Freedom Denied chapter 07


Freedom Denied 07.

Eventually the cum streaked Mandi was exhausted and led off to a cell like room where a warm bath awaited her. She was visited by Adam who told her "You have not only passed our required standards, but you have exceeded them in your desire to accept any cock put before you" he continued, "I can now tell you that you will be flying back home to JFK airport in two days and will be met at the airport by your sponsor. You will live with your sponsor for three weeks and then you will be given a apartment of your own, where your owner will expect you to accommodate his wishes and friends"

Mandi, could not believe her ears as she heard herself thanking Adam for showing her the error of her ways and describing to him in great detail how she longed for and craved cocks, any cocks, any size shape or colour so long as it was hard and erect!

For the rest of the night Mandi was pampered in luxury with two female attendants to bathe her and powder her dry. She was feed the best food and wines and then just before midnight three men and a woman arrived with a large Doberman dog. The dog was initially shut in another room as the men invited Mandi to dance for them whilst she slipped out of her clothes.

Mandi was more than eager to please and the thought of extra cock was spurring her on, she did a seductive striptease as she revealed her pierced 38D charms to the four visitors. Even when told to undress the other woman, Mandi never shied away and her eager hands soon had this other woman naked and breathing heavily as she managed to manipulate her nipples. The as Mandi turned around, the three men where all stripped naked and sporting throbbing erections, ranging from nine inches long and three inches thick to an impressive white cock of fifteen inches in length and five full inches in thickness.

Normally Mandi would have been embarrassed and tried to cover up in situations like this, but now she was like a cat on heat, she did not know which to lick first. She literally knelt in front of the three guys and purred her satisfaction at the thought of servicing these cocks, only to be told by the woman that she had to earn these magnificent specimens. Mandi immediately begged for instructions on how she would earn the cocks and was not even shocked when told she would have to service the Doberman dog whilst the four of them watched.

Eager to prove her worth for these cocks, she nodded and begged to have the dog brought in so she could begin. The dog was then let into the room where it immediately circled Mandi and sniffed at her genitals before its long rough furry tongue lashed across her already sensitive cunt lips.

At the woman's command Mandi managed to slip her head beneath the dog and initially using her hand on its furry sheath began to entice the pointed dog cock from its hiding place. As the hot stiff pointed cock appeared she began to run her tongue over its slimly shiny length and was soon sucking the animals cock deep into her throat.

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   The animal instinctively began rutting her face and Mandi felt the sharp pointed tool probing the back of her throat as it sought access to deeper with her body.

Suddenly the Dog was pulled away from Mandi and she was told to lie on her back over the low stool with her head on the floor and her cunt high in the air. Caesar the dog was then brought between her legs and instructed to mount her. He instinctively pounced upon his job and his first few thrusts missed their mark as he blindly stabbed towards her cunt. The woman's hand soon had the dog cock hitting the mark and Mandi felt the tip begin to penetrate her cunt, the cock felt ten times hotter than it's human counter part but she still relished it as a good hard erect cock.

She suddenly threw her head back and let out a long lustful moan as the dog slipped his knot in to her. The knot stretched her cunt more in a split second than she could remember it having been stretched in years. So joined to the dog as she felt the hot streams of dog cum hitting her cunt walls when the dog turned tail on her and tried to extract its cock, the knot locked them together for ten minutes, until it finally reduced in sized enough to slip from her cunt's grip. The dog limped off to the side and lay down before licking his own cock clean. Surprisingly Mandi felt a little jealous as she watched the dog do this as she would have loved to clean the doggy cock up in payment for such a wonderful screw she had just experienced as her first animal sex scene.

Her swollen cunt now oozed greyish white leaking dog cum, as the men all gathered round to watch it trickle from her stretched cunt lips. Rachel the other woman did not hesitate; she sat over Mandi's mouth and had her lick out her already soaking wet cunt. Then Mandi felt a stiff cock forcing its way into her cunt, she figured that this cock was the smaller of the three and felt it was much more gentle than the hard fucking she had received from her dog lover. Her legs were then grabbed as another cock squeezed up alongside the one in her cunt. Mandi was in seventh heaven as two cocks now plunged in and out of her cunt.

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   She had never ever experienced two cocks up her cunt before and she instantly decided that she loved it.

The third cock although Mandi could not see it, she knew the woman must be sucking it as she could hear the tell tale sounds of a wet mouth on a hard cock. Although it was not long before she felt the force of this cock pushing against her anal ring. At first Mandi feared the pain as she already had two cocks up her cunt and now this largest cock was forcing its way up her anal entry pressing tightly against the other two cocks.

Never in the field of human conflict had suck a woman owed so much pleasure to so few cocks as Mandi did now! She was rapidly becoming delirious with the passion and sexual excitement of being so soundly fucked. Her mind went into overload as she saw stars and heard firecrackers going off in her head.

Suddenly as if orchestrated by some unseen conductor all three cocks fired their salvos of baby making cum together. The throbbing of three cocks during this triggered an out of this world orgasm in Mandi and she collapsed gasping for air as they all bathed in the distinct afterglow of great sex.

When Mandi opened her eyes, she was alone in the room; had she dreamt the entire thing but she soon spotted the tell tale trickles of spunk which proved to her the action had not only been real but had been hot as hell and so recent.

Mandi slipped into a contented sleep and dreamed of even more erotic escapades as she now fully accepted her new roll in life to service as many male cocks as she could.

Next morning she was awoke by the two female slaves who informed her that she was to be mummified for her trip away from the lodge; Apparently as a security precaution to prevent her from identifying the lodges location. This time she willingly surrenders to being wrapped in the bandages and transported away from here.

Within hours she was being unwrapped at a hotel and was given her old clothes and luggage to travel onwards and back to America. Her first action was to phone her family and friends in the states to tell them she was all right and would be home with them in a few days. She never mentioned her trials and tribulations, which had corrected her sexual demeanour.

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Next morning she boarded the American Airlines flight to JFK airport but this time kept herself to herself during the flight. Once landed and clear of customs and immigration she followed her instructions and met up with a young man who escorted her to a hotel in New York, she was allowed whatever she wanted as long as she was always available to him and his clients.

Then a week later she returned to work; all the woman in her pool seemed exactly the same all fussing about did she have a nice holiday? What was Europe like? The usual endless rounds of questions; She answered every single question with the same answer"The Trip of a lifetime and it certainly changed my life!"

Then The Senior consultant at Stanton, Stanton and Wakefield summoned Mandi to his office. She looked a little bemused at the thought of her first day back and being summoned for what she expects to be a ticking off by the senior partner.

Meekly she approached his office door and knocked once, she entered the room upon his command of enter and stood almost school girlish at the end of his desk. What then happened shocked her beyond her wildest dreams and he gave her a simple one word command, "Strip" Shocked and before she realised what she was doing she had her blouse open and was showing she was not wearing a bra, her nipple rings causing her excited nipples to itch for the tender touch of a man's fingers.

He then said "Adam informs me you made excellent progress once you stopped trying to fight the regime!"

"Yes master!" she instinctively responded.

"Very good my little cum slut, I knew you would be the right choice to become the company whore!" he continued, "Now show me how good a cock sucker you have become and if your really good I will get the other partners in to fuck you good" he demanded.

It all fell into place for her now, How Adam had been so confident about there being no possible chance of anyone causing a massive fuss back here in the states as she disappeared for what turned out to be six weeks. How everyone covered for her extended absence with out raising awkward questions. But most importantly now Mandi felt she truly belonged to the firm and was prepared to give her all in its causes and needs. The doubling of her salary also helped deflect any awkward questions from family as to why she could not get away for a weekend or so. . . .

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