Topic: HUNGRY MUM 2 Hungry mum pt. 2
 Continuing from 'Hungry mum' our sexual exploit takes a different our joint sexual goings on with my boss,we continued to give sexual favours for our food parcel. My boss was as good as his word with this food and my mum got extremely excited when she looked up his ass at my first deposit of spunk I'd given him. Equally I must admit I enjoyed giving and receiving these ass fuckings as did mum. So much so that she was letting me fuck her in the ass as much as up her cunt.
 My boss each time we left him gave me another small package for mum the following day. On reciept of which she was now quite bemused as it was always the same as the first,namely a large black pudding. We just ate them and that was that and each time I got the same question the next time I saw my boss. "How did mum get on with her black pudding?" he in turn getting the same old answer, 'Very nice,we all had some' I wouldn't say he grimaced,more of a blank straight mouthed line.
 I told mum about this,her comment being, "How strange" Then slowly the penny dropped,it happened this way. Duly passing her the package,on opening it,there was the black pudding but a small packet fell out. On recovering this mum giggled, "Dirty sod,he's worried you're going to knock me up,its a packet of froggy's (Condoms) that's because we're fucking each other so much for him" I gave her my best amused manly stare. Looking me in the face, "WHAT?" 'No mum that's not what he means' I pulled the pudding straight. 'That's what he means,he wants to know if I'm fucking you with it' Her hand went to her mouth, "God,it never dawned on me that was why he was sending them,I just assumed he had plenty to spare. God the dirty old sod" She started giggling, "Remember I said to you,I'm no bucket,I'm not am I? you know that,don't you"
 'Course you're not,you're real tight on mine' "Yeah and he knows that because he watches my pussy's membrane following your cock as you go in and out of my quim,you know that. What a cheeky fucker,if it wasn't we need the food,I'd stop letting him watch us" 'No mum,its nothing like that,it obviously gives him a buss,I'm surprised he hasn't tried to use one on you when we're round there seeing he's into it' - In fact I was off target with that opinion,still,it kept me in the sex games with mum.

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 Not pursuing it any further,we duly ate the pudding. Then my boss called me in the office on this day and asked a pertinent question. "How would it be for you if only mum came over to my place this week?" 'You'd have to ask her really, - Then smart assing,will she still get her black pudding?' "Oh,that! Funny you should ask! No never mind,it doesn't matter" 'I didn't mean anything,just me being joking like. Do you want me to say to her,you know would she mind me not going as well' "Would you? I'd be obliged if you would" I did and saying what his reaction was to my black pudding joke,she told me off for jeopardising our food source. But soon came round with, "What do you think about it? Will you feel left out?" 'No,plenty of other times ain't there?' "Okay,tell him its OK I will and ask him if its something special"
 On asking him mum's question,he responded, "Yeah,got one of my better sources to entertain,ask her to wear those open crotch knicker's,you know,the button in the middle type" Oh! Oh! Oh! I was on to it,he had a yank coming round,mum said they love the french cammie knickers. I couldn't wait to get home to tell mum my boss had a yank lined up to fuck her. She didn't appear over enthusiastic. "I hope he realises,I'm not a whore" 'No mum he just wants to impress a source,he's offering his best performer that's all,it'll help our food parcel and all,they yanks got all sorts up that camp,its a quartermaster store,you know the supply depot'
 Being her usual self,now grinning. "Oh yeah,some horny yank wants to off load his supply of spunk 'cause his wife's not around,all part of the war effort I 'spose" we smile, "Besides I've only fucked your father and you,the things a woman's expected to do for this war leaves me speechless sometimes" 'You're okay with it then? I'll tell him yes,yeah?' "Of course I will,I bet I'll get a couple of hundred fags off a yank,they're the day mum's off looking like a million dollar's. Only the boss picked her up so I had no idea who or even if the yank would show. I found out soon enough. Rolling in a little after mum. It was lucky my siblings had gone off down country away from the constant bombings. Mum was in a distressed state. She sat slouched on the settee,one stocking was only attached by the back suspender,the other was suspended okay but both were laddered.

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   She'd obviously been crying and had slipped down the seat leaving her skirt up behind her bum and the front was high enough for me to see the knickers were ripped about and the gusset was open exposing her dribbling pussy. When I say dribbling,there was a whole lot of spunk up her and plenty had dribbled out onto her legs and stocking tops.
 Looking at her quim I shouldn't have but I did,it gave me a ramping hardon. I just wanted to fuck her as well. On looking more closely I saw some paper stuck in her stocking top. 'Mum why is that paper stuck in your stocking?' -Mistake that was, - she blabbered up,I grabbed her, 'Its ok,nothings going to hurt you,I'm here with you' Through blabbering, "No it wasn't anything rough or that,its that,she stuck her hand out and opened the knuckles,that fucking yank said thank you mam! and stuck this and that, - she pointed to the paper in her stocking, I never cried in front of them mind" her face eased, "Fucking cheeky bastard,he gave me money,he thought I was a whore,the bastard" 
 I needed to rescue her and my chances of fucking her. 'I reckon you haven't worked it out right,you were so good,he just gave it to you like a bonus sort of,for relieving the pressure in his balls, - another error, - You're so tight you probably fucked him dry' "Tight? Not now I ain't,all that black pudding stuff,that's what it was all about. It was a black pudding,a fucking real one,you know a black yank with a cock like a horse,well the size of those puddings your boss been giving us anyway" 'Let me have a look' Looking me in the eye she raised a leg,I plunged my fingers to her labia and opened her gash. 'See not split and looks the same size as it always does' "What about the back,she slid forward more on the seat so her ass was hanging over. I pulled her sphincter open a bit,clearly she had spunk leaking from it, 'No not split there either,surprising that if he had your ass as well' "No that wasn't him,your boss went there" 'Well then! he's had it before'
 "You don't understand do you,I was in the middle" Then I did get it, 'You mean they fucked you both holes together' "Exactly,how can you tell I'm not split up inside,It fucking hurt like hell,I can tell you" 'Stay like that mum I know how to check' I shot off to my room. When at school I'd nicked (Borrowed permanently) a testube,about the size of a teenagers hardon. Proudly returning to mum. Put your other leg up and the doc' will take a decko (Look)' "Wash it first inside and out,it may have some chemicals on or in it,I don't want a sore pussy after you look in" To pacify her I go off and wash it although I knew it was ok because I'd stuck it up my ass after the first ass fucking I got to see how much spunk my boss had given me.
 Having pushed it right up mum,that is nearly 10 inches, 'Hold it there,I'll get the flash light' I now lit her vagina and all was well. 'Fuck mum,he certainly gave you a real good fuck,you're full of spunk,I can even see it up in your uterus's opening' The test tube was against the opening and there was a massive lot of spunk inside.

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   Another mistake, "OMG. What if he's made me pregnant,everybody would know who I've been with" 'I'll put some water to heat,I know how to fix it' Or I hoped I did! 'Get a blanket or towel to lie in the bath otherwise the bath will make you shiver,its cold iron,okay filled with hot water,strip off because you don't want to wet your clothes and what I'm going to do will surely get water over you'
 "Try your way,I'm not having a knitting needle job, (Back street abortion) what are you going to do anyway?" 'Trust me,we'll flush it out' I go for some hose I have hidden. I've figured,if mum can take my cock in her uterus which she does when I fuck her doggy,then my piece of hose will go up her no problem. I intended to put a funnel at the other end and just let the warm water flush her pussy of any spunk. On trying this I was perplexed when mum's cunt didn't let any run in,she was too tight around the tube. I needed pressure. A stroke of genius now. We had some balloons about somewhere,mum knew where.  Getting them I fitted one to the tube and filled it with warm water again.
 Pushing it into mum's cunt while she held the pipe double to stop the water running out. "Its against my womb" 'Wriggle and see if you can get it up into it' After doing this for a while. "I think its gone up but I'm just not sure,that's where we need to get the sperm out of" 'Mum,I reckon if I push the testube up alongside the hose I'll be able to see if its right in you' I knew there was some white printing near the pipe end in her and I reckoned if that was in her uterus we had it pretty well to the top as far as it could go,then I'd flush her out.  
 I found it was only just starting up there,I started to get it in further,pushing it to and fro,mum said, "Fuck that's nice,its like having a cock in there" Each push I got it up more and more. "Fuck,what is it doing,you're making me cum" I was facinated,on looking up the tube I could see the neck of mum's womb pulsing like a fishes mouth. An orgasm was now in full flow.

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   Entranced I looked further down and I noticed a,what looked like a spongy bit pulsing as well,it was pulsing like a heart beat. - I didn't know then but the pipe had rubbed mum's 'G' spot with my pushing it up and down her vagina,thus making her womb go frantic. Pulling the testube out as mum's gasping recovered I got her to let go of the tube and by squeezing the balloon a good gush of water flooded up and back out of her pussy. Watching this flood,I could see lots of sperm floating in it.  'Its working,loads of his spunk is coming out'
 Mum's eyes was fluttering, "God, its like a load of warm sperm going in me,do it some more its lovely,I don't want it to stop" She got me to refill the balloon three times and after the second no sperm was showing. She admitted later,it was so nice she didn't want me to stop. Now relaxed and subdued,she told me,she'd had a hell of a shock when she saw what the yank had between his legs and even more apprehensive that he was black, - Britain had very few in those days. - but she admitted that her pussy took it easy,big as it was. But because of it already being up her when my boss got her in the ass,he was so excited,he just rammed her without lubbing and that was the bit that hurt.
 Once he had cum up her ass which was almost with the first thrust,they got into a rythym where one cock came down her as the other pushed up her. That is until the cock in her pussy started to cum. Between them she felt her feet leave the ground and she remained in the air until the yank relaxed and pulled it out of her. He told her, "Don't worry about me busting your ass,I only fuck pussy" Through me,my boss reassured her it was just a present and a bigger box followed this event. We settled into a regular friday of shagging and bumming. My mum now regularly fucked my brains out and is obsessed with me flushing out her pussy and fucking her with the testube and other objects,kinky woman,but that's a whole new story.

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