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       My wife had the opportunity to do a job out of town for a few weeks, which left me with a large block of time and no outlet for my desires. As I dropped her at the airport she asked me if I was going to go looking for some other woman and I quickly said no. She and I had some difficulty a couple of years before and I certainly didn't want a repeat of that. Shouting and accusations and months of no talking. So NO was the answer of the moment.
        When she got on the plane, i hurried home and spent some time just looking at porn on the computer, but film clips and pictures quickly lost their appeal. I went to a chatroom I used to frequent , but saw no familiar names. Then the light came on! An old email address carefully kept secret from my wife leaped to mind. Sure enough, the account , while dormant, was still available and the address book held some very steamy  contacts. I tried them and got one after another failure to deliver notice  until one I sent off to Tiffany.
         Two years ago i was in almost constant, daily contact with her, sending and recieving pictures, talking about meeting, sharing very hot experiences of hers and fantasies of mine. She was 35 years old, and single, but unfortunately located almost 2000 miles away. The email had just said 'Do you want to reconnect?' Since it went through I waited for a reply checking it often. My surprise was when it was answered in only 2 hours.
          "G. where have you been? I've been thinking about you.

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   You know I want to reconnect. In fact I want to do more than that. i want to get to see you in person, get you naked and have my way with you. i want to feel that big cock of yours between my tits and in my mouth. I want all that and more. . . . . Tiff. ' The problem was getting her here, quickly solved by contacting a friend who worked for an airline that flew to her town. A ticket was arranged, very little money (ah those employee perks!) and it was set. I emailed her to go to the airport, and pick up her ticket and head on down.
           The next day Tiffany was supposed to arrive. I couldn't believe it was only 3 days since my wife left and another woman would be getting off the plane for me.

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   Since I couldn't go to the gate I had to wait near the baggage claim. As the siutcases started arriving I looked around, no sign of tiffany. She had said she would be there and in fact had sent me an email to that effect just that morning. Perhaps I didn't recognize her? Old blue-haired ladies and mothers with their squalling children and business men. There was only one suitcase left when she showed up. hse went straight to the baggage carousel took the case off the conveyor and looked at me. "Are you going to stand their , or are you going to kiss me and take my bag?"I rushed up to her, taking in the sight of her. She was about 6' tsll due in part to the 4" heels she was wearing. A tight blouse onbuttoned to show her magnifent cleavage and a short skirt showing off her legs so exquisitely highlighted by her heels. Her face was lit up with a seductive smile that promised magic in the coming hours. She was wearing a fresh application of dark red lipstick and sultry blue eye shadow. As she melted into my arms we kissed deeply and I could taste her for the first time. Electricity passed between us as my cock hardened , pressing against her. 'What's this?' she asked, a twinkle in her eye as she reached down and gave me a playful little squeeze.
     "For you as often as you want it" was all I could say.

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   'Why were you so late getting here? Everybody else has come and gone. "
       "Something I had to take care of. You'll see shortly"
        I carried her suitcase to my waiting truck, stopping every few steps to just look at her, or kiss. When i got the door open she slid in , right next to me, like a school girl on a date. that's when i discovered the reason for her delay. She slid her skirt higher, exposing first hwer thighs then the fact she wasn't wearing any panties. Her cunt was smooth, glistening , and smelled so sweet. She unbuttoned her blouse one more button to reveal no bra. "I had to stop in the ladies room to get rid of a few things" she said.
         In wonder at my good fortune I kissed her again, our tongues meeting and twisting, tasting each other in wanton lust. My hand went to her smooth cunt to find it wet and ready. Her hands were working at my belt, freeing my cock for her mouthin moments we were deep in the throes of being nearly naked and trying to fuck, but damnit we were still in parking garage. Finally sense returned  and the drive home went smoothly, with her jacking my still hard cock, and me fingering her cunt. At my house we didn't make it out of the living room.
          Right as we entered I saw that this was a great idea.

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   We were on the couch in moments with our clothes which ahd been hastily reassmbled for the trip to the door strewn on the floor. She opened her legs to my eager tongue. I couldn't get enough. I had read that tracing the letters of the alphabet on a woman's clit with you tongue was the magic recipe for success and I was saying my alphabet like a schoolboy. And work it did. She lay back to recieve my attentions and then was quaking with her first of many orgasms. I stopped for what I thought would only be a moment when she shifted positions and took my cock in her mouth. Oh My God! I'm not really huge, but with a strange mouth on my cock, in my living room, it sure felt that way. she sucked the head, tracing every fold and vein, drilling her tongue in the very tip, then suddenly plunging her mouth down over the netire shaft. SHe was stroking my balls and squeezing my ass as I thrust into her mouth. Her hair was falling down over my crotch and as I smoothed it out of the way I could see her lips, red and glistening around the shaft of my cock. I felt her tongue licking like it was  an ice cream cone. It was more than I could take and I unloaded in her mouth. All she did weas suck harder, driving my higher and deeper into desire.
          "You could have warned me" she said.

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   "I would have stopped you so I could suck some more"
          "No , All I want is to fuck you. " Tiffany just moaned in agreement.
          We started again from scratch as we headed up the stairs to the bedroom. In no time as she was laying back, playing with her tits and rubbing her clit, I was kneeling between her legs. I wanted her so much. My cock was already stiff, poking towards her open cunt, but her ass. . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . just beckoning to me. I lifted her legs on my shoulders and bent over gently spreading her ass with my hands. She said "Now?I don't know. . . . " But it wqas meant to be. First I ate her pussy, so wet , so open , so inviting, then drove my tongue into her ass. It wasn't my intention to fuck her in the ass, not yet, perhaps not even this visit, but I had to eat her. She raised up and pushed onto my tongue.

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   'Oh God , Yes. yes . yes. " She was pwerfect in every way imagineable.
     "Fuck Me. " the words I had been longing to hear. My cock slid into her waiting cunt, SHe thrust at me her hips meeting my every thrust I changed my angle, she adjusted for her maximum pleasure, and mine. On and on, until finally ecstasy. But she wasn't done. she slowly and langorously moved so to reach my cock with her mouth, sucking and licking. We drifted off to sleep like that, my cock in her mouth.
      We were awakened by the phone. From the airport. My wife's plans had changed. She was home 3 weeks early and hadn't called.

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   She wanted to surprise me! I looked at Tiffany. Huge tits, long legs, full lips, a great ass. I thought of my wife. No tits, a flabby ass, long legs (something they had in common). way. tiffany could tell what i was thinking. "No need to choose, babe. I'm moving here so i can get that cock as often as I want it. You promised it to me. " So I did.   "Take me to the airport, we can figure it out later. The only problem will be getting in the airport without your wife seeing me. " t
       "That doesn't matter, she doesn't know you. I'll just plead heavy traffic. " So, off to the airport, our thoughts churning.

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  As i kissed her one last time tiffany gave me a little squeeze. "As often as I want it. . . . "
     "You got it, babe. "
      A few minutes later my wife came out of the terminal. "Miss me?'
      "Yeah , but I found some things to do. "


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