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Coffee to the WoodsAuthor’s note: It’s taken a while to get a working idea, but this is what I came up with. You better enjoy it.

It was a stroke of unfathomable luck; how this entire situation occurred. Lying here, thinking about it, I was glad it happened.

I had been sitting in a café, alone, sorting through some bills and debts. It was nothing major, but nonetheless, I had to deal with it. I wasn’t a big spender which was good considering how little money I had. However, I still found the entire ordeal tedious at best and decided a short toilet break would suffice. Thinking, wrongly, that my seat would be untouched, I left for the restroom.

I let out a low groan as I relieved myself in the stall whilst doing a few calculations in my head. Zipping back my trousers, I washed my hands and aimed to return to my seat. However, when I got there, I found my seat occupied and my papers brushed to the side.

There sat a woman, I’d estimate in her early 40s, quietly but confidently sipping away at her cup of coffee. I cleared my throat to get her attention.

“Something the matter?” She asked flippantly. As if she didn’t know, I muttered mentally.

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“That’s my seat. And those were my papers. ” I explained, masking the irritation in my voice, barely.

“That’s ok; I won’t bother you. ” She said simply. I ground my teeth. I took a seat across her and grabbed my papers and began sorting them again.

“Seems like you’re in a bit of financial problems,” she teased. This time, I wasn’t going to sit back and take it. I’m a man, damn it! I looked up at her and she smiled mischievously. I guess she looked kind of cute but it didn’t change the fact that I was pissed off.

“Look lady, since you’ve taken my seat, you’ve not even apologised. On top of that, you’re just pissing me right off with that attitude. If you weren’t a woman, I’d…I’d” I stumbled there, partly because of what I was going to say next and partly because of my need for air.

“What would you do, young man?” She asked in a mocking serious tone.

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   I stood up and slammed my hand down on the table. There were few others in the café and they seemed dead to the world around them.

“Stop fucking with me, lady! Why are you even here?” I didn’t expect her response though.

“You get so cute when you’re angry. ” Thrown off course by that, I was silenced. I sat down again and regrouped my thoughts. Cute, huh? I decided to check her out subtly as she concentrated on drinking her coffee.

She had a nice face, but really big round glasses which detracted from it. Her hair was a startling red and curly, coming past her shoulders. Over the years, she’d put on some weight but I didn’t mind; it kind of suited her. Looking down, she had a busty chest to compliment her curvy body- at least D sized but because of her age, they had sagged. Either that, or she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Below that, she had a bit of a gut too but it was nothing compared to her chest. However, I wasn’t just satisfied with just a top inspection. I decided to ‘drop’ my pen under the table in frustration and huffed when I did.

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   I knelt down and picked it up, catching a good look at her thick legs up to the hem of her skirt.

“See anything you like?” I shot up, hitting my head on the underside of the table. I got out from under the table and glared daggers at her. She was toying with me.

“Don’t give me that look, young man. I understand you must be stressed with your bills. I can help you. ” I raised an eyebrow in distrust.

“What are you? One of those loans’ people?” She laughed off my suspicion as if it were nothing. Then she grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me close.

“I didn’t mean that kind of relief. ” She let me go and winked. She sipped down the last of her coffee before promptly getting up.

“Well, are you coming?” She motioned for me to follow. I don’t know at the time what made me do it, but I quickly bunched up all my papers in my hands and went after her.

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Outside, she opened the door to her Red PT cruiser and I took initiative and letting myself in the passenger seat. It was a manual car which was surprising in this day and age but I was soon to find out the true reason for that.

We departed in silence and off into the main road. After some period of awkward silence, she broke the ice.

“So aren’t you curious? What tension I plan to relieve for you?” Many thoughts raced through my head. What was I thinking, allowing myself to be driven off with a stranger? However, she was a shorter woman than I, and looking at her body, I surmised that I was the stronger and quicker of the two, not to mention the power of youth on my side.

“Aren’t you a little scared?” She toyed with me. I grinned and rest my head back.

“Scared of a little old lady like you? Don’t fuck with me. So where are you taking me?” This time, she smirked back at me.

“It’s a secret!” She said in an all too girly voice, in order to taunt me. I didn’t question her anymore, but rather prepared myself for what was to come.

Some time after, we gradually began to leave civilisation as we passed fewer buildings as the road’s surface became rougher.

“Are you scared now?” She continued to taunt. I made a face but gave no reply.

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   She chuckled and resumed driving. We approached a strange fork in the road, which she chose to take the path that led into the forest. Now, I finally began to get worried as we drove up the isolated area. What was she really planning?

Our journey came to end at an enclosing in the forest, where there was a conveniently placed cabin. I made for the door handle to get out of the car due to slight claustrophobia developed from being near this strange woman but found the door locked.

“Not so fast, darling! Let’s have a little fun first in here!” I eyed her suspiciously, my muscles tensed, ready to reach to whatever she would throw at me.

“Let’s play a little game! If you can get the keys off me, then I’ll let you out the car, yes?” She proposed, although I knew I could not decline. In a sense, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. She took the keys out of the ignition and held them up. My open hand lunged at them, but she baited me. She tossed the keys in such a way that they landed on her bust.

“Here for the taking!” But I hesitated. It seemed inappropriate, despite her odd demeanour. “Can’t say I didn’t give you a chance,” she remarked before bouncing her boobs with her hands so that the keys slipped into her cleavage. She slapped her hands against her cheeks in mock shock.

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“Oh no! What will you ever do?” She leaned forward now and smiled sinisterly. I leaned back slightly but she grabbed me by the shirt. “There’s only one way, darling. ” I pushed her off though. Even if I couldn’t get out, as for some odd reason, this car lacked manual locks, I wished to get far away from this…oddity. I moved myself to the back seats, hoping she wouldn’t follow. Thankfully, she didn’t.

“Ah, you’re no fun. I’ll have to entertain myself then. ” With that she started moving towards me, but stopped early on, where she was centred at the front. I gave her an odd expression; why stop at such an inconvenient place?

It soon became clear though; she lifted herself onto her knees, and slipped her hands under the hem of her skirt, pulling down her white panties.

“What the hell are you doing?!” I pointed at her incredulously. She chuckled in response.

“Don’t worry; I’ll wait for you to make the move. ” She answered cryptically.

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   I was getting more and more intimidated by this strange woman. Then she positioned the gear stick up her skirt, and I could see it stick out the front. It was then that she started sliding her body up and down the stick, effectively stroking her own pussy with it.

At first, I watched in disgust. But pretty soon, my disgust soon turned to awe, which rapidly became lust, evidence of that seen my own stick.

“Oh dear, it looks like I will have to make the first move. ” She remarked in an eerily motherly way. She leaned across to the back of the car, and I edged away a bit, only to be reminded that there was nowhere for me to go.

She found her way to my crotch and deftly unzipped my pants, releasing my hard on; slipping my dick out of my boxers was easy as breathing for her. I did nothing to resist her; the way she touched it sent shivers through my body.

Her fingers wrapped around my member and she cooed softly as she gave a slight pinch to the bulb, causing a short, sharp intake in breath for me.

“Aw, isn’t it cute?” she remarked on my manhood. She slipped her hands past my shaft and placed my balls in the palm of her hands, lifting my dick up to her chin, as if it wasn’t erect enough. She flicked her tongue out, catching the tip ever so slightly before the contact was just as quickly cut off. My body reacted once more in sharp breaths.

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She repeated the tongue teasing a few more times, lashing the bulb to great effect. My hands gripped the edge of the seat tighter and tighter in anticipation. I could barely choke out the words.

“What…are you doing?” Though it seemed a silly thing to say, it was all I could garner. She looked up at me, putting on an innocent face.

“I’m going to relieve your pain, silly!” she spoke in the simplest of manners. With that, her lips parted and I felt her warm breath surround the head of my dick. My entire body tensed to the point of discomfort. I felt her tongue grace my skin, but this time the contact was not so brief. Instead, it lazily dragged its way across the end of my dick, before attempting to bore into the opening. The sensation was extravagant.

I looked down at her and her eyes were focused on mine as opposed to what her mouth was on. In them, I could see something strange; almost as if she was looking for approval, but in a subtly mocking way. Then I felt her mouth clamp down on my bulb, squeezing it. Unprepared, I felt some pre-cum escape the tip and felt her tongue react, licking it away as suddenly.

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She broke eye contact with me, and locked onto my manhood as she released it from her mouth. She tipped it to the side, exposing the shaft to her lips, which wrapped around it, secreting her warm saliva. Then she pulled out again, and did the exact same on the opposite side of the shaft, to my great pleasure. This technique was repeated several times; slow, long and torturously.

Finally, without warning, she moved her lips up from the shaft to the tip, and planted a kiss on the end of my urethra. Pulling my dick in, she dipped down rapidly, as my entire dick disappeared down her throat, only to resurface seconds later. The tempo changed as she swiftly bobbed her head up and down, her tongue slobbering all over my dick as the sides of her mouth and throat rubbed against my dick. My nails were now digging into the seats of the car, and subconsciously, I had thrust my hips forward so that she may better receive my member.

Naturally, with her expertise in this area, I couldn’t hold out for long. I could feel my balls preparing the fluid for release, the pressure building. But just like that, she changed her style again.

This time, she pulled out completely, a trail of spit and pre-cum oozed between my dick and her mouth, breaking off and slipping down her chin. She allowed it to remain there. Instead, she raised my dick further and lowered her mouth, exposing my balls to them. Twisting her head, her mouth gaping wide open, she accepted my scrotum into her mouth, sucking on it as if it were some delicate fruit.

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   This action was finally too much for me, and I could hold myself no longer.

I felt the first burst blast stream over head, splattering across the back of the seat and her own back. Alerted to this, she raised her head quickly only to be met with another shot right into her glasses. She giggled slightly at this as she grabbed my dick hard, and directed the third shot at her mouth, savouring the taste as it entered. With her free hand, she literally tore off her top, revealing her tight fitting bra; I heard the jangle of the keys hit the floor but my mind was preoccupied. Once again, I spurted some more into her accepting mouth and she swallowed hungrily. Still with her other hand, she managed to unclip her bra, and let it fall to the floor. Before I could continue shooting off, she moved herself forward, and grabbed my dick between her tits, her head tilted downwards. Like a fountain, my dick sprayed upwards, splashing her face as she mustered up what she could into her mouth. However, a lot of it wound up dripping off her face, getting caught onto her tits.

Some time after, my balls ran out of ammunition as my dick fell limp after exhausting its current resources. When she looked up at me, she was a mess of cum and drool. She was hardly recognisable as a 40-something year old woman. She took off her glasses and licked the stains clean off.

“Now, wasn’t that just fun?” She drawled at me condescendingly.


   I was breathing heavily now, unsure what to say. Instead I just watched her intently. She dabbed her hand on the car floor until the familiar tingle of key was heard. Picking it up, she tossed it at me.

“Now, it’s up to you, boy. ” I half-heartedly put on a grimace. In front of me, was a topless woman, whose panties had been slipped down her legs and seemed ready and willing for a fuck. And after that blowjob, my dick wasn’t the only thing that wondered what else she was capable of.

“Well, if you’re just going to sit there like an idiot, I may as well get going. ” With that, she snatched the keys off me, and unlocked the car by pressing the button. With that, she purposely crawled over me, opened the back door, and stumbled out clumsily in such a way that her legs remained in the car, as her face pressed against autumn leaves. This gave me an impressive view of her chunky ass and pussy, perched in the air.

She didn’t move from the spot, but only shifted so that her face was comfortable as can be against the leaves. “Enjoying the view up there? It’s yours for the taking, big boy. ” She jovially commented.

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   I felt myself become aroused, though my dick still needed time to recover.

I moved myself so that I now lay across the back seat, with my head stopping before her perky posterior. I parted her buttocks slightly, and placed the tip of my tongue onto her ass crack. She reacted slightly by moving backwards slightly, pushing her ass against my tongue. That was all it took to send it into a frenzy of its own.

I stuck my tongue out and fully pressed it against her crack, letting my salivary glands coat her crack. From hereon in, I hastily began slurping up and down her anal crevice and pussy lips like a rabid dog. I could tell that it gathered a positive reaction from the muffled moans I could hear in her awkward direction and her ass perking up further to accept my tongue.

As if by its own accord, my tongue hooked its way into her pussy in one slurp, and I moved lower to get at a better angle to explore. I licked around the edges of it, feeling her wetness mix in with mine, and after some initial inspection, my tongue began going in slowly, poking its way around the walls of her vaginal opening. Soon, my mouth encompassed her clitoris as I sucked in her secretions avidly. They had a slightly acidic taste to them, which only caused further ingestion of them.

Finding renewed strength in her fluids, my hands wrapped around her mid section and I began to pull her up. At the same time, her legs clutched around my neck, and I wrenched her off the ground and her atop of me: she sat on my face, her cheeks split over my mouth as I vigorously downed her nectar. She rode my face gently, allowing greater exposure to my mouth.

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   A few streams of saliva dripped down the sides of my face, as I was immersed into her vagina.

“Oh would you look at that?” I could barely hear her but my ears perked to give better auditory information. “Seems like someone is back to full mast,” she giggled mischievously. I felt her weight shift down and she cooed as her fingers stroked my fully erect manhood.

“Nope! I’ve already sucked you off once! We’ll try something different!” She decided. She pulled herself off my mouth, much to my dismay and took my hand. Leading me out of the car, it finally dawned upon that we were both fully naked in the wilderness. I don’t know at one point we had lost our entire clothing but lost it we had. The only things that could see us were nature.

We stood in front of one another and I took in full view. Her gigantic tits hung low, unsupported by her bra, and her pussy dripped down her thighs. Her legs were as thick as I imagined them. As I pulled her close, my hands felt her chunky peaces of meat that were her ass cheeks; they were also deliciously well-endowed.

I felt her hand traced down my chest, sliding over my stomach to my gorging member. Her other hand glided around my waist and she gripped my ass cheeks.

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   Now she pulled us right up close. I could feel her stomach press around my cock in her hand and her tits against my chest. Our lips met each other for the first time and we could still taste the remnants of each other’s ejaculated fluid as they mixed amongst our spit.

I could feel my knees weaken at such a sumptuous contact and she did too. She allowed us to fall to our knees and moved her hand from my ass cheek to my chest and pushed me onto my back against the leafy ground; her other hand remained on my dick.

She lay atop of me, and we continued playing with each other’s tongues. Meanwhile, her hand gently caressed my shaft. Her other hand clasped with mine and brought it over to her tit and placed it there. Getting the gist of it, I gave it a squeeze to her muffled delight. As such, I began giving periodic tugs at it to please her.

Then, without warning, I felt her advance our escapade. She shifted her position and slipped my dick smoothly into her, due to the juices lubricating entry. I panicked slightly; what if I got her pregnant? We weren’t using any protection. But the panic was duly overcome by lust as I felt the warmth of her body coat my embedded cock.

She began rocking back and forth over me, breaking and reforming our kisses.

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   One hand gripped her breast tightly while my other lay across her back as she swung over me. I could feel her ample bosom rub across my chest.

Just as I was getting accustomed to this closeness, she broke away again, opting to sit on me. This caused an increased penetration as she moaned. Her own hands cupped her tits as she massaged them for me, swaying her hips over my waist. My hands found their way to hips, groping a piece of flesh from her ass. I pulled them apart, and felt her weight shift down further as I was able to permeate her pussy even more.

With my cock fully engulfed within her, I saw her body react. It began jolting and tremors erupted throughout; she shuddered and screamed out in joy. Her hands pushed her tits together, closing the crevice between. Even I felt the transmission as my own hands firmly held her in place. She was having an orgasm. I had managed to give her an orgasm.

After her initial one, she began to furiously ride me, driving my cock deeper into her mercilessly, perhaps in an effort to recreate what she had just experienced. I could feel her entire weight, and she was by no means light, bulldoze me.

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   Nonetheless, I took this thrashing with glee, although this time my hands were on her bouncing boobs, fondling them as she jumped back and forth on my raging hard member.

Her second orgasm coincided with my second ejaculation. I felt the liquid burst out of my cock and once again, her body stiffened, followed by erratic spasms and a shrill of joy. On the other hand, my hips bucked upwards, forcing my cock to remain within her as my cum shot into her. At the same time, my hands had found themselves back on her hips, holding her in position. I could feel it stream down and that only further encouraged me to keep my hips as they were.

As my cock emptied, it deflated. She lifted one leg and got off me. I sighed in exhaustion as she now lay by my side, the leaves under us.

“Feel any better, young man?” She questioned mockingly. I had to admit though; I did feel much better but I didn’t say it. Call it pride if you must stick a label on it. I felt her fingers wrap loosely around my limp dick and begin rubbing my dick in the circumference around it, oozing semen.

“I’m not done with you yet!” She warned. But I wasn’t about to be scared off yet.

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“Hey…have you ever done a guy anal?” Ok, maybe I was a little scared.

Author’s Note: As usual, I’ve left it open-ended. And if you’re wondering, yes, it is based off a regular visitor here. Perhaps not as accurate to your personality or body, but hey, I’m still suffering a writer’s block. I have a backlog of ideas and put this to the forefront. .

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