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   Robin sure loved Barbara’s sexy body, especially while she was wearing her skin-tight leather costume. However he didn’t have to fully exploit her lustful body, but the good quick blowjob she was giving him felt great. Her red lips moved up and down his fully-grown cock, (A cock that was big, despite his name ‘the boy wonder’). She was good, but the only problem was she didn’t swallow. She’d deep throat like crazy, but she didn’t allow him to shoot his load in her mouth, and if he did she wouldn’t give him any of that tight pussy for a week. They were both in their costumes, it was an amazing turn on for them both, and it was almost boring to have sex without them on. He leaned over to see that perfectly round little Bat Ass of hers. He gave it a little slap and she moaned into his cock. He needed to hurry this up. He took her head and tilted it a little, so she looked into his eyes as she let the younger Caped Crusader’s cock get pumped into her mouth. He pushed in, feeling the pack of her throat every time. She didn’t gag, but made a small gulping noise in the back of her mouth that turned Robin on even more. He felt like he was about to cum, and he wished desperately to shoot off in her mouth. But he thought about pounding that tight little pussy and decided to pull out. She would allow him to give her a facial, and seeing that cute little face covered in his hot steaming cum, her cute little blue eyes staring up at him, was conciliation for her not swallowing. She smiled at him,  “My, that was a nice load.

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  ” He smiled, panting. He couldn’t wait to fuck her later.  “Better go now, the Bat Signal went up 15 minutes ago,” he said, putting his loosened cock back into his suit. She cleaned up and they went to go check out a heist that Harley, Ivy, and Cat Woman were up to.
 Everything went wrong. It was a booby trap Cat Woman had set up to catch the two, and it went off without a single problem. Robin was now tied down to a chair in one room, and Bat Girl waited in a prison-like cell they three wrongdoers had made for her. However, what is really interesting about all this is what Ivy was up to right now.  Amazing want she could make her plants do, they really did love her. While many of her Ivy’s were groping her perfectly built body, wrapping around her one-hundred percent perfect breasts, others where moving sex toys in and out of her beautiful pussy. She moaned, letting her skilled plants play with her. She didn’t particularly enjoy plants making love to her. It was more like a clever way of masturbating. Her leaves she normally wore, as clothing lay strewn across the floor, the plants gently plucking her red, perky nipples. Every part of her was perfect.

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   Her dazzling red her, to her soft creamy skin, to her perfectly shaped legs, to her nice tight ass, and to her vagina (which gave out delicious tasting vaginal fluids, a super power only few lucky men or women knew about). She was the most fuck-able person on the planet. As her plants were about to make her orgasm, she was in her fantasy sex world, and in it she was making love to Robin. Yes, he was her enemy, but he was also one of the sexiest young men she had laid eyes on. Them being rivals made it even more sexually stimulating. She wanted to ride his body so much. Finally while her beautifully long legs stiffened, and her body stretched in the ecstasy of an orgasm. She loosened up, and sat up in her small bed made of a large leaf with flowers on top of it. Sweat beads dripped down the splendid curves of her body. She used her communication with plants to command them to wrap the leaves she wore as clothes around herself. She stepped out of her greenhouse and went into the small hideout.  Walking through the hall, barefooted on the cold floor, she went into the room where Harley said she would be at. She walked in to notice she was in a room that oversaw the prison cell that Batgirl was in. Within it was not only their enemy, but also three of the Joker Minions as well, all gangbanging her. Thought she seemed to be resisting, Ivy could see through her easily and tell she was enjoying it thoroughly.

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   No tears or punches were being made. She merely twisted her hips to make it seem like this wasn’t the biggest thrill of her life. She looked at where Harley was sitting to she was masturbating through her thin costume, a large damp spot around her nice pussy. Harley the sexiest super hero/villain in Gotham, but she was still very attractive. Her white makeup gave her a charm; not to mention her legs were probably only beaten by Ivy. She was very easily convinced into many sexual performances. Also, she’d do anything if you’d eat her out. Harley obviously hadn’t noticed Ivy coming in because she was still fingering herself. Ivy saw the keys to the place, and on a small monitoring screen she also could see where Robin was staying. A small idea came through her mind. She walked up behind Harley and whispered into her ear,“Enjoying yourself. ” Harley Jumped up and turned to her with a look of horrid surprise. “I was… just watching them. Pigs aren’t they?” Quinn said, hiding her crotch away and pretending she hadn’t just been fiddling with her eager pussy. “Yeah, like most men, but I don’t think she’s minding too much.

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  ” The both watched the scene going on. The three muscular men with white painted faces were working hard on this girl. They left on the mask and cape for excitement, but the rest of her had been stripped. One guy was laying down and letting her fall on his cock, another was standing up and jamming his rod into her mouth forcefully, and the last one was getting to town on her young virgin ass. She definitely seemed to have gotten used to having it up her ass, and she was even bobbing her head to suck better. She had given up her charade, and was enjoying herself. The one laying down was playing with her small dainty breasts. All of them slowed down and pulled out and began to crowd around her. A look of disappointment yet curiosity came across her face. They began to jack off and one held her mouth open. “Yeah, that’s it, swallow bitch” Now she was really strangling. Another of the posse grabbed her arms and restrained her while the third guy unloaded his load into her mouth. She grimaced as a natural reaction, but her eyes opened in surprise, and stop struggling. She didn’t mind the taste. She held open her mouth and let the other three have their turns.

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   One gave her a facial, and the shot another one down her throat. She stood their, semen covering her face and her mouth filled with even more of the man-juice. “Swallow hor” the same Joker Boy said, and she began to obediently close her mouth and let the delicious goo go down her throat, with a final gulp. The still felt ready so they began going to town on her again, except double penetrating her pussy while another took her ass. She had no complaints. While they were having their fun Ivy was giving Harley a seductive look. “All this gangbanging got you horny girl?” She asked in a honey-sweet yet strongly feminine way. Harley looked at her, and even under her heavy make-up a very faint blush could be made out. She nodded. It was obvious Ivy’s body was turning her on even more. Straight women often experienced lust for Poison Ivy’s figure of ultimate lust. “How I can’t just leave you so anxious can I” Ivy said, gently feeling up Harley’s soaking pussy. She shuddered in great delight, but interrupted as if just recalling,“But Catwoman…” “Shh-shh”, Ivy stopped her short, “ don’t you worry now, just come with me and we’ll have some fun. ” She nodded and they both went off to Harley’s bedroom. Ivy turned and closed the door, and as soon as her companion sat down she held up her arms and the leaves slowly began to shrivel up and fall off.

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   Finally her gorgeous body was fully nude and laid down beside Harley. “C’mon sexy, I want you to taste my pussy first, mine is extra delicious,” she said winking. Harley nodded, and nervously made her way down to Ivy’s greatest pride. She gave it a little lick at first and pulled back surprised. “Wow”, She whispered in awe. “Tasty isn’t it?” Harley nodded and dived her face down into her pussy. Poison Ivy wrapped her legs around the pussy-hungry girls head. She was so damn good with her tongue, Ivy thought as she twisted around in delight. Harley wasn’t as gentle, nibbling hard at the beautiful woman’s unbelievable carpet. Before Ivy could come she lifted Harley’s face away. The girl looked disappointed, but Ivy needed to save her sexual stamina for someone else… “Now baby, I know you don’t get much attention downstairs do you? Why don’t you take off those tights so I can’t lick some of that fine pink pride of yours?” Harley’s old disappointment quickly dissolved into excitement. She got her clothes off quickly (Leaving on her hat and make-up for kicks) and spread her white smooth legs for Poison Ivy to have easy access. Another small power Ivy had was a drug-like substance in her saliva that intensified sexual pleasure times 20. With one lick Harley let out long moan,“Oh god Ivy, that feel’s sooooo gooood!” She tilted her head back, almost speechless from the jolts of amazing pleasure shook her body. She couldn’t even moan but mostly gasped in her high level of enjoyment.

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   Ivy licked deep into her cunt. She swirled and wriggled that gifted tongue of hers all over her pussy. She lucked around the rims, buried her face down to get her tongue even deeper. Harley began to tense up like Ivy did before, except she screamed,“OOOOH OOOOH OH IVY, IT’S SO DAMN GOOD!”, and finally let out a deep sigh. Her orgasm was so strong it brought her gently into sleep shortly afterwards. Ivy made her way back to the security room. Looking into the cell, she could see Batgirl had gotten about another 3 layers of cum on her while Ivy was gone, plus the many loads she probably swallowed as well. Not having time to sit around and enjoy the sexy sight going on, Ivy grabbed the hideout’s keys and looked up the location of Robin in the building. Now it was time for the sexual experience she’d been waiting for. Quickly making her way to the room where he stayed (Because she was still nude) and flipping through the keys until she found right one, she went into the room where her fantasy lover awaits. Robin was gagged and his wrists tied behind his back when she walked in. His legs were bound as well, but fortunately restraining ropes didn’t cover his crotch. He looked over at her, and a shocked yet horribly appealed expression fell upon his face. Here was one of his long times enemies, completely unclothed and looking extremely sexy. She smirked at him and walked in front of his chair.

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   “Like what you see?” she commented. Robin didn’t answer. There was a reluctance to show he was extremely horny. She got real closed to him and kissed him on the cheek, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle” She rubbed her breasts up to his face, and although his will power was strong, his cock couldn’t help but leap up. “Ah, that’s a good boy Robin” She said. He seemed nervous and even a bit suspicious of Poison Ivy’s intentions. She got down to her knees and pulled out the boy’s wondrous cock and began to lick it gently. He began to sweat, and he couldn’t help but enjoy every moment of this. She sucked his head gently and licked the slit of his cock as she did it. Something about her mouth felt so good. His cock a lot bigger than it normally was, she must be doing something extraordinary. Her saliva didn’t only increase the pleasure while eating out, but also when she sucked cock. She began the head bobbing, her lips pulled tight around his throbbing dick. She sucked really hard, and rolled her tongue on the bottom of his rod. She could go deeper than Barbara; Robin thought as she buried the young mans cock into her throat.

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   Finally he was about to blow and he began to moan. She just looked him in the eye. Robin couldn’t believe that he was about to fill this extremely beautiful babes mouth with semen. He felt the fluid pulsate out of his member and she looked at him as she swallowed every last bit smiling. When he was finished she backed her head away and commented, “Mmmm, better than I imagined it taste. Y’know, I’ve had my eye on your cute little body for quite some time. Now it’s my turn to have some fun. ” She began jacking him off to get him hard again, which with her great body and skills it didn’t take that long. She stood up, her large tits looming over Robin and sat in his lap, impaling her great pussy on his cock. He moaned and she licked his face, “Want me to remove that for you so you can nibble on these babies?” She pushed her chest into his face and shook her boobs on him. He nodded and she untied the back of it. They shared a small kiss and she guided his mouth to her hardening nipples. He sucked on then for a while, and licked all around them. Even her skin had a nice taste to it. She finally held the back of his head and began riding his cock with his face buried into her well-ambled bosom.

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   He moaned real loud now without the gag to suffocate his sounds of pleasure. “Oh god, oh god, your pussy’s so good” He moaned into her boobs. Beads of sweat were rolling down her irresistible body. She felt ready to cum but she waited for him so they could both go at the same time. After about 7 more minutes of moaning and slapping noises Robin groaned, “Oh god, here it comes!” She rode faster and they both climaxed at the same time. “Was that good for you cutey?” Ivy said, running one of her fingers through his hair. He couldn’t even say yes, but just nodded as he gasped for air, sweat beading down his face. She got up from his exhausted yet extremely satisfied body. “I’ll be back later,” she said with a wink. “No you won’t” said a voice behind her. Ivy jumped and turned to see Catwoman herself. Behind her was Harley, who was looking around nervously. “I will if I want to!” Ivy replied with her hands on her hips. Catwoman smiled and pulled out her whip she used for burglary. “You think that scares me?” Ivy spat out.


   “I don’t see any of your precious plants round bitch!” Catwoman said, cracking out her whips so it would wrap around Ivy’s throat. She was right, Ivy thought as she collapsed to he knees in need of air. Without any plants around she was defenseless. Catwoman was much stronger than she, so it was easy for her to drag Ivy into another room, Harley Quinn silently following. Catwoman threw the redheaded super villain to the ground and stood over her. The room was really dark, and there was a shelf full of sex toys, some so odd that Ivy couldn’t quite figure out the use for them. In the middle was a small table with straps and braces as if to hold someone down. Finally it clicked with Ivy. This was most likely the two lovers, Harley and Catwoman’s, sex room. It seemed as if they enjoyed a little domination/S&M. A bit worried about what she was about to be put through, Ivy croaked while loosening the still tight grip of the whip, “What do you want with me” Catwoman looked down, a devilish smile on her face, with a hint of some anger though. “You has sex with my bitch,” Catwoman replied, taking Harley under her arm and playing with her hair affectionately, “without my permission. ” She moved the whip in a skillful way to release Ivy. “So punishment is in order, but first…” Catwoman went to a small closet and opened it. Inside was a bunch of lingerie, some was soft and cottony and the rest was leather (Catwoman probably wore the leather while Harley wore cotton) She began changing, leaving the black kitty mask of her suit.

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   She now wore knee high boots, with fishnet panties, and long leather gloves that were skintight. “Now that I’m more comfortable,” she began, “Your punishment will begin. ”“What do I have to do?” Ivy said, looking apprehensively at the sex toys on the wall. “An eye for an eye” Catwoman took Harley by the arm, who was still completely undressed except for her mask and makeup like she was before, and brought her in front of Ivy. “Eat her. ” Catwoman said shortly. “Is that all?” Ivy said cheering up, “I will, but I already ate he out before. ” Catwoman gave that devilish grin again and shook her head,“You ate her pussy. Now you’re eating her ass. ” Poison Ivy stopped smiling. This wasn’t terrible, but she wasn’t a big fan of licking ass. However, she thought as she looked at Harley for a second, that ass doesn’t look so bad. Ivy shook her head and Catwoman pushed her shoulder down to command her to sit. Harley did so and laid down on her back wit her legs high up so Ivy could access her sweet ass. Ivy crawled over and got to work.

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   Harley was squirming, she seemed to enjoy it a lot but it felt a little weird to her at first. Catwoman took one of the vibrators from the wall of items and gave it to Harley to use on her wet pussy. Ivy just kept going at her hole, licking all around the tight delight. Harley began to really moan now with the vibrator on. But just as Harley was preparing to climax Catwoman grabbed Ivy by the hair to stop her,“Agh! What did I do?” Catwoman went to go get another toy from the wall. “See this?” Catwoman said looking down at the beautiful red headed tree-hugger. Ivy nodded. It was a strap-on. The dildo looked like an authentic cock! “Harley is quite good at making toys, both for destruction and fun. See this here? It looks and feels like a real mans penis. ” She turned it around to show the inside of the strap-on, where a smooth dildo could be seen, “This is the real fascinating part of this strap-on. This part of the dildo may not look like a penis, but it was designed to give the one wearing this pleasure. But it isn’t like a vibrator. The penis part of the strap-on has a bunch of sensors, and whatever is being done to it is simulated through this. If I get a hand-job, the other side of it will give me the equal amount of sexual pleasure a hand job would.

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   If I get vaginal sex then it feels even better. When I have this on it’s like I have a real cock! But we have yet to test it and I think you’re the right one to use it on” Catwoman put it on and began rubbing the synthetic cock. It actually got hard too! “Now you just keep on eating my bitch’s ass while I take you from behind?” Catwoman commanded and she got to he knees and began giving it to Ivy doggy-style. My god, Ivy thought as she returned her tongue to Harley’s sweet ass, it really does feel like a cock!” Catwoman took the punished one (though she seemed to be enjoying it) and pounded hard into her hips. She fucks harder then most men I’ve slept with, Ivy thought as she fingered Harley’s pussy, still licking her little hole. But then things changed for Ivy. Without warning, Catwoman pulled out and shoved her whole cock into her ass. Ivy let out a little yell and Catwoman took her hair,“Shut up bitch, your gonna take this all the way and like it” Ivy nodded and just sat their grimacing. “Stop gawking, eat her ass you little bitch” Catwoman said as she slapped her ass really hard. Ivy went back to Harley, who was about to climax. “Oooh god, I love your little tongue in my ass! YES YES, DON’T STOP, I’M CUMMING!” Harley’s body arched and she went limp. However, Catwoman wasn’t finished. “Now I see why guys love to stick it in girls asses, it feels great!” Catwoman wasn’t being gentle in the littlest way. She pounded relentlessly at Ivy’s stretched hole. Ivy’s tits were bobbing furiously, and Harley was starting to recover.

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   Catwoman wrapped her arms around Ivy’s waist and leaned back, impaling the girl’s ass with her cock. “Harley, why don’t you have some fun with her while she rides me?” Harley nodded and sat in front of Ivy, nibbling at her nipples. She buried her head in her breasts like Robin had done before, while fingering her soaking pussy. Ivy was still in pain, but she could bare it now and quite enjoyed Harleys touch. She was still pissed at Catwoman and intended to get her revenge, but for now she was going to try and make the best of it. Catwoman had her lifted up by the legs and was fucking her asshole with an upward thrust. Harley finally dropped down and began eating Ivy’s delicious pussy. After about 20 minutes of this Ivy had climaxed twice and Catwoman was finally ready. “Oh god, here go!” She gave a good thrust with her whole body and collapsed. Ivy was about to ask where the cum was before she remembered it was just a strap-on. Damn that thing is convincing. “You may go now,” Catwoman said, panting. Ivy nodded and began to return to her greenhouse. She was ready for some sleep. It had been a long day…
Prologue: Batman was finally back from his battle with Joker, and came to rescue his two companions.

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   He came about 5 hours after Ivy’s run with Catwoman, and apprehended them all. The Joker Boys went to prison, while the three masterminds when to Arkham Asylum. Catwoman wasn’t to put down though, because she got to share a room with Harvey. Well, she wasn’t bothered until she found out she was going to be having duty on the asylum grounds tending to the grass and trees with Ivy, but that’s another story.

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