cum inside herand this made her climax again. The felt great physically and mentally. Once the buck came her pulled out of her and a moment later wasprancing away back into the woods.

Jenny didn’t even try to stand – she crawled on all fours back to whereher clothes lie. She could smell the sex in the air, or maybe it wasjust because she had her cum all over her thighs and the bucks cum wasslowly running out of her pussy.

When Jenny got to the big tree she turned and sat up and leaned againstit. She looked down between her legs and saw white cum mixed with someof blood. She didn’t know how she was going to clean up and lookedaround for some tree with big leaves or something.


   As she was lookingaround she heard something or someone coming. She started to panic thatsomeone might see her naked sitting there. Before she could get up andget dressed she saw what was making the noise, it was a big wolf.

The wolf was sniffing along the ground and once he found the spot thatJenny had squirted, he started to lick the leaves. Jenny saw this andstarted thinking quickly. She knew that wild animals don’t like to bechallenged and the worst thing to do is run. Jenny got back on herhands and knees and turned her butt toward the wolf. She dropped herhead and looked between her legs to see what was going on.

The wolf noticed Jenny and slowly moved toward her. He lifted his headas if picking up the scent and moved up behind her. Jenny was gettingnervous and excited at the same time. She could see between her legsand now could see his underbelly. Till this point she didn’t know ifthe wolf was a male or female, but could now see he was a male, andbuilt like a dog.

To Jenny’s surprise the wolf came right up behind her and stuck hisnose between her legs and then licked her from her pussy to her butthole. Sparks went shooting through her body and she felt her pussystarting to tingle.

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   The wolf continued to lick and must have liked themixture that had been dripping out of her. Jenny smiled to herself andthought “well I guess I found a way to clean up down there. ”

Jenny dropped her head again and looked back under herself and the wolfand saw that there was now about a 2 inch red thing sticking out of thewolf’s sheath. She gathered he was getting turned on and she definitelywas as he continued his licking.

Without warning the beast jumped up on Jenny’s back and grabbed heraround her chest. As with the buck she started to feel something pokingher butt cheeks, but missing the mark. Jenny balanced herself on onearm and reached behind her, she felt the furry sheath and aimed ittoward her pussy. She felt a wet thing about the size of a finger enterher pussy and quickly put her hand back on the ground as she couldbarely hold the weight of the wolf on her back.

The wolf started to hump behind her and the little finger sided cockstart to grow and expand. Jenny soon felt like the wolf was filling herpussy more than the buck did, not in length but in girth. And the speedat which she was being fucked was intense. Where the buck took longpowerful thrusts, in contrast the wolf was making very quick strokes inand out of her very wet pussy. It didn’t take long and Jenny was comingagain.

The wolf moved his body up on Jenny and then pushed more of his thickdick inside her. She had no idea how big he had grown, but she was notvery full and just kept cumming.

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She knew about dogs mating as she had read some stories on theinternet, and she realized that it was his knot that she soon felt bangthe outside of her pussy and sending even a greater pleasure as hisknot was hitting her clit. She tightened her pussy the best she couldas she didn’t want to get stuck with this wild animal that might getmean if he couldn’t dismount her.

The knot and large dick drove her closer and closer to another climaxand her tightening up was making it more intense. She couldn’t believethat she still had vaginal fluid left, but she started to squirt likecrazy again, the additional lubrication was all it took and the knotwent inside her climaxing pussy. The pleasure turned quickly to painand almost just as quickly to pleasure again. It didn’t take long and,even though she was wet from her own cum, she felt her pussy fill withthe hot cum of the wolf.

The wolf kept pumping but at a slower pace. Jenny was concerned aboutgetting stuck and felt it was a good time to try to push him out. Between her cum and his she was able to push and lucking move her kneesforward. Before the wolf completely swelled his knot, she haddisengaged them. . Jenny quickly to see the cock that had been insideher, and as she changed potion to look, the wolf jumped off her. Jennysat and looked at his dick and her eyes widened as she saw what lookedlike a 10” dick that really think and the knot had to be 5 or 6 inchesacross. She couldn’t believe that less than an hour ago she was avirgin and now she had be able to take a knot like that.

The wolf walked up to her and put his nose between her legs.

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   She openedthem wide and he started to lick out his and her cum, basicallycleaning her up. Jenny rubbed her hand through his fur and enjoyed thebath she was getting. Even after cumming as much as she did, she wasstarting to get turned on again. But after a couple more minutes thewolf had had enough. He picked up his head, looked strangely at thebitch he had just fucked and backed away. Jenny looked to her side andsaw the camera sitting there. She was able to get a few pictures of herlover before he too took off into the woods.

Jenny figured she better get going and slowly stood up and got dressed. She was sore from the fucking she had just had, but all the lubricationhad kept her labia from getting raw, so her walking was just slightlypainful, but a reminder of what had just gone on.

Jenny made her way back to the trailer before the men came back. Shehad time to clean up and take a nap, and dream of what might happen thenext day if she went back to the same spot, where she had left herscent more than once today. .

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