Inge, The Girl From Denmark, episode 5


She had two weeks off and was visiting her family, just a few hundred miles north of Wiesbaden, Germany. She spent the night with my husband and me the night before. She was a local employee, dental technician, at the US Air Base where my husband, Ted, was stationed. I was also employed there as a secretary at the base fire station. We knew the same people, on and off base.

When she said she needed a ride to Frankfurt I offered bed and breakfast for convenience and a ride early the next morning. I was hoping for some new fun too. Inge was as tall as I, but with more meat on her bones. A typically beautiful, blond, blue-eyed Scandinavian girl with large firm breasts and delicious buttocks. I was slim and small breasted with long, long legs. Just below that is the most beautiful pussy my husband said he'd ever seen. I had a prominent mound of Venus, my nether lips barely indistinguishable with only a thin slit visible through a blond wisp of pubic hair. I've always loved my pussy because it gives me, my husband Ted, and others so much pleasure.

On this pleasant summer evening, Inge, knapsack slung over shoulder, appeared in time for dinner. She was dressed casually and comfortable, in a below-the-knee flowing dress, her bare shoulders giving hint to her wonderful form. After dinner and a few bottles of Rhine wine we were pretty relaxed with each other.

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   The girl was twenty-something like us and not inexperienced. She was only a casual acquaintance. We had met her by way of some of Ted's GI friends We knew who she had been fucking. I took notice of her and we had even danced together one evening out as European women frequently do. That gave me a chance to innocently feel her up good then not so innocently after she responded with a firm caress of my ass. I knew she wanted the same thing. I liked her luscious body and thought about her occasionally. I chatted her up whenever I got a chance which was often since we both had lunch in the same BX snack bar every day.

I had been randy with anticipation awaiting the weekend. But now that she was here with us in our cozy little attic apartment I was having trouble keeping my fingers from rubbing my swollen pussy. Ted had given me my usual morning fuck spoon fashion while I diddled my clit. I need an orgasm first thing in the morning with or without him. We had gone about our errands that morning and I gave my pussy an occasional rub every chance I had all day. I preferred not to wear panties, never at home, and never a bra since I was so flat chested. I could always reach under for a little solo foreplay or even if Ted was watching.

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   He couldn’t keep his hands off me. He knew what I had in mind. I wanted another threesome. My husband knew what I was up to. He knew I was bisexual before we married and because my maid of honor was off to Spain on vacation it had been weeks since we had been together with Goody. Inge would be the second woman after Goody that we had a threesome with. I was horny all day thinking about it.

"Do you think she'll go for it?" Ted asked while Inge had gone into the bathroom to make bedtime preparations. He had pulled me down onto his lap and had his hand between my legs. As usual Ted took every opportunity to feel up under my dress. We "accidentally" let her catch us in the act a couple of times during the evening hoping to keep her in the right mood. She walked into the kitchenette when I had my husband's cock out of his trousers and was stroking it fondly. Ted pretended embarrassment but did not quickly pull it back in before she got a good look. She was indeed horny by the time we finished dinner.

After a good dinner with lots more wine we made ourselves comfortable in the living room.

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   Inge sprawled her shapely legs and long blond hair on our couch. I kept looking at her thighs when her dress rode up her legs. I gave her an occasional glance between my legs. I know she saw enough to know it was intentional. There was a lot of friendly conversation, mostly sex talk. I kept the conversation going in the right direction, telling her about me and my best friend, Goody. Not too much, but enough to keep her interested. Inge said she was horny for her boyfriend and was glad to be going home to see him . I thought she was just horny. It wasn't like she had trouble getting laid. She hinted around about some of her sexual escapades with Ted's friends and I coaxed her into talking about the size of their cocks.

We had some good laughs about my Ted's obvious hard-on caused by our conversation. Her body language was very telling. Fidgety thighs, crossing them tightly together then un-crossing and fanning her knees. When I playfully handled the bulge in Ted's trousers.

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   I could tell she wanted to rub her mound cause she kept rubbing the top of her bare legs, palms down with her thumbs on the inside of her thighs pressing hard.

I leaned across Ted’s chest and took hold of his cock through his pants. I pulled on it till it was clearly outlined for her to see. We looked at each other. I smiled, she looked back at me panting through her open mouth and a blank stare on her face.

Since we had been discussing cock sizes we had recently known, I asked her, “Would you like to see this. It’s a good one, but you should see Rod’s cock. ” I decided to tell her that, “Goody and I both fucked Rod. And we both fucked Ted, of course. ”

She asked me, breathing faster, “Do you g-go with Goody too?”

“Oh, yeah! That’s the best part, sweetheart. ” I gave her the green light when I lifted my right leg off the floor and rested it on the edge of the couch. I pulled my dress up around my thighs and exposed my naked pussy. With a quick look of relief she slouched down on the couch and slipped her hand inside her panties.

I un-buckled Ted’s belt and tugged his pants down. His thick eight inch penis was wet and easy to find.

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   My thumb and index finger circled it, I squeezed hard. I pursed my lips and planted them on his helmet then opened my mouth just barely so that there was sufficient friction to elicit a throaty groan from him. . . . . . and her. I looked up at Inge on the couch. Her hands were busy rubbing her breasts and between her legs. She moaned, eyes wide open focused on the blow job I was giving Ted. I don’t know if he was enjoying the blow job better than watching Inge masturbating on our couch. I let go of Ted’s cock and said to him, "More to come. Give us a few minutes," leaving him nursing his hard cock. In two steps I knelt close to Inge on the other couch.

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   In my sexiest voice and whispering close to her ear I asked her, “Do you want to sleep on the couch or be more comfortable on the bed with us?” As I asked her I found my way to her panties. I reached in and found her wet fingers and warm hairy pussy.

“Oh!” She caught her breath as the felt my fingers dip between her folds, then replied smiling, "Is your b-bed big enough f-for a threesome?"

"Oh, I think so. It's been big enough for a foursome. " I turned my head to Ted, "I think she wants it, baby, but I'm going to find out for sure in the shower,” fingering her all the while. “You know I'm horny for new pussy," I told him. She threw her arms around my neck.

“Oh, oh, Dot! Do me!” It was difficult to keep my hands off her as I led her to the bathroom. I pulled her panties down as we walked in and I knelt and in front of her. I held her asscheeks and pulled her cunt to my mouth. I searched for her clit and found it throbbing against my tongue. Inge leaned back and spread her legs. Her hips flared prominently from her small waist into her beautifully protruding buttocks that I held in my hands. Mellon breasts and large red nipples were hard and surrounded by goose bumps on her aureole. She held my head with both hands and I mouthed, making sucking noises on her labia.

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   “Aaaah! Oh, fuck, Dot! Make me cum, Dot. I can’t stand it anymore. ”

"Come on in, I'll wash your back if you do me," I said and pulled her into the shower stall with me.

"I'd love to do you. " I couldn't hold back a smile and extended my arms to her to me. I wanted her to want it and I wanted to watch Ted drive his fat eight inches into her cunt. I loved this little game and my pussy was throbbing for some female attention. It was tight quarters as we washed each other's backs. I handed her a soapy towel and at first she washed my back and shoulders then down to the small of my back. She moved up close to me and brought both her arms around me. She pressed her hips into my butt and reached around to soap me up from my pussy to my breasts. I could feel my nipples swelling and my heart was racing. I felt her fingers between my pussy lips and she gave my clit a quick pinch.

"Okay, my turn," she said as she turned. I wasn't too disappointed.

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   I washed her back and shoulders then knelt down to wash the back of her legs. Her gorgeous ass was in my face. I had to kiss it. I pressed my cheek into her protruding buttocks then turned my head so my lips were at the base of her spine and pursed my lips against it then extended my tongue and licked. At the same time I brought my hand, minus the towel, up the inside her luscious thigh. My soapy fingers slid up and stopped as my index finger nestled between her labia and my thumb at her anus.

She leaned forward and rested her forearms on the wall spreading her legs with a moan, "You've done this before, Dot?"

"Yesssss," I replied, my voice hoarse with lust. “Goody is a beautiful lover. ” I rubbed my cheek and nose into her buttocks as I knelt behind her. I slowly massaged the crack of her luscious ass. In front I pressed my left palm against the girl's mound. Standing to face her I reached around to place both my hands on her buttocks and pulled her to me. Grinding my mound to hers, I kissed her softly on the lips and neck. I had her trembling when I lowered my mouth and sucked in a nipple.

"Come on, let's get rinsed off, I want to share you with Ted.

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   He likes pussy too. " She smiled knowingly at me and leaned in to kiss my mouth again.

The only light in the apartment came from the flickering candles as Ted watched us make our way to the bedroom laughing and giggling. Ted went into the bathroom to make ready but I knew he would first stop in the doorway to watch before joining us in the bed. Ted loved to masturbate watching Goody and me get it on. I lay on my left side, her ass pressing into me spoon fashion, her neck on my left arm and my right arm on her waist and my hand caressing her ample breasts. I felt her arm so I placed my hand on her forearm and traced it down to her fingers. Her hand was slowly and very lightly massaging her pussy. I felt a shiver from her as my fingers joined hers. I continued to follow her hand movements with my hand over hers.

I fondled her breasts and thighs with great pleasure. I lifted my right leg over and humped my cunt against her pelvis. I sucked on her neck and earlobe. I traced my fingers up her shoulders, down to her waist and hip and back up again. I could hear her breath quicken and gasp when my fingers touched a sensitive spot.

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   I slid my hand back to her flat belly and mound. She caught her breath and I didn't think she was going to exhale till I continued and took her little man gently between my fingers.

"I don't think is your first time with another woman either. "

"No, but, but. . . . . I've been d-doing it. . . . I've found a couple of girlfriends working here and I had a threesome with another American couple too," she panted. "I thought about it with you when we d-danced that night and then again when you invited me to spend the night. .


  . . . . . and I was h-hoping. . . . . please, more! I'm so h-horny for you!" She pushed my hand harder to her pussy.

Her head, resting in the hollow of my left arm, I bent my elbow and turned her head toward me. She responded by passionately showering my open mouth with kisses. While exploring each other's tongues, she turned slightly toward me then reached down and with a hand behind my right knee pulled it further up over her waist. I rubbed my swollen cunt into her hip.

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   I shifted for better access to her pussy. I lowered my head and planted an open mouth on Inge's right nipple and i was diddling the her clit when I felt Ted climb on the bed, his cock poking my buttocks as he spooned into me. She was panting and whimpering for more, squeezing her own tits, hips undulating under my fingers. With my leg still over Inge’s waist, Ted had a clear shot at my open behind. I felt him guide the head of his penis just barely into my hot hole and then rub up and down with his cock head, from clit to anus. On the upstroke his cock glided past my hard clit bumping, not accidentally, into Inge's hip where my labia was also making wet contact. Her hip was slick with my juices and his pre-cum.

Inge's right hand made its way between us to my pussy. She easily slid her middle finger into my sopping cunt then brought it back to lube my clit. I did the same for her. When she felt Ted's prick under her fingers she reached further under my leg and circled her fingers around it like measuring its dimension then pressed it between my labia and stuffed it into me. She continued to frig my clit then circle her fingers around Ted's tool as it sawed in and out of my vagina from behind. She put her finger into my pussy alongside my husband's cock like she was trying to feel where it was going. I wanted to cum like this.

I felt my orgasm coming up from the pit of my stomach.

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   The sparkling warmth expanded up to my breasts and down to my thighs then exploded. I had to get my first cum out the way so I could concentrate on Inge's pussy, but I planned to have a few more. At least one, I was thinking, in her mouth. I was going to eat her, like she's never had it done. She had come to the right place for some good head.

Without waiting for my orgasm to subside I scooted down between Inge's legs. Ted immediately filled the space between him and Inge. Simultaneously her hands reached for the back of my head and Ted's wet and swollen penis. When she tugged on it, it slipped out of her hand. She put that hand up to her lips and licked her palm before reaching for
him again.

I reached for my still throbbing clit with my left hand and parted her folds with the other. I tentatively licked at her rosebud. I turned my head slightly to suck her swollen labia into my mouth, first one juicy flap then the other. She pulled my head closer and I opened my mouth to cover her pussy then lightly sucked her clitoris like a small penis. I extended my tongue out as far as I could and into her hole.

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   The inside of her labia pressed warm and wet to my cheeks. I moved my tongue down to the bottom of her slit and I lapped the juices running down dangerously close to her pucker ring. With my tongue pressed flat against her anus I licked up the crack of her beautiful ass then back down and stabbed her puckered hole with my pointed tongue and thrust it in as far as possible.

Her squeals were muffled by Ted's mouth. They were locked into a passionate kiss. Her hand tugged on the back of my head as she pulled on his dick at the same time.

"Oh my god, I n-never knew. . . . . it c-could. . . .

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  . . be sooo good!" she said as she broke the kiss. She let go of his cock and hand full of his asscheek pulled Ted and his dick into her face. Looking up over her bush I saw her mouth envelope my husband's cock. I knew she was close to orgasm so I intensified my efforts. I slipped my fingers between my wet cunt lips for temporary relief. . . . and moisture. . . . then to hers.

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   I inserted two fingers to the hilt and finger-flecked her while I sucked on her clit. I reached far back into her with my fingers,then turned them up, and pulled them back along the inside and top of her cunt behind her clit. I could see Ted holding her head with one hand and fondling her tits with the other. She made muffled shrieks to the tempo of Ted’s cock fucking her mouth.

"She sucks good, Dot. She's gonna make me cum!" He was watching me suck on her pussy and our eyes met. She and I both hummed in agreement. She really got into it then. She looked like she really enjoyed sucking cock. She came in mine as I tried to keep my mouth on her clit. Hips undulating, she shuddered and trembled, but continued to suck on my husband's cock.

Ted's jerking motions continued till he pulled his dripping prick out of her mouth. I climbed up between Inge's legs to lay on top of her and let our orgasms subside. My mouth and chin wet with her juice, we kissed and I could taste Ted's cum in her mouth.

"Did you like that?" I asked her, both of us still panting.

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"Oh, very definitely yes! I want to do it again and I want to do you, but I need some of this beautiful cock too. "

"Oh, okay, but he'll need a minutes to reload after that great suck you just gave him, but I want to fuck you too, baby. "

"How. . . . . . ? C-can we?. . . . . Oh!" It dawned on her as I rose to straddle her, a knee astride her hips. She let go of the limp penis in her hand.

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   I turned my left leg so I could get it under he right leg then scissored her. I learned about tribadism, The act of two women rubbing their vaginas together, from Claudia. I hugged her right leg and I felt our clits pressed between our pubic bones. We were both pretty wet and juicy so the moment our labia met was electric. I swear we were steaming. We flecked each other furiously in a terrific muff grind.

"Oh god, oh g-god, ohhhhhh mmmmmmy god! That's wonderful! Fuck m-me, Dot! Fuck
me!" She had reclaimed Ted's cock with one hand, the other was very busy where our pussy lips met.

"Can you cum with me, baby?"

"Oh yes, Dot! Let's cum. . . . . . . .

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  now!" We did, and it was indeed wonderful. “Aaaaaaaaah, fuck! I’m cumming, Dot! Are you c-cumming, Dot? I’m cummmmmming! Mmmmmmm!” Her mouth was full of Ted’s eight inches again and my hands were full of her luscious tits. My pussy was wet and warm on hers as I humped her harder.

“I’m cumming too, baby. I’m cummmmming!” The sight of Ted’s cock in her mouth, her lips pursed around its thick veins, her hollow cheeks did it for me and I had the second real orgasm of the day. I had a few little ones waiting for Inge all day long and now my pelvis trembled and jerked involuntarily. I reached for her mouth and inserted a finger where my husband’s cock was and she eagerly sucked on it too. She was a quivering mass of hot lusty flesh.

Our legs were entangled but I collapsed on top of her. Cooing softly into each other's ears in the afterglow of orgasm, we kissed and made soft love to each other. She wrapped her arms tightly around me and easily rolled over on top. She pushed and rose straight-armed above me. I reached for her luscious breasts as they hung there. I raised my head and gently sucked one nipple into my mouth and then the other. My flat breasts did not compare to these full melons I was now devouring.

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   Inge threw her head back and relaxed her arms so that her breasts came to rest on my ribs. She dragged them down to my pubes. I lifted my legs around her in a scissors lock and rubbed my pussy into her tits. I shifted my weight to my left and we came to rest on our sides. She was between my thighs with her head moving closer to my pussy.

She whispered, "I want to do you now, Dot. " I played with the back of her hair with one hand and put my other fingers in her mouth, caressed her chin urging it closer to my clit. I was on my left side, back to Ted who was leaning against the headboard fondling his penis watching us. Her head was between my thighs and she began to lap at my cunt lips making my hips shudder involuntarily. I turned slightly to my right and reached back to take my husband's soft penis in my hand. I knew it would grow again in my mouth. She moved her pelvis closer to Ted so he could reach and finger her cunt.

"That's it, baby, lick my clit now. Make me cum again, baby. "

She abruptly looked up at me from between my thighs, "Tell me Dot! Tell me how you like it!" Then she opened her mouth wide and dove for my cunt again.

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   Oh, it was so good being sucked by another woman again. Her breasts, her thighs, her hips, her soft mouth I love a hard cock too, but there's nothing like having another woman to make love to. I first experienced cunnilingus at an age when I was still a virgin to my fingers. One warm summer evening after Charli and I had masturbated each other to orgasm I fell asleep in her arms. I woke to find her mother, obviously tipsy, lapping and sucking on my young, hairless vulva. She gave me an orgasm like I'd never had.

I like to fantasize about Charlize and her mother when I'm having sex. But Inge made me forget with her insistent mouth and fingers. She was trying to tongue-fuck me and she was doing it very well. I was still stroking my husband's now hardened cock in my mouth and my left at the back of Inge's head gently directing her mouth where I wanted it, my knees spread wide. Ted with two fingers in Inge’s pussy leaned over to kiss me. This was how we liked sex. He broke the kiss.

"Do you like her sweetheart? Is she doing you good?" he asked.

"She's very g-good and she's trying t-to make me cum," I panted.


   Ted likes sex talk. His cock was rock hard in my hand. "Why don't you take this beauty and fuck her?" She squealed into my pussy. "Are you ready for some hard cock, baby?" She responded by nodding her lips on my clit. Ted's prick glistened and quivered. I watched my husband fit himself between her luscious thighs to enter her. She reached down and rubbed her cunt spreading her bush for him. I turned over and sat on her face. Facing him, I leaned down to lick at his cock and her fingers. She rubbed it to her cunt, her mouth and tongue at my cunt. I saw his penis disappear and with a long slow backstroke reappear between her expanding labia. My mouth was where Ted's cock was fucking into her cunt. This was heaven to me.

With Inge's head lodged firmly between my thighs and her mouth latched on to my hot hole I placed my mouth at her clit and my upper lip at the top of my husband's cock where it was sliding into her. I circled my fingers around it and lifted on the backstroke and as it came forward it slid into the back of my throat.

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   I sucked as it traveled the backstroke. When it popped out of my mouth I angled it down again and it went home between her hot, swollen labia. I let him fuck and I sucked her clit and pussy lips around Ted's cock till she was just about to cum. Then lifted him out to my mouth again. We kept this up till she shuddered and arched as her orgasm overwhelmed her. I let Ted ram her to the hilt and he shuddered and shot his load in her. I did as I promised and came in her mouth. It was truly heaven to be like this with your husband and a friend.

On the way to the airport in Frankfurt Ted drove and we sat in the back seat. I spread my legs to allow her insistent fingers into my bare crotch for the second time that morning. We masturbated each other under the blankets earlier while Ted made coffee. Now she was making me wet again with her fingers. I was about to relent and let her eat me in the back seat.

"If you're going to play with my pussy, Inge, you have to give me a good cum. I leaned back on the seat and spread my legs.

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   She knelt on the floorboards and gave me another orgasm as we approached the terminal. I hate being teased when I can't have a good cum.

"You know I want to do it again," she told me. "When I come back I'll bring my boyfriend back to meet you. I know you'll like him. He can really stuff a girl. And maybe we can invite Goody and Rod too. I’ve always liked her. " I knew I had a convert on my hands. I thought about her with Goody. . . and Rod, and Ted. And me of course. On the drive home I gave Ted a nice blow job.

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   He was ready after the show we had given him in the rear view mirror.

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