Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 19/1 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Then we were there: The wedding,church,white,all the of Jackies bridesmaids was her sister Debbie who clocked us at it,the other was Ross. Den was my best man. Back at the reception and at the appropiate moment,Den gave the two bridesmaids a present each and a peck on the cheek,all proper like. He then makes the usual approach to the bride. Best man,first night,the usual jargon,while his eyes were talking to Jackies cleavage of which there was a delicious part wobbling like jellies above her wedding gowns neckline. On giving Jackie a kiss,no peck but a full lip job, (that boy dont miss a trick) as he lets her go ,I distinctly note a whisper passed from him to her. In turn she smiled but looked a bit embarrassed. I asked her about that later!
So the music goes,the booze flows,I intend to stay sober,so does Jackie. Low drink,high sex input later is our plan. Den was drinking his and someone elses share as he stood with one of my new brother-in-laws by a barrel of beer we had. This was the "Jackie look alikes" husband. Together they were debating the prospect of later getting a feel of the two bridesmaids if they got pissed,letching bastards! Ha! ha! I decided to keep an eye open for any activity in that region. It was not long in coming. A bit later I saw Jackies sister being danced by Den and his hand was all over her ass cheeks,she unobtrusively moved them up while looking to see if Ginny had noticed but Den persisted with his squeezing. She looked down between them and smiling said something to him at the same time nodding down again.

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 I reckoned she could feel his hardon against her stomach. Shortly after they separately drifted out through the fire escape door. As this was a single level church annexe I exited through the main door to dog them up. Heading round to where they were secreted,he was already giving her some serious necking and his hands were at work on her panties,the front of her dress was up and I was expecting to get a look at her cunt from my unobtrusive vantage point. Stocking top,white thigh and suspenders were already viewable and the beast in my trousers was letting me know he wanted a piece of the action. I put my hand in my pocket to try and line it up my belly but already as hard as hell it made me put my hand in my waist band and grab it to make it point upwards and ease the ache. Precum was available in an abundance on beasties helmet.
 In the now half-light I could see he had her knickers pulled over to the side and her pussy fur was in sight with his hand mauling into her slit,between movements I had my first look at her cunt,I really wanted to cum at that instant but also wanted to save it for later. The way her hips were wriggling in know time he would be fucking her. Drat but also saved by the bell Ginny came through the door,"Den,you out her?" then disappeared back inside. They broke apart instantly although they were out of sight of her. Den made towards the main door immediately but my sister-in-law Debbie,probably because of the drink and in no rush, unknowingly made a fine display for me. Holding her skirt up under her chin she pulled her knickers down to just above her knees and taking a handkerchief from her purse proceded to pat her pussy dry of cunt juice, then holding her knickers each side wriggled them back up,not before half turning to drop her purse by the wall in turn giving me a rear/side view of her lovely ass globes. The inside of my pants was cold with wetness.
 Then she too went inside.

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   Still suffering a major hardon as I went back into the doorway, "Jackie look alike" (Jane) squeezed past me coming the other way,Her large voluptuous breasts pressing hard against my rib cage was one thing but when I felt her hand squeeze my hardon with the laughing comment "I see youre ready for Jackie then" I was amazed,having had only a small amount of conversation over the months with her,there she is with a firm grip on my cock and in no hurry to let go. "Men? in there pissed as a fart,none for me tonight" Fucking hell! Was that an invitation or what? Fuck no! not tonight although she"d always been very friendly even when she came in our shop.
 A bit later I saw Ross fighting to keep Den from feeling her pussy but Ginny also spotted it and put a stop to that before I got a look at hers. What I realised was when drunk Den just had to grope pussy regardless. something to remember although I should have realised this from when we were out drinking,course we"re now talking family. I did get a chance to talk to my favourite aunt though and she said come and tell me how it goes,in every detail mind with a wink. Horny bitch,"I will! I will!
 Then we were home on our own and raring for sexual action. Wasting no time we"re in bed or more like on the bed. I play with her tits and pussy she plays with my cock,but then she says "What was that you were going to tell me about?" "Oh only what I saw going on at the reception" Looking a bit apprehensive, "Oh, I didn"t think you saw,it was nothing really" me saying nothing but wondering what I"d missed,she went on "He was squeezing my ass when you saw him kiss me,the whisper I"ll tell you about later,you"re not going to get your hair off on our wedding night are you?" assuring her No! "Where were you when he done the tit squeeze then?" Tit squeeze! What tit squeeze? where indeed? "It was nothing really,he had his hand down my front before I had time to realise what was going on and with only the limited protection of my strapless bra he had it in his hand completely naked to the skin,I really am sorry" Sorry! Fuck I missed that,what a bugger. Of course I said "No dont worry,these things happen. "He came from nowhere,suddenly he was there with his hand on it" "I think he darted in from outside" Ah! thats why I missed it.
 "You now" Oh! It was just that I saw Den outside with your Debbie. "Were they doing it?" No he had his hand in there but Ginny came out and called and they broke away. "Did you see her pussy? No I lied. "What about his cock,was it out or was she holding it? (There"s that cock question again) She sure is curious to know about another cock,give it time! mmmm! No they would have gone all the way though I reckon.

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   "Would you have watched them? all the way I mean?" Shit,walking into it again. Would you have in my place? "I might have, yeah I think I would have to see how fucking is for others" Pushing the envelope, yeah I think I would have too,probably everybody likes to see others fuck but deny they would like to watch. I bet if there was no chance of getting caught they"d wank or masterbate while watching. "Yeah,like that peeper on us"
 Now both worked up with the dirty talk we went at it. But not before with a touch of venom in her voice Jackie said, "our Deddie has a thing about married men,so keep your cock out of her and your balls will stay joined to your body" Wow a bit of jealousy there, but intended for me or because she had her sights on Den before Debbie. Do I detect a tone change in a married woman? I wondered about that.  
 Unbeknownst to us our new neigbours in the flat below had also got married today and like us had no honeymoon. At this point they arrived to hear us fucking and Jackie being very vocal in her second orgasm. What ever plan they had changed because following some bumps and giggles they too were at it matching orgasm for orgasm which sent Jackie into an almost zombie sexual marathon that I did my best to keep up with. Totally fucked we then fell asleep.
 Waking sometime later and with only the light through the window from the street lighting, I slid down the bed and then back up between Jackies legs and under her short nightdress. With nostrils flaired enjoying the smell of our sexual activity and thinking Jackie was asleep I gently moved my mouth close in to her pussy. Then a sleepy quiet voice muttered "What are you doing?I can feel your hot breath on me" Looking at my new toy.  Rumbled and without further ado I shot my tongue out of my mouth right on to her cunt. She jerked but said no more, then the nightdress went off of my head and glancing up the length of her now naked belly I could see it pulled over her face.

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   "Whats going on? thats your tongue touching my clit" I jabbed my tongue out quickly three or four times making her jerk each time. Its not me its this damn police dog down here doing it. No more comment followed.
 Then her breathing got deeper and quickened was she now thinking of what the police dog done to her on the hill? that I had just reminded her of or was it still in her mind of Den feeling up her sister. Who cares,my tongue is now giving her a whole new experience and the jerking of her body tells me I"ve hit a winner with both tongue and wife. Having licked all of her pussies labia,vulva,clitoris and now tongue fucking her. The screeching coming from under her nightdress is new also. FUCK I"M CUMMING,DONT STOP YOU HORNY LOVELY DOG,SSSH THEY"LL HEAR,SHIT ITS POURING OUT OF ME,NO STOP,NO DONT STOP,SSSH FUCKING HELL AAARGH! Collapsing from a mighty orgasm she throws the nightdress off flops back all puffing and blowing. "PHEW I dont think I"ve got any strength to fuck now,do you think they heard downstairs?
 All was clear just after, they had heard because they were back fucking and she was being as noisy as Jackie had been. "FUCK ME HARD LIKE HE DID TO HER" Having nestled back up by Jackies side,she said "What I said earlier about telling you" ??! "About what Den whispered" Oh that! "He said he wished it was his cock going to slide up between my cleavage tonight" "Do you want to?" I honestly hadn"t ever thought of a tit fuck till that moment. Boy did I now! My cock was already ousing love juice,so still lying on her back,I staddled her belly and placed my hard on between her cleavage just at the bottom. Having slid it to and fro to make the groove slippery with precum Jackie held her tits around my cock and I started to fuck them. Looking down on her I could see that with her head bent forward looking at my cocks helmet ploughing up and down past the top of her tits the beast was only about an inch from her pursed part open mouth lips. Her tits was now so slippery that my balls was also going in the bottom part allowing my cock head to just tap her mouth.
 "You"re going to cum" No I lied! holding back like hell,thus hoping I might get it in her mouth to shoot.

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   "You are I can feel the tube part twitching" No! bang the first shot got her on her teeth, "Splu fruu cuu. Bastard you done that on purpose!" Sorry I got carried away I just wanted to shoot it in your mouth,sorry really I am. All the rest of my baby juice was all over her chin,neck and tits. Then would you believe it she squeezed up the tube of my cock and as the sperm was squeezed out put her tongue out and licked it. Looking up "Next time eh,it tastes ok"
 more later.