Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 15 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Just to say, with military service upon me. I almost became a monk, the alternative was 99% boredom and 1% pissed up.
 Enough of that shit.
  having now received a uniform which the birds (girls) loved. I had a leave (furlow) at about a third into my compulsory service time. Homeward bound up our street the inevitable happened. A flirty female voice uttered, you've guessed it! Left,right,left, in time to my steps. I head towards the voice with its owner's bum perched on the ledge of the pub window, I fully intend to push her through said window. Low and behold, its 'boobies' Jackie. All thought of reprisal left me and in know time we're off up the road chatting nineteen to the dozen.
 Having lost touch over a couple of years, lots of chat led us to arriving on the hill park. We drifted on had an ice cream as you do. Holding hands then arm in arm, time ran away with us. As it started to get dark we smooched and then kissed and kissed and kissed. Oops! my hand found her booby and her hand found my hand and pushed it away with "I'm not like that" At the second attempt I took her point.

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   I'll now jump forward about a year,reason being nothing happened except we became boy and girl friend but no sexual activity, just snogging.
 That is until formally I proposed marriage, her father gave us the nod and we got engaged. I will say this was the best decision I took in my life,boy was it ever! The real 'Jackie' was hid inside her all the time. What a woman! Within the week we were down a nearby lane her knickers were off and into her handbag, I fumble for her pussy, well how would an innocent lad know how or where? Remember that one lads. She's excited now and her cherry was taken. being before paper tissues, the only thing to wipe her pussy with was her powder puff from her compact. Pussy wiped and checked she decided with me her cherry was gone then promply stuck the item between a lampost and the lane wall. Furtively we left the lane then burst into laughter at what the road cleaner would think when he found this powder puff. I also found some blood under my foreskin the next morning, lovely!
 Much of my leave's were then spent staying on the settee in her house. The moment her mother went to work she appeared dressed only in an overall. She'd open it and leap onto me and fucked my brains out. Eventually,she steadied down and let me study her hour glass body and play her to climax a lot more.
 Her body was all that a man could want. Not over pretty in face, she had lovely brown hair top (head) and bottom, her boobs were more than a man's hand full squeezing lushly out between my fingers as I squeezed them,topping these were two nipples about a half inch in length and areoles with a prominent circle of peaks around each nipple and tanned like her thigh tops. With a not so flat rubbery belly leading down to a prominent 'mound of venus' with an abundant mass of curly brown pubes.

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   Following down her Venus lines took you to her groin line in turn these led to the groove above and past her hood which indicated a full clitoris hidden there under. Running each side of the hood the valley decended to her pussy slit with volumptious outer lips and fleshy medium sized inner vulva lips.
 From here the slit led on round to a beautiful pair of globes with the crack continuation hiding a lovely puckered bum hole. Slight tanned areas were all in the right areas. Her legs were beautiful with slim ankles,strong thighs which became a feature of exciting sexual happenings in our future.  All these features were to be my play area for the future and Jackie also had one more sexual organ? Her brain, my god what an organ this would turn out to be.
 more later.